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  1. The Overlods vs Everyone
  2. Lara Croft vs James Bond
  3. Gorilla Grodd vs Mr Sinister
  4. High Evolutionary vs Thanos
  5. Disney Princesses Re-Seiyuu...
  6. Gypsy Danger vs Godzilla (2014)
  7. They go on a date: Loki (Marvel) and Maleficent
  8. Killgrave versus...
  9. Iji Kataiser vs Cabadath(tall man)
  10. Bronze Tiger vs. Black Panther
  11. Daredevil vs Daredevil
  12. Jessica Jones vs the Crow
  13. Venom Vs Kars, Wammu and ACDC(The Pillar Men)
  14. Zoro & Sanji vs. Silver Fang & Atomic Samurai
  15. Star Trek VS Tomorrowland: who has better tech?
  16. Prime Anderson Silva vs Luke Rockhold
  17. Captain America and Bucky vs Nomak
  18. MCU Captain America vs Ra's Al Ghul (Beware the Batman)
  19. Mxyzptlk vs Q
  20. Ryouga(Pokemon Reburst) vs Masaru Daimon
  21. 616 Daredevil vs Netflix Daredevil
  22. Cassandra Cain vs Tifa Lockhart
  23. Jessica Jones: Drunken Master
  24. Mantis <-where does she "rank"?
  25. Fantastic Four VS Batman and Black Panther with Prep
  26. Darth Maul vs. Count Dooku vs Darth Vader
  27. Pre-Crisis Darkseid vs Dormammu
  28. Mantis vs. Fat Cobra
  29. Nightwing vs Bullseye
  30. They sit and talk: Samuel Sullivan and Regime Superman
  31. Doomsday + Superman VS Boros
  32. Cass Cain replaces Samurai Jack
  33. Master Mold & His Sentinel Army(X-Men: The 90's Animated Series) vs. Titan Army (Attack on Titan Anime)
  34. Strongest person Composite Darth Vader could beat in the Marvel U?
  35. Team DC Villians vs Team Marvel Villians
  36. New 52 Street Levelers Vs Marvel's Dracula
  37. Marvel's new Gods
  38. GTA Protagonists dropped into Necromunda
  39. Superman One Million Vs. The DC & Marvel Universes
  40. Krillin, Tien and Yamcha in the Marvel Universe
  41. Superman vs. Majin Buu
  42. Black Adam vs Wonder Man
  43. King Piccolo vs Younger Toguro
  44. Red shirt (Star Trek) VS Storm Trooper (Star Wars)
  45. The Mammoth vs The Mandarin
  46. Captain Marvel vs Count Nefaria
  47. Kylo Ren vs Darth Tyranus
  48. Ezra vs Luke Skywalker
  49. Pre-Flashpoint Superman - Striking power
  50. Sentry vs Justice League
  51. Daredevil (TV series) VS John Preston (Equilibrium)
  52. The Reign of the Supermen comes to Marvel Earth
  53. Professor Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) vs Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne)
  54. Get Taskmaster!!
  55. They sit and Talk: Asami Sato and the Ghostbusters
  56. Death Star vs Borg Cubes
  57. Surviving 8 from City of Heroes vs Justice League
  58. Kaori Kanzaki (A Certain Magical Index) vs Pyrra Nikos (RWBY)
  59. Daredevil vs The Flash
  60. Cable vs Captain America
  61. Midnighter (Wildstorm Version) vs Darth Sidious
  62. X-Men vs Inhumans
  63. One Punch Man S-Class Heroes(Minus Blast) vs. Independence Day Movie 1 Aliens
  64. Pai Mei vs the Nolan Batmovie heroes and villains
  65. Toughest Universe Eaters?
  66. Man WIth the Golden Gun vs Craig Bond
  67. Daredevil vs Black Panther
  68. Thanos vs Luke (semi joke thread)
  69. Scarlet Witch vs. Daisy Johnson (MCU versions of both)
  70. Hiro Nakamura vs Samurai Jack
  71. Asura VS Bayonetta... MARRAIGE GAUNTLET!
  72. Count Nefaria vs X-Men
  73. Stitch vs movie Iron Man
  74. Moon Knight comes to Gotham
  75. MCU Avengers vs Movie Spidey foes
  76. Magneto Replaces Superman as the Protector of Metropolis
  77. Team OP takes the Power Gaunlet
  78. How powerful would the British Empire be today, if it had never split apart?
  79. the god-emperor of mankind (WH40K) goes out to eat
  80. Stitch vs movie Captain America and Winter Soldier
  81. Godzila (1954) vs MUTOs (2014 Godzilla)
  82. Martian Manhunter ves Superman - Common Powers Only
  83. Khan (Star Trek reboot Universe) vs. Kylo Ren (Potential Spoilers)
  84. Black Adam vs Thor and Hulk
  85. Tatsumaki vs Mewtwo
  86. History Greatest Genius?
  87. Spiderman runs Speedster Gauntlet
  88. Shinigami Aizen vs Sternritter
  89. Shadow The Hedgehog vs Mewtwo
  90. Overlords VS Overlords
  91. Weakest Characters that could defeat Composite Eight King (Toriko)
  92. They Just Sit And Talk: Kylo Ren, Superboy Prime and Hathaway Noah (Gundam)
  93. John Cena vs. Chuck Norris
  94. *nods* One-Punch Man Saitama runs the Dragon Ball gauntlet
  95. Master of the World vs Lex Luthor
  96. They go on date: Grox(Spore) and the Gems from Steven Universe
  97. What if: Asami Sato meets Inspector Gadget?
  98. If Marvel Villains Had a Civil War
  99. DC Villains Go To War
  100. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Five - Tami vs Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh
  101. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Five - Cleric of Hell's Brigade vs Darth Drizzle
  102. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Five - The MunchKING vs Dalak
  103. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Five - Bobisbeast vs Estrecca
  104. Karellen(current Childhood's End) VS Q: CHOOSE YOUR COSMIC DICTATOR!
  105. Aang and friends replace the cast of Krull
  106. Joker vs Bane: durability contest
  107. Strongest movie character of 2015
  108. Black Bolt runs the Gauntlet
  109. Nightwing replaces Daredevil
  110. Seto Kaiba vs Vegeta
  111. Gambit vs Liquid Snake
  112. Cyborg soldiers and Devilman vs. MCU Ultron
  113. Weakest Dragon Ball character to beat classic Juggernaut
  114. They sit and Talk: Kane(Command and Conquer) and Grox(Spore)
  115. Black Adam vs Count Nefaria
  116. They sit and talk: Saitama and Alucard
  117. Wonder Woman vs. Beerus
  118. M. Bison & Shadowloo in the following Fighting Game Universes
  119. Kazuma the Treasoner(S-Cry-eD) VS Tatsumaki(One Punch Man)
  120. Is the Empire from Star Wars more evil then any of the Star Trek civilizations?
  121. Strongest character that composite Spongebob can defeat?
  122. Spider-Man Vs. Crystal
  123. They sit and Talk: Billy Batson and Kou the Howling New Star
  124. THey sit and Talk: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Tony Stark
  125. Melvin vs Nick Grant
  126. Kevin vs Daredevil
  127. Thor, Superman, Captain Marvel & Martian Manhunter vs Black Adam, Ultraman, General Zod & Count Nefaria
  128. Django is put the in Mix Of The Hatetful Eight
  129. Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Joker & Zoom vs Dr Doom, Magneto, Loki & Red Skull
  130. JibJab reviews the year 2015
  131. Strongest Character in Street Fighter?
  132. They sit and Talk: Superboy and Giorno Giovanna
  133. Gazelle (Kingsmen: The Secret Service) Vs Daredevil (Netflix) Vs Jason Bourne
  134. Tyrant Vs Justice League
  135. Mercury Black vs DC and Marvel Martial Artists
  136. Deathstroke vs Team Fortress 2 cast
  137. Best Ways to Take Down a Speedster
  138. Sinestro vs Loki
  139. Bishop vs The Mandarin
  140. How tough is a power ring equipped Kryptonian?
  141. The Holmes have a therapy session with Hannibal Lecter
  142. Data vs Moriarty
  143. Xena joins the Fellowship of the Ring!
  144. TV Green Arrow vs Movie Hawkeye
  145. Hellcat/She-Hulk Versus Midnighter/Cassandra Cain
  146. Justice League vs Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four & Defenders
  147. Post-Crisis Wally West runs the Twelve Houses (Saint Seiya) challenge *with a few twists*
  148. Sorboclese joins LOTR (nods to Cyke)
  149. Nu 52 Lantern Feats?
  150. Conor McGregor vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones)
  151. Guts vs. Samurai Jack
  152. Goku vs Orion
  153. Sinestro vs Dr Strange
  154. Star Wars Star ship fighter rumble
  155. Iron man runs the Gotei 13 gauntlet
  156. FO vs FF
  157. Squadron Supreme (Current) vs. The Ultimates (Current)
  158. Hercules vs. Wonder Woman
  159. Moonbeam City cast vs. Archer cast
  160. Lightning Farron vs Bayonetta
  161. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Six - Cleric of Hell's Brigade vs The MunchKING
  162. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Six - Tami vs Darth Drizzle
  163. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Six - Bobisbeast vs Dalak
  164. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Six - Estrecca vs Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh
  165. Darkseid (New 52) Vs The Avengers
  166. Kenshiro vs Team Nanto Seiken
  167. Gems vs. The Beast Wars
  168. Kilowog vs Beta Ray Bill
  169. Winter Soldier and Black Widow vs Batman and Robin
  170. Exar Kun vs Darth Bane
  171. Magneto, Pietro and Wanda vs Vader, Luke and Leia
  172. Doctor Doom in the Star War Universe
  173. Natsu Dragneel vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya
  174. Bayformers vs Star Wars
  175. ATT Terra vs Terra(Kingdom Hearts)
  176. Team New 52 DC vs Team Marvel Street Levelers
  177. Duncan MacLeod vs Peter Pan
  178. The Dragonborn replaces the Fellowship of the Ring
  179. Kanzaki Kaori (A Certain Magical Index) vs Daja Kisubo (Circle of Magic)
  180. Circle of Magic vs Fairy Tail
  181. Deathstroke vs Daredevil
  182. The Fire Lord vs The Black Panther
  183. Starfire vs Ms. Marvel
  184. Sonny (Into the Badlands) vs. MCU Captain America
  185. The Croods vs. The Flintstones
  186. The Doctor(Capaldi's version) vs. Doctor Victor Von Doom
  187. *nods* Darth Malak vs Darth Malgus
  188. Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather
  189. Masaru Daimon runs the gauntlet
  190. Captain America vs Batman
  191. Captain Cold vs Cyclops
  192. Sinestro vs Iron Man
  193. Boba Fett vs Samus Aran
  194. They Sit and Talk: Samus Aran and Bayonetta
  195. Wolverine Vs Daredevil
  196. Garnet vs. Tigahawk
  197. InterGang vs. The Maggia
  198. Blake Belladonna vs Darth Maul
  199. Movie Superman vs Movie Thor vs Movie Green Lantern vs Movie Silver Surfer vs TV Flash vs Movie Hulk
  200. Kayako and Alma Wade vs Sadako and Alessa Gillespie
  201. They Just Sit and Talk: Empowered and Saitama (One Punch Man)
  202. Jason Bourne VS Galahad (Kingsmen)
  203. Aang vs. Izuku Midoriya
  204. Classic Robins v Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
  205. The Jedi vs Destiny
  206. Would Win Iron Man or Batman
  207. Hawkman vs Wolverine
  208. Raptor vs Sasquatch Vs Grizzly Bear
  209. 2014 vs 2015 (film)
  210. AVP Predator takes on Boba Fett
  211. John Rambo vs Leon Kennedy
  212. Richarddsss!
  213. Strength vs Durability
  214. composite David Bowie vs Darkseid
  215. USS Vengeance(Alt. Universe) VS USS Enterprise-E(TNG timeline)
  216. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Seven - Bobisbeast vs The MunchKING
  217. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Seven - Darth Drizzle vs Estrecca
  218. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Seven - Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh vs Dalak
  220. New Teen Titans vs Wildcats
  221. Hawkman vs Captain America
  222. Black Flash vs Death Gods
  223. *Nods To Alan Rickman* All of his characters sit and talk
  224. Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 Week Seven - Cleric of Hell's Brigade vs Tami
  225. Cris Johnson (Next) vs a Jedi
  226. Baki Hanma vs Batman
  227. Black Panther vs Wolverine
  228. Ground game battle of invaders.
  229. Five Heroes vs Three Villains
  230. Any amateur artists want to help me design some story-centered rumbles?
  231. They sit and talk: Roman Sionis and The Mandarin
  232. Captain America(Steve Rogers) vs Liquid Snake
  233. Haru Glory vs. Inuyasha.
  234. The Swords of Power (Fred Saberhagen's Book of Swords) in the following universes. What happens?
  235. Genos vs Carnage Kabuto
  236. Lobo vs Black Adam
  237. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files) vs Sith (Star Wars)
  238. Optimus Primal vs Avatar Korra.
  239. U.S.S. Vengeance vs. The Blue Typhoon
  240. Captain Cold vs Taskmaster
  241. Mojo Jojo vs Dinobots (nods to SmileMan35)
  242. The Flash vs Fantastic Four
  243. How powerful would the most powerful Godzilla be if
  244. Ranking Mortal Kombat Characters
  245. Dragon Ball Minus/Jaco the Galactic Patrolman?
  246. "Highlander" Dragon Head Katana vs "Kill Bill" The Bride’s Hattori Hanzo Sword
  247. Flash gets Stormbringer
  248. Superman vs. Goku... with a twist
  249. The Sentry vs. Goku
  250. Team RWBY vs The Predacons.