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  1. 2002 He-Man vs. Roronoa Zoro
  2. They sit and talk Team RWBY and Team Avatar (last airbender, legend of Korra)
  3. Remo Williams (The Destroyer) vs Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
  4. you are cordially invited to the wedding of sir integra hellsing and hellboy
  5. Happy Birthday, Wavemaninawe!
  6. American Eagle vs webless Spider-Man
  7. Doom Guy vs Master Chief
  8. Movie Elektra vs MCU Black Widow
  9. Current Batman with Prep: How does he fair against less prepped Marvel geniuses?
  10. Mayweather Massacre: Roger VS. Jeff
  11. History Channel's Vikings vs Frank Miller's Spartans
  12. Lovely Ladies of Magic
  13. Mystical Mayhem
  14. Tarzan vs Conan the Barbarian
  15. Come Up With A Real Threat For The MCU Avengers To Fight!
  16. MCU Daredevil vs. The Velociraptor Squad
  17. JP T-Rex vs an Alien Queen
  18. New Gods (DC Comics) vs Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
  19. PC Darkseid vs Walker
  20. How Powerful Is Composite Chris Pratt?
  21. whos the strongest character (MCU) Iron Man hulk and thor can defeat in DBZ?
  22. Hercules (The Legendary Journeys) vs. Jason Voorhees
  23. They team up: Horror Movie survivors
  24. Who wins underwater?
  25. Battle of the Cybernetic Brothers
  26. They Sit And Talk: Dc Circe, Amora, June Moon, Female Loki and Marvel Morgaine Le Fay
  27. 616 Kingpin vs. a velociraptor.
  28. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World) vs. the Xenomorph Queen (Alien 3)
  29. The '80's Vs. the '90's
  30. Bishop vs Sebastian Shaw
  31. Indominus Rex versus The Thing
  32. Chakal (The Book of Life) vs Po the Panda
  33. Daredevil (MCU) vs The Joker (The Dark Knight)
  34. Super Sentai: Battle of the Red T-Rex Rangers. Zyuranger vs Abaranger vs Kyoryuger
  35. Every Superhero Must Wear Pants .. AKA Pants vs Spandex
  36. Jurassic World vs Lord of the rings animals
  37. Micheal Jordan vs Kobe Bryant
  38. Welcome to the Police Academy State...
  39. MCU Avengers vs. Donquixote Pirates
  40. Circe (DC Comics) vs Loki (Marvel)
  41. Hawkeye (MCU) vs Jango Fett (Attack of the Clones)
  42. Rumbler's League Fall 2015 - Discussion Thread
  43. Team RWBY vs The Crystal Gems
  44. Superman (Man of Steel) vs Fantastic Four (2005 Movie)
  45. Black Widow(Marvel Comics) vs Huntress(DC Comics)
  46. Darkseid VS Ocean Master
  47. Galactus vs Agario
  48. Grimms vs Winchesters in H2H
  49. Agent Carter vs Agent Hill
  50. JSA vs the Avengers
  51. PICCOLO (fused with Kami) VS MARTIAN MANHUNTER (Current version)
  52. Xenomorph Queen vs Dragon King
  53. Cannonball vs Blob
  54. How dangerous is the..COMPOSITE BOLLYWOOD HERO?
  55. DBZ: Ki Ko Ho challenge
  56. Family Feud : DC vs Marvel
  57. LV-426 Xenomorph colony vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs
  58. Daken vs Winter Soldier
  59. Batman (Nolanverse) vs MCU Daredevil
  60. Dante (DmC and DMC3) vs. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
  61. Indominus Rex VS Scar Face (Land of the Lost)
  62. MCU Daredevil vs the Live-Action Kenshinverse
  63. Team Ranma vs Team RWBY
  64. Judge Dredd vs RoboCop
  65. Samurai Jack versus the Avengers (MCU)
  66. Shia LaBeouf motives various characters.
  67. World War Hulk VS The Four Heavenly Kings (Toriko)
  68. MCU Bucky and Daredevil vs A Grizzly Bear and Caesar
  69. TF mercenaries vs COBRA
  70. Sun (Sense8) vs Hundred eyes (Marco Polo)
  71. Cecilia Reyes and the Aquarian vs and Armor and Unus the Untouchable
  72. Which of these Old School Teams Gets the Victory?
  73. Jaime Reyes vs. Robbie Reyes
  74. Gallantmon (Digimon Tamers) vs Omnimon (Digimon Adventure)
  75. Cloverfield Vs Jurassic Park
  76. MCU Avengers Vs TV Scoobies and Fang Gang
  77. Penny Dreadful vs Being Human
  78. Illyria in its true form vs Chthulu
  79. The Borg (Star Trek) VS The Zerg (Starcraft)
  80. What Marvel or DC character would be good against Sportacus (LazyTown)?
  81. TMNT vs Assassins' Creed
  82. Old School Video Games vs New School Video Games
  83. Old School Video Games vs New School Video Games
  84. Raizo (Ninja Assassin) vs. Guts
  85. Team Arrow vs The Expendables
  86. Elric of Melniboné on Narnia
  87. Can this team defeat Thanos?
  88. Shipwreck vs Rhodey
  89. Movie Avengers Vs Movie "Justice League"
  90. Everyone in Iron Eagle and Top Gun VS a MIG-31...the Firefox.
  91. Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa (with War Rig ) vs Indominus rex
  92. Heracles vs Thor
  93. Teams replace Movie Avengers
  94. Scoobie Gang (Season 7) and Angel Investigations (Season 4) Switch Big Bads
  95. How strong is Fernus The Burning Martian?
  96. The Team Kakashi Challenge
  97. Aku (Samurai Jack) vs Vilgax (Ben 10)
  98. Tony Stark vs Skynet
  99. DRUNKEN MASTER: Scott Adkins VS Tony Jaa
  100. Miss Bianca vs WALL-E
  101. Cartman vs Bender
  102. Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom
  103. Comedy Rumble
  104. Darth Vader vs. Griffith/Femto
  105. Darth Vader(Full Potential) Vs Doom
  106. Classic Kingpin vs
  107. Digimon Frontier Digidestined vs Bio-Hybrids (Digimon Savers)
  108. This Team takes on the Cartoon hero team gauntlet
  109. Screwattacks Superman vs NU52 Superman
  110. how powerful would Composite King Arthur be?
  111. All Star Squadron vs West Coast Avengers
  112. Justice society vs The Defenders
  113. Vader vs SteeL
  114. Ultraman vs Cloverfield Monster
  115. Universal Soldiers vs Terminator
  116. killer god battles: Asura vs Kratos vs Sun Wukong vs Gorr
  117. The Invasion of Arendelle
  118. Dante Sparda vs. Kamen Rider Wizard.
  119. A Khazan 4th Of July
  120. The Ultimates vs All new All different Squadron Supreme
  121. Extremis Pepper runs the gauntlet
  122. What kind of speed feats are needed to be a Bullet-timer if you don't dodge bullets?
  123. Classic Strange vs Sentry
  124. Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers) vs Len (Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight)
  125. Purple Man vs. Lelouch
  126. Black Panther replaces Batman i
  127. Minions(Overlord) vs Minions(Despicable Me)
  128. Team Rocket vs Five Nights at Freddy's
  129. Peter, Monica, and Ando runs Gauntlet
  130. Spy vs Spy (An Alias/Agents Of SHIELD Match)
  131. Beerus vs H'el
  132. Anime Justice League! Who be Your Big 7?!
  133. Imagine that you're Perfect Cell...
  134. Superman vs MCU
  135. Willy (Free Willy) vs Jaws (1975 Movie)
  136. Krona vs Galactus
  137. Illyria, Uber-Buffy & Dark Willow Vs MCU Villains
  138. MCU Avengers Vs Other Marvel Movie Heroes (No X-Men though...)
  139. Psycho Rangers vs Composite Ranger Team
  140. Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) vs X-Men (FOX)
  141. Unavaatu vs. Aku
  142. Mazinkaiser runs the Ultrazord guantlet
  143. jay lethal vs seth rollins vs AJ Styles vs Prince Puma vs Vitaly Minakov
  144. USA VS Kaiju Boxer Attack...
  145. Battle of the Superman Copies
  146. Godzilla vs Star Wars
  147. MCU Daredevil and Captain America vs The Raptor Pack (JW)
  148. Who wins the race?
  149. Odin vs Wizard Shazam / Phantom Stranger
  150. Hand to Hand to Hand
  151. Oliver Queen vs. Big Boss
  152. Cassandra Cain vs. Goku
  153. seth rollins VS EC3 VS alberto del rio
  154. Horror movie survivors: Five nights at Freddies
  155. Terraxia vs Superboy (Kon El)
  156. Jack Reacher vs Martin Riggs
  157. Cleric's Random Hero Tourney, DC Edition!
  158. Weakest being that can defeat composite JoJo
  159. How Powerful is Theodore Dacabe from Chzo Mythos(Read OP before answer)?
  160. The Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) Vs Select Avengers (MCU)
  161. Composite MCU Avenger Vs Composite Buffyverse Scooby/Fang Gang Member
  162. Dio Brando vs Kamen Rider Kabuto
  163. Elric of Melniboné vs Azeroth (World of Warcraft)
  164. Captain America & Blade vs Xena & Buffy
  165. Mjolnir in our World
  166. April O'Neil vs Lois Lane
  167. Batmen vs Turtles
  168. How dangerous would these martial artist be ifnthey had the power gem?
  169. Raiden vs Orochimaru
  170. Oracle vs. Batgirl Who Would Win?
  171. Raizo vs. Deadly little Miho
  172. John Conner (Genysis) vs Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)
  173. Superman & Batman vs Mario & Luigi
  174. Miho vs Mystique
  175. Mega Moggie Invasion...
  176. This Live Action X-Men Team Vs Fantastic Four (2005-07) & Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)
  177. The Avengers (MCU) Vs Loki w/ All 4 Revealed Infinity Stones (MCU)
  178. Hiro & Baymax (Big Hero 6 film) vs. Hiccup & Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon films)
  179. Cosmic Johnny Storm (FF: RotSS) vs Movie Spider-Man Villains
  180. Grendel vs. Nemesis?
  181. Leatherface vs Unbreakable
  182. Nick and Monroe vs. Angel and Conner
  183. Monster Villan Battle: Blade vs Underworld
  184. Neo and Smith vs Clark and Zod(MOS)
  185. Mr. Incredible vs. Kung Fu Panda
  186. Dash (the Incredibles) vs Go Go (Big Hero 6 film)
  187. Strongest Movie superhero...by Trailer
  188. Chaka and Bladedancer (Whateley Academy) run the Bat-Gauntlet
  189. Jedi You Vs the Clone Wars
  190. Hernan Guerra vs DCAU Superman
  191. Daredevil vs Cris Johnson
  192. Guardians of the Galaxy vs Lobo ( New 52)
  193. Cyborg vs Blue Beetle
  194. Black Cat vs Domino
  195. Reach Scarabs vs New Gods of Apokolips
  196. What If
  197. Cmdr Breetai (Robotech) versus Megatron (G1 cartoon)
  198. Guts vs. Connor MacCleod
  199. Anita ( HUMⱯNS ) VS Ava (Ex Machina)
  200. Alucard ( Castlevania) vs Dante ( Devil May Cry)
  201. Repost: Jason Bourne vs Deckard Shaw (Fast and Furious 7)
  202. How do the following composite manga do in Marvel universe?
  203. Wonder woman (Lynda Carter) vs RDJ Ironman ( ironman 3 suit)
  204. Plus/Minus (nods to TheChouLives)
  205. Hellboy vs The Creeper
  206. Breetai vs Starscream (G1 toon)
  207. Leatherface vs Michael Myers
  208. Which Kamen Rider Can Max Steel (2013) Defeat?
  209. Rangers vs. Riders: The Ultimate contest
  210. Storybrooke VS Horror of SHARKTOPUS...
  211. Alphamon vs Susanoomon
  212. Hardhome White Walkers/Wights vs. Mad Max Fury Road warriors
  213. Wonder Woman v Goku
  214. Jason vs Sigurd (Völsunga saga)
  215. Cleric's Random DC Hero Tournament: Round 1!
  216. Cleric's random hero tourney, marvel edition!
  217. Captain Hammer vs Unbreakable
  218. The UK PM takes on the Wizard world with...
  219. Tatewaki Kuno (Ranma 1/2) vs. Roman Torchwick (RWBY)
  220. Rama (The Raid : Redemption/The Raid 2) VS Ong-Bak (Tony Jaa)
  221. Helena (Orphan Black) vs Blaine DeBeers (iZombie)
  222. DC Convergence?
  223. The Crystal Gems vs. Team Avatar (Aang & Korra generations)
  224. Batman vs Albert Wesker
  225. Golu Vs Superman Round 2
  226. Beowulf ( Skullgirls) vs Faust ( Guilty Gear)
  227. Beacon Academy (RWBY) vs Hogworths (Harry Poitter)
  228. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) vs Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  229. Happy b-day to me
  230. Superman vs Galactus
  231. Samus Aran vs Star Wars
  232. The ORIGINAL EARTH-2 of DC Comics vs MC-2 Of Marvel Comics
  233. movie Doctor Octopus vs comic Captain America
  234. Ben 10 vs. Superboy
  235. Composite Jackie Chan with 12 Talismans runs the gauntlet
  236. Yellowjacket VS John Connor
  237. We haven't had a thread starring our OCs in a while, so...
  238. Raoh from Fist of the north star vs Goku/Krillan
  239. Quinjet (MCU) vs F-22
  240. Star Platinum vs MCU Hulk
  241. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) vs The Engineer (The Authority)
  242. Rick Hunter (Robotech) vs. Starscream
  243. Naruto Uzumaki (The Last movie) vs. Son Goku (Saiyan Saga)
  244. T-1000 (Judgment Day) vs T-1000 (Genisys)
  245. Dante ( Devil May Cry) vs Julius Belmont ( Castlevania)
  246. Alex Mercer runs the Skynet gauntlet
  247. Deadpool vs Carnage
  248. Prince Naseem VS Manny Pacquiao: Featherweight fight
  249. Fantastic Four vs. Aliens/Predator
  250. "Nods" Jackie Chan with the 12 Talismans vs JLU Superman