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  1. Comics A.M. - Superheroine La Borinqueña Debuts at Puerto Rican Day Parade
  2. People who are opposites or people with similar traits: What makes for better relationships?
  3. PREVIEWS: "Batman," "Civil War II" & More New Comics On Sale June 15, 2016
  4. Cover Contest June 15 to June 21: Brothers (and Sisters) in Arms
  5. What Are Some Things You Do Out of Habit?
  6. Its a WAR against PC Culture !
  7. The Line It Is Drawn: Revelations More Shocking Than "Cap is a Member of Hydra!"
  8. The thing is, you can't really do Batman without Bruce Wayne can you?
  9. The history of comic shops in Kentucky
  10. Super Hero Speak
  11. The Mayo Report: "DC Universe: Rebirth" Could Have Sold Even More Copies
  12. Why is it said that "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing"?
  13. Why do Americans always assume that children of some immigrant cultures can speak their native languages fluently?
  14. 2016 NBA Off-Season Thread
  15. Which Captain Marvel, Bill Batson or Carol Danvers, is more popular now or has a better future?
  16. maintaining online friends is the worst.....
  17. PREVIEWS: "The Flash," "Doctor Strange" & More New Comics On Sale June 22, 2016
  18. Cover Contest, 6/22 - 6/28: Hit The Road, Jack!
  19. Things That Should Be Illegal But Arent.
  20. Technology removing superpowers?
  21. CBR's Guide to Comic-Con 2016's Toy Exclusives Round-Up (So Far)
  22. New York Times: Super New Yorkers
  23. The Line It Is Drawn: Sequels to Classic Comic Book Storylines!
  24. Hillary Clinton , the Illuminati and Brexit !
  25. SOLICITATIONS: Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse & More September 2016 Comics
  26. Free speech on the political spectrum
  27. BEST BETS: "Doom Patrol," "Star Trek" & More September 2016 Highlights
  28. Seeking Some Career Advice.....
  29. A Boring Thread for Boring People
  30. Make the Weekend Count with FindAComicShop.com
  31. Inspirational Quotes & Images Thread.
  32. 12 Greatest Comic Book Alien Invasions
  33. What's Your Favorite Monster or Legend in Myths?
  34. What are your summer plans?
  35. Fantastic 4/Shazam
  36. How do superheroes/villains get revived?
  37. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Wonder Woman," "Thor," "Buffy" & More
  38. A Horny thread for the Horny Nerd of CBR.
  39. Zits/Dustin x-over
  40. Help a Newbie
  41. Has the Superhero genre become to regressive for it's own good?
  42. PREVIEWS: "Ghostbusters," "Dark Knight III" & More New Comics On Sale June 29, 2016
  43. If You Lived in Your Ideal World (country, state, etc) What Would It Look Like?
  44. Cover Contest June 29-July 5-Americana
  45. Comics Shipped
  46. Where to buy comics in Europe?
  47. New York Comic Con Already Sold Out of 4-Day, 3-Day Passes
  48. POLL: Are You Excited For The All-New Marvel NOW! Era?
  49. 2016 Rio Olympics
  50. I'm not much of a restaurant person........
  51. Have you ever texted while driving?
  52. The Line It Is Drawn: Superheroes Celebrating American History
  53. Read any nutty horror stories lately?
  54. Tour de France 2016
  55. Are 90's comics no different than 50's horror comics?
  56. LOOK: SDCC Exclusives From Hasbro, Gentle Giant & More!
  57. CBR Gets Unfiltered on Instagram
  58. I have a question for you all
  59. The Art of Tarzan: Celebrating The Iconic Ape-Man's Most Influential Artists
  60. What will be your funeral song during funeral procession?
  61. Your Theme Song or Songs [Nods to RLAAMJR., ]
  62. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Dark Knight III," "Captain America" & More
  63. Rust-Belt Comics
  64. 2016 Harvey Award Nominees Announced
  65. Who wants to do a Weekly show on youtube?
  66. my LCS burned down... *cry* need help on picking its replacement.
  67. PREVIEWS: "Superman," "Bounty," "Kingpin" & More New Comics On Sale July 6, 2016
  68. Comics A.M. - New Death Threats at "Charlie Hebdo"; Comic-Con Talks Comics Importance
  69. ZombieWalk Returning to SDCC for the First Time Since 2014's Near-Fatal Accident
  70. Letters to the Editor
  71. Heroes Who Make Time-Travel Their Specialty
  72. What's CBRs average sized pull list?
  73. Cover Contest July 7- July 12 - Bottles & Glasses
  74. Heroic Events, Historic Indies & Heavy Metal Collide: SDCC Thursday Programming Highlights
  75. 10 Fantasy Comics to Hold You Over Until "Game of Thrones" Returns
  76. What if video games no longer existed?
  77. DC Comics' Sales Rise on Rebirth, Marvel Still Tops Overall in June 2016 Sales
  78. Line it is Drawn: Celebrating DC vs. Marvel's 20th Anniversary
  79. Iron Giants, Little Ponies, Walking Dead & More: SDCC Friday Programming Highlights
  80. Marvel's Creators Diversity Controversy
  81. Your co-workers from hell
  82. "Death Note" 101: Why the Hit Manga Endures (and Why You Should Read It)
  83. What exactly defines "integration" in the context of immigration?
  84. "Civil War II" Sells Over 500K Copies in June, "Batman" Cracks 400K
  85. Dare2Draw Nonprofit Looks to Expand Reach with Kickstarter-Funded Anthology
  86. Women Warriors, TV Superheroes & Hollywood's Big Guns: SDCC Sat & Sun Programming
  87. Traffic Stops
  88. Super-Boats and Super-Ships
  89. "Agency" is just a meaningless buzzword
  90. Rebirth, "Civil War II" Result in Highest Direct Market Sales Numbers in 20 Years
  91. The Pokemon Go Thread
  92. Which Marvel/DC Characters Have Lasted the Longest Without Dying?
  93. PREVIEWS: "Action Comics," "Vision," "X-Files" & More New Comics On Sale July 13, 2016
  94. FindAComicShop.com Makes New Comics Day Easy, Breezy, Beautiful
  95. Cover Contest - July 13-19 2016 - Interdimensional Portals!
  96. Does your local comic book shop have their own weekly "show" on facebook/youtube?
  97. has anyone else ever seen those tiny baby size boxes of cheez it's crackers?
  98. anyone else feel a little awkward when talking to comic book writers or artists on social media?
  99. WATCH: Real-Life Insurance Company Protects You from Superheroes
  100. POLL: What Do You Think of [Spoiler's] "Civil War II" Death?
  101. Multilingual or Unilingual?
  102. If all DC/Marvel characters reverted to their Bronze Age status quo tomorrow...outcry or rejoicing?
  103. Would the world survive a nuclear war?
  104. If you were running for Prez, who'd you pick as your Veep?
  105. Line it is Drawn Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of DC & Marvel's Amalgam
  106. Warner Bros., Comic-Con Announce Interactive Augmented Reality Backpack Bags
  107. 10 Times Superheroes Killed Other Superheroes for "The Greater Good"
  108. what's with the coffe cups that are made to hold half a pot of coffee?
  109. Was IOC right to award 2020 Olympics to Tokyo
  110. Events, Crossovers & Initiatives
  111. American History Discussion
  112. "Surge Order" Sends Fans on a Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt for Rare Comics
  113. PREVIEWS: "Batman," "Red Team," "Faith" & More New Comics On Sale July 20, 2016
  114. SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Mondo Reveals Punisher, The Incal Prints
  115. Ask a silly question...
  116. CBR Cover Contest July 20 - July 26: A Day at the Beach!
  117. SDCC: Google Play Books Makes Reading Digital Comics Easier with Bubble Zoom Feature
  118. Comic Book Artists With The Most Detail In Their Art
  119. I think comics went off the rails when...
  120. The Line It Is Drawn Presents: Comic Book Characters, 300 Years Into the Future!
  121. SDCC: Playing “Pokemon Go” at Comic-Con Brings Out the Very Best
  122. I Love It When We Get SDCC Announcements
  123. SDCC: John Barrowman Hosted the Eisners Dressed as Squirrel Girl, Harley Quinn
  124. San Diego's Comic-Con International Announces 2017 Dates
  125. Vertigo's "Saucer Country" Moves to IDW, Retitled "Saucer State"
  126. I think comics started getting better when...
  127. Stuff That Creeped You Out as a Kid, But Now Seem Silly.
  128. Just got divorced. Dating advice for a comic geek?
  129. Best Comic Book Movie
  130. Pokmon ( )
  131. Who are the top 3 comic book writers of all time
  132. BEST BETS: "Jessica Jones," "Big Trouble/Escape from New York" & More October 2016 Highlights
  133. Single Issues vs Trades
  134. Cover Contest for 7/27/16-8/2/16
  135. PREVIEWS: "Harley Quinn," "Civil War II" & More New Comics On Sale July 27, 2016
  136. Jack Davis, Founding "MAD Magazine" Cartoonist, Has Passed Away
  137. 16 Comic Book Characters That Ran for President
  138. Past, Present or Future
  139. Weird English Words Or Phrases
  140. i hate mobile television channel apps that require cable provider info to view most episodes...
  141. Digital Comics
  142. Some Phantom Questions
  143. Hasbro Offers Looks At New Marvel & Star Wars Figures
  144. 10 Times Superheroes Suffered Amnesia and Ended Up Better For It
  145. Gillen, Stevenson,Tarr & More Talk Young Superheroes and Teenage Angst in Comics
  146. Love this forum
  147. Would you pay $189,000 for this gold One Piece statue?
  148. Missed Anything From Comic-Con International 2016? Visit the SDCC News Archive
  149. Prose Comics
  150. The LEGO Thread.
  151. SOLICITATIONS: DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW & More October 2016 Comic Books
  152. Twitter & Facebook Followers
  153. The best site to buy and/or sell comics
  154. Amalgam Comics: 20 Things Worth Remembering After 20 Years
  155. Those who remember Toonopedia, raise a glass
  156. For Digital Comics Enthusiasts: Single Issues or Collected Edition?
  157. Reddit Skewers Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump with "Donald and Hobbes" Meme
  158. Was there racism against the Irish?
  159. Help to identify a certain comic
  160. PREVIEWS: "Harley Quinn," "Kill Or Be Killed" & More New Comics On Sale August 3, 2016
  161. Cover Contest for 8/3 to 8/09 - Hot Diggity Dog!
  162. Straczynski Explains Decision To Leave Comics
  163. Those folks Eating in Cars ...
  164. Vinyl Collectors
  165. Comic Book Legends: Did "Suicide Squad" Almost Kill Deadshot - in 1988?
  166. Harley Quinn/Deadpool crossover?
  167. Nonfiction Books on Comics-- Any Bestsellers?
  168. so where exactly did Bryan Lee O Malley's Mass Popularity come from?
  169. And this is ...how... the CBR DIED.
  170. Your Top 5 Comic Boom Publishers!?
  171. Is Russian culture considered "Western" or "Eastern"?
  172. Instagram vs Snapchat !
  173. Comic Book Prices
  174. PREVIEWS: "Deathstroke," "2000 AD" & More New Comics On Sale August 10, 2016
  175. Check out Richard Thompson's Concept Art for Pixar's "Inside Out"
  176. Cover Contest for August 10th to August August 16th - Bring on the Bad Guys
  177. For those who blame movies/comics/music/games/entertainment for real life violence
  178. The Line it is Drawn: Cross-Company Suicide Squads!!
  179. 12 Comic Book Heroes & Villains Who Could Make Your Body Their Home
  180. DC Comics Sales Top Marvel in July Thanks to Rebirth's Strong Performance
  181. What Do You Think of What Twitter Has Dubbed "The Worst Webcomic Ever?"
  182. Baltimore Comic Con
  183. The Greatest Superhero Origins of All Time
  184. On the Road: Great Superhero Road Trip Stories
  185. Bagging and Boarding Newer Books.
  186. how do you feel about comic book artists that are only in the business to make money?
  187. Marvel, Image and Wonder Woman's 75th Kick Off LBCC's Programming
  188. How Long Can DC Comics' Rebirth Maintain Its Dominating Sales?
  189. Hammond Eggar or Abel Lamb Stewer?
  190. Thinking Outside the Corner Box: An Appreciation of Corner Box Cover Art
  191. Personal Comic Preferences?
  192. PREVIEWS: "Batman," "Star Trek," "Thor" & More New Comics On Sale August 17, 2016
  193. My right nipple is extra sensitive...
  194. Captain America, Star Lord & The Rock Pump It Up For The 22 Push-Up Challenge
  195. "Pokemon Adventures" Creators Address Ash/Red Question
  196. why does it seem like people who have kids suddenly turn into G-Rated Versions Of Themselves?
  197. LOOK: "DC's Legends Of Tomorrow" Hawkman & Batgirl Join Funko Pop Family
  198. Rio Olympics 2016: Ingrid Oliveira enjoys late-night romp with canoeist after kicking Brazilian diving partner out
  199. Cover Contest for August 17th to August 23rd - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  200. Comics vs. stocks
  201. Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans, etc. in Marvel and DC
  202. Best Comic Book Publisher Right Now
  203. Overstreet Hard Cover #3
  204. Superheroes Calling Spirits from the Vasty Deep
  205. Fondest Comic Book Memories?
  206. Why is Europe considered a continent...?
  207. The Line It Is Drawn: Golden Age Versions of Modern Comic Book Characters
  208. We Found Love in Rihanna... Appreciation Thread!
  209. Why do we love coffee?
  210. Agatha Christie's sleuths: Which one is your favorite?
  211. What's your superhero name?
  212. "we just wanted it more"
  213. Megos in BBT?
  214. The food thread: What are you eating?
  215. Comics Misread by Conservatives
  216. Whose album will sell more? Britney Spears' "Glory" album or Celine Dion's "Encore un soir" abum?
  217. Painfully new noob has a backer board question....
  218. PREVIEWS: "Flash," "Star Wars" & More New Comics on Sale August 24, 2016
  219. Love looking, disslike reading
  220. Cover Contest for August 24 to August 30
  221. A Question Regarding Publishers.
  222. You Review Comics Too
  223. Sex: Are you a screamer or a talker? A whisperer or a...
  224. Have you ever dreamed a continuation for a previous dream?
  225. David Walker(Nighthawk/PM&IF Writer)Makes A statement On Twitter about the importance of Pre-orders
  226. whats the best cosplay you have ever seen ?
  227. You're On A Deserted Island And You Get 3 Wishes Granted--What Are They?
  228. What ever happened to Warith (Zak-Del)?
  229. Ya Know It's stuff like this that makes me curious about web comics
  230. A nice Jesse Santos story fropm Mark Evanier
  231. I Know That Place - Comic Book Locations
  232. 2016 College Football Season Discussion Thread
  233. Signature Help
  234. Cover Contest for August 31 to September 6 - EPIC Of The Universe!!!
  235. Looking for more information about a specific 1950s comic book
  236. Has a comic book ever brought tears to your eyes?
  237. Comic Book Identification HELP!
  238. Has a book ever brought tears to your eyes?
  239. Hurricane Season
  240. http://www.comicbookdb.com/ is dead
  241. World War HULK certificate explination
  242. Tuskegee Airman, who marched with MLK from Selma, dies at 93
  243. Recommendations for Multiverse or time travel storylines
  244. can a Jedi pick up the hammer of thor ?
  245. Comic Book Cover Titles Destroyed
  246. NFL 2016 Season Thread
  247. Can anyone identify this figure?
  248. One of life's little mysteries I'll probably never find the answer to.
  249. What comic book series has worn out it's welcome?
  250. Cover Contest for September 7 to September 13: Strange New Worlds