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  1. The Footclan (Turtles Forever!) Vs Gotham City
  2. Peeta and Katniss (Hunger Games) vs Roy Harper and Sin (Arrow)
  3. Master Chief vs Jake Sully (Avatar)
  4. Superman & Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel
  5. Hancock vs Man of Steel
  6. Venom Vs. Wendigo
  7. Thanos vs Apocalypse
  8. Elsa vs Maleficent (movie version)
  9. Movie Maleficent VS Assasin's Fist Akuma
  10. Alex Mercer vs movie X-men
  11. Rumbler's League - Week One Darth Drizzle Vs Bobisbeast/Holacik
  12. Rumblers League - Spring/Summer Season Week 1 Tami vs Cleric of Hell's Brigade
  13. Queen Elsa vs Movie Magneto
  14. What if MCU Captain America...?
  15. Super-Skrull vs Superman
  16. Evangeline McDowell vs. Sosuke Aizen
  17. Lady Deathstrike vs Captain America
  18. Who is the weakest comic book character who is able to solo godzilla?
  19. Nolans Batman Universe vs CWs Various Arrow Characters
  20. Outworld(Mortal Kombat movies) invades the MCU
  21. Adam Park vs Ran Mori(Detective Conan)
  22. ATT Robin vs Movie Watchmen
  23. Punisher vs hawkeye
  24. Namor vs Thor without Mjolnir
  25. Flash (Wally) vs Pre-Crisis Flash
  26. Classic Rogue gets to add 3 more mutants to her power set
  27. Movie Captain America vs. Movie Mystique
  28. The Spectre vs. Preacher
  29. Mikoto Misaka vs Magneto
  30. Treebeard (Tolkien) vs. Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  31. Deadpool vs Space Ghost Debate
  32. The Powerpuff Girls vs Badaxtra the Axe Monster (Dexter's Laboratory)
  33. Dragon Ball Feat Collection
  34. Queen Elsa VS Movie Gandalf
  35. They sit and Talk: Batman and Krillin
  36. Hercule(Mr. Satan) vs Captain America
  37. Galactus vs Unicron
  38. How would Dc/Marvel/Manga “Smartest” compare to one another in these categories of intelligence?
  39. Lorne Malvo (Fargo) vs. Anton Chigurh (No Country...)
  40. Robin (Teen Titans Go!) vs. Finn (Adventure Time)
  41. Kal-El lands on Earth, just not the Earth we know and love...
  42. They Sit and Talk: 2013 TTG versions of Animated Teen Titans and Movie Avengers
  43. 30 Villain Matchups: Marvel vs DC
  44. Duke Nukem vs Patty and Selma Bouvier
  45. Rumbler's League - Week One The MunchKING Vs Dalak
  46. Ang Lee Hulk in The Avengers
  47. Mario vs. Luigi
  48. Movie Hulks - Face off
  49. Rombler's League Week One - Korrdorr the Rumbler Vs Estrecca
  50. Madrox vs Naruto - Duplication Battle
  51. Man-Bat vs Killer Croc
  52. Rumbler's League Spring/Summer 2014 - Shopping
  53. Prep-Wars
  54. Inferalist Doom vs Dr Fate
  55. Lantern defense powers?
  56. Apocalypse vs Martian Manhunter
  57. The Shield vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
  58. Post Crisis MM Vs Swamp Thing Vs Super Skrull
  59. Bunch of Street level manga Character Vs A Bunch of Street Level Comic Characters
  60. Elric of Melniboné In Westeros
  61. They sit and Talk: Emile Danko and Nomad/Psycho
  62. Luke Skywalker vs. Hal Jordan
  63. Spider-Man (TASM) Vs Spider Man (USM)
  64. Captain america vs universal soldier (van-damme)
  65. Rogue (Classic) vs the Avengers (MCU)
  66. The Protoss vs The Covenant
  67. Khazan Rap Battle of DEATH: Goku/Superman VS Dr. Seuss
  68. Shingen Yashida (The Wolverine) vs Zorro (Antonio Banderas)
  69. Superman & Wonder Woman vs Hulk & She-Hulk
  70. Hercules (Greek mythology) vs Batman (New 52)
  71. DC Animated Universe vs Marvel Cinematic Universe
  72. Rocky Boxer Rumble
  73. The Terran Dominion vs The UNSC
  74. What if... the U.S. Military occupied the Game of Thrones universe?
  75. Nods to Akihabara: What If...our universe were occupied by the Slayers Universe?
  76. Our Earth VS an Evangelion
  77. Sinestro Corps Mongul vs Thor
  78. Attuma vs Tiger Shark
  79. Scion vs. Superman
  80. Beowulf (Beowulf Epic Poem) vs Link (Ocarina of Time)
  81. TAO w/ Void and Providence vs Dr. Doom w/ Cosmic Cube
  82. Godzilla (2014) vs King Kong (Peter Jackson 2005 Movie)
  83. Pre-Crisis Karate Kid vs Bills
  84. What if... the Second American Civil War occurred?
  85. X-Men Cinematic Universe versus Marvel Heroes Cinematic Universe
  86. MCU Characters vs. 100 Smiths
  87. Akuma (Assassin's Fist) in Big Trouble in Little China
  88. Ruby Rose (RWBY) gets transported to Republic City
  89. They sit and Talk: Evelyn O'Connell and Bruce Banner(MCU)
  90. Darth Sidious vs Sauron.
  91. Guts Pre-Elcipse vs Gregor Clegane(The Mountain)
  92. Possible Lantern Anti-Speedster Defenses
  93. MCU Chitauri and The Flood (Halo) vs MCU Asgard and Na'vi (Avatar)
  94. T-1000 vs Agent Smith
  95. Monster Team 1 vs Monster Team 2
  96. Tyrion gets to choose a new champion! ~Potential Spoilers~
  97. *nods* Boromir (Lord of the Rings) VS The Mountain
  98. Jason Bourne vs Edward Cullen and the Twilight vampires
  99. The 2nd trial by combat for Tyrion Lannister (HBO show) is fought by
  100. Every Link vs 100 Agent Smiths
  101. Penelope Pitstop races aganist the characters of Initial D
  102. SPIDERMAN vs MEGATRON: video review!!
  103. Dragon Form Maleficent VS Hanma Baki
  104. Rumbler's League - Week Two - Tami Vs Cthulhu_of_R'yleh
  105. Rumbler's League - Week Two - Darth Drizzle Vs Siriel
  106. Trial by combat - GoT - Pucker Up
  107. Hercules (Legendary Journeys) and Buffy Summers vs Jackie Chan & The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  108. Oberyn Martell Vs Inigo Montoya
  109. Team Rocket(Pokemon Anime) vs Current Day Army
  110. Rocky's ivan drago vs hajime no ippo's mamoru takamura
  111. Team Natsu in the Chunin Exams
  112. Queen-Seon-Deok vs Empress Ki?
  113. Animated JLU vs EMH Galactus and Heralds
  114. Ghost Rider VS Darkseid
  115. Harley Quinn vs Black Widow
  116. She Hulk vs The Blob
  117. Marvel Falcon vs DC Hawk
  118. Thor (Norse Mythology) vs Kratos (God of War)
  119. Fire Princess vs. Princess Bubblegum
  120. Mr. Fantastic vs. Mr. Terrific
  121. The Iron Queen vs. Cyborg-Superman
  122. Varia arc Tsuna (reborn) vs Chunin exams Garra
  123. Straw hat Pirates (One Piece) vs Genki's Team (Anime Monster Rancher)
  124. The Predators at the Wall
  125. Ra Al Ghul (Son of Batman) Vs Deadpool
  126. Reed Richards vs The Doctor(Doctor Who)
  127. Uh, oh... what if the Republican Space Rangers land on Middle Earth?
  128. Cyclops vs Iron Man
  129. Seras Victoria vs Spider-Man
  130. The Covenant vs the Systems Alliance
  131. Superman & Wonder Woman vs Green Lanturn Corps
  132. Dofp X-men vs Spiderman/Mos villians.
  133. PC Omega vs
  134. Rumbler's League - Week Two - The MunchKING Vs Estrecca
  135. Rumbler's League - Week Two - Cleric of Hell's Brigade Vs Dalak
  136. Ancient Warriors vs Modern Superheroes
  137. Ultimate Spider-Man and his amazing friends vs Alex Mercer
  138. Yami Yugi (Yugioh) versus Blank (No Game No Life)
  139. Death Squadron (Star Wars) invades MCU Earth
  140. 52's Earth 2 vs Pre-Crisis Earth two
  141. movie Sinestro vs movie Doctor Doom
  143. Paul Atreides vs Spider-Man
  144. United Nations/NATO VS...tribble invasion.
  145. Clarkson VS May VS Hammond...WWXIX
  146. Red Hood vs Winter Soldier
  147. Titans vs Earth
  148. Robocop 2014 vs Ryo Saeba
  149. Kurama (Naruto) Vs Zeruel (Rebuild)
  150. hakumen no mono appears in naruto.
  151. Kong-Sized Jason Bourne vs King Kong
  152. Hawkman VS Lizard
  153. 52 vs New52
  154. Arthur Petrelli vs Arthas(Warcraft)
  155. Johnny Cage vs Ken
  156. Benedict of Amber vs Shao Kahn
  157. Stairs and NYPD VS JL and Avengers
  158. Rules Clarification Please.
  159. Darkseid vs Odin
  160. Taylor Hebert dropped into DC/Marvel
  161. You're a new mutant in the Marvel Universe... What do?
  162. Rock Lee vs Tifa Lockhart
  163. Ando Masahashi dropped into Pokemon universe
  164. Sinister Six "rumble in the jungle"
  165. You with a Lantern Ring VS You with Quantum Bands
  166. Thrash the Tasmanian Devil vs Taz the Tasmanian Devil
  167. Doom VS Darkseid VS Galactus VS Thanos VS Apocalypse
  168. The British Aerial Corps (Temeraire) vs 21st century OTL UK
  169. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vs Cloverfield Monster
  170. Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow) takes on Sunnydale
  171. Has Wolverine ever scored a clear victory on The Hulk?
  172. Joes Group (Walking Dead Season 4) vs Misty (Pokemon)
  173. Alex Mason(Call of Duty Black ops) dropped into Nolanverse
  174. Vega (Street Fighter) vs Green Arrow (DC Comics)
  175. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs Black Panther (Marvel Comics)
  176. Subzero vs Captain America
  177. Narnia VS its new God...JEAN LUC PICARD.
  178. One Piece vs Ancient Mythology
  179. Gladiator Vs Captain Marvel Vs Magneto Vs Thor Vs Phoenix Jean
  181. What if... the U.S. Military occupied the Wheel of Time universe?
  182. Brave and the Bold/Silver Age Batman dropped into Saints Row Universe
  183. Amon (Legend of Korra vs ATLA gauntlet
  184. The Ellimist vs. Odin (Marvel Universe)
  185. What if...the US was occupied by JURIANS?
  186. Dex-Starr vs the Lich King
  187. Krogan left unchecked in various universes what happens?
  188. Aang vs Goku
  189. Initial Nightmare: Takumi Fujiwara VS Capeta Taira
  190. Reed Richards VS Thanos
  191. Wolfman vs. Movie Sabretooth and Movie Wolverine
  192. Which supernatural town would you rather live?
  193. Delita Hyral (Final Fantasy Tactics) plays the Game of Thrones
  194. Conan,Arya and The Hound going to a wedding :-)
  195. Black Arms vs. Yatuja
  196. Odin telepathy headbutt
  197. Hellboy vs. Spaceboy
  198. Dormammu vs. Trigon
  199. Uchiha Sasuke VS Superboy Prime VS Shinji Ikari
  200. The Original VS The Superior VS The Clone
  201. Rocky Balboa vs Jack Johnson
  202. Arkham Deathstroke VS Arrow Deathstroke
  203. Composite Hercules vs Composite Dracula
  204. Vandal Savage vs Red Skull
  205. Batman (Nolanverse) vs 24 Gautlet.
  206. Marv vs Captain America
  207. Old King Thor VS Darkseid and Justice League
  208. Rumbler's League - Week Three - Cleric of Hell's Brigade Vs Estrecca
  209. Rumbler's League - Week Three - Dalak Vs Cthulhu_of_R'yleh
  210. Rumbler's League - Week Three - The MunchKING Vs Bobisbeast/Holacik
  211. Captain Boomerang vs Winter Soldier
  212. Who's more dangerous, Artemesia or Gorgo?
  213. Metal Overlord vs. Mothra
  214. the Punisher vs. Rocket Raccoon
  215. Welcome to the YogApocalypse...
  216. PAWNED : Post a scan of your fave character owning someone
  217. Superman & Wonder Woman vs Black Bolt & Medusa
  218. Yu-Gi-Oh GX Villains vs. Original Yu-Gi-Oh
  219. Dragon Ball Z canon status queries
  220. Bills vs. Galactus
  221. Super Saiyan 3 Vegetto vs Bills (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)
  222. Favorite villain. No DC or Marvel.`
  223. Robocop enters Raccoon City (Resident Evil 3)
  224. Terror Tear-em-up: ISIS VS Boko Haram
  225. Bolo Yeung vs Wimp Lo
  226. Any Korean fictional swordsman who could beat Rurouni Kenshin
  227. If Galactus' daughter came to you and forced you to marry her or she would destroy Earth...
  228. The Ultimate Annihilator vs. The Ultimate Nullifier
  229. Dante/Vergil vs Cloud/Sephiroth
  230. How powerful is Transcendence (Johnny Depp)
  231. Nibbler (Futurama) vs Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
  232. The Monkey King's Monkey King Vs Dragonball Evolution's Goku
  233. The Axis vs The Brotherhood vs The Masters of Evil
  234. Dr. Eggman Invades MCU Asgard
  235. Erek the Chee vs. Predator
  236. Wonder Woman and Superman VS Batman and Catwoman
  237. aliens from The Killing Star vs. UNSC (no FTL)
  238. 5 Male Chimpanzees vs a Predator
  239. Ultron v. DC Earth
  240. Marvel Now Hulk Vs A Bunch of Dc and Marvel Characters
  241. Thanos in Mario Galaxy
  242. The Valheru invade Asgard (Marvel)
  243. Link takes on the Knights of the Round Table
  244. Caesar (POTA) vs Leonidas (300)
  245. Elsa vs Stitch
  246. Xenomorphs from Hadley's Hope vs Everyone
  247. This team vs Spider-Man
  248. 80's Cartoons vs Superman
  249. Pokemon Trainers use Earth Animals
  250. Cassandra Cain vs Hokage(Flame of Recca)