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  1. How does Jubilee know Ink? What is the nature of their relationship?
  2. Does any x-fan have anything positive to say about X-men being Avengers and vice versa
  3. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine, #2
  4. Is Dazzler Just Pissed she Didn't Kill 616 Xavier FIRST??
  5. Who Wouldn't Destroy An AU's Planet Earth to Save The 616's?
  6. X-Questions
  7. No End In Sight (3 Part Series)
  8. Poll: Who is your all-time favorite "Wolverine" ongoing writer?
  9. PREVIEW: Deadpool, #34
  10. PREVIEW: Magneto, #9
  11. X-Force Preview #9 MI:13 vs X-Force
  12. Preview: Nightcrawler # 6
  13. Beg, Steal or Borrow - the influence of Popular Media in X-Books
  14. Young X-Men
  15. Is Storm the greatest female hero in Marvel history or just the most popular?
  16. Could Jean Or Xavier Have Fixed Scott's Powers?
  17. Petition - Frank Tieri to resurrect Wolverine next year.
  18. Excalibur Omnibus?
  19. Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 - Looking back at ideas
  20. Please explain to me again how Lorna is Magneto's daughter and who is her MUM
  21. "Nobody does it like me"-Fantomex Appreciation
  22. How should Wolverine return?
  23. X-Book Sales August 2014
  24. If Apocalypse were to return how would you want him to be?
  25. wolverine returns
  26. Is it just be or does anyone else find it creepy for X-23 to be attracted to one of the O5 ?
  27. As X-men fans, how should Xavier reacted to the events of Avengers vs X-men ?
  28. Which X Men haven't ever killed or haven't been responsible for the death of others?
  29. What would Marvel gain by sending the young O5 back to the past?
  30. Seriously ........ Can Iceman not change back to human anymore?
  31. Best Beast Stories
  32. New creative teams
  33. Is Human Fear Of Mutants Really Irrational?
  34. Would it have been better if some established super villain depowered almost all the mutants?
  35. Steve Rogers' Stepford Cuckoos. Would he hate them?
  36. REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men, #25
  37. Wanda at the JGS!?!
  38. Draw Me An X-Mini Jam - All New Kitty Pryde Costume
  39. Scott needs a new girlfriend, and it should be Wanda.
  40. First Class, Good or Bad?
  41. So, did any X-Fans read the Nova special?
  42. X-Men #1-100th Anniversary
  43. X-Book Question
  44. Prelude to Schism doom??
  45. You're with who?? The X-Couple wall of shame.
  46. X-POSITION: Charles Soule Counts Down to "Death of Wolverine"
  47. X-Cutioner's Song
  48. Previews from The Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy and the information/spoilers they provide
  49. Anyone else hate the Wolverine and Jean romance from the Films in comparsion to the comics??
  50. Psychology X Survival Culture
  51. How many times has SHIELD attacked the X-men?
  52. What do you think about the recent X-Cell come back?
  53. Spider-Man and the X-Men; New series in December!
  54. "Spider-Man & The X-Men" to Replace "Wolverine & The X-Men" in December
  55. "5 Shockingly Racist Scenes in Superhero Comics" an outrageous misinterpretation of the X-Mythos
  56. Nightcrawler #6 Review and Summary
  57. Wolverine Lives sketchbook.
  58. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine, #3
  59. Storm and Jean Grey appreciation
  60. Deadpool #34. Radically to the Xtreme! (spoilers/discussion peeps!)
  61. Submit Your X-Position Questions for Gerry Duggan
  62. X-Fans, should Spider-Man date a Mutant when he goes to the school?
  63. Top 25 Best Marvel Superheroes (IGN)
  64. In Your Face Jam - Sep 10, 2014
  65. Magneto #9 -- Review
  66. X-Films Appreciation/Discussion
  67. Main X-men titles 2000-2011
  68. Death of Wolverine #2 review spoilers
  69. Death of Wolverine #2
  70. Would You Like To See Scott's Life In Sinister's Orphanage In Any Adaptation?
  71. Poll: Who Is Your All-Time Favorite Wolverine Artist?
  72. PREVIEW: Uncanny X-Men, #26
  73. about bendis run
  74. All-new X-men #32 preview/discussion
  75. I wish for X-23 to go to the MC-2 Universe in the aftermath of Wolverine's death....
  76. Should the Original 5 X-men and Wanda have a meeting and talk ?
  77. What if the X-men, Cyclops too, met a mutant that DIDN'T Want to join them ?
  78. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Movie Yes or No?
  79. the 'real 05 Excalibur
  80. All New X-Factor 14 Preview/Spoilers (The Scarlet Witch Cometh!)
  81. PREVIEW: All-New X-Men, #32
  82. Time for a new Mutant X type book?
  83. Spider-Man's next mutant best friend(s)
  84. Is x-force canceled?
  85. REVIEW: Death of Wolverine, #2
  87. I think the original 5 are here to stay
  88. With Wolverine dead, who thinks that Lady Deathstrike will rob his grave ?
  89. Is Death of Wolverine #2 worth picking up?
  90. Who Is Your Favorite Wolverine-Hair Artist?
  91. Theory Mr -X is behind everything.
  92. How will Wolverine be resurrected
  93. Red Skull as an X-Men Villain
  94. Wanda Maximoff victims .
  95. Do you think Death of Wolverine would surpass the death of superman as one of the greatest story?
  96. Could Death of Wolverine be the end of the Schism?
  97. Who here thinks Claremonts Death of Wolverine story would have been better than this current one?
  98. Should Chris Claremont write a follow up to House of M: The Day After?
  99. HUMAN X-Men TEAM
  100. Is there anything Scarlet Witch could do to redeem herself?
  101. Push the History-Eraser Button!
  102. REVIEW: Magneto, #9
  103. Duggan's Deadpool Investigates the "Death of Wolverine," and "AXIS" Reveals 'Zenpool'
  104. AXIS SPOILER: Magneto Joins the Avengers.
  105. According to Simon Kinberg
  106. Uncanny X-Men vs. X-Men (all Lady team)
  107. Pre death of Wolverine reading
  108. Reading Uncanny xmen 410-441 (The Chuck Austen Era)
  109. Kalan Heads Back to School with "Spider-Man & the X-Men"
  110. How Many Times Has Polaris Been Brainwashed, Possessed or Suffered A Mental Breakdown?
  111. Decemeber 2014 X-Solicitations AXIS COMETH!!
  112. X-Men confirmed as ''The Villains'' of Axis.
  113. Where can I find a big image of the X-Men 50th anniversary variant covers from Sept 2013?
  114. Iceman's 90's character development and an old question...
  115. "Death of Wolverine" #4 Moves to Mid-October, Gets Greg Land Variant
  116. X-POSITION: Duggan Makes "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" "The Odd Couple"
  117. An Axis question
  118. Old Man Logan
  119. All New X-Factor #14 Recap/Review (Spoilers)
  120. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, #1
  121. Uncanny X-Men #26 Recap/Review (Spoilers)
  122. Anyone who is a fan of Cannonball, may not want to read today's Avengers (spoilers)...
  123. All New X-Men 32?
  124. Professor Xs crush on a kid ?
  125. Submit Your X-Position Questions for Mike Marts
  126. Top 25 Best Marvel Villians (IGN)
  127. spoliers UA Xavier
  128. Wolverine and the X-Men #9 Spoilers
  129. Serval Industries
  130. Can the X-Men teams and franchise continue successfully without Cyclops ?
  131. Inversions Revealed?!?
  132. What The Hell Happened to Iceman? (UXM #26)
  133. Battle for the Cowl...er, Claws: Sabretooth & X-23 as NuWolverine?
  134. Where's Archangel?
  135. Storm #3 Lettered Preview
  136. Amazing X-Men 11 Preview: Aurora Calls Steve Rogers an Idiot
  137. Scottish X-Men Indepndence!
  138. PREVIEW: Deadpool, #35
  139. PREVIEW: Deadpool's Art of War #1
  140. Axis character inversions.
  141. Should Fox follow Disney's lead and make an animated film?
  142. Rise and Fall of the Shiiar Empire
  143. Deadpool Movie 2016! Fox confirms, with Kevin Feige?!
  144. X-MEN KISSING - Love, Bendis
  145. When Wolverine killed Northstar
  146. The Xavier Mindwipe Situation
  147. Marvel Hardcover Volumes
  148. Cable....on the way out!
  149. Artist voting
  150. Just some more X-Questions
  151. Is or Did Cyclops took things too far when it came to reach his overall goals ?
  152. If you could choose your fave minor character who has died to bring back to life, Who would it be?
  153. READING LIST: The Essential Deadpool
  154. Chris Claremont has a few serious questions on his facebook today..
  155. Nerdist Writers Panel - Chris Claremont
  156. Would AvX have happened if Captain America consulted a different X-Men?
  157. Sunfire vs. The Wasp?
  158. THE NEO Its evolution baby!
  159. If you had a team of 6 to take out Emplate the genetic marrow mystic vampire who do u use?
  160. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine, #4
  161. Evan Hurt Axis
  162. Will Axis at least TRY to unite the X-men and the Avengers, if not that will anything unite them?
  163. (Uncanny X-men) Shouldn't Matthew Malloy have been depowered during House of M?
  164. A thought on what is coming in South Carolina re: Cyclops
  165. Scott Lobdell
  166. Edmonton Politician Endorses Life-Size Wolverine Statue
  167. X-POSITION: The Marts to "AXIS" and Beyond
  168. If the New X men were adults & distanced themselves from the x men could they hold there own book?
  169. X-Men "Isolation Therapy"
  170. Is/Was Cyclops Right ?
  171. So who really created Wolverine?
  172. Magneto #10. Review and spoilers.
  173. Storm #3 Review and Spoilers.
  174. Preview: Cyclops#6
  175. Submit Your X-Position Questions for Brian Bendis
  176. In Your Face Jam - Sep 24, 2014
  177. Cyclops #5: Spoilers and Review
  178. Deadpool #35 Review/Spoilers
  179. Jonathan Hickman Addresses the X-Men Readers? (SPOILER FOR TODAY'S NEW AVENGER)
  180. Would the Xbooks have created a better Uncanny Avengers if so Who ?
  181. Missing Character in Axis
  182. Has Mystique Ever Worked With Magneto In The Comics?
  183. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, #2
  184. How do you like your Wolverine in the X-Men setting?
  185. How Would You Have Handled Logan's Development?
  186. PREVIEW: Death of Wolverine, #3
  187. Justice resigns from the Avengers
  188. Magneto vs Red Skull
  189. Is it time for franchise focus to shift?
  190. Bendis reveals new team on tumbler? Says it's not a joke, but does feature Adam X :)
  191. Thoughts On Hugh Jackman As Wolverine?
  192. The True Origin Of Shatterstar and LongShot
  193. Are the X-men to Mean with Cyclops
  194. Who was more damaged as a character by 'revelations of their past' Wolverine or Prof. X?
  195. What's up with Hope?
  196. Which Character Was Damaged More By Editorial: Maddie Or Scott?
  197. Pick 5 more X-characters to get their own solos
  198. Draw Me An X: Alternate Universe
  199. What are people's thoughts on the Maddie / Scott marriage itself barring the ending?
  200. Ten most memorable Wolverine moments
  201. Would you like Ororo Munroe to go Rogue Storm again on her solo?
  202. Seeley Brings X-23 & "The Logan Legacy" to the Great White North
  203. High Fantasy X-Classes
  204. Why isn't Bendis Trying to redeem the Scarlet Witch and not Remender ?
  205. Mutant Cure
  206. Was "X-men Origins: Wolverine" canon to the original trilogy?
  207. wolverine past present future
  208. GIANT-SIZE X-POSITION: The "Uncanny" Brian Bendis Returns - Part 1
  209. Magnet's helmet in all 5 films
  210. Do you care about Exodus?
  211. X men Illuminati
  212. Why doesnt SHIELD send either Mr Immortal & Butterball and/or Squirrel Girl after Mattthew Malloy?
  213. Post your favorite Image of an X-character getting PWN'd
  214. 1990's X-Men Anime: I wished that there was this series was made
  215. Create your ideal X-book
  216. EXCL PREVIEW: Remender & Kubert's "Avengers & X-Men: AXIS" #1
  217. Question on Cyke new "visor"
  218. X-men #20 discussion........Rachel only half wrong....
  219. PREVIEW: Nightcrawler, #7
  220. X-Force preview #10
  221. Help saving ANXF when you love it!
  222. Who should headline ANANXF?
  223. Welcome your newest mighty mutant mod Flatman!!
  224. The Logan Legacy #3 preview
  225. Favourite Nightcrawler Solo Series
  226. Is there too many core x-titles for the spin-offs and solo titles to succeed?
  227. What X-Movie would you love to see, but they'll never make?
  228. Is Storm effectively invincible?
  229. Your reaction if they rebooted Wolverine and Sabertooth's history?
  230. The X-Tinction Agenda - still relevant??
  231. Wolverine dying by Kitty's hands in the final Death of Wolverine issue speculation...
  232. What happened to Elixir?
  233. Where to start reading X-men?
  234. Poltergeist and Link
  235. Should X-fans be worried?
  236. Most underrated run of an X-Book (in your opinion)?
  237. X-Men film series: What are your favorite moments?
  238. First Class trilogy to wrap up...time to (re)cast for the next generation.
  239. Suppose the Marvel Universe reboots...how would you recreate and grow the X-Corner?
  240. Mutant Magazine #2
  241. X-Books estimated sales for September 2014
  242. EXCLUSIVE: X-Men Mourn In New "Death Of Wolverine: Life After Logan" Variant
  243. FOX is giving us an X-MEN television show!
  244. Who are the A-Z Listers and Why?
  245. X-Favesies!
  246. How Will the X-Men Be Screwed Over In The Upcoming AXIS Event?
  247. "as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters." - Chris Claremont
  248. what went "wrong" with these c-d listers?
  249. Death of Woverine is so Much Better then Woverine
  250. GIANT-SIZE X-POSITION: The "All-New" Brian Bendis Returns - Part 2