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  1. Kaoru Koganei vs Asami Sato
  2. Corvo Attano (Dishonored) vs Archer (Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works)
  3. Saitama runs the Four Beast Gauntlet
  4. Takahashi vs CLAMP
  5. OT: Characters Who Should Never Have Received Power
  6. Tarzan vs Kazar.
  7. Mechas/giant robots that can defeat a full-powered Turn-A Gundam
  8. Weakest person to beat Shenron
  9. Novel D vs. Wonder Woman
  10. Amethyst: Princess of........Gemworld?
  11. JonSnow VS Brienne of Tarth
  12. Tribunal TMNT VS The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers
  13. Bleach Gotei 13 Enters The DC Universe
  14. Helena (Orphan Black) vs Rachel Duncan (Orphan Black)
  15. Mephisto vs. Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones
  16. Composite Omega Red vs. Cho "Hulk"
  17. George Hammond vs Janeway
  18. Hulk vs Juggernaut (Classic, Current and All-Time versions)
  19. Drogon vs Smaug
  20. What species are stronger than Data?
  21. Cinder Fall (RWBY) vs Elsa (Frozen)
  22. Tribunal Ninja Turtles Vs Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy: Advent Children)
  23. The Mountain (GoT) vs Marv (Sin City)
  24. Wun Wun vs two velociraptors
  25. Assassination Classroom: DCU Edition
  26. Red Hood vs Deadpool
  27. The Scooby gang vs the Cabin in the Woods
  28. Team Red vs Team Blue
  29. Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) vs Monica Rambeau
  30. Post crisis Superman enters the Negima verse
  31. Ranking the Game of Thrones Fighters
  32. Regeneration Ruckus
  33. Thanos Physical Strength
  34. Everyone in U.A. High (My Hero Acedemia) VS Genos... DEVIL CYBORG!
  35. Blade (Blade Movie) vs Selene (Underworld)
  36. Alucard In The DC Universe
  37. Mr. Incredible Vs. Hulk (movie versions)
  38. The Harvester Ship (Independence Day: Resurgence) vs The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  39. Cinder Fall (RWBY) vs Presea Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
  40. And the new leaders of Britain are... TEAM DAI GURREN.
  41. Harvester Queen (Independence Day: Resurgence) runs a monster gauntlet!
  42. Orcs (Warcraft film) vs. Shokans
  43. DCAU Bat-family vs. Gatchaman
  44. Ancient Israel enters the GoT Universe...
  45. Marvel vs DC (Street Figther Bonus Round Eddition)
  46. Traci 13 vs Nico Minoru
  47. Hulk Hogan Hulk
  48. Movie Sabretooth vs. The Mountain
  49. Voldemort flees to another universe
  50. Overwatch Rumble!
  51. Who actually is a good opponent for the RWBY?
  52. Knasty Knight's Sword VS MCU Captain America's Shield
  53. DC CW Verse vs MCU (Ultron and Loki and their armies)
  54. MCU Scott Lang Vs Peter Jackson King Kong
  55. Static vs Vibe
  56. Batman and Captain America trains Niki Sanders and Mohinder Suresh
  57. Astronauts vs Cavemen
  58. New52 Batman Vs MCU Spider-man
  59. Storm vs The Mandarin
  60. Mega Man vs. Evila (Space Channel 5), with a twist
  61. The Average Joe Feats
  62. Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) vs Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle)
  63. Cersei Lannister and Oedipus Rex sit and talk
  64. What is the difference between a "surprise" and a "mystery" fighter?
  65. Ultron and Baymax have a conversation, literally.
  67. Cersei Lannister vs Daenerys Targaryan
  68. OT: When Does "Classic Kingpin" End?
  69. Orion vs Asura vs Kratos
  70. Batman (any) vs james bond (craig)
  71. Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) vs Saber (Fate/Stay night)
  72. Wolverine vs. Marvel Bricks
  73. Carol Danvers vs Hal Jordan
  74. Brock Samson vs Marv (Sin City)
  75. Voldemort vs Baba Yaga
  76. Wolverine versus Matter-Eater Lad
  77. Death Eaters vs. The Global Community One World Unity Army (Left Behind: Glorious Appearing)
  78. Left Behind: THE HEIR... OF CHAKRAVARTIN!
  79. Voldemort enters Thedas
  80. Coop (Megas XLR) vs Giant Orange Monster (The Powerpuff Girls)
  81. Dork Dance Off: Carlton Banks vs. Napoleon Dance
  82. Jason vs. Kouga
  83. (nods to myself) The Eight Kings (toriko) in DBZ
  84. David Dunn vs Mickey O Neil
  85. How would the MCU respond to the following alien invasions
  86. Cassie Sandsmark vs America Chavez
  87. Cassie Sandsmark vs America Chavez
  88. Hulk vs Thor vs Thing! [ANIMATION]
  89. Batman vs. Marv
  90. Every Jedi and every Sith vs the Following universes.
  91. Gehenna (OWoD) comes to Marvel Earth
  92. The Pacific Rim Rift opens in the following movie / anime universes
  93. Machine Man vs Iron Man
  94. Bronze Tiger vs Moon Knight
  95. Prometheus (DC Comics) vs Dr Doom (Marvel)
  96. The Authority vs The Ultimates (Note: Not The Ultimate Marvel Universe Team)
  97. Thor Vs Black Adam
  98. How powerfu/dangerous is Composite THING?
  99. Other civilizations are fed up with DC's earth centric resets of the Universe.
  100. Fairy Tail vs Keyblade Wielders (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)
  101. Hulk vs Juggernaut
  102. Go-Lion VS Voltron (Legendary Defenders of the Universe)
  103. Action Hero free-for-all: Bourne vs Reacher vs Wick vs Mills
  104. Action Hero free-for-all: Bourne vs Reacher vs Wick vs Mills
  105. Adam Warlock vs Kyle Rayner
  106. Silk (Marvel Comics) vs Spider-Gwen
  107. Ooops. We got our Post Apocolyptic Futures messed up.
  108. Roadhog (Overwatch) vs Birdie (Street Fighter V)
  109. Thor vs Doomsday and Darkseids
  110. Our Earth VS the Getter Team's WAR ON DRUGS...
  111. All Might VS Birdy Cephon Altera: ANIMATED ONLY!
  112. Phyla-Vell vs Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)
  113. Canon Force users vs 10,000 orks
  114. Potterverse question.
  115. They sit and talk: The casts of One Punch-Man and My Hero Academia
  116. Batman (Ben Affleck) vs Superman (Superman Returns)
  117. Shin Megami Tensei vs The Elder Scrolls
  118. Wolverine vs the Tarrasque
  119. Thor, Hulk and Namor vs Doomsday
  120. Korra vs Thor
  121. Avada Kedavra (Harry potter) makes contact
  122. Batman (DCEU) VS 616 Punisher
  123. 21st Century US Gangs vs ISIS (The Islamic State)
  124. Legend of Korra's Red Lotus vs Movie Spiderman and New52 Batman
  125. Poison Ivy vs Nightshade
  126. Composite action movie hero vs Composite FPS protagonist
  127. Pre-Crisis Superman vs Galactus
  128. O SNAP! Wrong Prince Adam!
  129. Young Justice vs Thor
  130. They sit and Chat: Jason and Geki
  131. The best prep feats in wrestling.
  132. Naruto and Sasuke vs. Boruto and Sarada
  133. Weakest character that can solo Composite First-Person Shooter protagonist?
  134. Voltron/Golion vs Granteed Dracodeus
  135. Wonder Woman (pre-Flashpoint) vs. Justice League(pre-Flashpoint) with a twist
  136. Zen'o-sama vs. Thanos
  137. Supreme Kai (Eastern Supreme Kai, Universe 7) vs. Frieza.
  138. ATT Robin runs FPS Protagonists gauntlet
  139. Justice (Vance Astrovik) vs Hellion (Julian Keller)
  140. Kit Taylor vs. Jason Lee Scott.
  141. Midnighter vs Ultimate Captain America
  142. Your House/Apartment is haunted...
  143. What is a good fight for a Dalek without its tank?
  144. Griffith (Berserk) VS Sakamoto (Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto)
  145. CM Punk vs Randy Savage
  146. John Cena, Enzo and Cass Vs Various WWE/F Trios
  147. Original Masked Kane vs Brock Lesnar
  148. Nintendo Vs Capcom (With a Twist)
  149. Team RWBY vs The Metal Gear RAYs
  150. Eddie Guerrero vs AJ Styles
  151. Adam Jensen vs Commander Shepard
  152. The Shield (WWE) Reunite Now - Who Beats Them?
  153. How well do the WhiteWalkers fair against the Nazguls?
  154. The Shroud vs Batman
  155. Doomsday vs Darkseid
  156. Achilles (Troy) vs Ser Arthur Dayne (GoT)
  157. The Team of Galactus and Thanos
  158. Tyria (Guild Wars 2) vs 21st Century Earth
  159. Resurrection Man vs Saint of Killers
  160. Jaqen H’ghar vs ...
  161. Sir Arthur Dayne (got) vs Hector (Troy) *nod to anarchist*
  162. The Authority vs The Blood Syndicate
  163. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Daniel Bryan
  164. Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index) vs Kyle Rayner
  165. Composite Marvel Universe Non Powered Human Population vs Marvel Super Human Population
  166. Joa and Neo ((Toriko) Vs Wally West
  167. The Longest Yard (1974) vs. The Longest Yard (2005)
  168. Vulcan vs Annihilus
  169. Ghostbusters vs The Frighteners
  170. Hulk (MCU) vs Doomsday (Dawn of Justice)
  171. Cleric's Tournament of Champions! Sign-Up Thread.
  172. Thor vs Darkseid
  173. Martian Manhunter vs Superman
  174. The following action movie heroes get dropped into Five Nights At Freddy's verse
  175. Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index) vs Archer Emiya (Unlimited Blade Works)
  176. Avatar Korra vs Colonel Volgin
  177. Enchantress vs Enchantress
  178. Team Magi vs. Team Avatar
  179. The Authority vs The Regime (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  180. Nova vs Dr Doom
  181. Matilda vs Eleven
  182. Gohan vs. Vegeta
  183. Characters who aren't nearly as bad as the Fans make them out to be?
  184. Thor vs Doomsday
  185. *Nod to Jcogginsa* Characters who aren't as good as fans make them out to be
  186. Archimonde & Kil'jeaden vs Deathwing & Ragnaros
  187. Heralds of Galactus vs The Black Order
  188. Ghostbusters vs Ghostbusters ('84 vs '16)
  189. Cyborg Superman vs Silver Surfer
  190. Would Yhwach's The Almighty ability work on The Force?
  191. Overwatch cast in the MU/DCU
  192. Mojo vs Mojo Jojo
  193. Quicksilver vs Apocalypse
  194. Weakest Shounen Manga character that can Solo Spiderman
  195. Bruce vs Jaws
  196. Sebastian Shaw vs Hulk
  197. Daredevil Vs. ...
  198. Batman The Brave And The Bold vs DCCU Superman
  199. Happy 25th Birthday to me!
  200. Deadpool And The Mercs For Money Versus Deathstroke Ravager Weather Wizard Captain Cold Mirror Master Heatwave
  201. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. the UpsideDown (Stranger Things)
  202. 80s Voltron vs 80s Transformers
  203. Spider-Man vs Swamp Thing
  204. How did Baby Creed stack up to other Rocky fighters
  205. Byakuya, Toshiro and Kenpachi vs. Gloxinia (Nanatsu no Taizai)
  206. Big the Cat (Archie) vs. a Predator
  207. They go on Date: Bubbles(Powerpuff Girls) and Cuddles from Happy Tree Friends
  208. They go on Date: Lin Beifong and Akechi Kengo
  209. Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers) vs The Captain (Hellsing)
  210. Unicron vs Mogo, the Living Planet
  211. 80's Transformers Combiner Free For All
  212. Old-School Cassandra Cain vs Hercule Mr. Satan
  213. Captain Boomerang vs Lady Bullseye
  214. OT: How dangerous would Darwin's powers be in the right hands?
  215. Spider-Man Teams Up With The Great Lakes Avengers To Take On The Sinister Six
  216. Cw Flash VS MCU Black Panther and Aldrich Killan
  217. Ghostbusters vs Pet Sematary Wendigo
  218. MCU Captain America and Winter Soldier V/S Raimi Spider-man
  219. Assassin's Creed Triple Threat
  220. MCU Captain America vs Genji
  221. Mega Man vs. Beck (Mighty No. 9)
  222. General Zod vs. General Zod
  223. The Jem'Hadar as Frieza's Army
  224. Stephen Strange vs Willow Rosenberg
  225. The Homunculi (FMA) vs Team MGS Villain
  226. Doctor Who vs Pennywise
  227. Ash Ketchum vs. Hercule
  228. Saitama(One Punch Man) vs Pre-Retcon Beyonder vs Squirrel Girl
  229. DCAU Batfamily and MCU Ironman vs Team Rocket and Arukenimon and Mummymon
  230. 100 Storm Troopers vs. 100 Red Shirts
  231. Geo Stelar vs. Lan Hikari
  232. Mike Tyson Aka Frankie from IPman 3 Vs Any Boxer from the Rocky Franchise
  233. How powerful is Trigon?
  234. Xenomorph vs Jedi
  235. Garfield Spider-Man vs MCU Cap's entire team (sans Scarlet Witch)
  236. They sit and Talk: Big the Cat, Junpei Shibayama, ATT Cyborg, Pence, and Professor Birch
  237. Mega Man VS Beck (Mighty no. 9)
  238. Jason Bourne runs a gauntlet
  239. Aquaman vs Mera
  240. Tyroc vs Black Bolt
  241. Jason Bourne vs the Minions/Despicable Me
  242. Weakest anime/manga character that can beat Superman?
  243. Knuckles the Echidna runs a Kryptonian gauntlet.
  244. You(with a Keyblade) vs a Kryptonian
  245. Batman '66 Joker Arrives in Wellington Wells (We Happy Few)
  246. could Barbara Gordon (Bloodlust) take down Bruce Wayne (bloodlust)
  247. Steal the Mystery Machine!
  248. Weakest anime/manga character that can destroy the Minions?
  249. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic vs The Minions
  250. How Powerful Would Doom Be in