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  1. Bill Cypher vs. PotN Luna
  2. The Stupidest major organization that is supposed to save things.
  3. Spawn vs. Vampire Hunter D
  4. Winter Soldier (MCU) vs Beast (Fox)
  5. Geralt of Rivia versus Hellboy
  6. Composite Santa vs. Composite Mario
  7. Rayearth vs Gundam Exia
  8. They Team up and talk: Cyborg 009 and the Flash family
  9. Classic Conan vs Comic Conan
  10. Batman vs Batman
  11. The Avengers vs the League of Evil Mutants
  12. Immortan Joe and the war boys (Mad Max Fury Road) vs Fast 7 Crew
  13. What if Movie Ultron was made of Adamantium?
  14. Castiel(full-powered Seraph) vs Cain -(both from Supernatural tv series)
  15. The Great Action Movie Switch!!!
  16. Wolfe in MCU
  17. Cobra vs MAD (80s cartoon versions)
  18. High-frequency blades vs Vibroblades
  19. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 9 - The MunchKING vs Bobisbeast & Tami
  20. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 9 - MCBT vs Duskman
  21. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 9 - Estrecca II vs Siriel & Nik Hasta
  22. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 9 - Dalak vs Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh
  23. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 9 - Charlotte DeBel & Estrecca vs Darth Drizzle
  24. Cartoon Timberwolf vs. Goliath
  25. Showa Godzilla vs. The Colossus
  26. Frank Martin (Transporter) vs Harry Hart/Galahad (Kingsman)
  27. Achilles (2004 Movie: Troy) VS Oberyn Martell and Grey Worm (Game of Thrones TV Series)
  28. TV Mr Hyde runs the Bane gauntlet
  29. White Ranger VS Green Ranger (Both Tommy Oliver)
  30. Yuri Boyka vs Mad Dog (Raid) in a manly contest
  31. Composite Magic School Bus vs. Metal Gear Gauntlet
  32. Fruits and Veggies versus Candy
  33. Zoro vs. Sasuke vs. Renji vs. Ban vs. Hiei vs. Satsuki vs. Kanda
  34. Hiro Protagonist vs. Krito
  35. God Doom vs Thanos
  36. Finn the Human vs Steven Universe vs Jimmy Neutron
  37. Adam Warlock vs The Enchantress
  38. Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane (A Song of Ice and Fire) VS Prince Hector (2004 Movie: Troy)
  39. Jiaying vs Rogue
  40. Jason Bourne with God Mode (Person of Interest)
  41. Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 1-3) vs The Arishok (Dragon Age 2)
  42. King Arthur on Middle Earth
  43. Thanos finger flick: How do they fair
  44. Ultron (AOU) vs Hancock
  45. Arrow's Most Dangerous Vs MCU Captain America
  46. Minilla (Son of Godzilla) vs Little Kong (Son of Kong)
  47. Man Of Steel Superman vs Reverse Flash CW
  48. Barristan Selmy, Gregor and Sandor Clegane VS an Other/White Walker
  49. Axe Cop vs Spider-Man
  50. Headless Horseman vs various peak humans
  51. Each of the following are engaged in a head-butt tournament.
  52. General Fujita VS Black Widow
  53. Sailor Moon in the Marvel Universe
  54. Samwell "The Slayer" Tarly VS Osha
  55. Usui vs. Pre-Final Training Kenshin
  56. MCU Team vs DCCU Team
  57. Selene vs. Movie Blade
  58. X-Men (X-Men Trilogy) vs Piccolo (Dragon Ball: Evolution)
  59. Simon Phoenix vs Black Widow
  60. Pre-Crisis Superman vs The Stranger
  61. Ewoks (Star Wars) vs Super Predators
  62. Gurren Lagann vs. Mazinkaiser
  63. Quicksilver (MCU) VS Agent Smith (Matrix 1)
  64. Full Powered Phoenix (with Jean Grey as host) vs. Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet
  65. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 10 - Siriel & Nik Hasta vs MCBT
  66. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 10 - Duskman vs The MunchKING
  67. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 10 - Darth Drizzle vs Dalak
  68. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 10 - Estrecca II vs Charlotte DeBel & Estrecca
  69. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 10 - Bobisbeast & Tami vs Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh
  70. Ryu Hayabusa vs Vergil
  71. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Brawl: Heroes Vs Villains
  72. KUNG FURY! nuff said.
  73. Sterling Archer vs. Xander Crews
  74. ATROCITY 1XXX: World without the rich and powerful
  75. Janet Van Dyne vs. Veronica Lodge----SHOPPING WARS!!
  76. Veronica vs Megatron
  77. Iji Kataiser vs Ghostbusters
  78. Duke Nukem and/or Nick "Havoc" Parker vs Asami Sato and/or MCU Natasha Romanoff
  79. Wight Tyrion Lannister VS Samwell Tarly (with "Dawn")
  80. Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter
  81. Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Sigma
  82. Ultron (AoA) vs DCCU
  83. MCU Avengers VS KUNG FURY...
  84. Betty vs Natasha
  85. Gamera vs Smaug (Peter Jacksons Hobbit)
  86. Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan
  87. Gameras vs Mechagodzillas
  88. They Sit and Talk: Sentry and Superboy Prime
  89. MCU Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch vs. CW Grodd
  90. Sho'Nuff vs Betty
  91. Sun Wukong vs Thor (Norse Mythology)
  92. Outcome Of Yugi And Joey's Duel At The End Of Battle City
  93. Dana Ananga Jagannatha (UQ Holder) vs Vampire Hunter D
  94. Sasori vs. Itachi
  95. Reed Richards decides to turn Doom into Reek
  96. Kung Fury and Black Dynamite defend Minas Tirith...
  97. Rattlesnake Jake vs Ratigan
  98. Miani vice vs Tony "Scarface" Montana
  99. The Statue of Liberty vs The StayPuff Marshmallow Man
  100. The Toecutter vs the Humungus vs Aunty Entity vs Immortan Joe
  101. 3 VS 3 at the Tower of Joy: Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, and Blackfish VS Arthur Dayne, Gerold Hightower, Oswell Whent
  102. The Anti-Avengers Fight To Save Sokovia
  103. Oberyn Martell VS Wight Gregor Clegane equipped with "Ice"
  104. James Bond (Connery) vs. Alexander Mundy
  105. Robert Baratheon (282 AC) VS Wight Greyscaled Hodor (298 AC)
  106. Kung Fury vs Ninja Slayer
  107. Sannin plus Kakashi vs 4 Kages
  108. they go on a date: thanos and botan
  109. Loras Tyrell VS Lancel Lannister and 13 peasants
  110. Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher
  111. Achilles and Leonidas VS...SINGHAM
  112. Composite Clint Eastwood and Toshiro Mifune vs. Composite Harrison Ford and Sonny Chiba
  113. Come up with the toughest been in the movies team
  114. Jason Voorhess vs the Walking Dead crew
  115. Captain Atom vs. DBZ Villians
  116. Corrupted Shinnok vs Dark Kahn (Mortal Kombat)
  117. Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers) VS Namora
  118. "Irish" Mickey Ward vs. Manny Pacquiao
  119. Anita at the Wall - White Walkers?
  120. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 11 - The MunchKING vs Siriel & Nik Hasta
  121. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 11 - Duskman vs Charlotte DeBel & Estrecca
  122. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 11 - Bobisbeast & Tami vs Dalak
  123. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 11 - Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh vs Estrecca II
  124. Rank the Cthulhu Mythos Deities
  125. They switch places: Raimundo and Aang
  126. Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ryuko Matoi
  127. Nolan Batman takes on the MCU
  128. Big Boss Vs Sam Fisher
  129. Garlan Tyrell VS Meryn Trant, Pypar, Grenn, Todder, Dirk, Grubbs
  130. The Swarm and Queen of Blades in the Marvel Universe
  131. The Borg (Star Trek) vs Star Wars
  132. Bruce, Lucius, and Kyle (The Dark Knight) vs Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle (Arrow)
  133. Captain America vs Wolverine, with a twist
  134. John Rambo vs Solid Snake
  135. Spider-Man vs. D'Vorah [Mortal Kombat X]
  136. Goku and Vegeta take on the Comic Book Gaunlet
  137. John Rambo vs Sam Fisher
  138. Doctor Strange, Master Exorcist?
  139. The Governor (The Walking Dead Show) vs Olivia Moore (iZombie)
  140. Mr. Satan (DBZ) enters Corrida Colosseum
  141. Zhane Truesdale vs Jack Atlas
  142. DC universe vs. Chaos King
  143. Ken Masters vs Captain Falcon
  144. Hal Jordan vs Goku
  145. King Hyperion vs Current Hyperion
  146. Wight Gregor Clegane (A Song of Ice and Fire Books) VS Faith Lehane (Buffy/Angel TV Series)
  147. DCAU Batman vs Gods and Monsters Batman
  148. Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub) vs. Masaru Daimon
  149. Toughest human in Digimon
  150. MCU Ironman Takes on the Iron Man Gauntlet
  151. Thanos gets the Power Glove instead of the Infinity Gaunlet/Gems
  152. Monkey King Vs Jay Garrick
  153. You VS the Joint Strike Fighter budget...BLOW IT ALL CHALLENGE!
  154. 21st Budokai Fighters Enter Corrida Colosseum
  155. Stannis vs Ramsay Bolton
  156. American Eagle vs Captain America
  157. The Anti-Monitor takes on the Marvel Cosmic Gauntlet
  158. What will happen? Thanos VS Doom
  159. Pacquiao & Mayweather VS Undertaker...HELL IN THE CELL!
  160. Cumberbatch Sherlock and Bale Batman switch villian
  161. Lucy vs DBZ-verse
  162. Thor runs the DBZ villains gauntlet
  163. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 12 - MCBT vs The MunchKING
  164. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 12 - Dalak vs Siriel & Nik Hasta
  165. They Sit and Talk: The Christopher Lee Memorial Edition
  166. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 12 - Darth Drizzle vs Estrecca II
  167. Fitz-Simmons vs. Catilin and Cisco
  168. Rumbler's League Spring 2015 - Week 12 - Charlotte DeBel & Estrecca vs Bobisbeast & Tami
  169. Who is the Best Swordfighter
  170. The Crow: Midland Edition
  171. Lunatic vs Jake Martinez (Tiger & Bunny)
  172. Snake vs Batman
  173. Team monster vs The Avengers
  174. King Fury VS Manborg
  175. Sailor Moon in the DC Universe
  176. Could Matter Eater Lad eat Superboy's head?
  177. King Kong on Jurassic Park
  178. Deathstroke vs Kid Goku
  179. Count Dooku vs Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)
  180. Ben 10 meets Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems
  181. Darth Tyranus vs Doctor Doom
  182. Dumb decisions in fiction
  183. Daredevil vs PredAlien (AVPR)
  184. Ra's Al Ghul vs Ra's Al Ghul
  185. Superman vs Virgo Shaka (Saint Seiya) (not exactly a fight)
  186. Rogue Trooper vs Captain America
  187. Galahad vs John Wick
  188. Silver Surfer Vs MCU Avengers
  189. Ghost Rider vs. Etrigan
  190. Marcus Hamilton VS Spike, Drusilla, Darla, Groosalugg, Gunn, Riley, Wesley, Holtz, Lindsey
  191. Gargoyles meets second TMNT
  192. Captain Harlock vs. Monkey (Enslaved)
  193. Alternate Lantern Oaths
  194. Rumbler's League - Draft / Store Changes and Additions Discussion
  195. Earth Stargate v. The Galactic Empire
  196. Dumbledore vs Grindelwald and Voldemort
  197. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World) vs. King Kong (Peter Jackson version)
  198. Hawkeye vs Hawkman (Carter Hall)
  199. Ant man vrs Atom
  200. Sarada Uchiha Joins The Wilson Family
  201. Jurassic World vs. Superheroes
  202. Frieza Vs Magneto
  203. Current Darkseid with Prep vs Marvel Heavy Weights
  204. Islamic State Vs Novorossiyan Rebels
  205. The Hulk vs. Groot
  206. The White Walkers vs World War 2
  207. MCU Steve Rogers vs Action Movies
  208. Korra battles the Omnidroid
  209. Can this Sci-Fi duo take out these Marvel characters?
  210. Indominus Rex vs Littlefoot's Mum
  211. They sit and talk: Senator Steven Armstrong and Gilgamesh(Fate)
  212. Garth Ennis' The Boys in The DCU
  213. Batman & Catwoman (Dark Knight Rises) vs Rancor (Star Wars)
  214. Alien Queen (Aliens) VS Indominus Rex
  215. The Croods vs the Predators
  216. weakest character who can survive "San Andreas"?
  217. MOBY DICK vs MOSASAURUS (Jurassic World)
  219. Superman (Action Comics #1) vs The Incredible Hulk (1962)
  220. Silver Age JLA vs Silver Age Avengers
  221. Marvel Team vs Lanterns
  222. Would criminal behavior change if the Ostrander Spectre was very active?
  223. Fenrir vs Cerberus
  224. Avengers (MCU) vs Aliens (Independence Day)
  225. Comic Book Hero Tournament For Fun: Who am I missing?
  226. Spider-Man vs Composite Samus Aran
  227. She-Hulk vs Ms. Marvel(s)
  228. Obelix vs Captain America
  229. The bride (kill bill) vs black widow (mcu)
  230. Transformers v Superman: Spark of Fury
  231. Grug vs Wolf
  232. They sit and talk: the casts of The Seven Deadly Sins, UQ Holder and My Hero Academia
  233. Frankenstein's monster vs Count Dracula
  234. The Shadow versus J'Emm, Son of Saturn
  235. Mosasaurus Gaunlet
  236. American Eagle vs Black Panther
  237. Movie Superheroes versus Movie Alien Invaders
  238. What Would a Delta Force/SAS/Navy SEAL-style Anti-Super Criminal Task Force Be Like?
  239. Obelix vs Raiden (Revengeance)
  240. Human Thor vs. Human Wonder Woman
  241. Welcome to Toontown...times TWO.
  242. Monkey D. Luffy runs the Sternritter gauntlet
  243. Dante (DMC) vs Sun Wokung (Journey To The West)
  244. The Most Legit(least corrupt) Fighting Game Tournament
  245. Zapp Brannigan vs Star Wars
  246. Dex-Starr vs Hulk
  247. Hulk vs Superman
  248. new Batman vs. final Wolverine
  249. Hakumen no Mono (Ushio and Tora) vs Kurama no Kyuubi (Naruto)
  250. Magical selection...