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  1. PREVIEW: Adventures of Superman #12
  2. C2E2: Pak, Kuder, Snyder & Soule Celebrate Superman
  3. Superman & Wonder Woman Appreciation!
  4. New Forum, New Rules, New Start
  5. *~LANE & KENT~* Clark/Superman & Lois relationship...
  6. Kara Zor-El: Supergirl Appreciation 2018
  7. Lois Lane Appreciation 2018
  8. Powergirl Appreciation 2018
  9. Smallville
  10. Kon El: Superboy Appreciation 2018
  11. The Superman vs Batman Movie
  12. "Don't Mess With The S": Superboy (Kesel/Grummett)
  13. A Man & His Hammer: STEEL (Simonson/Bogdanove, Priest, Etc.)
  14. Collecting Superman
  15. Appreciation discussions, images and thread titles. Please read!
  16. Will Superman get a good video game?
  17. The top 75 Superman characters! =)
  18. Superman Recommendations
  19. How is "Doomed?"
  20. Pink Kryptonite?
  21. Who do you think is a better villain, Toyman or Prankster?
  22. Superman & Wonder Woman
  23. List of Superman imitations
  24. Build your own Superboy (however you like)
  25. Could Wonder Woman make Superman Immortal or even more God-like?
  26. Ranking the Superman Movies (Both Live Action and Animated)
  27. The state of Superman comics
  28. The first 75. A look back at your favorite Superman Moment.
  29. Batman/Superman by Greg Pak / What is your verdict?
  30. Val-Zod Appreciation Thread
  31. The Greatest Criminal Mind Of Our Time: an all-encompassing LEX LUTHOR discussion
  32. Batman/Superman #10 Spoilers
  33. Dean Cain for Congress?
  34. Superman 32 LETTERED Preview(Geoff Johns first issue)
  35. Concerning Kon-El [Big Teen Titans Annual #3 spoilers]
  36. "I'll kill you to death!" The Superboy-Prime Appreciation Thread!
  37. Could a METROPOLIS tv show work?
  38. Lois Amster, One of the Inspirations for Lois Lane, Has Died
  39. Who Is Superman, To You?
  40. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll 1 ( ONE)
  41. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll 2 ( TWO)
  42. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll 3 ( THREE)
  43. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll 4 ( FOUR)
  44. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll 5 ( FIVE)
  45. Superboy #31 Preview
  46. Val Zod is a dream come true.
  47. Your Top Superman Stories
  48. Starting with Johns/Romita Jr?
  49. unchained #7 solicits
  50. Superman: Earth One - vol 3 - February 2015
  51. Superman Doomsday Comixology Sale. Questions for veteran readers inside.
  52. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll #1 ( ONE)
  53. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll #2 ( TWO)
  54. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll #3 ( THREE)
  55. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll #4 ( FOUR)
  56. Vote for Superman's top 75 Allies and foes! poll #5 ( FIVE)
  57. Superman/Wonder Woman #8 Preview
  58. Action Comics #31 Preview
  59. Superman: Doomed #1 Preview
  60. Analyzing the Young Clarks
  61. How do you pronounce Mr. Mxyzptlk?
  62. The Ultimate Killing Machine: an all-encompassing DOOMSDAY discussion
  63. Was The Dark Knight Returns one of the worst or one of the best things to happen to Superman?
  64. Superman: Doomed--Week 1 (Spoilers)
  65. Action Comics #31 Discussion/Spoilers
  66. Superman/Wonder Woman #8 Discussion/Spoilers
  67. Superboy #31 Discussion/Spoilers
  68. REVIEW: Superman: Doomed, #1
  69. Guillem March's "Superman: Doomed" #2 Cover Teases Brainiac Battle
  70. SOULE, PAK Explain DOOMSDAY's New Mode of SUPERMAN Attack
  71. EXCLUSIVE: Johns, Romita & Janson Introduce The Machinist in "Superman" #34
  72. Pak and Soule Destroy the Man of Steel in "Superman: Doomed"
  73. Superman Future's End Solicits
  74. Doomed reading order
  75. Which Superman villains deserve more screentime?
  76. Henry Cavill Appreciation Thread
  77. In Continuity Superman Stories PRE 52
  78. Looking back at Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  79. Why are there so many evil Superman now?
  80. Has Superman ever met Gilgamesh?
  81. Superman Art Appreciation
  82. PREVIEW: Batman/Superman, #11
  83. It was inevitable...
  84. Happy Miracle Monday
  85. Superman August Solicitations!!!!!!! (the return of Morrison!!)
  86. Make your own Superman movie
  87. Superboy Ends with issue #34
  88. Johns, Romita Jr. & "Superman" are "The Men Of Tomorrow"
  89. Moments when Superman wasn't so Super-Nice!
  90. The 75 Greatest Friends and Foes of Superman!
  91. My Custom Christopher Reeve Clark Kent Hot Toys Figure
  92. Greg Pak Takes Superman's Cast Beyond "Doomed"
  93. What would Superman say to a villain like this?
  94. 'Man of Steel' IS an Excellent Movie!! MoS Appreciation!
  95. Batman/Superman #11 discussion thread: return of the Phantom King!
  96. Anybody think Johns on Superman is a giant mistake?
  97. The origin of Krypton Is Similar to The Egyptian Exploding Planet Mythology
  98. So when is Maxima going to return?
  99. I'm tired of Lois, Jimmy and reporter Clark
  100. So... who of Superman's villains, really DO belong in the Phantom Zone?
  101. Superman Hall of Heroes
  102. Should Superman be the most powerful/unique Kryptonian?
  103. How do you think Superman would react to an enemy like this?
  104. Should The Comics Make Galatea An Offical Charcter In The DC Comics World?
  105. Superman # 31 Preview
  106. How Are Power Girl & Super Girl Alike?
  107. The Tyrant God and the Last Son: the enmity of DARKSEID and Superman
  108. Pre-Flashpoint Superman; Was it that bad?
  109. Superman #31 Discussion/Spoilers
  110. Do you think a Superman family title could work?
  111. Man of Steel thought...
  112. Superman #31 part of Doomed, but not labled on the cover?
  113. We have had the Greatest now let's do The WORST Superman Stories Ever Told.
  114. Could Bryan Singer have made a good Superman film?
  115. When was the origin of IMPERIEX first told?
  116. Has Superman stopped someone from committing suicide?
  117. Shaking the status quo
  118. Secret origin or birthright?
  119. Why do they call Superman the Man of Tomorrow?
  120. MOS blue ray/dvd sales.
  121. Action comics #32 Preview
  122. So which artist drew your definitive Superman?
  123. Who actually governs Metropolis?
  124. Did Superman Writers Unintentionally Give Rise To 'BatGod'?
  125. trinity triangle?
  126. I would love to read a Superman Elseworld comic where Pa/Ma Kent are bad people...
  127. Action Comics #32 Discussion/Spoilers
  128. It bugs me this awesome and teased Superman costume was never used
  129. Bryan Q. Miller Brings "Chaos" to "Smallville: Season 11"
  130. The Women of the Superverse: an all-encompassing discussion
  131. How would you like the return of Mr. Mxyzptlk to the new 52?
  132. Are you reading Superman: Doomed? How is it?
  133. Lois Lane & Brainiac's Mind Control - Consequences and Discussion
  134. What would make for a good Superman video game?
  135. Super-fan's guide to good Superman/Batman stories
  136. Why Do People Like Mad Scientist Lex So Much?
  137. History and development of the Golden Age Superman
  138. Superman and Killing
  139. The Superman/Wonder Woman comic from Wendys is pretty awesome...
  140. Superman II: Death of the Phantom Zone Criminals or Capture?
  141. SupermanWonder Woman 9 Preview
  142. Superman TAS/ Superman Adventures overshadowed?
  143. SupermanWonder Woman #9 Discussion/Spoilers
  144. Has Lois had a Flashpoint-esque role before?
  145. Lois Lane with Superpowers past present and thoughts on it
  146. Krypton's destruction timeline New 52
  147. Is Superman Perfect?
  148. Anti Superman Article Written in the 1940s by the Nazis
  149. Super Doom?
  150. So I read Grant Morrison's Action Comics Vol. 1, is it really like the Golden Age Superman?
  151. What happened to Superman Unchained?
  152. What Do People Think Of JL/JLU Superman?
  153. A decade since this weirdness...
  154. Superman's Grandparents?
  155. The best hidden joke ever
  156. Bleeding Cool keeps posting rumors that Old 52 characters are supposed to pop up in 2015
  157. What Your Idea Power Girl Like?
  158. How Much of New Krypton Necessary for Reading Gates' Supergirl?
  159. Making Superman appeal to kids today
  160. Romita Brings Iconic Energy to DC with "Superman" #32
  161. PREVIEW: Supergirl, #32
  162. What do you think Christopher Reeve would have thought of Man Of Steel?
  163. It's Time For a Gay Superman
  164. SUPERMAN -- Essential Reading?
  165. The Technology Run Amok: an all-encompassing BRAINIAC discussion
  166. Should Superman be weak to magic
  167. What happened to Superman in Future's End?
  168. xkcd pokes fun at Superman
  169. What is your thoughts so far on the Superman/ Wonder Woman series?
  170. I just saw Superman Batman Public Enemies on dvd
  171. What do you see as the essential traits a Superman must have?
  172. When it comes to A list superheroes, does Superman have the least great/classic stories out there?
  173. Pre-Flashpoint Superman meets New 52 Superman
  174. Loeb/Kelly Run
  175. Yes, Even the Man of Steel Needs Car Insurance
  176. PREVIEW: Superman, #32
  177. Who'd you like to see on Superman?
  178. Comixology Geoff Johns Superman Sale
  179. Are you guys ok with Bats and WW having keys to the Fortress?
  180. Has anyone seen these concept artworks of Brainiac and Martian Manhunter?
  181. What do you see in Superman
  182. Has it ever been established how far Superman needs to be from Kryptonite to be safe from it?
  183. Superman #32 Spoilers/Discussion
  184. Poll: Who Is The Greatest Superman Artist Of All Time?
  185. REVIEW: Superman, #32
  186. Great Caesar's Ghost! : an all-encompassing PERRY WHITE discussion
  187. Does Superman's costume still materialize over him, or does he get dressed normally?
  188. Would you like to see a Superman/Lois Lane comic book?
  189. Lex Luthor turned his life around, became a Superman fan and won the 50K WSOP tournament.
  190. What quirks/vices/interests/adjustments would be good for Lois Lane?
  191. Superman The Movie
  192. Superman: Doomed - Which titles are essential?
  193. Brainiac Tries To Kill Superman In Smallville as a tennager in a cartoon series?
  194. Hiw many people are reading/loving Pak's Action Comics?
  195. Thoughts on Supergirl Volume 1 (1972)
  196. Villains that need the big screen treatment
  197. Superman Unchained # 7: Preview
  198. PREVIEW: Action Comics, #33
  199. Lana Lang Appreciation!
  200. Shuster Estate Asks Supreme Court to Take Up Superman Case
  201. Did the "Death of Superman" storyline occur in the New 52 universe?
  202. PREVIEW: Superman Unchained, #7
  203. Keep the Pak love going Batman/Superman #12 Preview!!
  204. A little confused
  205. Design Clark Kent's glasses
  206. Would you like a story about Superman rising from the ashes?
  207. Superman Unchained #7 Spoilers/Discussion
  208. Action Comics #33 discussion (spoilers)
  209. Batman/Superman #12 discussion (spoilers)
  210. Batman/Superman #14 SELFIE VARIANT (Hilarious!!!!)
  211. Your Grandparents and A World Without Superman
  212. POLL: What do you think of "Batman V Superman's" first photo of Superman?
  213. New Superman/Wonder Woman Artist - who will it be?
  214. Superman in space pic
  215. Question about the Elite
  216. What comes next
  217. What happened to the Money?
  218. Superman / Wonder Woman # 10 Preview
  219. Does anyone else not buy this 'Superman interfering with human issues = end times' rhetoric.
  220. Larry Longstreth: Is Superman Still Relevant?
  221. All Star Superman's ending confuses me (Spoilers)
  222. REVIEW: Superman Unchained, #7
  223. Do you prefer Smallville to officially be in the state of Kansas?
  224. DC Declines Permission to Use Superman's Logo on Dead Child's Memorial
  225. Did Superman really inspire the careers of any other superheroes?
  226. Superman's rogues in the New 52.
  227. BREAKING: DC Will Allow Jeffrey Baldwin Statue to Bear Superman Logo
  228. Superboy #33 Spoilers/Discussion
  229. Superman Wonder Woman #10 Spoilers/Discussion
  230. Power Girl spin transformation
  231. Anyone else unhappy with the Superman Comics?
  232. Kryptonium
  233. Comic Book Legends Revealed: With Superman's Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  234. Amy Adams Appreciation Thread
  235. Ever heard of a novel called Last Days of Krypton?
  236. How do you feel about Kurt Buisek's Superman: Secret Identity?
  237. Superman collectibles (action figures, statues, etc)
  238. Superman II & III Composer Ken Thorne Dies
  239. Bedard Takes "Supergirl" To "Futures End" and Beyond
  240. Superman should have more supporting characters
  241. Supergirl #33 spoilers
  242. Future of new 52 Superboy: Gen 13? Is Jon dead/gone?
  243. Action Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman Annual Update....
  244. Kurt Busiek's Run
  245. A different kind of sidekick: the JIMMY OLSEN appreciation thread
  246. preview: Superman #33
  247. Your own in continuity Superman direction
  248. Superman's Motives
  249. "It's Superman!" by Tom De Haven
  250. What do you think Superman's biggest problem is?