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  1. PREVIEWS: "Star Wars," "Superman" & More Comics on Sale July 29, 2015
  2. English going to host Mohammed Cartoon contest in London?
  3. J.C. Penney employee sent home for wearing shorts she bought — at J.C. Penney
  4. Comic Book Women Offer Resources For Con Organizers
  5. What is your favorite comic book cover?
  6. Why is France mocked and bashed so much?
  7. CBR Throwback Thursday
  8. CBR Collectors Thread!
  9. BREAKING NEWS/ 5 Nights at Freddy's
  10. "Peanuts" Declares Today National Franklin Day
  11. The Line it is Drawn - Star Trek Comic Book Team-Ups!
  12. WATCH: Cobra and "Assassin’s Creed" Join the Fight in "Toy Soldiers: War Chest"
  13. What are some good fiction books to read?
  14. A Lion and a Rowdy Scot go into The Beyond.
  15. CBR's YouTube Channel Features the Greatest Video Interviews
  16. On a scale of one to ten how worried are you about killer(militarized A.I.) robots?
  17. Get a Taste with CBR's Massive Previews Archive
  18. DCBS Question
  19. What is everyones thoughts on this?
  20. The Stereotype game
  21. Trans-Pacific Partnership...anybody hear about this?
  22. Advise me on the next comic serie I can binge read
  23. Green Arrow and Hawkeye Exchange Blows, Barbs in Video Brawl
  24. James Holmes Moves Closer to Death Penalty For "Dark Knight Rises" Theater Killings
  25. The Mission - Aug 3, 2015
  26. Graphic Novel Suggestions for a Newcomer
  27. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Daredevil," "Lazarus" & More
  28. Congrats Kate Pierson (B52's) who married her longtime companion in Hawaii this past weekend
  29. Characters you wish were real or love so much that you want to talk to lol?
  30. How to Get an Autograph From "Naruto's" Masashi Kishimoto at NYCC
  31. Cover Contest for August 5th - August 11th
  32. PREVIEWS: "Civil War," "The Shadow" & More Comics on Sale August 5, 2015
  33. Fantastic Failures: Reed Richards' Failed Attempts to Cure the Thing
  34. Canada's Silver Snail to Close its Ottawa Store
  35. Recommend some comic books based on my Movie/TV preferences
  36. Last Gasp Launches "Barefoot Gen" Kickstarter
  37. In Your Face Jam: Why Bisexual Hercules Matters To <i>Me</i>
  38. What should I binge-read next?
  39. Covers Spoiling The Content
  40. Does anyone know about Ace Magazine
  41. What is this comic book? How do I sell it?
  42. Unknown Comics
  43. How should I get rid of my comic collection?
  44. In Trump ....We Trust
  45. "Archie" Debuts in Top Ten, But "Star Wars," Secret Wars" Fuel Marvel to Top of July Sales
  46. THE LINE IT IS DRAWN: Famous Comic Stories as Animated Films
  47. This U.K. Town Has Its Own Unicycle-Riding Superhero
  48. James Holmes sentenced to life in prison
  49. Life Lessons in Comic Books
  50. TOYING AROUND: Quicksilver, Ant-Man, Steampunk Batman & More!
  51. I have a 12 hour trip from Augusta, GA to Northern Delaware tomorrow
  52. Dragon*con 2015 - Who's going, and who wants to meet up for our traditional CBR lunch
  53. What Time Is it?
  54. Happy Birthday, Snoopy!
  55. "Archie" #1 Sales Top 100K, "Walking Dead" Surges Higher on July 2015 Sales Chart
  56. "Attack on Titan: Before the Fall" Manga has 1.4 Million Copies in Print
  57. LOOK: Comic Book Cover Homages to Music Album Art
  58. Psychological "Geek" Study
  59. Hit the Bricks, True Believers, with This LEGO Stan Lee Bust and Playset
  60. The Mission: Managerial Reigns of Marvel and DC, Political Action and the End of Excuses
  61. Only in their dreams can men be truly free.
  62. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Batman Beyond," "Jupiter's Circle" & More
  63. The Mayo Report: "Secret" & "Star Wars" Fuel Marvel, Image Continues to Grow
  64. She Has No Head: How to Review Comic Books
  65. SDCC: Waid, McFarlane, Hudlin And More Talk Nurturing Comic Book Talent
  66. Superheroines whose costumed aliases start with U?
  67. PREVIEWS: "New Suicide Squad," "Secret Wars" & More Comics on Sale August 12, 2015
  68. Cover Contest for August 12th to 18th
  69. Stan Lee's Ex-Assistant Files Lawsuit, Claims Verbal Abuse, Wrongful Firing
  70. 2015 NFL Season Thread
  71. It's Getting Better: Pop Culture's Shift to Multi-Ethnic Characters Instead of Caricatures
  72. Do you agree with the saying "There no bad characters, only bad writers"?
  73. CoverGirl Announces Limited-Edition "Star Wars" Makeup Collection
  74. The Line It Is Drawn: Superheroes Versus Famous Wrestlers!
  75. CBR TV: Jeff Lemire on "Extraordinary X-Men," "Bloodshot Reborn," Picking Projects & More
  76. These Infographics Explain Which Sci-Fi Favorites Are Fastest
  77. The "Real" Republican Debate with great Moderation.
  78. Find the Highs and Lows with CBR's Complete Reviews Archive
  79. ICYMI: It's Getting Better - Pop Culture's Shift to Multi-Ethnic Characters, Not Caricatures
  80. TOYING AROUND: X-Men, Boba Fett, Thundercats & More!
  81. I love review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic
  82. Genres you're tired of seeing works come out of?
  83. The Grand Majesty of Gordon Ramsay
  84. Does anyone else find LOTR terrible?
  85. Celebrate Kirby's Legacy, Help Hero Initiative with Kirby4Heroes
  86. The Mission - Aug 17, 2015
  87. Help me on Go Fund Me right now !
  88. TSA Confiscate Batarangs at Boise Airport
  89. I think there needs to be a replacement for Harry Potter...
  90. A warning and a upset vent about the web comic store ComicXposure.
  91. PREVIEWS: "House of M," "Archie" & More Comics on Sale August 19, 2015
  92. MegaBots Needs Help In Its Giant-Robot Battle Against Japan
  93. Fish Mooney Lives -- in Funko's "Gotham" Pop! Heroes Line
  94. Remove Smoke Smell from Comics
  95. Cover Contest for August 19th to 26th Mohawk Madness!
  96. This Elegant Wedding Cake Hides A Superheroic Secret
  97. POLL: Who Is Marvel's Most Badass Female Hero?
  98. D23 PHOTO PARADE: Disney Die-Hards Celebrated on Saturday and Sunday
  99. Kidrobot Returns to Springfield with New "Simpsons" Figures
  100. What happened to the forums?
  101. SOLICITATIONS: DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW & More November 2015 Releases
  102. "Dark Knight III," "Huck," "Ms. Marvel" & More in CBR's Buzzworthy Books of November
  103. TOYING AROUND: Many Minimates, Arty Avengers & More!
  104. Tablets for E-Comics - suggestions and recommendations
  105. Guardians of the Galaxy, Ms. Marvel Win, Many 'No Awards' Given at Hugo Awards
  106. Jared Fogle : The Downfall.
  107. 2015 CBF Summer/Fall Comic Book Grading Tournament
  108. Best non batman related female super villains?
  109. Two Arrested In Apparent Threat to Pokemon World Championships
  110. The Genie question: What would you do with three wishes?
  111. Comic Book Reader App Project
  112. "Walking Dead" Madison Square Garden Event Headlines New York Super Week
  113. This Iron Merman Cosplay is Impressive, But Can He Talk To Fish?
  114. CBR TV: "Daredevil's" Gage Hears the "Lion of Rora," Gives "Buffy" an "Awkward" Love Triangle
  115. Recommend me some comics please
  116. The Mission: The Power of the Black Female Teenage Superhero
  117. Captain America, Iron Man Beauty Masks Here to Save Your Skin
  118. A Whole World of Awesomely Geeky Comic Book Crocheted Merch
  119. Baltimore Comic Con 2015 - a trip from Eastern Europe blog
  120. Duke University Responds to "Fun Home" Controversy
  121. Cyberpunk - Virtual reality
  122. If Marvel & DC comics all got cancelled
  123. Clayton Crain Designs Beer Label to Benefit The Hero Initiative
  124. Sigma Nu Frat Old Dominion Chapter Suspended
  125. Cover Contest August 26th-Sept. 1
  126. PREVIEWS: "Ant-Man: Last Days," "Batgirl" & More Comics on Sale August 26, 2015
  127. 2015 College Football yall: Playoffs Part Deux
  128. Who's a Good Dog? CBR's Favorite Comic Book Canines!
  129. This Deadpool/Spider-Man Dance-Off is the Summer's Best Crossover
  130. Here's A Handy Guide to the Weaknesses of Superheroes & Villains
  131. CBR TV Offers William Shatner Advice on How to Market "Man O' War," His "Cinematic Graphic Novel"
  132. Artist Creates Adorable "Naruto" Paintings Using Everyday Objects
  133. What's your history with comics? When did you start collecting? Ect...
  134. Bargains, bargains, bargains! Know any good sales going on? Share em here.
  135. With Makeup and Body Paint, Artist Brings Comic Illustrations To Life
  136. Superman Action Figure Takes Flight in Terrific Drone Video
  137. The Line It Is Drawn: A Jack Kirby Birthday Tribute
  138. Say Hello To Buddie, Ohio's Pro-Marijuana Superhero
  139. Harley Quinn Goes Retro With New Mego-Style Figure
  140. Celebrate the King's Birthday With 98 of CBR's Favorite Jack Kirby Images
  141. Worlds Collide in these "Dragon Ball Z"-Superhero Mashups
  142. RIP ComicsPriceGuide
  143. Did Gene Day Sell a "Star Wars" Prints Portfolio Without Lucasfilm's Permission?
  144. Vote for the 100 Greatest DC and Marvel Comic Characters of All-Time!
  145. TOYING AROUND: Nick Fury Unpatched, Mondo's Leonardo and More!
  146. Martian Manicpixiechick
  147. Well, I start my first day of college tomorrow
  148. Viz's "Weekly Shonen Jump" Arrives on comiXology and Amazon
  149. Need help with some Hacker jargon for a sci-fi book I am currently writing
  150. Awesome Dad Forges Thor's Hammer for His 4-Year-Old Son
  151. The Mission - Aug 31, 2015
  152. Bad Amalgam of the Day
  153. "Attack On Titan" Publisher Kodansha Comics Debuts On comiXology
  154. If You Could Attend One Moment In Comic Book History....
  155. "Batmetal Returns," with Lots of Head-Banging (and -Smashing)
  156. HELP: Trying to get at my comics on a new device.
  157. PREVIEWS: "Miracleman," "Plutona" & More Comics on Sale September 2, 2015
  158. LEGO Rockets into Space, Along With First Danish Astronaut
  159. Cover Contest September 2 - September 8
  160. "Star Wars" Characters Enjoy a Vacation in These Fun Portraits
  161. Raphael, Slimer and Other '80s Icons Reimagined as Classical Sculptures
  162. EXCLUSIVE: Full Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Programming Slate
  163. Flintstone House up for sale for a lot more than two Bronto-Burgers
  164. CBR TV: Moreci Brands "Hoax Hunters" Heavy Metal, Explores Space in "Roche Limit"
  165. These "Dragon Ball Z" Costumes Just Solved Your Halloween Dilemma
  166. Firearms/Shooting Thread
  167. The Line It Is Drawn: Superheroes Get <i>Real</i> Jobs
  168. Mario and Wario, Reimagined as Iconic Comic Book Rivals
  169. Amalgam Comics revival?
  170. Take a Gander at CBR's Complete Previews Archive
  171. TOYING AROUND: Star Wars Force Friday & More!
  172. Logic puzzle from an episode of Columbo I just watched
  173. Let's talk about beer/wine/other liquor
  174. Great Video Interviews are Always On Demand with CBR TV
  175. Kim Davis compares herself to more Inspirational people !
  176. Celebrate Labor Day with the Oddest Superhero Day Jobs Ever!
  177. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "We Stand on Guard," "Omega Men" & More!
  178. Hot Toys Gets Stealthy with New Iron Man Mark III Figure
  179. Canada vs South Korea
  180. PREVIEWS: "Darth Vader," "Batman/Superman" & More Comics on Sale September 9, 2015
  181. Veteran Comic Book Inker Bob Wiacek in Need of Help
  182. The Dancing, the Cars: Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Stormtrooper
  183. Cover Contest Sept. 9-15
  184. PHOTO PARADE: Fans Descend Upon DragonCon 2015
  185. South Korea and Canada...
  186. In Your Face Jam - Sep 9, 2015
  187. Pay What You Want for Neil Gaiman Rarities, and Help CBLDF
  188. VOTE: Who Is The Greatest Marvel or DC Character of All-Time?
  189. PHOTO PARADE: Experience DragonCon's 2015 Parade
  190. History Buffs: did Americans even know where Pearl Harbor was in November 1941?
  191. Tilting at Windmills - Sep 11, 2015
  192. "Secret Wars," "Star Wars," "Batman" & "Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" Lead August Sales
  193. Remembering 9/11 in 2015...
  194. Your First Comic(s)?
  195. Spiders are scary: an UNappreciation thread
  196. TOYING AROUND: Star Wars, Super Heroes, Cinema Stars & More!
  197. Who Had It Rougher: Bruce Wayne or Frank Castle?
  198. Shana Tova To All Celebrating
  199. Continents or regions of the world with the least number of countries?
  200. Canadian foods?
  201. "Secret," "Star Wars" Rule August Sales Chart, "Walking Dead" Surges Into Top Ten
  202. Total Newbie needs advise!
  203. PHOTO PARADE: Killer Cosplay, Hot Cars at Long Beach Comic Con
  204. The Mission - Sep 14, 2015
  205. Sequential Fiction - The Comics and Pop Culture Megacast
  206. The Mayo Report: Analyzing "The Walking Dead's" Undying Climb Up the Sales Charts
  207. These Photos Perfectly Capture Mundane Lives of Stormtroopers
  208. Grell, Moline and More Helped by Hero Initiative
  209. PREVIEWS: "Tokyo Ghost," "Captain America: White" & More Comics on Sale September 16, 2015
  210. Cover Contest 9/16 - 9-22: SWIPE
  211. A political question in regards to race outrage
  212. I desperately need your help
  213. What was the last comic you gave away?
  214. What was the last comic you unslabbed?
  215. Is Frank Miller the David Fincher of comic makers?
  216. You Look Familiar - 5 Supporting Characters Who Co-Starred In Multiple Titles
  217. The Line It Is Drawn: The 2015 Super Dictionary!
  218. Adorn your door with Han Solo in Carbonite
  219. The Reality of the Unrealistic Facebook !
  220. SOLICITATIONS: Image, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW & More December 2015 Releases
  221. "Batman/TMNT," "Totally Awesome Hulk" & More in CBR's Buzzworthy Books of December
  222. TOYING AROUND: DC Heroes, Iron Man, Star Wars & More!
  223. Detroit Comic conventions Sept./ October/November
  224. You're a...
  225. Does anyone use a Surface Pro 3 for reading digital comics?
  226. Watch: Dramatic Reading of Joker's Monologue from "The Killing Joke"
  227. Rose City Comic Con 2015 (video + pics)
  228. The internet is even more creepily misogynisitic than I thought
  229. WATCH: Ronda Rousey Takes On Floyd Mayweather in "Street Fighter IV" Mod
  230. RCCC: DeConnick, Van Meter, Moustapha & Phillips Talk Representation in Comics
  231. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Tokyo Ghost," "Captain America: White" & More
  232. VOTE: The Top 100 DC and Marvel Characters of All-Time!
  233. Artist Cleverly Unmasks Iconic Characters, from Batman to Goku
  234. What is up with the whole "Corey in the House = Anime" thing?
  235. Are you reading the bible? And if so.....
  236. X-Men, Spider-Man and More Become Hieroglyphics in Art Series
  237. PREVIEWS: "Adventure Time," "Years of Future Past" & More Comics on Sale September 23, 2015
  238. The Mission: Between Wakanda and Us - Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Black Panther" & the Uncertain Future
  239. Cover Contest 9/23 - 9/29
  240. "The Peanuts Movie" Video Spotlights Charles Schulz's Legacy
  241. Artist illustrates Damian Wayne's Family Tree
  242. Has there ever been anything like this Star Wars EU de-canonised thing
  243. Villains in a Half-Shell: It's A Teenage Mutant Ninja Crimewave!
  244. I'm writing an English paper on V for Vendetta
  245. The Sad , Slow ..Downfall of Tammy Sytch .
  246. TOYING AROUND: NYCC Exclusives, He-Man, Batman, Marvel & More!
  247. REVIEWS: The Good, The Bad, The Archives
  248. Where do I start?
  249. Fall Into Fall with These Falling Superheroes
  250. VOTE: Cast Your Ballot for the Greatest DC and Marvel Characters of All-Time!