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  1. Icon (Milestone) vs. Spawn (Image)
  2. 7 of 9 vs Unbreakable
  3. Is this arrow timing?
  4. THey sit and Talk: Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, and Original Ghostbusters
  5. Starboy vs Graviton
  6. Best Anglo-Saxon detective + non Anglo-Saxon vs crime and political corruption
  7. New Warriors vs Generation X
  8. Heroes for Hire vs The Defenders
  9. Alucard (Castlevania Series) vs Link (Legend of Zelda Series)
  10. Captain America VS a full grown Bat...
  11. Jigsaw vs Hannibal Lecter
  12. Joker needs to survive one night with....
  13. Terry McGinnis Vs Heath Ledger's Joker
  14. Batman vs Huge Nazi guy (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  15. Brock Samson (Venture Bros) vs Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)
  16. They sit and talk: Saitama (One-Punchman) and Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
  17. Four Saint Beasts vs Team RWBY
  18. Niki Sanders/Mohinder Suresh runs the Gauntlet
  19. MCU Captain America vs Nolanverse Batman(with a twist)
  20. Guts vs. Conan
  21. Team RWBY and allies vs Night Raid (+Esdeath)
  22. They sit and Talk: Alice(Resident Evil) and Kaldor Draigo
  23. Chris Kyle(American Sniper) is replaced by Joe Armstrong...the AMERICAN NINJA!
  24. Your mission...ASSASSINATE ELSA!
  25. Gozer vs Neo
  26. Voldemort and Palpitine switch places
  27. Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider vs Wonder Woman
  28. Aquaman, Cyborg, Batman, and Flash Vs Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom
  29. Angela (Marvel) and Spawn Vs The X-men
  30. Red Claw (Batman TAS) vs Baroness (G.I. Joe)
  31. Black Manta vs. Lex Luthor vs. The Joker
  32. Dexter Morgan vs. Heisenburg
  33. Chewbacca (Star Wars) vs Azog (The Hobbit)
  34. Diggle (Arrow) vs. Roy Harper (Arrow)
  35. Connor Kent runs an Anime gauntlet
  36. Yusuke Urameshi runs a TMNT gauntlet
  37. COngratulations, you have been promoted to Admiral. Of the...Fleet Girl HORROR SQUADRON!
  38. Genie vs Hades
  39. Another Prep Battle...Reed vs. Doom vs. T'challa vs. Tony vs. Hank vs. Banner
  40. Holy Knights vs. Team Urameshi
  41. Detective Quentin Lance vs Officer Charlie Swan
  42. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Discussion Thread
  43. FilmCow Rumble!
  44. Dante, Vergil & Sparda Vs Bayonetta & jeanne
  45. The Joker is forced to hang out with Steve Urkel
  46. Heroes For Hire (2006) vs Birds Of Prey
  47. They switch places: Alucard and D
  48. Sara (Arrow) vs. Bobbie Morse (Agents of Shield)
  49. The Infinity Gems and their level of power
  50. Superman (Man of Steel) vs Godzilla (2014 movie)
  51. Mega Man vs Astro Boy
  52. Black Panther vs the Blob
  53. Humans Race vs Dinosaur Apocalypse
  54. Batman vs Captain America
  55. Thor vs Namor
  56. Bruce Lee VS Manny Pacquiao
  57. Black Adam vs Mongul
  58. They sit and Talk: Homer Simpson and Big the Cat
  59. THey sit and Talk: Hokage(Flame of Recca) and DATS Agents
  60. BATTLE OF THE BALD WHITE MEN (Lex Luthor vs. Agent 47)
  61. Loli Birdy VS Shouta Kenshiro
  62. Batman vs Woverine's Sidekicks
  63. [Geekdom]Screenplays in the Sea of Time Revisited
  64. Whose costume is a handicap in a HTH fight?
  65. Twilght Sparkle vs Edward Cullen (rematch)
  66. The Witcher (Geralt of Rivia) Vs Dracula (Gabriel Belmont)
  67. Poison Ivy vs Two-Face
  68. They sit and Talk: Mohinder Suresh and Lex Luthor
  69. X-men vs snk
  70. Batman vs Jurassic Park
  71. They switch places: Captain Harlock and Starlord
  72. ichigo and rukia renew their vows!
  73. Falcon (Captain America) vs. Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  74. Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Daredevil vs. Hercules
  75. Touma Kamijou vs. Marcus Damon
  76. David Dunn(Unbreakable) invades Kick-ass Universe
  77. Marvel 2099 vs Avengers (616)
  78. Raimundo vs. Shane (Ninja Storm)
  79. Star Wars Match-ups
  80. Black Canary vs Kira Ford
  81. Mugen (Samurai Champloo) vs Conan the Cimmerian
  82. Black Bolt vs Superman
  83. Superman vs Hulk, Thing and Colossus
  84. Battle Belles
  85. Two-Face vs Lex Luthor
  86. The Avengers Vs Video Game Allstars
  87. reDante vs Rayne (Bloodrayne)
  88. Angelus vs movie Lestat
  89. Angela (Marvel) vs Winter Court (Dresden Files)
  90. King Kong vs Smaug
  91. Two-Face vs Bane
  92. Two-Face vs The Question
  93. walter white and the professor change places
  94. Cisco Ramon (CW Flash) vs Movie Kick-Ass
  95. Superman vs Superman
  96. Two-Face(Batman Forever) versus The Joker(The Dark Knight)
  97. They go on a date: Gaara and Raven
  98. Superman (Superman Returns) vs Thor (Marvel Thor Movie)
  99. Steel vs Hercules
  100. Timberwolf vs. Werewolf by Night
  102. Disney Prince Battle: Aladdin vs. Phillip
  103. Fury (tank) vs Banes forces (dkr)
  104. Superman vs the Halo-verse
  105. Jem & The Holograms vs. The Sonic Underground Gang
  106. Kabuto Yakushi vs Naruto Uzumaki
  107. Superman vs The Sentry
  108. Typhon (Greek Mythology) vs Cthulhu (H.P Lovecraft version)
  109. T.V. Flash vs. MCU Iron man
  110. Gilligan & Skipper spend the night with the Addams Family
  111. Team 7 vs Team Urameshi
  112. Link vs The Dragonborn
  113. Moleman Vs Gotham City
  114. Hal and Sinestro VS Thor's Rogue Gallery
  115. Movie Avengers Vs Riddick
  116. Connor (Angel) vs Blade (movie)
  117. Daredevil, Punisher, and Kingpin vs The Juppongatana
  118. TV Flash vs movie Mandarin
  119. Arrow vs Hawkeye
  120. Classic Kingpin vs Team Live Action Street Level
  121. Two-Face vs Penguin
  122. Deadpool vs the Winter Soldier
  123. Who is the weakest character to solo the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  124. Vasily Zaytsev[Enemy at the Gates] VS Chris Kyle[American Sniper]
  125. Top Gear UK Hot Lap: Ariel VS Anna VS Anya
  126. New here and I have a question
  127. Iron Man vs Kamen Rider Kuuga
  128. Gaara VS Toph
  129. Emperor Vitate vs Darth Nihilus
  130. Cassandra Cain vs Natasha/Hit-Girl/Gogo
  131. Ra's al Ghul vs Star-Lord
  132. Kamen Rider Wizard vs. Nick Russel vs. Natsu Dragneel
  133. Intelligence Ranking
  134. Django (1966) vs. Django (Django Unchained) vs. The Man with no name (Dollars trillogy)
  135. Noah Bennet vs Makoto Hikawa
  136. Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Smaug
  137. Alex Mercer (Prototype) vs Senator Steven Armstrong (MGR: Revengeance)
  138. THey sit and Talk: Genral Grievous and Trevor Slattery(MCU)
  139. Green Arrow (Arrow TV show) vs The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
  140. Gaara vs. Diane
  141. Cyborg 009 in Metal Gear.
  142. Boyka takes on the Expendable cast in a gauntlet, with a twist
  143. The Flash vs The Beast
  144. Senator Armstrong (mgr) vs Sea King (one punch man)
  145. Crying Wolf vs. Ganon
  146. Kid Miracleman vs MCU Avengers
  147. Malcolm Merlyn vs. Team Arrow minus Ollie
  148. Mira (Throne of Atlantis) vs. Korra (Legend of Korra)
  149. Movie Silver Samurai (The Wolverine) vs. Movie Shredder (Bay TMNT)
  150. They go on a date: Connor Kent (Superboy) and Laura Kinney (X-23)
  151. Thomas Anderson vs Val Armorr
  152. The Spectre (DC) vs. Marvel Demons- Mephisto, Dormammu, Surtur
  153. Thor (MCU) vs Ronan the Accuser (GOTG)
  154. Indiana Jones vs Rick O Connell (The Mummy)
  155. Ironside vs walter white
  156. Kryptonian Karate Kid vs Jupiter Gorilla
  157. Best superhero reveals
  158. Agent 47 is sent to kill Sarah Connor
  159. Blue Marvel vs. Molecule Man (2 part fight)
  160. WWX: Earth VS a competant COBRA...
  162. Sentry vs Post-Retcon Beyonder
  163. Black Panther (Hickman upgraded) vs. Dr. Doom
  164. Young Justice vs. X-men Evolution
  165. Ramsey Bolton (GoT) vs Tuco (Breaking Bad & Better call Saul)
  166. Kid Miracleman vs Sentry
  167. Weakest Sith Lord that can beat Kyle Katarn
  168. Sentry vs. Captain Atom
  169. They sit and Talk: Gilligan and Steve Urkel
  170. Luke Cage vs. Colossus
  171. Varys vs Littlefinger
  172. Gorilla Grodd vs Thor
  173. Ryu vs. Superboy
  174. John Breacher Wharton (Sabotage) vs Sheriff Ray Owen (The Last Stand)
  175. shane mcmahon vs. dean ambrose
  176. Pre-Crisis Green Lantern and Wonderwoman Vs Marvel Heavy Hitters
  177. Strongest character Supreme can beat?
  178. Game of Thrones / ASOIAF: Impossible Trials By Combat
  179. Can Conner sundip?
  180. JLU Amazo runs the DBZ Gauntlet
  181. Riddler vs. Bane vs. Joker
  182. Moby Dick vs Orca (Orca Horror Movie)
  183. Action movie heroes that could destroy Mr. Smith from Shoot 'Em Up?
  184. The Spectre vs Trigon
  185. Weakest action movie heroes who can beat/match Yusuke Urameshi in HTH?
  186. Tokiya Mikagami vs Tracy Strauss
  187. Ryouga(Pokemon Reburst) vs Hokage(Flame of Recca)
  188. They sit and Talk: Ash Ketchum and David Dunn from Unbreakable
  189. Ben 10 (Omniverse) vs Jade Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  190. Riddler vs Penguin
  191. who was the most powerful sorcerer supreme at their absolute peak?
  192. Infernalist Doom vs Baron Mordo
  193. The Thing vs Colossus
  194. Danny Phantom vs Miss Martian
  195. Silver Surfer vs Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  196. Sun God and Hyperion vs Superman and Supergirl
  197. The Boss vs. Duke Nukem
  198. They Sit And Talk: Toph Bei Fong and Nui Harime
  199. They sit and talk:Captain Harlock and Shinji Ikari
  200. they go on a date: palutena and gannondorf
  201. Father Anderson vs Samurai Jack
  202. Titans vs. Ninjas
  203. 100 Raptors vs 100 Apes
  204. Mirakuru vs Venom
  205. Pre-Crisis Superman & Wonder Woman vs Thanos
  206. Rank then in martial skill
  207. Is daredevil a bullet timer ?
  208. Smaug (Jackson Hobbit) vs. M.U.T.O. (Godzilla 2014)
  209. Godzilla (2014 Movie) vs Godzilla (1998 Movie)
  210. Slade (Arrow) vs Angel (A:tS)
  211. The Greatest American Hero vs Superman
  212. Literary characters vs. Zombies.
  213. Doctor who vs Doctor Doom
  214. Can this team beat Thanos?
  215. Bruce Lee vs Dracula
  216. Doomsday (JLU) vs Doomsday (Superman Doomsday movie)
  217. They go on a date: Medusa (Soul Eater) & Loki (MCU)
  218. Dino Megazord (the original) vs. Mazinger Z
  219. Godzilla(Final Wars) vs Godzilla(2014)
  220. OoP, OoT: Welcome to X, Berk! Hope you Survive!
  221. Ultimate Reed Richards runs a genius gauntlet.
  222. Torunn (Thor's Daughter) Vs Rockslide (New X men)
  223. Hendrickson vs. Shinobu Sensui
  224. Unit vs. NuJLA
  225. Team Arrow Vs The Villains of Batman
  226. Tidus (Final Fantasy X) vs. Serge (Chrono Cross)
  227. Iron Man vs Steel
  228. Judge Dredd (2012 Dredd movie) vs Batman (Nolan Trilogy)
  229. Lex Luthor vs. John Henry Irons vs. Cyborg vs. Batman
  230. mecha shark vs zilla
  232. Starjammers vs. Storm Hawks.
  233. John Wick vs The Equalizer (Denzel Washington.
  234. John Constantine vs gandalf the gray
  235. Aoshi VS Saito
  236. Apes vs T Rex (nods)
  237. Team Watchmen Vs Team America
  238. What franchise would provide the best fight for the Gundam multiverse?
  239. Firefly vs Doctor Octopus
  240. They sit and Talk: Alex Mason, Bale Batman, and Task Force 141
  241. Lord Voldemort Vs Morgan Lefey
  242. Young Justice vs. Next Avengers
  243. Hokage(Flame of Recca) vs Spiderman
  244. where does Blue Marvel rank amongst geniuses
  245. pre-52 Grodd vs The Mandarin
  246. Toothless (HTTYD) vs Godzilla
  247. Iron fist vs Black Panther.
  248. Cassandra Cain in Street Fighter
  249. Warhammer Chaos gods vs Marvel Elder Gods
  250. Dr.Doom vs Loki