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  1. How Dangerous is this villain?
  2. Shinichi(Parasyte) VS Lucy(Elfen Lied)
  3. MCU Batroc vs the Live-Action Kenshin-verse
  4. Empire (Star Wars) vs Earth (Marvel Earth 616)
  5. The PowerPuff Girls vs Wally West,Barry Allen and Jay Garrick
  6. The wyldlings vs the dwarves
  7. Create your own Power Rangers/Super Sentai show!
  8. "I am Akuma...and I will teach _YOU_ the meaning of PAIN!"
  9. Iron Man vs. Magneto
  10. They just sit and talk: Madoka Magica cast and Yuki Yuna is a Hero cast
  11. Misaki Suzuhara/Hikaru (Angelic Layer) vs Sekai Kamiki/Build Burning Gundam (Gundam BF Try)
  12. Lesser of Two Evils: NWO VS Alien Attack
  13. Shere Khan vs Simba
  14. Weakest Character to Solo Grandmaster Luke?
  15. Powers That Counter Other Powers
  17. Best fights of 2014
  18. Fleet vs. Flash
  19. Finn & Jake vs Ren and Stimpy
  20. Beast Boy joins the Animoprhs.
  21. Gaston vs. Quasimodo vs. Tarzan
  22. Fire VS Ice: Elsa No-Surname V. Shandril Shessiar
  23. Weakest comic movie character to solo Ronan (GOTG)
  24. The Lady of Pain solves the lament configuration
  25. Captain Harlock vs. Starlord
  26. Omega Sentinel and Nimrod vs Cyborg and Vera Black
  27. Jon Snow vs. Brianne of Tarth (tv versions)
  28. Team Guts in Westeros
  29. So, Casca gets possessed by MIYAMOTO MUSASHI...
  30. Marvel alternate earth vs DC alternate earth
  31. Quick Man (DWN-012) vs. Jack the Ripper
  32. They Sit and Talk: Kratos and Bayonetta
  33. Rama vs. Jason Bourne
  34. Surfer and Sentry and Blackbolt Vs Odin
  35. Brotherhood of Mutants Vs The Green Lantern Corps (Post Crisis)
  36. Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver vs. Kamen Rider 1 and 2
  37. Khazan Singles New Year Mixer...FROM HELL. VS Battle.
  38. DCnU Superman vs the Saint Seiya-verse
  39. Count Chocula vs Jack Skellington
  40. Raiden vs Joe "009" Shimamura
  41. Thor vs. Asura's Wrath characters
  42. DOV Spectre vs Galactus
  43. Bat-Family vs TMNT (2003)
  44. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 7 - Bobisbeast vs Charlotte DeBel
  45. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 8 - Estrecca vs The MunchKING
  46. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 8 - Tami vs Darth Drizzle
  47. Superheroes vs Video Game Characters
  48. Nods: TSAT...Bayonetta & Asura
  49. Angus gives Kratos ANGER MANAGEMENT. "You need to enjoy this...MOAR!"
  50. Westeros vs Isenguard
  51. Dr, Manhattan vs Data on the Dating Game
  52. Elsa vs. Frozone
  53. Speed Racer vs Michael Knight
  54. Second Horde (Warcraft II) vs Gondor, Rohan, Elvish Kingdoms and Dwarves (Third Age)
  55. Team 7 vs Batman
  56. Megaman EXE vs Captain N
  57. Welcome to a world of...how the hell do I know!?
  58. Composite Mars Attacks!!
  59. Star Wars Rebels cast in Zeta Gundam
  60. The 72-10 Chicago Bulls vs The Western Conferences
  61. Kaitou Kid vs. Batman
  62. Sherock Holmes gets put in Westeros
  63. Barristan Selmy vs Pinky
  64. Timberwolf (composite) vs. Daken
  65. What-if Magneto buttered up The Hulk/Bruce Banner?
  66. Thor Buster vs Justice Buster
  67. Choose the Power of 1 of these Mutants-
  68. Who has the most powerful attack of these video game characters?
  69. Your Fallout Character vs Predators
  70. Moby Dick 2010 VS Megashark
  71. "I've got a pen, and I've got a...HULK!?"
  72. Gigantic Guyver vs Tekkaman Blade
  73. Scorpion vs Ultimate Cap
  74. The Brown Hornet vs Hercules
  75. RoboCop (1987) takes on Metal Gear REX.
  76. Corvo Attano vs. Susan Sto Helit
  77. Punisher (MAX) vs. Movie Captain America
  78. Kratos(God of War) in Tales of Symphonia
  79. Gigantic Octopus vs Gezora
  80. Dexter vs Henry
  81. strongest person in DC/marvel cadis etrama raizel can beat?
  82. Ban Mido vs. The Justice League
  83. Korra vs. Asami (Hand-to-Hand)
  84. McSpidey and GarSpidey Switch Villains
  85. DBZ rankings weakest to strongest
  86. Vampire Hunter D vs. Alucard (Hellsing)
  87. Asami (Legend of Korra) vs Andrea Beaumont (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
  88. Talion the Gravewalker vs Geralt of Rivia
  89. Cirque du Soliel V.S. Top Gear UK...MEGA BUDGET MASSACRE!
  90. Korra VS Maki Aikawa...DAMAGE SOAK VS BATTLE!
  91. the bullet club invades WWE
  92. Team 7 vs Team Avatar
  93. Roronoa Zoro vs. Ban the Undead
  94. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 9 - Tami vs Estrecca
  95. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 9 - Cthulhu of R'lyeh vs Darth Drizzle
  96. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 9 - Dalak vs The MunchKING
  97. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 9 - Charlotte DeBel vs Cleric of Hell's Brigade
  98. Bane vs Jade Chan
  99. Elsa vs. Azula
  100. Nods to me: Elsa and Maleficent VS Belldandy...THREE MINUTES OF HELL!
  101. shinsuke nakamura vs. dean ambrose
  102. What-if Eric Bana's Hulk/Bruce Banner was in the MCU?
  103. Bolo Mark XXXIII vs Sailor Senshi
  104. Tony Stark in GoT
  105. Ryuko Matsui vs Cyborg Raiden
  106. strongest boxer mamoru takamura can beat?
  107. Ninja Turtles (2014 film) vs Gargoyles
  108. Hawkeye vs Ra's al ghul
  109. Joe "009" Shimumura vs Quicksilver
  110. Nightcrawler Vs Toph and Aang
  111. Weakest being that can defeat Vegito from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z (Plus a sweet bonus)
  112. Team Machine (Person of Interest) get in Westeros
  113. Looney Tunes vs Dragon Ball Z
  114. Composite Link vs. Vampire Hunter D
  115. Danny Archer (Blood Diamond) runs a gauntlet
  116. The Destroyer vs Kurse
  117. Natasha Romanov vs Nikita Mears
  118. Griffith vs. Vampire Hunter D
  119. Mephisto vs. Neron
  120. Yuri Boyka runs the Arrow Gauntlet
  121. Asura (Asura's Wrath) and Reed Richards go on a journey...
  122. Graviton (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) vs The Justice League
  123. Captain America without his shield vs Nightwing
  124. Batman Vs Spider-man Villains (90s Cartoon)
  125. Robert McCall (the equalizer) vs. Bryan mills (taken)
  126. Atomic Skull vs wonderman
  127. Raimundo Pedrosa vs.Tenzin
  128. Welcome to Backwater Earth...CAN YOU HANDLE IT?
  129. Post Crisis Bane vs. Bucky Captain America
  130. James Stark in Game of Thrones
  131. Hellboy versus Winter Soldier
  132. Judge Dredd and Anderson vs Black Widow and Hawkeye
  133. Team Expendibles vs Team Jack Bauer
  134. Mastermind vs Psycho Pirate
  135. Poison Ivy Gets Vegan Powers
  136. Superman decides to divide his powers, who gets what?
  137. HAKU: the most feared man in wrestling history.
  138. Captain America VS Shishio
  139. ISIS Terrorists VS Pacific Islands
  140. "Harry & the Hendersons" Harry vs. Chewbacca
  141. The Ultimate Nullifier
  142. Ender Wiggin VS Captain Herlock: MOVIE VERSION VS BATTLE
  143. Wimp Lo VS Mola Mola
  144. Arendelle VS ANGRY BIRDS...
  145. Guts (Berserk) vs. Father Alexander Anderson
  146. Gill-Man vs It
  147. Deathstroke vs. Winter Soldier
  148. Justice League (Throne of Atlantis; War) vs. the Avengers (MCU)
  149. Black Widow (MCU) vs. Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
  150. Natsu Dragoneel (Fairy Tail) vs Ah Gou (Feng Shen Ji)
  151. Birdy Cephon Alterra VS Akuma...3 MINUTES OF REVERSE HELL!
  152. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 10 - Tami vs The MunchKING
  153. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 9 - Dalak vs Charlotte DeBel
  154. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 10 - Cthulhu of R'lyeh vs Cleric of Hell's Brigade
  155. Vegeta vs The Rock...With a lemony twist!
  156. Batroc vs worf
  157. The Arcadia vs. The Normandy
  158. MAGOG / GOG vs ARES (marvel)
  159. Standard TerraFormar vs DC/Marvel Street Level Gauntlet
  160. Hoshi Sato vs Uhura
  161. DC & Marvel Team Up: Super-Science vs. Magic
  162. Mister Fantastic vs. Satan
  163. Captain Planet vs Spawn (Animated Series version)
  164. Agent Smith Vs Clu Vs Megabyte Vs Diaboramon
  165. Batman vs. Joseph Joestar
  166. Clare(Claymore) VS Kenshiro...REDUX.
  167. Palpatine in the MCU
  168. Sol Badguy vs Natsu Dragneel
  169. Tiny Goku vs Normal Goku vs Giant Goku
  170. Weakest thing to beat Endbringers
  171. Weakest Supervillain to beat 009?
  172. Outer Haven vs. Egg Carrier
  173. Jack the Ripper vs. The Shredder
  174. Captain America & Winter Soldier vs Beowulf
  175. Jaws vs Jaws
  176. Kiseijuu~!!!
  177. OoP, OoT: Hostile Takeover Challenge
  178. Composite Harlock vs. Commisar Ciaphas Cain
  179. Every US citizen is kinapped by aliens at the same time
  180. 2003 Daredevil V 2012 Spider-Man
  181. The Enterprise vs. The Millenium Falcon vs. The Arcadia
  182. Daniel Bryan vs Prince Puma vs Low Ki
  183. What would happen if Daredevil replaces Batman?
  184. Hannibal Lecter runs the detective gauntlet
  185. Generator Rex vs Hal Jordan (Green Lantern: The Animated Series)
  186. Hulk and Superman vs. Shazam and Thor.
  187. Firelord vs Terrax
  188. Big Boss vs. Connor Kenway
  189. Star-Lord vs Flash Gordon
  190. Younger Toguro vs Suzaku yu yu hakusho
  191. John Wick vs. Bryan Mills
  192. How powerful is Mister Mxyzptlk?
  193. Ixis Naugus vs. Captain Planet
  194. How Powerful is Jio Freed?
  195. Ghostbusters vs Hellboy
  196. Captain America vs Boba Fett
  197. Sterling Archer vs Jaws
  198. The following are made into Lifetime movies..
  199. Soul Eater characters vs Tolkien characters
  200. could the combined might of Wakanda and Black Panther take on Dr. Strange
  201. How many Ninja Turtles (2014 movie) does it take to defeat MCU Captain America?
  202. Dr. Strangefate
  203. Jonathan Harker vs. Tommy Jarvis
  204. Rambo vs Predator
  205. Masaru Daimon vs. Iron Fist
  206. The Anti-Avengers vs The Battle Of New York
  207. They sit and Talk: Natasha Romanoff, Gamora(GoTG), Izumi Orimoto, and Yoshino Fujieda
  208. Late timeline Days of Future Past Sentinel vs Jango Fett
  209. The Race (World War) invade Pandora (Avatar)
  210. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 11 - Darth Drizzle vs Cleric of Hell's Brigade
  211. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 11 - Estrecca vs Charlotte DeBel
  212. Rumbler's League Fall 2014 - Week 11 - Cthulhu of R'lyeh vs Bobisbeast
  213. Ms. Marvel (Khan) vs Beast Boy vs Eve (Black Cat)
  214. Hannibal Lecture (TV show) vs Bill the Butcher
  215. ATT Slade vs Slade(Arrow)
  216. They sit and Talk: Harry Potter, Tarzan, and Ryu from Street Fighter
  217. Batman vs Lothar
  218. Can any fictional boxer beat a Yautja in a proper match?
  219. Assasins vs the predator
  220. A Kryptonian Hulk General Zod vs Thanos
  221. Tokyo Gore Police vs Dominion Tank Police
  222. Starjammers vs Guardians of The Galaxy vs Guradians of the Galaxy 3000
  223. Videl vs Batman (Bonus: Chi Chi vs Batman)
  224. George Foreman vs Larry Holmes
  225. Other TV heroes vs. TV Flash Villians
  226. they go on a date: saitama and fubuki
  227. They go on Date: Arthur Petrelli and Haruhi Suzumiya
  228. They sit and talk: Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and Jonathan Harker
  229. DreamMix TV World Fighters!
  230. Injustice Gang vs The Avengers
  231. Thanos vs DC's Cosmic Heavy Hitters
  232. Damon Salvatore vs wolverine
  233. Sonny (iRobot) vs Cameron (Terminator: TSCC)
  234. Magneto vs Graviton
  235. Heisenberg Vs Tony Montana
  236. Dinosaurs(Jurassic Park) vs World War Z Zombies vs TItans(Attack on Titan)
  237. Handsome Jack vs Glados
  238. master vile VS demon king piccolo
  239. They sit and Talk: Eiji Takaoka and Peter Quill aka Star Lord
  240. What if: the Ghostbusters becomes the Mummy Trilogy protagonists
  241. They sit and talk: Kenshin Himura (manga version) and Oliver Queen (Arrow)
  242. Conan the Barbarian in Middle Earth
  243. Kham (The Protector) vs. Grayson
  244. Four Saint Beasts vs the dark masters
  245. They sit and talk: TAO and Randall Dowling
  246. Dracula vs Earth
  247. Black Panther vs Daredevil
  248. Forrest Gump (film) versus Super Mario
  249. Akame vs. Afro Samurai
  250. Movie Rurouni Kenshin vs motion comic/animated Black Panther