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  1. A sincere thank you.
  2. READING LIST: The Dan Slott You Might Not Know
  3. Longtime "MAD" Editor Al Feldstein Passes Away
  4. Looking for all my buddies from the Ultimate forums.
  5. What is your opinion on Transhumanism? On the future?
  6. IAM Marvel Community
  7. Why was the Music Forum not continued here?
  8. The Music News Update
  9. Minorities In Comics and Related Media
  10. In Your Face Jam - Apr 30, 2014
  11. No way to contact admins
  12. 25 Greatest Comics, CBR Edition: Nomination, Discussion and Voting
  13. Rita's I : "Tomorrow May Rain , But I'll Follow the Sun"
  14. Books: What have you been reading?
  15. Downtown Khazan: Rise of So Asbena!
  16. All New All Different X-Crescence I: "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
  17. NBA 2014 Playoffs and Offseason
  18. In the absence of an anime/manga forum...Go Nagai
  19. Trades and Hardcover you got recently
  20. Horrible comics that you actually kind of like anyway
  21. Return of Your Recent CD's/Music Purchases
  22. An old pirate bids farewell to CBR
  23. Cover Contest - April 30 to May 6
  24. A Hardcover Forum?
  25. Since we are getting an all new CBR how about all new ideas like a CBR youtube show!
  26. NFL 2014 Off-Season
  27. New "what would you do for a Klondike bar" 3.0.
  28. 13/14 Football
  29. The LGBTQIA-community
  30. The Beatles
  31. Introduce yourself to CBR!
  32. C2E2 -- did anyone else go? (and what did you think about it).
  33. All-purpose news and politics thread: Two Steps Beyond!
  34. The Animation Age Ghetto
  35. All the World's A Stage; THEATRE APPRECIATION THREAD
  36. Digital Comic Book Sales and Discussion
  37. C2E2: Snyder, Simone & More Discuss Opening the Geek Clubhouse
  38. MLB 2014- Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack
  39. Hi I'm new
  40. The History of CBR Project (need contributors from all eras of CBR history)
  41. Where to buy digital now?
  42. Would anyone here be able to help me make a slight modification to my avatar?
  43. Taking a Stand: I Support Janelle Asselin's critique of Teen Titans #1
  44. SC Senate Panel Rejects Bid to Punish Colleges Over Gay-Themed Books
  45. Where Are My Fellow Newbies At? Come One, Come All
  46. Free Comic Book Day 2014
  47. Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Seven Years Later
  48. Not sure if I could/should post it here..
  49. Gail Simone Appreciation
  50. Where Should I Share My New Webcomic?
  51. Digest Archive
  52. What book is/was your holy grail?
  53. CBR Chat
  54. Manga Talk
  55. Batman and Music
  56. All New All Different X-Crescence II: Beware the X-Council
  57. Gundam
  58. PREVIEWS: More Than 50 Free Comic Book Day Releases
  59. Looking for artist (comic book designer)
  60. Welcome to our new co-mod, Stony!
  61. Typo Lad...
  62. DragonReborn and DavetheMan
  63. Comics in Translation
  64. Do you go to informative websites aside from Wikipedia?
  65. The Hawkeye Initiative: Still going strong!
  66. Tim Burton's Batman: 25th Anniversary Screening....Miami, Florida
  67. Post a Pic of yourself!
  68. Bristol Comics Expo 2014
  70. Hilarious punishment for comic book store thieves.
  71. Talking GRANT MORRISON
  72. The Gif Wars. No Words. Just Gifs. Let's talk with images.
  73. European Comics
  74. Awesome Mural + Do u know???
  75. Calling on my fellow members to vote for my daughters in a local Free Comic Book Day costume contest
  76. Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library
  77. Cbr comic book swap meet
  78. C2E2: Creators, Educators Discuss Kids, Comics and Literacy
  79. Ohio has a primary election tomorrow.
  80. Cover of the Week: "Amazing Spider-Man" Soars Above the Rest
  81. MAYO REPORT: Analyzing the Marvel NOW! Relaunches
  82. Allison Types - May 5, 2014
  83. 60s Sci-fi Road Trip comic Kickstarter has 3 days left!
  84. "Sgt. Fury," "Ghost Rider" Artist Dick Ayers Passes Away at Age 90
  85. Could Wolverine's claws cut through Spider-Man's webs?
  86. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Adventure Time Annual," "Deadly Class"
  87. Supreme Court to Decide Next Week Whether to Hear Jack Kirby Case
  88. Palmiotti & Friends Get a Little Raunchy at C2E2
  89. Why the reset?
  90. Sad news
  91. man files lawsuit in order to marry his computer
  92. What are your favorite Star Wars novels?
  93. 1980s pop hits that had earlier, lesser known versions.
  94. CBR member, what's best in life?! (Conan the barbarian reference)
  95. CBR PETS -- Post a picture of your pet
  96. PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale May 7, 2014
  97. Avatar Contest 5/7-5-13
  98. One Piece
  99. Woman wearing Darth Vader mask arrested after Vancouver robbery
  100. Guy1 has Graduated to Moderator Status!
  101. So what do you all use to catalog your comics?
  102. SDCC 2014 Meet up?
  103. What would you do if you were a werewolf? 2.0
  104. Good comic shops in Southern California?
  105. What are you listening to right now?
  106. How do you pronounce Kevin Feige's last name?
  107. Beer Fest! (underage posters enter at your own risk!)
  108. Recommendations: Comic Book Podcasts / Spoiler Free If Possible!
  109. CBR Cover Contest - May 9 to May 13?
  110. Your favorite 1980s comic book ads?
  111. Things you can never unsee:
  112. Home Theatre, Networking and Storage
  113. A Woman, 10 Comic Shops and the FCBD Experience
  114. Fallen Nerd Heroes
  115. entertaining the idea of owning a comic shop.
  116. If you could have a single super power, what would it be? And what would you do with your powers?
  117. TOYING AROUND: Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman '66 & More!
  118. How does the rest of the world view/see The U.S.A.
  119. Tumblr
  120. Insuring a large comic collection
  121. White characters whose race is/was essential to them
  123. collectibles advice
  124. If you where given 10 million dollars to set up a new Comic book publisher..
  125. How does your part of the world, or your part of the country view the Middle East and Muslims?
  126. Warning - Firefox 29 update acts like malware.
  127. Another CBR wedding (sharing for those longtime posters who know them)
  128. "Amazing Spider-Man" Flies High, Batman Family Stays Strong in April 2014 Sales
  129. Cover of the Week: Watcher's Eyes, Widow's Web & More
  130. Katie Shanahan & Rachel Dukes on the Perils of Art Theft
  131. What State/Area really controls the United States?
  132. List of Superheroes who MURDERED people!
  133. How long does it take you to read a comic book (the avg 22 pages one)?
  134. Favorite quotations
  135. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Alex + Ada," "The Wake" & More
  136. Native American Comic Creators
  137. RIP H.R. Giger
  138. Beats headphones - are they really as good as hyped, and for all genres and styles of music?
  139. The Traitor Game Bullpen!
  140. SC Comicon
  141. Killing Bigfoot. Again!
  142. PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale May 14, 2014
  143. Waid Takes Fans Inside the Creator's Studio
  144. Avatar contest 14-05-14 to 20-05-14
  145. Guys, how do you shave?
  146. Rank Your Pull List
  147. NHL playoff predictions
  148. Cover Contest 5/14 - 5/20
  149. Your Comic Store Recomendations
  150. The META Thread
  151. Why not just call Manga ''comics'' and anime ''Cartoons''?
  152. Virtual Comic Convention - Interesting?
  153. Avatars & Profile Pictures are now 120x120
  154. How many comic books do you read a month?
  155. If you had a choice, would you live in an Earth without religion, or an Earth without science?
  156. We Are Comics Banishes Stereotypes, Showcases Community
  157. The Line It Is Drawn: Classic Comic Cover Homages
  158. The Traitor Game: Rebirth Signup!
  159. Pick One Invention
  160. Alternative ways to get feedback on the net besides the comment section
  161. Which religions/sects have interesting ideas about afterlife that would make great comics?
  162. TOYING AROUND: SDCC Exclusives, Falcon & Batman!
  163. R.I.P. Aaron Allston
  164. CBR SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Jen Van Meter on Love & Loss
  165. Comic Recommendations Thread
  166. Comic Exchange Thread
  167. Happy Birthday To Me!
  168. World’s Greatest Knockoffs
  169. Comics uncovered
  170. Cover of the Week: "All-New X-Men," "Secret Avengers," "Fables" and More
  171. Dragon Ball Abridged
  172. Allison Types - May 19, 2014
  173. What is your most valued comic?
  174. Day dreaming fun! What TV series, moive or comic book have you inserted yourself into?
  175. PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale May 21, 2014
  176. Comic book writer and artist blogs
  177. Cover Contest 5/21-5/27
  178. Avatar Contest May 21-27
  179. So, assuming NATO loses the next war...
  180. Show off your Tattoos (comic or otherwise)
  181. Western Comic storylines recommendations?
  182. Unfinished/incomplete works
  183. comic books and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  184. Create a hero
  185. Tilting at Windmills - May 23, 2014
  186. Blinded with SCIENCE!
  187. Creators Explain Why Queer Comics Aren't What They Used To Be
  188. Misconceptions you had when you were younger or as a child.
  189. Happy Birthday, CJStriker!
  190. What are the things that annoy you about the superhero genre even as a fan?
  191. Conversing on Comics with Colleen Doran
  192. TOYING AROUND: Hasbro Exclusives, "Guardians Of The Galaxy" & Classic Catwoman!
  193. What makes you cry?
  194. What are some of your favorite song introductions?
  195. What are the things that you love about the superhero genre even as a fan?
  196. What is "Turnaround Publisher Services"?
  197. CBR SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Jordie Bellaire Colors Her World
  198. What makes you laugh?
  199. Factors that have put you off reading a comic?
  200. So where is the line between cultural diffusion and cultural appropriation?
  201. Is it dumb to get a Cgc comic slab signed?
  202. Most hideous incarnation of Hell.
  203. 20 days of free Comixology comics!
  204. The Scottish Comic Book Apprciation Thread of EVERYTHING!
  205. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Velvet," "Elektra" Slice the Competition
  206. Anyone here who is single not because they're constantly rejected...
  207. Cover of the Week: Doop, "Daredevil," "Velvet" & More
  208. Best Tablet for Comics?
  209. What can be done to change the PUA/MRA/Incel communities?
  210. THE COLOR BARRIER: Does "Fair Play" Really Matter?
  211. Comics where the crime fighter ends up in prison?
  212. AVATAR CONTEST MAY 28 - June 3
  213. R.I.P. Maya Angelou
  214. Cover Contest from May 28th to June 3rd
  215. Alan Moore's Electricomics
  216. Greatest Comic Novel EVER!
  217. Where to buy comics online?
  218. Peta Revives Campaign Falsely Linking Dairy Products To Autism
  219. Comic cons and Fan Expo experiences!
  220. Money as a superpower?
  221. Comic-Con Responds to Anti-Harassment Petition: "Safety and Security is a Major Concern"
  222. Sexy vs Sexist: Where do you draw the line?
  223. Chinese Comics.
  224. CGI in today's movies/TV shows
  225. The Line It Is Drawn: Honoring H.R. Giger with An Alien Invasion
  226. Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods Is Coming to The USA!
  227. Is there anyone in here who is the only child?
  228. Would you fight crime if you had superpowers?
  229. Don't Fear The Silly
  230. TOYING AROUND: NECA SDCC Exclusives, "Walking Dead" News & More!
  231. Favorite YouTubers/ channels : Reasons why
  232. Netflix.... Doin' it for themseves
  233. What were times in your lives you have been bullied?
  234. Looking For an Online Comic I read but Don't Know the Name!
  235. Villains' motivations and backstories
  236. CBR SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Clayton Cowles Draws with Words
  237. Celebrities you've met in person.
  238. Realistic spy/war comics like FURY MAX
  239. The manipulators, and the manipulated
  240. READING LIST: A Field Guide to Fifteen Feminist Comics
  241. My favorite Ice Cream .
  242. Do we basically educate all wrong?
  243. Fair priced comics in NYC
  244. The All-New Traitor Game: Rebirth!
  245. Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Translucid" "Trees" Under a "Brass Sun"
  246. The supposedly liberal media
  247. Art prints - where to buy?
  248. Forget Tony Stark's Fortune: Black Panther is Richest Superhero
  249. PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale June 4, 2014
  250. How about some real Heroes, the ordinary kind?