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  1. SUPERMAN #32 Preview
  2. What is the meaning of these pictures?
  3. Apollo and Clark
  4. Viktor Bogdanovic's "Oz Effect" Tease (spoiler)
  5. Justice League #30 preview
  6. Continuity Deal Breakers.
  7. Who else is worried about New Super-Man getting canceled?
  8. Superman stories that doesn't involve him turning evil or dying
  9. Justice League #30 Discussion [Contains Spoilers]
  10. Superman#32 Discussion and Spoilers
  11. Superman#34 Is The Title's 800th Issue
  12. Replace a word in a movie title with "Superman"
  13. Action Comics#1000 Details
  14. New Super-Man #16 Preview/Discussion
  15. Superman Villains who should be brought back from obscurity
  16. How do you like Jon Kent Superboy of DC Rebirth?
  17. Superman opinions you're disdainful towards.
  18. Superman Friends and Allies who should return from obscurity
  19. What did we think of the Superman vs. Deathstroke clash?
  20. ACTION COMICS #989 Preview
  21. Dark Knights Metal issue # 3 (lots fun Superman stuff)
  22. Returning to Superman, good place to start?
  23. Bruce Timm
  24. Are any New52 elements surfacing in the Superman Reborn era?
  25. ACTION COMICS #989 Discussion and Spoilers
  26. Detective Comics#966 Discussion and Spoilers (Relevant Superman Developments)
  27. Dark Knights Metal issue # 3 discussion/spoilers (Superman's issue)
  28. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30 (Relevant Superman Developments)
  29. Clark's 3 other senses
  30. Justice League #31 Preview - Legacy Concludes.
  31. Superman#33 Preview
  32. Trinity #14 Preview
  33. Any good Metallo comics?
  34. Worst versions of Superman?
  35. Superman Jan Solicitations
  36. First Superman and now ZOD When are we going to get Hal meets Superboy or SG ?
  37. Joe Shuster vs Curt Swan
  38. What would you like to see in in Action Comics #1000?
  39. The Red Superman, Kong Kenan (Super-Man of China) appréciation thread
  40. Superman#33 Discussion and Spoilers
  41. Justice League#31 Discussion and Spoilers
  42. Would you watch this if it happened? (animated Nick Cage movie)
  43. BEST versions of Superman!
  44. 80th anniversary ideas for 2018
  45. Thread Drift: What is your problem with Post-Crisis Superman?
  46. Pitch a new Superman Cartoon
  47. Is Superman red and Blue really that bad
  48. Action Comics #990 Preview/Discussion
  49. Triangle Era Appreciation Thread and Recommendations
  50. Action Comics#990 Discussion and Spoilers
  51. I get nervous everytime I see Krypton show up in a Superman comic
  52. Im kunda ready for jon to get his *** beat to a pulp
  53. Bring back the daughter of Lex Luthor.
  54. DCEU Superman Appreciation Thread
  55. Which Superman Ongoing titles would you like to see?
  56. So why was it ok for Donnerman to beat up truckers, but not for Snyderman?
  57. Superman Reborn Gray Frank Variant Covers Collage
  58. Jon Kent Appreciation!
  59. The Death and Return of Superman comic books
  60. Morality of Rebirt Superman
  61. Superman #34 (800th Issue!) Discussion and Spoilers
  62. Metal tie in: Batman: the Devastator #1 Spoilers
  63. Do Superman and Supergirl have different powers
  64. His best cameo since Cave Carson today, in (SPOILER)
  65. What if Superman was never created?
  66. Theory: Jor-El is a Rick!
  67. Dawn of Justice (an alternate take)
  68. Rumor: Rocksteady's Next Project Is a Superman Game
  69. Superman Game without Superman?
  70. Superman projects you'd like to see...
  71. Supergirl 15 Preview/Discussion
  72. New Super-Man #17 Preview/Discussion
  73. Superman's physique/build?
  74. Should Lois' Last Name Be Kent?
  75. Action Comics #991 Preview/Discussion
  76. Supes' Rehab following Superman Birthright
  77. Brian Bendis on Superman
  78. Action Comics#991 Spoilers and Discussion
  79. what would superman be if raised in the imperium from warhammer?
  80. Superman #35 Preview
  81. Trinity #15 preview
  82. Eddie Berganza's history of sexual harassment detailed
  83. Man's Super Best Friend: KRYPTO appreciation!
  84. What if superman had been in the roman empire?
  85. DC Comics Suspends Eddie Berganza
  86. Odd One-Off Superman comic from years ago
  87. Your ideas for a Superman Elseworld...
  88. Superman stories that should be collected into TPBs
  89. With All the Changes, What Do You Want from the Super-Line?
  90. Berganza Officially Fired by DC
  91. Superman #35 Discussion
  92. Super Sons issue #10 (spoilers)
  93. Some Superman-significant multiverse developments (SPOILERS)
  94. Silver Age Supergirl/ Superman question (Marvel Maid)
  95. 16 times movies and tv ruined Superman
  96. The BvS Knightmare sequence *Justice League spoilers*
  97. Marvel EIC Axel Alonzo Departing...Will He Jump To DC?
  98. Is it time Power Girl got rid of her cape?