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  1. Cleric's Random Naruto Tournament, Round 1:
  2. Mister Freeze (Arkhamverse) vs Doctor Octopus (Classic) OR Superior Spider-Man
  3. Iron Fist vs Shang Chi
  4. WARGAMES: Israel VS Indonesia
  5. South Korea vs Japan
  6. They sit and Talk: The Grox(Spore) and Komato Assassin Asha
  7. Shang Chi vs Lady Shiva
  8. Freakazoid vs The Mask
  9. Luke Skywalker vs Orin (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin)
  10. They sit and talk: Sanji and Shinra Kusakabe (fire brigade of flames)
  11. Original Kid Goku in Dragon Ball Super
  12. Deadpool vs The Maenad
  13. Silver Surfer vs Galavatron (Transformers)
  14. "White Witch" from Naria vs. "Q" from Star Trek the Next generation
  15. Joe Swanson vs. Stan Smith
  16. Current Goku vs. Current Superman
  17. Golden age Superman runs the Gauntlet
  18. Astroboy vs Galvatron (Nods to Master of read)
  19. who would win in a fight, superman or Deadpool?
  20. Jigsaw vs Dexter Morgan
  21. Green Lantern vs the X-Men
  22. The Naruto shinobi nations vs the giants in Attack on Titan
  23. SSG Goku VS Marvel Universe
  24. 1,000 Times
  25. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd vs Connor Hawke and Roy Harper
  26. Wonder Woman vs Angela
  27. Gatchaman (live action) vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  28. Who is the Greatest Criminal Mastermind?
  29. You with the power of Magneto
  30. Movie Deadpool vs Movie Deadpool
  31. Scenario: Koro-Sensei in the Hero Academia
  32. The Yeerk Empire decides to invade some planets to harvest host bodies...
  33. Jadis(Narnia) VS Maleficent(Live Action)
  34. Zuko (A:TLA) vs. Aqualad (YJ)
  35. Offensive or Defensive Feats - On which falls the burden of proof?
  36. MCU Kingpin vs Nolanverse Bane
  37. Deadpool vs the Avengers (film)
  38. THey sit and Talk: Daredevil(any version) and Buddhist Monkey(Happy Tree Friends)
  39. Daredevil vs The Kurgan
  40. Many-Angled Ones and Galactus Engine run the DC gauntlet
  41. Bugs Bunny vs Popeye
  42. She-Hulk vs Daredevil IN COURT
  43. Strongest world that the Otsutsuki family can conquer
  44. Himura Kenshin trains Hiro Nakamura
  45. Popeye vs. Segata Sanshiro
  46. Mockingbird vs Jen Yu
  47. Popeye's Spinach in the Dragon Ball Universe
  48. Deadpool vs Genma (Ninja Scroll)
  49. Ricky-Oh VS Violence Jack
  50. Kickstarter Versus: The Don Bluth Remakes!
  51. Dante (DMC) vs Spawn
  52. Cleric's Random Naruto Tournament, Round 2: Fight!
  53. Gorilla Grodd (CW) vs Martian Manhunter (CBS)
  54. Bhunivelze against Marvel's deities
  55. Juri Han vs Bryan Fury
  56. Alex Danvers (CBS Supergirl) vs BatBale
  57. Legends of Tomorrow vs Sylar
  58. Weakest Marvel Comics' Mutants that can takes on Dr. Manhattan
  59. They sit and Talk: Deadpool and Digimon Frontier Digidestined
  60. Deadpool vs. Ambush Bug
  61. Esdeath vs Erza Scarlet
  62. NU Superman vs NU Superman
  63. Kivas Fajo vs Joffrey Baratheon
  64. Composite Sylar vs The Avengers(first movie)
  65. Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index) vs Jean Grey (Phoenix)
  66. BB Hood vs. Rocket Raccoon
  67. Grant Ward (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) vs Oliver Queen (Arrow)
  68. Sylar vs Cabadath
  69. Quicksilver vs Colossus
  70. Spongebob vs Reed Richards
  71. Best General of WWII
  72. Mazinger Z vs The Original Gundam
  73. Physics vs Superpower Characters
  74. Anthony E. Stark vs Ra's Al Ghul at chess
  75. Wolf Predator (AVPR) vs Dutch (Predator)
  76. Home Building with Superheroes
  77. Strongest Team That The Broforce Can Curbstomp?
  78. Naruto Uzumaki vs Jin Mo-Ri
  79. Alibaba (Magi) in Arendelle
  80. You vs orcs
  81. Erza Scarlet vs Bayonetta
  82. Galactus in the DC Universe
  83. Damien Darhk vs Darth Vader
  84. Josiah Bartlet vs. Frank Underwood
  85. The Noir Avengers take on Anime
  86. Wander (Wander Over Yonder) vs. Kylo Ren (Star Wars The Force Awakens)
  87. The giant old lady from the Twilight Zone vs Gino
  88. MCU DD takes TV Arrows place
  89. Alexander Anderson (Hellsing) vs Kirei Kotomine (Fate/Stay Night)
  90. CW Heatwave vs Lionel Fusco (Person of Interest)
  91. Dr. Albert Wily va. Dr. Thomas Light
  92. TV Mr Hyde vs TV Hulk
  93. They sit and talk: DA and ME
  94. BB Hood runs a gauntlet.
  95. Vergil (Devil May Cry) vs Balder (Bayonetta)
  96. Ironman (MCU) vs Horus (Gods of Egypt)
  97. Ikaris vs Black Bolt
  98. Blade (Movie continuity) vs. Myotismon
  99. Hannibal Lecter (TV) vs. Frank Underwood
  100. DC's Robin Incarnation Free-for-All
  101. Arrow (CW) vs Bane (TDKR)
  102. You may have anything another human can give...WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?
  103. Mr Hyde vs Harmony
  104. Baby Huey v Darkwing Duck
  105. American Eagle vs the Arrow gang
  106. The Thunderbolts(2016) And Spider-Man(Miles Morales) Versus The Sinister Six
  107. Fictional DARWIN awards!
  108. They sit and Chat: Orion and Vampire Hunter D
  109. Bane vs the Penguin
  110. Bane vs Jabba the Hut's pet monster
  111. Firestorm (comic) vs Element lad.
  112. THey sit and Talk: Green Lantern and Deadpool
  113. AJAX and Angel Dust Vs Team Arrow
  114. Battle Fever J vs Blue SWAT
  115. They sit and talk, Joker and Bullseye
  116. OUR Earth VS Asura...REINCARNATED.
  117. Black Adam vs Silver Surfer
  118. Mars Attacks! the World of Darkness
  119. Yu Yevon vs MaloMyotismon(aka BelialVamdemon)
  120. Batman vs Taskmaster
  121. Shunsui Kyoraku vs. Kisuke Urahara
  122. Tombstone vs Thunderball
  123. Powerpuff Girls vs Syndrome (Incredibles)
  124. Bruce Almighty vs Doctor Manhattan
  125. Max vs King Russell
  126. Berzerker Rage Mojo Jojo vs Hulk
  127. Beastmaster Dar vs Bran Stark
  128. How powerful would this Spider-man be?
  129. Yoruichi Shihoin vs Esdeath
  130. New York City vs Los Angeles
  131. Zorro vs Oberyn Martell
  132. Rank in Strength
  133. Composite Jason Lee Scott vs. Composite Ken The Eagle
  134. CW Supergirl Vs MCU Villians
  135. Aang vs Aku
  136. Hancock vs Thing
  137. Black Panther (MCU) vs Daredevil (MCU) & Jessica Jones(MCU) & Luke Cage (MCU)
  138. Happy Birthday Len Ikari 145!
  139. Arnold Wesker vs Harvey Dent
  140. Strongest Child Characters in Anime (Japan poll) Rumble
  141. Roy Batty vs Abby
  142. Pennywise vs Spider-Man
  143. Batman VS Thanos
  144. You are trapped in a survival bunker
  145. Natsu Dragneel vs Esdeath
  146. Scenario: Who is the strongest person Ash Ketchum and his team could beat using pokemon rules
  147. Jesse Custer vs Purple Man vs Lelouch
  148. Dante (DMC) vs Jonathan Joestar
  149. Bryan Mills vs Peter Griffin
  150. MCU Wilson Fisk vs Mr. Hinx (Spectre)
  151. Best AOE move
  152. Orochimaru vs Alucard
  153. movie Ghost Rider vs movie Mandarin
  154. Captain Planet vs. Superman
  155. Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) vs Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)
  156. Which of these 5 powers would you choose? And would you wiled them for good or eveil?
  157. How long would Creed Jr. Last against Rock in the first movie?
  158. Mavis Dracula vs Spider-Man
  159. MCU Captain America vs Movie Deadpool
  160. Beast (X-Men) vs Troll (Youngblood)
  161. Strongest invaders Falling SKies Earth can repel?
  162. Erza Scarlet vs Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay night)
  163. Nailbiter, #21
  164. Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather
  165. Red and Black: Dante (reboot) vs. Jason Lee Scott.
  166. tv Captain Cold vs Rambo
  167. Which combination of Superpowers you wants to pick
  168. Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Ruby Rose
  169. Will you move to the first BRUTE FORCE NATION? (aka Hanma Yujiro's Fleas...)
  170. Lady Deathstrike vs each "Deadpool" major character
  171. Condiment King vs Team Rocket
  172. Erza Scarlet vs Archer Emiya
  173. Baki Hanma vs Han Dae-wi
  174. Mandarin (Marvel) vs Gangryong (Gosu)
  175. Ancestor (Tiger/Dragon Gate) vs Noya (Red Storm)
  176. Composite Britain vs Composite China
  177. Martian Manhunter vs Marvel Team
  178. Godzilla vs The Hulk
  179. Dr. Doom vs. Apocalypse
  180. Ajax vs Unbreakable
  181. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter vs Huo Yianjia (Jet Li, Fearless)
  182. MCU Punisher in Nolanverse Gotham
  183. Daredevil vs Joker
  184. Sanji vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya
  185. They go on Date: Avatar Korra & Medic, Asami Sato & Engineer
  186. The Warriors vs Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Oliver Queen
  187. Deadpool vs The Justice League
  188. MCU Captin America VS Nobu with 100 Hand Ninja (MCU)
  189. Elektra vs Black Widow
  190. Green Lantern vs Spiderman
  191. Your all star walking dead celebrity crew
  192. Green Lantern (2011 Movie) vs X-Men (Movie Trilogy)
  193. Sterling Archer vs The Punisher
  194. Pam Poovey vs the Punisher
  195. Battle of the Seven Deadly Sins
  196. Avatar armies vs Britian
  197. Jax Briggs vs William F. Guile
  198. You're Immortal!
  199. Colossus vs Angel Dust
  200. Midnighter vs. Deadpool (Wolverine: X-Men Origins)
  201. Chess match
  202. Composite Ronald McDonald VS Composite Burger King
  203. Punching Contest!!!
  204. Asami Sato vs Jax Briggs
  205. Static vs Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  206. Iron Fist vs. Typhoid Mary
  207. The one ring in Westeros
  208. Matter-Eater Lad vs The Blob from the first Wolverine movie
  209. The Great Mentor Contest
  210. Violator (Spawn) vs Hellboy
  211. Barry(Archer) vs Cameron(Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  212. One of the Planeteers has gotten fed up with the antics of the Eco Villains...
  213. The Punisher vs Batman
  214. Juggernaught Vs Solomon Grundy
  215. Ran Mouri vs Bane (Dark Knight Rises)
  216. Dr. Wily in the Marvel universe
  217. The Elevator Scene
  218. Batman vs Captain America (live action )
  219. MCU Punisher vs MCU Black Widow
  220. Dutch and his private team (Predator) vs Lt. Aldo Raine and the Basterds (Inglorious Basterds)
  221. The Executioner vs The Punisher
  222. Doomsday vs every MCU character till date
  223. Giorno Giovanna Vs Medaka Kurokami
  224. Wonder Woman(DCEU) vs Thor(MCU)
  225. Jason Bourne vs Movie Thor (mortal)
  226. Augustus Giovanni vs Hulk
  227. movie Doomsday vs Smallville Doomsday
  228. Ran Mouri vs Masaru Daimon
  229. Chi-Chi vs. Chun-Li vs. Sonya Blade
  230. Silphymon vs. Blossom
  231. Mega Man X vs. Golden Age Superman
  232. Lords of Order/Chaos vs Marvel Villains
  233. Batman and Captain America vs Lizard
  234. A battle of willpower
  235. unarmed Wonder Woman vs Colossus and Angel Dust
  236. Batman vs Lex Luthor in a prep-war
  237. MCU Avengers vs. DCEU Doomsday
  238. Nightmare vs Mageddon
  239. TOP 100 MOST POWERFUL DC Comics vs Marvel vs Anime, TOP 100 DC Comic vs Marvel vs Anime
  240. Ferrigno Hulk vs Angel Dust
  241. Avengers(MCU) vs Doomsday(BvS)
  242. Malebolgia (Spawn) vs Kratos
  243. Jane Foster Thor and Angela Vs Red Lantern Supergirl and Wonderwoman
  244. Stacked Punisher/Daredevil vs Captain America
  245. Videl (25th Budokai) vs. Sakura Kasugano
  246. Be The Bat
  247. Rank these shounen geezers
  248. They sit and Talk: DCEU Jimmy Olsen vs Sisters of Battle
  249. Rank those Metahumans
  250. Deadpool vs Slade vs Team Fortress 2