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  1. Ash Ketchum vs. Red
  2. Genie vs. Mortal Kombat's Most Powerful Magic Users!
  3. Juggernaut vs Doomsday
  4. Viewtiful Joe, Sexy Silvia, and Captain Blue/Jr vs The Wonderful 101
  5. Meggan vs Apocalypse
  6. Katana vs Black Panther
  7. Hawkman vs Iron Man
  8. Female MCU Avengers Assemble!
  9. Yusuke Urameshi in Phantom Quest Corps
  10. IvX: Storm vs Crystal
  11. Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index) vs Alex Mercer (Prototype)
  12. Thanos gets the one ring.
  13. Replace Batman with Hawkman in Gotham City..... How would that work out for everybody
  14. Comic book movie villains who could have won easily
  15. Hawkman vs Black Bolt
  16. Martian Manhunter vs. Exodus
  17. Hawkman vs Magneto
  18. DC Comics Characters and their Pokemon
  19. What if Aquaman replaced Magneto in the X-men's History?
  20. Comicbook Hawkeye vs movie Mandarin
  21. Golden Frieza VS DIGIMON
  22. Ox King vs. Mr Satan
  23. Great Anime/Manga Switch! *nods to Tien Long*
  24. Black Adam vs Thor
  25. Diablo vs Sauron
  26. Sinestro vs. Akuma
  27. Multiversal Day of Vengeance
  28. The Xenomoprhs invade the MCU
  29. Thor vs Thor Girl
  30. Best Mad Max Villain Fighter?
  31. He-Man vs Hulk
  32. Karate Kid vs Blackbolt
  33. Isis vs Wonder Woman
  34. OOT, OOP: Dungeons and Dog Demons (Inuyasha specifically)
  35. Electro vs. Storm
  36. Manga SSG Goku vs PC Darkseid
  37. A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun cast in the MU/DCU
  38. Gorr the God Butcher vs. Beerus the God of Destruction
  39. Trained By Cap
  40. Ebony Maw,Unit,Purple Man vs. the Justice League
  41. Strongest God Beerus Could defeat?
  42. Strongest Villain that David Lizewski could defeat?
  43. Rick and Morty vs Bill Cipher
  44. Weakest character or being that can solo the action movie genre?
  45. Cyborg vs Blue Beetle (Reyes)
  46. Cell vs Ultron
  47. Yukihara Soma(Food Wars) VS...VEGAN. BLACK. METAL. CHEF.
  48. Avengers + New Avengers+ Cabal vs Thanos
  49. Sasuke in Blazblue
  50. Dethlok (Agents of SHIELD) vs The Terminator
  51. Samurai Jack vs Wonderwoman
  52. Ushio and Tora vs. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
  53. Lady Shiva (Composite) VS Kenshin Himura ("Battousai Mode" - Start of Kyoto Arc)
  54. Proemial Gods vs Celestials
  55. Strongest magic user that Eureeka can at least hold her own against...?
  56. Who would do it better? Naruto or Goku
  57. The Supernatural Avengers
  58. Deathstroke vs Bullseye
  59. Lamia vs Narissa vs Regina
  60. Bill Cipher vs. HIM: Which one is more powerful?
  61. They Sit and Chat: Eric Draven and Guts
  62. Incredible Hulk in a Star Trek setting
  63. Kyle Rayner and Martian Manhunter vs Thor and Silver Surfer
  64. Frank Walker [Tomorrowland] vs. Iron Man: who is the better inventor?
  65. Cammy White vs Nina Williams
  66. Sidious vs Saruman
  67. Alan Scott and Obsidian vs Sentry
  68. Deathstroke vs Khan
  69. Most powerful Mutants vs. Most powerful Inhumans
  70. Lady Shiva (Composite) VS Earth-8351 Spider-Man (Superhuman strength removed)
  71. Maelstrom vs. Justice League
  72. Internet Bruce Lee vs Segata Sanshiro
  73. Ryu vs Jin
  74. Avengers vs X-Men: The Women with prep
  75. Wonder Woman vs She-Ra
  76. Stephen King re-writes The Stand...
  77. Martian Manhunter vs Count Nefaria
  78. Agent Ethan Hunt vs Liquid Snake
  79. Medusa vs. Wolverine
  80. Three Way Fight!!! ((Dragonborn, The Courier, The Inquisitor))
  81. Captain America in Fallout
  82. Monster Mash! The King of Serpents vs. the Xenomorph Queen
  83. American Eagle vs Deadpool
  84. Itchy the mouse vs Jerry the mouse
  85. Juggernaut vs Black Bolt
  86. VAVA vs. a Predator.
  87. Alibaba (Magi) vs. Raimundo.
  88. Thane vs. Quasar
  89. You VS Robert Garcia Boxing Academy...3 MONTHS OF HELL!
  90. Thanos (with Infinity Gauntlet) VS Odin (equipped with the following: See Post for Details)
  91. Mangog vs Durok
  92. Rob Lucci vs. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
  93. Edward Malus vs Jar Jar Binks
  94. Absorbing man vs. Justice League
  95. Absorbing Man after absorbing Ultron's intelligence vs Superman
  96. The Saiyans Invade.
  97. Devil Fruits in the Real World
  98. Captain Marvel vs Vulcan
  99. Captain Marvel vs Vulcan
  100. Avengers (AOU) vs Sentinels (DOFP)
  101. The Fallen Hero Meeting Club!
  102. Mr. Immortal (Marvel) vs The Black Knight (Monty Python)
  103. Top showdowns between best superheroes of the comic world!
  104. Wolverine vs Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)
  105. Why do Bad Guys want to rule a city? To steal things?
  106. Rei vs Shin
  107. Spider-Man vs kid Goku
  108. Lan Fan (FMA) vs Jason Voorhees
  109. Storm vs Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  110. Thor Odinson vs Storm
  111. The Replacement.
  112. Juggernaut vs Superman
  113. Wonderwoman,Hawkgirl, Vixen, Black Canary, Huntress vs Female Thor, Spider woman, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Black Widow
  114. Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor VS...CRIS CYBORG/ Cyborg+Rousey :3
  115. Toki vs Kenshiro
  116. Thor with necrosword vs. Pre-Crisis Superman
  117. General Purpose Anime/Manga Algorithms Thread
  118. THey sit and Talk: Roxas, Ventus, and Animated YJ Dick Grayson
  119. Shadow pact vs Sentinela of Magic
  120. The Replacement II
  121. Callisto (Xena: Warrior Princess) vs Lady Siff (MCU)
  122. Gluttony VS Gourmet/Toguro
  123. The movie Avengers vs the Tarrasque
  124. Luscious Lyon vs. Gustavo Fring
  125. The Impossible Challenge
  126. Fight of the Biggest
  127. Master Roshi (Dragonball/Dradonball Z/Dragonball Super) goes to the Narutoverse!
  128. The Legon of Superheroes vs. Doctor Who villains.
  129. MCU Captain America vs Sentinel (Fox)
  130. Strongest action movie hero that Derek Zoolander can defeat?
  131. Derek Zoolander vs Zohan Dvir
  132. *Nods to Bullet Tender* Zohan versus Remo Williams
  133. Himon vs. Mr. Terrific
  134. Dracula(Saberhagen version) vs Dracula(Hotel Transylvania)
  135. Northstar vs Jay Garrick
  136. Blanka vs Pikachu
  137. Ganondorf vs Akuma
  138. Fictional Cop Fight
  139. Knuckles the Echidna vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man (MCU only!!!!!!!)
  140. Knuckles the Echidna vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man (MCU only!!!!!!!), but with a twist...
  141. Ultron vs. Scourge the Hedgehog
  142. Atrocity #42,XXX: CYPRUS! ...greatest country in the world. :O
  143. Lofwyr vs Smaug
  144. Yang vs. Jax
  145. Goku Vs Shin Oni ( Street Fighter)
  146. Metal Gear SAHELANTHROPUS vs. Great Ape Goku
  147. Sinister Twelve vs The X-Men
  148. Magneto vs Count Nefaria
  149. Suicide Squad vs The Avengers
  150. Post-Crisis Darkseid runs the Gauntlet
  151. Men In Black vs Decepticons
  152. Dorothy gets a New Toto
  153. Hickman's Avengers runs the Gauntlet!
  154. The Avengers vs. Suicide Squad (take 2)
  155. Remo Williams vs early chapters Seiya
  156. How would Cassandra Cain do in the Ikkitousen/Tenjo Tenge world?
  157. Karl Honig vs Winter Soldier
  158. Robert McCall (The Equalizer) runs a Jurassic Park gauntlet
  159. Ghostbusters vs Cabadath(aka Tall Man)
  160. They sit and Talk: Ben Tennyson and Alex O'Connell
  161. Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu dropped into Happy Tree Friends world
  162. Sarah Kerrigan vs John Connor
  163. Extinction Team vs Uncanny Avengers
  164. They Switch Universes: M. Bison/Shadaloo and Kano/The Black Dragon
  165. Roland vs Punisher
  166. Vixen (DC's Mari McCabe) vs Storm (Marvel's Ororo Munroe)
  167. Imhotep (The Mummy) vs Avatar Korra
  168. Ranma Saotome vs. Kenichi Shirahame
  169. Artems (Young Justice) vs Kate Bishop
  170. Profion vs Hermione
  171. Vigilantes
  172. Shonen Heroe Student Exchange
  173. Council of Reeds Vs Council of Ricks (Rick and Morty)
  174. Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho) in the Narutoverse.
  175. Shingen Yashida (Movie) vs Nolan Batman
  176. Superman vs Hyperion
  177. Wonder Woman vs She Hulk/Rogue
  178. New 52 Doomsday and Darkseid VS Hyperion and Firelord
  179. Dennis the Menace vs. Junior Healy (Problem Child trilogy)
  180. Glory (BTVS) vs MCU Thor
  181. why has there never been an Aliens vs. Star Trek mini?
  182. Spider-Man vs Kakashi Hatake
  183. Question about Final Fantasy VII characters
  184. Who is physically strong and in what order in Star Trek
  185. The end of global terrorism...choose death by either SNOO SNOO or TCHI TCHI!
  186. SPC-682 (SPC Foundation) vs Crawler (Worm)
  187. Transformers (movie) vs Jaegers (Pacific Rim)
  188. 30 Of These Characters Enter the Royal Rumbles...
  189. Wolverine VS Bloodlusted Lucy (Elfen Lied Anime)
  190. Wonder Woman vs Count Nefaria
  191. Tekkaman Blade vs. Cyborg(DC nu52)
  192. Col. Steve Austin vs. the T-800
  193. PC Darkseid vs PC Composite Superman
  194. Weakest action movie hero that can solo this team?
  195. Little Mac vs. Makunouchi Ippo
  196. Thor vs Behemoth
  197. Thel' Vadam joins the Normandy
  198. Jotaro Kujo vs. Teddie
  199. Zandor Herculoid vs Grug Crood
  200. Tactical Officer, Security Officer, or Captain...choose your STARFLEET DEATH!
  201. Illyria's Reduced Power Form (Buffyverse) Vs Drax the Destroyer (MCU)
  202. Henchman That Are Good At What They Do
  203. Colossus vs. Ben Grimm(Thing)
  204. Nu52 Dick Grayson - How Good Is This Guy?
  205. Animated Ravens vs. book Raven
  206. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) vs Frank Martin (The Transporter)
  207. Shinnok vs. Black Hand
  208. The Punisher vs Agent May
  209. Grant Ward (Agents of SHIELD) vs Jason Bourne (Bourne Trilogy)
  210. Cartoon Legion vs. Cartoon Avengers: EMH
  211. Iceman vs. Firestorm
  212. Rocky Balboa vs. Ippo Makunouchi
  213. Sandman flint Marko vs Poison Ivy Pamela Isley
  214. Kaiju Slugfest
  215. Gambling King (Ranma 1/2) VS Actual real life Poker champs
  216. Nuke(Frank Simpson) vs. Batman
  217. Comic Book Team vs The High Kings of The Noldor
  218. How high on the dickery scale is choosing Odd Job in Golden Eye 64?
  219. New 52 Martian Manhunter vs New 52 Superman
  220. Dr. Manhattan vs the Silver Surfer
  221. Sailor Moon vs Captain Planet
  222. Team Foxhound (MGS) Vs Team Street Level
  223. Lobo - Past and Present Version VS Toriko
  224. Acacia Full Power Neo Vs BILLS SAMA
  225. War of The Spider-Women
  226. Tyrant vs Thanos
  227. So, everyone needs to pay their Bills.
  228. Roman Reigns VS The Rock
  229. Fortress Maximus VS Metroplex
  230. they sit and talk: ultron (MCU) and the joker (TDK)
  231. The following action movie characters replace Aaron Cross in this scene of Bourne Legacy
  232. Samara/Sadako vs. Danny Phantom
  233. Saitama vs. Asura
  234. Popeye vs Squirrel Girl
  235. From the pages of The Destroyer.
  236. Vegeta (Present) vs Iron Man/Legion
  237. Rudol Von Stroheim vs. Captain America
  238. FF/X-Men/Spider-Man vs Ultron and his Army
  239. Silver Surfer VS Asura
  240. Daniel Bryan vs. Shisuke Nakamura
  241. Agent Venom vs. Iron Man
  242. Speed vs Strength: The Flash vs The Hulk
  243. Oni-Akuma vs Shazam (Captain Marvel) Pre-52
  244. Mega Man vs. Megatron
  245. Spider-Man, Venom and Scorpion vs Carnage
  246. this put together team vs. Volgin / the Man on Fire ( MGS5: Phantom Pain)
  247. Megatron tries to invade 20XX Earth...
  248. Firestorm vs. Gotenks
  249. Liquid Snake vs Albert Wesker
  250. What would happen if Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth on Mister Miracle?