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  1. Dr.Doom vs Loki
  2. Cassandra Cain in The Raid
  3. Red Room Graduate Battle
  4. Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic 2006) vs Samara (Mass Effect)
  5. Michael, Trevor & Franklin Vs Aiden, Rico & Wei Shen
  6. reDante vs Inuyasha
  7. The Eggman Empire vs. Stark Industries
  8. Post Crisis Darkseid Vs Uzumaki Naruto
  9. Stompa vs Alexander Anderson
  10. Valiant's NuRai vs DOFP late timeline Sentinel
  11. MCU Avengers transposed into the Battle of Chicago
  12. Which Marvel hero could debate the president Lyndon Johnson best?
  13. Who's the best fighter/most powerful character Galahad (Kingsman) could beat?
  14. Rosie the Robot vs Urkelbot
  15. Earth VS The Curse of 1,000 Pacmen...
  16. Movie Legolas vs Movie Captain America
  17. Joker vs Green Arrow
  18. Lex Luthor vs Black Panther
  19. Time War: Eva Bell vs. Kiden Nixon
  20. Weakest DC hero to kill Vampire Hunter D
  21. Forge vs Dr Nemesis
  22. Can Wonder Woman be killed by a knife?
  23. Legolas & Elven Army VS Selene & Vampire army
  24. the swot bad ass: kyou manabizaki
  25. They sit and Talk: Guts and Jonathn Harker
  26. Rocky in (Movie) Mortal Kombat
  27. Described Power
  28. Cassandra Cain in Mortal Kombat
  29. Popeye vs Superman
  30. Beast (X-men : First Class/Days of Future Past) VS Captain America (Movies)
  31. John Matrix (Commando) vs Dutch Shaeffer (Predator)
  32. If the Strongest Fantasy Races went to war with each other who would win?
  33. Judge Dredd vs Mr. A
  34. The Beat Down Clan (TNA) VS The Authority (WWE)
  35. Big Hero 6 vs. The Guardians (Rise of the Guardians)
  36. Arnie human movie characters
  37. Pokemon vs Aliens
  38. Hawkeye vs Link
  39. They exchange weapons.
  40. Challenges for Eva McDowell
  41. Street Elite Throw-down
  42. Goku (Pre Tank Zenkai) vs Frieza
  43. Timberolf vs. Michael (Underworld)
  44. Slaughterhouse Nine (Worm) vs the Multiverse
  45. Most sympathetic and least sympathetic villain in a hero's rogues gallery?
  46. Strongest Team the Ex-Heroes Crew could defeat?
  47. Maximillian(Vampire In Brooklyn) vs Spider-Man
  48. Flagg Comes To Westeros
  49. Zatanna vs Bayonetta
  50. Joker and Poison Ivy vs Princess Bubblegum
  51. They Sit and Talk: Wonder Woman and Bayonetta
  52. Wolf Link vs Crying Wolf
  53. Rom the Space Knight vs Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  54. Bahamut (Final Fantasy XIV) vs. LoTR Entities
  55. Titanfall Mech vs T Rex
  56. Superior Iron man vs. Blue Beetle
  57. The Predator vs John Matrix
  58. Spartacus vs Hector
  59. Batman (Nolan Trilogy) vs Super Predators (Predators)
  60. Hokage(Flame of Recca) vs Ultimate Captain America
  61. Superman (Superman Returns) vs General Zod (Man of Steel)
  62. Red Skull vs Riddler
  63. Secret Service Smackdown...CIA VS MI6 VS Mossad
  64. Cassie competes to become the heir of Hokuto...
  65. Mysterio vs. Scarecrow
  66. Strongest FIghting game character
  67. Guts vs. Blade
  68. Weakest Group of Order 66 survivors that can kill Vader
  69. The New Day (wwe) vs The Revolution (TNA)
  70. Leon S Kennedy vs The Winter Soldier
  71. Theokoles vs The Hound
  72. Marvel Geniuses: Make Batman's day to day "Bat Gear" the best without destroying the Bat Style
  73. Hiko Seijuro XIII vs. Kenshinverse
  74. Bennett(Commando) versus Dutch Schaeffer(Predator)
  75. Emperor Vulcan(Marvel) vs Superboy Prime
  76. Animated Teen Titans (2003) vs. Animated Big Hero 6?
  77. Movie Makoto Shishio vs Movie Leonardo (TMNT 2014)
  78. Comic Book World Records
  79. Raven Vs Scarlet Witch
  80. Terry Mcginnis Meets The Rest of The Bat-Family
  81. whos the Strongest DBZ character Yomi can defeat?
  82. Kakashi Hatake vs Marvel's/DC's Martial Arts Elite
  83. Predator vs Alien
  84. Non-DC characters who could be Lanterns
  85. They sit and talk: Oliver Queen and Rorschach
  86. Deadpool replaces Oliver Queen on Arrow
  87. Cassandra Cain in the King of Fighters
  88. Liquid Ocelot vs. The Winter Soldier
  89. Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Roronoa Zoro: 2015 Edition
  90. tv Ra's Al Ghul vs Mad Martigan
  91. Iron-Schmuck versus Doom-Schmuck
  92. Cassandra Cain in the Narutoverse
  93. Superboy vs. Superman X
  94. Death Sentry vs DCNU Superman
  95. Can Thanos with the Power Gem, move or lift the Mjolnir?
  96. Brock Samson vs Batman
  97. Ra's al Ghul vs Per Degaton
  98. They Hang out: Saitama and Bambina
  99. Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) vs Satsui Kiryuin (Kill La Kill)
  100. Beyonders VS The Beyonder
  101. Young Boba + Jango Fett vs Caine Wise (Jupiter Ascending)
  102. Jango Fett vs. Captain Harlock
  103. Rick Group (Walking Dead TV show) vs Orcs (Hobbit Trilogy)
  104. B-Ko. Daitokuji (Project A-Ko) vs. Tron Bonne vs. Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)
  105. Your COUNTRY or YOUR WAIFU...
  106. Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists vs. Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duelists
  107. Hulk vs Mordo
  108. MCU/Sony vs Fox Cinematic Universes
  109. Mewtwo vs Raven (Teen Titans)
  110. Roy Jones jr. (Prime) vs. GGG
  111. Marvel elite Vs Dc elite
  112. Martian Manhunter vs Vision
  113. Stick vs Marvel's Elite Martial Artists
  114. The 3 Beyonders vs Scathan, COIE Anti-Monitor, and Lucifer
  115. Cap vs. the Jet in Winter Soldier
  116. King Kong (1933 Movie) vs T-Rex (Jurassic Park Movie)
  117. Rocky Balboa (Rocky) VS Twister (Ip Man 2)
  118. Jonathan Harker vs. Michonne
  119. Mr Hyde vs The Mandarin
  120. POD vs. Superman
  121. Ennoia vs Wonder Woman
  122. Callaghan(Big Hero 6) VS Queen Elsa(Frozen)
  123. Colossus versus Magneto
  124. Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL Tier List
  125. Spiderman vs Spiderman
  126. The Following Sign Up for Kingsman
  127. Deadshot V Punisher
  128. Loki (MCU) vs The White Coucil (Battle Of The Five Armies)
  129. Smaug (The Hobbit) vs Castle Black (Game Of Thrones)
  130. Wolverine vs Hulk
  131. Slade w/ his Mirakuru army vs X-men (film)
  132. H'el vs Thanos
  133. Team Arrow Vs Mr. Satan
  134. Could any of the following replace CW Flash?
  135. Eve (Black Cat) replaces TV Flash
  136. CW Flash vs. Movie Spider-man villains
  137. Science Fair: Krona vs High Evolutionary
  138. Yokai(Big Hero 6 movie) vs Mr Incredible
  139. Griffith/Femto vs. Loki
  140. Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown) vs. Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)
  141. Bane (Dark Knight Rises) vs Juggernaut (X-Men: The Last Stand)
  142. Dormammu vs Odin
  143. What if Clark saved Jonathan Kent from the tornado?
  144. Weakest beings in Middle Earth to beat Team Guts
  145. Captain America and Batman switch places in their movie franchises!!
  146. Kerrigan vs Galadriel
  147. Smaug VS Balerion the Black Dread *nods*
  148. Xiaolin Dragons vs. Elsa
  149. Soujiro VS Gazelle
  150. Gazelle vs. Beatrix Kiddo
  151. Who is the true Master of the Mystic Arts?
  152. Cyber Raiden vs. Mega Man X
  153. Thanos Telepathy Battle
  154. Is Movie Magneto a bullet timer?
  155. 1000 B1 Batte Droids vs 1000 T-800 Terminators
  156. eve("wall-e") vs movie Human Torch
  157. Baymax VS E.V.E.
  158. Superman vs Starship Enterprise, Speed battle
  159. Hyperion (hickman avengers) vs Superman DCNU
  160. Elektra vs Lady Shiva
  161. Justice League vs Moria
  162. Raizo (Ninja Assassin) vs. The Shredder
  163. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Draft Thread
  164. Popeye vs Chuck Norris
  165. movie Captain America vs comicbook Bane
  166. Spider-Men vs Spider-Man
  167. Make your own trailers: Rebirth!
  168. Jack Sparrow vs Mad Martigan
  169. Multiversal GRAPPLING war...
  170. They watch their own movies: Rebirth! (props to master of read)
  171. Big Hero Six vs. Storm Hawks.
  172. Elektra vs Cassandra Cain
  173. strongest person in DC/marvel joukyuu kunitoshi (AIKI) can beat?
  174. Would Lion-O survive
  175. Static (Static Shock) vs. Raimundo
  176. No Obi wan and Yoda, could order 66 survivors take out both Palps and Vader
  177. Michael Westen vs Craig Bond
  178. You Get Superpowers..
  179. Superman (MoS) vs Red Tornado (Young Justice) *nods to Amibo_Amore*
  180. Scenario: Harley Quinn As Robin
  181. The Expendables vs Punisher, Hit-Girl and Team Live-Action Batmen
  182. Autobots vs Godzilla
  183. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Team Reference
  184. Superman vs. Shiki Tohno
  185. Captain America vs Michael Myers
  186. movie Juggernaut vs comic Spider-Man
  187. Hawkeye vs Connor Hawke
  188. Lady Shiva vs Deathstroke
  189. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Reference - Support and Evidence
  190. Rayne (BloodRayne) vs Blade (Marvel)
  191. reDante vs. reLion-O
  192. Who can beat Spiderman at basketball?
  193. Penguin vs Bane
  194. 1953's War of the Worlds VS The World Now
  195. Hellboy vs The Red Bull (The Last Unicorn)
  196. Classic Kingpin vs ...
  197. Tyrael vs Spider-Man
  198. Prince Hans vs. Aladdin
  199. Coulson vs. Carter
  200. Balebat vs Movie Wolverine (Non-healing)
  201. Classic Kingpin vs Sabretooth
  202. Lady Shiva vs Azrael
  203. High Evolutionary Vs Darkseid
  204. Captain Hammer vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  205. Bane & Killer croc vs...... CBR members!?
  206. BannerTech vs. WayneTech
  207. Arrow(CW) vs Black Canary(Pre-Flash)
  208. Midnighter vs Cass Cain
  209. Green Arrow(s) vs Arrow
  210. Omni-Man (Invincible) vs Captain Planet
  211. Composite Bane and Blob vs Classic Kingpin
  212. Skye (Agents of SHIELD) vs Arsenal (Arrow)
  213. Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) vs MCU Captain America
  214. Samus Aran vs. Kratos
  215. How many Hammer Girls could take out movie Cap in elevator?
  216. movie Kingpin vs movie Batroc
  217. Bugs Bunny vs Screwy Squirrel
  218. JLA vs JSA
  219. yujiro hanma in the MCU
  220. Nightcrawler vs Daredevil
  221. Mantis vs Moondragon
  222. Robin Hood vs. Jason Voorhees
  223. Black Adam vs Sinestro
  224. Rank them in Power
  225. Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman
  226. movie Batroc vs Abby
  227. Westeros Gets A Death Note
  228. Link and Zelda vs Luke and Leia Skywalker
  229. Pre-Flashpoint Bane vs Gladiator...
  230. Justice League (DCAU) vs Avengers (A:EMH)
  231. MCU Captain America VS General Fujita
  232. Guts runs the horror movie guantlet
  233. Earth VS Surviving Ragnarok
  234. Midnighter vs Wrath (FMA:B)
  235. Ra's al Ghul and the league of Assasins vs Makoto Shishio and The Juppongatana
  236. You vs You 20 Years From Now
  237. Magneto Vs John White (Infamous)
  238. tv Flash vs King Russell
  239. Navi becomes Luke Skywalker's adviser
  240. Superman vs Red Sun Phoenix
  241. Andrew Bennett vs Selene vs Dracula vs Cain
  242. Captain Harlock vs. Integra Hellsing
  243. Nightwing,Red Hood,Red Robin & Robin vs Sabretooth
  244. Ex-Heroes vs the Undersiders
  245. Steve Rogers vs Ra's Al Ghul
  246. The Snake Men (He-Man 2002 version) invade Remnant (RWBY)
  247. Policewomen Battle! Motoko Kusanagi vs Seras Victoria
  248. TV Flash vs The Lord Marshal(The Chronicles of Riddick)
  249. Jinx vs Batman
  250. Vegeta vs. Vegeta joke thread