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  1. 12th Doctor vs. Blaine the Mono
  2. Goku SSJ4 (GT) vs Goku SSJG (Super)
  3. Chemical Warfare
  4. Cleric's Random DC Hero Tournament: Round 5!
  5. Tobirama and Minato vs. Itachi and Kisame
  6. Andre the Giant Vs Brock Lesnar
  7. Minato vs Bardock vs Isshin
  8. Heartless and Nobodies vs Hollows and Espada
  9. Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki
  10. Lord Voldemort takes on the MK Universe.
  11. Jack the Ripper vs. Sonic Man
  12. Gipsy Danger (Pacific Rim) vs Godzilla (2014 movie)
  13. Leonardo and Raphael vs. Jason and Tommy
  14. Ultimate MSSJ Gohan or just MSSJ Gohan?
  15. Fierce Deity Link vs HST gauntlet
  16. golden frieza vs beerus
  17. [Name's the Same]Kitty Pryde vs Kitty Norville
  18. Shin Mazinger Z vs Pacific Rim
  19. OT: Just how strong is Vision
  20. Swamp Thing (1982 Movie) vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk TV Series)
  21. Reapers and Collectors come to Middle Earth
  22. Roy Jones Jr vs. Floyd Mayweather jr.
  23. Strongest action movie hero that Thomas Gabriel from Die Hard 4.0 can defeat?
  24. Letho of Gulet intervenes in the War of the Five Kings
  25. Superman VS Beerus
  26. Fairy Tail vs. UQ Holder
  27. Some science comes to Middle Earth
  28. Catwoman vs. Silver Sable
  29. Firestarter Charlie vs Roy Mustang
  30. Cable VS Golden Frieza
  31. How long would it take Beerus to move our sun so it crashes into Earth?
  32. Shiki Tonho Vs The Homonculus
  33. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vs The Strain TV Show
  34. Ryu And Ken: Who is More Powerful?
  35. Composite Armsmaster Vs. Midnighter
  36. Green Hornet's Black Beauty versus Batman's Batmobile
  37. MACE vs. Teargas vs...DURIAN TORTURE.
  38. Avengers (MCU) vs Droid Army (Star Wars)
  39. Pixels vs Wreck-It Ralph
  40. King Amarendra Baahubali vs Captain America
  41. Aquaman vs. Leviathan
  42. Quicksilver vs. Midnighter
  43. Mamoru Takamura (Hajime no Ippo) VS Balrog (Boxer)
  44. The First-Ever CBR Idiot's Expo!
  45. Nods: Thought Robot BENDER...
  46. Ultron supplies Droids to the Empire...
  47. Hyperion vs. Thor(Odinson)
  48. Weakest action movie hero or team that can take down the Penguins from Madagasgar?
  49. Empowered vs Halo (Grrl Power webcomic)
  50. Weakest team to defeat the Slaughterhouse Nine
  51. Kaguya Otsutsuki vs. Toneri Otsutuski
  52. Cat Fight
  53. Best Animal/Monster Hero Team
  54. Team RWBY run the MGS villain gauntlet
  55. goku vs cooler
  56. Teen Titans vs Nanobot Joker
  57. Aliens (Battle Los Angeles) vs Movie X-Men
  58. TMNT (2014 Movie) vs King Kong (2005 Movie)
  59. Weakest Action Hero to defeat Riki-Oh
  60. Nu52 Superman vs. Eidolon
  61. Daredevil (MCU) vs Legolas (Lord of the Rings Movies)
  62. The Terminator vs Sniper (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  63. Movie Ultron and his drones vs. Movie Sentinels
  64. Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) vs Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)
  65. The Expendables vs Motoko Kusanagi
  66. Final Fantasy VI characters VS Lavos
  67. Reboot-a-franchise...
  68. MCU Avengers vs Ala Alba
  69. What army can defeat Meta Cooler and his army of 999 Meta Coolers
  70. Strongest person the Protectorate can defeat?
  71. New Avengers(Illumanti) vs Planetary
  72. Cleric's Random DC Hero Tournament: Final Round!
  73. Strongest character that Batman can Pressure point
  74. Grox(Spore) vs Machine Empire Baranoia
  75. Shao Kahn Invades Marvel-616
  76. Agent 47 Agent 90 John Smith VS Captain America Black Widow Hawkeye
  77. My view on the most powerful Marvel character part 1
  78. Power Origin Story Switch - Peter Parker and Bruce Banner
  79. Donkey Kong vs Knuckles
  80. Thor vs Ultron
  81. movie Loki vs John Conner
  82. Sailor Guardians vs. Squadron Supreme
  83. Justice League vs X-Men
  84. Luke Cage vs. 2014 Turtles
  85. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
  86. Kirby vs Captain N's Zapper
  87. Looking for Judges for Fantasy Superhero Draft!
  88. Martian Manhunter vs Sinestro
  89. Super Skrull vs The Incredible Hulk
  90. Koro-Sensei vs Deadpool
  91. Average space marine (WH40k) vs Captain america
  92. Steel vs the Bionic Man
  93. SSJ2 Gohan (Teen) VS Ascended SSJ Goku and Vegeta
  94. Alexander Luthor VS Golden Frieza
  95. Aquaman vs Black Bolt
  96. They Sit And Talk: The Doctor And The Major
  97. They Sit and They Talk : Shinji Ikari and Saki Amamiya
  98. Korean hwarang vs Persian Immortal
  99. Movie Superman/Green Lantern vs Movie Avengers
  100. Captain Planet vs Captain Planet
  101. a "District 9" alien vs a Predator
  102. Hellboy vs Blade and Captain America
  103. All New All Different Avengers Versus Magneto's Uncanny X-Men
  104. Maximus vs Bane
  105. They sit and chat: Captain Marvel and Son Gohan
  106. Bane vs Shrek
  107. Sylar runs the gauntlet
  108. Duel!!!
  109. CM Punk vs Kevin Owens
  110. Weakest Power Ranger team to defeat The Guyver
  111. Strongest Opponent Fedmahn Kassad Can Beat
  112. What if: Star Trek's Redshirts become Five Nights at Freddy's protagonist?
  113. Weakest to defeat composite Blade of the Immortal character
  114. Stanley Jobson vs Felicity Smoak
  115. Thor vs Black Bolt
  116. Iron Man vs. Cyborg
  117. Goku (circa his first world tournament) vs. Captain America
  118. Daredevil (MCU) vs T-800 (Terminator)
  119. Team Supermen vs The Justice Avengers
  120. Oliver Queen (Arrow) vs Nick (Grimm)
  121. Big Boss (Phantom Pain) vs Frank Horrigan (Fallout 2)
  122. Composite Lion-O runs the Red Ranger guantlet
  123. Earthlings in DBZ runs the Frieza gauntlet
  124. Hanna vs Hit Girl
  125. John Conner vs Alex Mercer
  126. Martian Manhunter vs Black Adam
  127. Sun-dipped Superman vs Thanos
  128. Diablo vs Diablo
  129. Bane VS The Roman Empire's Army (like in Spartucus TV show)
  130. Which of these traits/abilities would you choose to FIGHT EVIL in MCU?
  131. Atrocity 201,0XX: And the next President of the Remains of North America is...
  132. Captian Atom vs Silver Surfer
  133. Doomsday (DC) vs the Midgard Serpent (Marvel)
  134. The Shrike vs. the Nu52 Justice League
  135. Ra Al Ghul vs Mycroft Holmes
  136. Justice League vs Super Avengers
  137. Xena vs Sara Lance
  138. Movie Marvel Team vs Movie DC Team
  139. Iron Man vs. Black Adam
  140. cyborg superman vs. ultron
  141. Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) vs Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
  142. The Foes of The Destroyer
  143. Scenario: Bourne vs Mills vs Riggs...
  144. Iron Man and The Mandarin vs Doctor Doom
  145. T-x vs t1000 vs t-3000...darpa robot challenge!
  146. One and Done
  147. Ultimate warrior vs brock lesnar
  148. Ultraman vs Gladiator
  149. Hannibal (Movie) vs. Hannibal (TV)
  150. Monkey D Luffy vs One Punch Man Saitama
  151. Thundarr the Barbarian vs Angel
  152. Ripley vs the Grimm
  153. Amon vs Katara under a full moon
  154. Linkara vs Batman
  155. Wonder Woman vs Alucard
  156. Weakest character to solo the MCU?
  157. Black Adam vs Gladiator
  158. Suddenly magical
  159. Black Adam vs. the Blob (classic) with stipulations.
  160. Team Sentry vs Team Martian Manhunter
  161. V vs Antman
  162. Dr Strange Vs (post Crisis) Metron
  163. Super Android 13 vs Android 17
  164. Parasite Eve vs Queen of Blades
  165. The Thing vs T Virus
  166. General Zod Vs Count Nefaria
  167. Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS...FEDOR.
  168. Composite Steven Seagal vs. Composite Tony Jaa
  169. Captain Marvel/Shazam vs Black Bolt
  170. What if Shield had a competent leader and set of protocols
  171. Sandman(Flint Marko) vs. Billy Batson/Captain Marvel
  172. Fusion
  173. Lobo vs Thor
  174. Jafar vs. Shinnok
  175. Harry Keogh vs Harry Potter
  176. Doctor Hell joins HYDRA!
  177. Goro vs Sagat
  178. Summer Slam: Adam-X vs Vulcan.
  179. Donquixote Doflamingo runs the Gotei 13 captain gauntlet
  180. One Piece Admirals vs. Bleach Captains
  181. Kanzaki Kaori vs Byakuya Kuchiki
  182. Fred vs Felicity
  183. Jackie Chan vs. The Iron Monkey
  184. Marvel Movie U & DC Movie U- how would it work?
  185. Brock Lesnar vs Past Undertaker incarnations
  186. Nanomachines (Metal Gear series) vs. The Thing (John Carpenter's horror) and the Flood (Halo series)
  187. Raditz comes to conquer the Avatar World
  188. {OoP, OoT]Some Recruits for The Avengers
  189. Godzilla (2014) vs Kaiju's (Pacific Rim)
  190. Marvel's Dracula vs. Abel Nightroad
  191. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch MCU vs Neo
  192. MtG Rumble: Urza vs Planeswalkers
  193. Take out the new Z-fighters
  194. Ryu vs Liu Kang
  195. Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Scientific Railgun) vs Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock)
  196. Modern military vs John Carpenter's Thing
  197. Deathwing vs Winter Soldier:who is the winner?
  198. Captain Olimar and the Pikmin Enter the Warcraft Universe
  199. Starbrand vs Captain Atom
  200. Green Lantern Corp vs. The Thor Corp
  202. The Unknown's Battle it out
  203. Brains and braun
  204. Age of Apocalypse vs Mutant X vs House of M vs Age of X
  205. Gladiator vs Team DC
  206. Max Rockatansky vs Dominic Toretto
  207. The Thing vs The Ancient Enemy
  208. Black Knight(Dane Whitman)Versus Raiden(MGS)In A Fight To The Death
  209. Golden Frieza takes on the DC Universe
  210. Apocalypse vs Aquaman
  211. Ikebukuro (Durarara!!) gets merged with Gotham City
  212. Super Sonic vs. Lobo
  213. Canada vs South Korea
  214. T-1000 (Terminator 2) vs Clarence Boddicker (Robocop)
  215. T-800 vs Clarence Boddicker
  216. Egg Fu vs. Modok....
  217. Arrow or Hawkeye vs. Aquaman!
  218. Gladiator vs Justice League
  219. Composite Dwayne Johnson Vs MCU Street level Team
  220. Brainiac vs. Loki
  221. Count Nefaria vs Justice League
  222. PC Captain Atom vs NU Captain Atom
  223. Kanzaki Kaori vs Erza Scarlet
  224. Movie General Zod vs Movie Thor
  225. Reed Richards is replaced by Rick from Rick and Morty
  226. Jason Voorhess vs The Thing From Another World (1951)
  227. The Master vs The Master
  228. Legion of Doom vs The X-Men
  229. Sun God vs Hyperion
  230. Deadpool runs the Marvel gauntlet.
  231. Team Hydra vs Team Arkham
  232. Captain Mar-Vell, Adam Warlock & Quasar vs Thor, Beta Ray Bill & Thunderstrike
  233. Team Marvel Magic vs Team DC Magic
  234. Buffy & Angel vs. The Matrix
  235. Pre-SIx Paths Naruto vs End of Manga Black Star
  236. Hawkman/Aquaman vs Sub-Mariner/Wolverine
  237. More PIS required for their fights: Superman vs Batman OR Hulk vs Wolverine ?
  238. Darkseid/Thanos vs Justice Avengers
  239. Herzog VS Red Skull
  240. Juggernaut vs Black Adam
  241. The Disciples of Acacia Vs Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Female Thor
  242. Movie Groot Vs Movie Spider-Man
  243. Katana vs Black Knight
  244. Kanzaki Kaori (A Certain Magical Index) vs Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
  245. Captain Marvel vs Ultraman
  246. Soifon vs. Grimmjow
  247. OT: Who would make the ultimate Hell-Spawn?
  248. Juggernaut vs Justice League
  249. DC's Alien Badasses invade Asgard
  250. JLA Reserves vs The Avengers