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  1. Dr.Strange, Dr.Fate, Dr.Doom, John Constantine and Zatanna.......
  2. Carter Kane (Kane Chronicles) vs Shirou Emiya (Unlimited Blade Works)
  3. Jason Bourne vs Corwin of Amber
  4. 10 Superheroes Jason Bourne Could Escape From
  5. Superman goes through Whis's training
  6. Thor and Wolverine:Whose Berserker rage is worse for the surrounding people and enemies
  7. Thanos vs
  8. Apocalypse (X-Men) vs All for One (My Hero Academia)
  9. 90s Superboy vs Speedball
  10. Wolverine, Black Panther, Bullseye, Shocker VS Post Crisis Aquaman
  11. The "Alien" crew vs a Wamphyri
  12. Tifa Lockhart vs Erza Scarlet
  13. Booster Gold va Steel
  14. Neo vs. Hao
  15. Composite Manu Bennett
  16. Thor (Blood and Thunder arc) runs the gauntlet
  17. Captain America vs Jurassic World
  18. Vibe vs Hellion
  19. Weakest person who can solo the town of Morioh(Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)
  20. Violence Jack in FALLOUT
  21. Batman vs M. Bison
  22. Totally Awesome Hulk vs. New Super-Man
  23. Hawkman vs Ryu
  24. Rank the Super Men
  25. Harry Keogh vs Batman
  26. Cleric's Tournament of Champions, Round 1!
  27. Black Bolt (Inhumans) vs Jeanette (Secret Six)
  28. Spock vs. Mr. Satan, with a twist...
  29. The Xorda people are transported to the Star Trek Universe.
  30. Could the Night's Watch defend the wall against 10,000 Uruk Hai?
  31. They sit and Talk: Krillin and Malcador the Sigilite
  32. The Punisher in the Purge
  33. Black Bolt vs Vibe
  34. Lord Dominator vs. The Crystal Gems
  35. Stewie Griffin vs Jimmy Neutron
  36. Tetsu Shima (Akira) vs Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index)
  37. Sol Badguy vs Superman
  38. How big a threat is Dr. Eggman?
  39. Michelle from "10 Cloverfield Lane" becomes a Doctor Who companion
  40. Jack vs. Alucard
  41. Ganon (Legend of Zelda) vs Horned King (The Black Cauldron)
  42. Captain America and Winter Soldier vs John Connor
  43. Alucard vs Lobo vs The Saint of Killers
  44. Dominick Cruz vs Demetrius Johnson
  45. Future Thor (godkiller arc) vs. "Hollywood" Simon Williams
  46. MCU Captain America vs Katie Walker(Time Force)
  47. Pre-new52(aka Pre-Beecham) Cassandra Cain vs Masaru Daimon
  48. Most Powerful Sith Lords that could beat The Justice League?
  49. Spock vs Batman
  50. Christine vs Jaws
  51. James Raynor vs Master Chief
  52. The Watch (Discworld) replaces the Fellowship of the Ring
  53. What if: C'Tan shard replaces Mother Box in DC Comics' Cyborg's creation?
  54. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris O'Donnell and Christian Bale Get in a Barfight
  55. Wally West vs Accelerator
  56. Cammy White vs Sonya Blade
  57. Weakest MCU character to beat Part 1 Dio Brando
  58. MCU Thor vs The Space Wolves
  59. Captain America (MCU) VS The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
  60. Martian Manhunter vs Super Skrull
  61. Mega Man X vs. Data
  62. Karate Kid vs Martian Manhunter
  63. Nightwing vs Daredevil
  64. Rank the Spider-men
  65. Charizard vs. Infernape
  66. Glynda Goodwitch vs Qrow
  67. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl (Steven Universe) vs. Yang, Weiss, and Blake (RWBY)
  68. Udon Gen vs Mercenary Tao
  69. Suicide Squad vs Thunderbolts
  70. Dick Grayson vs Connor Hawke
  71. Hufflepuff house vs Equalist
  72. How Powerful is The Enchantress from DC?
  73. Batcrew vs Juri Han
  74. DC Battle of the Secondaries!
  75. Nate Summers vs Mewtwo
  76. So Nightwing faces Winter Soldier, agree, disagree?
  77. Team RWBY Battle
  78. Charlie's Angels (movies) vs Jessica Jones and Black Widow
  79. Eve (Black Cat) vs Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
  80. movie Deadshot vs movie Bullseye
  81. MCU Cap vs 2003. Daredevil, Bullseye and Kingpin
  82. My Hero Academia vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  83. Batman Vs Azrael, Nightwing, Red Hood & Cassandra Cain
  84. Civil War vs Enchantress (DCCU)
  85. Spongebob Squarepants vs Wolverine vs Patrick Star vs Deadpool
  86. Steven Universe vs. Avatar
  87. GI Joe at the Battle of Autobot City (Transformers: The Movie)
  88. Guy Gardner (Warrior) vs Jaime Reyes
  89. Loki (Marvel) vs Mister Mxyzptlk (DC Comics)
  90. Pokemon vs. Steven Universe
  91. They sit and talk Harley Quinn and Jessica Jones
  92. Dikembe Umbutu vs. a Predator
  93. Timmy Trner vs Max Maple vs Aladdin vs Nobita
  94. Favorite Characters Meeting: Star Lord, Deadpool and Jessica Jones
  95. Rationalia: How dangerous/powerful could this country/planet be?
  96. Rambo vs the Minions
  97. Rank those Silver Age Superman Analogues
  98. RWBY vs. Steven Universe
  99. RWBY vs. Avatar
  100. Suicide Squad vs. the Guardians of the Galaxy, movie versions!
  101. Strongest character that Peter, Sylar, and Arthur can fight/defeat
  102. Captain America's Shield (MCU) vs. Wonder Woman's Shield (DCEU)
  103. Sith and Cenobites
  104. Avatar vs. Pokemon
  105. Edo Phoenix (Yugi Oh GX) VS Marik Ishtar (Original Yugi Oh series)
  106. DCCU Task Force X vs Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts
  107. Kurt Angle (WWE) vs Daniel Bryan
  108. Disney Princess FOOD WAR III... a.k.a. vegan black metal princesses
  109. Young Justice vs. Steven Universe
  110. Iceman vs Human torch ?
  111. Floor exercises of the peak
  112. Edge vs Dean Ambrose
  113. Black Widow(MCU) vs John Rambo
  114. *nod* Rafael vs Sartorius
  115. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs Seth Rollins
  116. Jeannie vs. Disney's Genie vs. Genie Jafar
  117. Suicide Squad at Helms Deep.
  118. Leto Joker and Ledger Joker sit and talk
  119. Ranking Naruto's "generation" (minus Naruto and Sasuke)
  120. Wolverine vs Deathstroke
  121. Keith Courage vs. Link
  122. Cat-Man versus Cat-Man
  123. JP Velociraptor Vs 2016 Jungle Book Team
  124. They Sit and Talk: Lord Brevon (from Freedom Planet) and Dr. Eggman
  125. Rafael vs. Jaden
  126. Z-one vs. Dartz
  127. If you were a Lantern, what more exotic attacks could you use besides the dumb constructs?
  128. Kraven vs Dick Grayson
  129. Taskmaster vs Connor Hawke and Shiva
  130. Batman and Captain America vs Deathstroke and Wolverine
  131. Batgirl vs Deathstroke, Wolverine and Taskmaster
  132. Which 616 Marvel characters at the start of their careers lose to their MCU counterparts ? *
  133. Who's the best Marksman from Marvel/DC?
  134. Bass vs, Bass
  135. A Harvester Queen takes on these two opponents in a mini-gauntlet...
  136. Juggernaut vs The Rhino vs The Blob?
  137. Steven Universe vs Ranma Saotome
  138. Frank (Ip Man) vs General Fujita
  139. Pennywise vs Batman
  140. How fast can Spider-man travel by swinging?
  141. Suicide Squad vs Man Of Steel
  142. Wonder Woman VS other female super-heroes/villains
  143. Aizen's bankai, what should it be?
  144. Weakest Shounen Manga Character that can solo Comic Book Peak Human (without Powers)
  145. Maka & Soul vs. Steven & Connie
  146. Kratos (God of War) vs Thor (Marvel or mythology)
  147. Star War: Episode One vs Force Awakens
  148. The Following vs. Bloodborne
  149. Cammy White vs Sonya Blade
  150. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Ichigo Kurosaki: 2016
  151. Deadpool vs Optimus Prime
  152. 80's action stars VS Terminator
  153. Batman Fanboys vs Flippy Fangirls
  154. Voltron vs The Granzon
  155. How powerful is Seoni in comparison to other fictional Sorcerers?
  156. The Nine Tailed Fox (Naruto) vs these Gundams
  157. Nerima Wrecking Crew in Gotham.
  158. Kazuma the Treasoner (Scryed) vs the following Anime Protagonists.
  159. Movie Tony Stark & Bruce Wayne have a conversation
  160. Best plot twists in comics?
  161. Game Mega Man vs. Archie Mega Man
  162. Superman vs The Endbringers
  163. Cyborg (DC Comics) vs Megaman/Rockman (Capcom)
  164. Captain America (616 Steve Rogers) Runs The Rio Gauntlet
  165. Zeno vs. Phoenix
  166. George Washington meets Barney the Dinosaur
  167. Alita vs Genos
  168. Bill Cipher vs Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
  169. Majin Buu vs. Botamo
  170. Helena (Orphan Black) vs Mrs. S (Orphan Black)
  171. Bella Swan vs The Master
  172. Ash Ketchum vs. Max Taylor (dinosaur king)
  173. Tag Team Tournament: "Named" WWE Teams Featuring Top Singles Wrestlers
  174. How powerful is composite Manhwa character?
  175. Does my top 25 strongest DC/Marvel villain list make sense?
  176. Manny Pacquiao's workout VS GGG's workout VS Shawn Porter's workout VS...PUPPET YOU!
  177. Set (Gods of Egypt) vs. Knuckles the Echidna
  178. Garth (Tempest) vs Korra
  179. Who are your favorite C-list and D-list characters?
  180. Saiyans in the Star Trek universe!
  181. My Top 50 DC/Marvel Villain List
  182. Brusier the betelgeusian berserker baboon (Bucky O'Hare) vs Ludo (Labyrinth)
  183. Looking for a comic book series that has actual threatening villains
  184. Injustice Supes and Spectre/Mxy in the MCU
  185. Garth (Tempest) vs Cinder Fall
  186. Telekinesis VS Astral Projection
  187. How many Sentinals would it take to kill Apocalypse?
  188. One Punch Man vs Popeye
  189. Gray Fullbuster vs Cinder Fall
  190. who in the DC universe can beat the Silver Surfer ?
  191. Suicide Squad Enchantress vs Fant4tastic Doom
  192. Rita Repulsa vs. Regina Mills
  193. Scenario: Sasuke vs. Pain
  194. Marvel / DC Final Super-Villain & Entity Tier List
  195. Weakest MCU character who can beat Izuku Midoriya
  196. Ranking space travel speed in different fictional universes
  197. Tag Team: ATT Robin and Eri Kasamoto vs MCU Captain America and Black Widow
  198. Akira Fudo vs. Inuyasha
  199. Gremlins vs Ewoks
  200. They sit and talk: Thea Queen and Jaden Yuki
  201. Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Cora
  202. The Red and Blue soldiers (Red vs Blue) vs the Teufort Mercenaries (Team Fortress 2)
  203. Mulan vs. Gabrielle
  204. The Powerpuff Girls vs. Big Barda, Stompa, & Lashina
  205. Batman vs Wolverine
  206. DC vs Marvel Olmypics
  207. Synnar (DC) VS Tyrant (Marvel)? Who's got this one?
  208. Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) runs a gauntlet
  209. Akheneten vs Galactus
  210. Krona visits Digimon Multiverse
  211. Jonas Albrecht vs Selene
  212. JLU Superman vs DCEU Doomsday
  213. Tis' be my Birthday!
  214. The Punisher stranded in Asgard
  215. Lord Brevon and Dr. Eggman switch places
  216. Ra's al Ghul vs the Batverse
  217. Samus Aran vs. Sephiroth
  218. Sausage Party vs Toy Story
  219. Harry Potter gains the powers of...SWISS ARMY MAN!
  220. Rose (Street Fighter) vs Quan Chi
  221. Saitama vs Spongebob Squarepants
  222. Rugal Bernstein Vs M Bison
  223. Mega Man vs. Triborg
  224. Ryu Hayabusa vs Guts
  225. Freddy Krueger vs RWBY-verse
  226. Spike Spiegel VS Oliver Queen
  227. Storm and Black Panter vs Black Lightning and Bronze Tiger
  228. Digimon vs. NetNavis
  229. Pokemon - Alain vs Cynthia
  230. Xena vs. Chun Li
  231. Beerus vs. The D-Reaper
  232. World without Evil VS World without Death
  233. Archer Emiya vs Ichigo
  234. Movie Asgard on the Move
  235. Darth Vader vs Silver Surfer
  236. Tuxedo Mask vs. Prince David
  237. Guts vs. Gon
  238. Weakest Doctor Who alien to defeat Jan Kugo/Jesse Dart
  239. The Night's Watch vs The Knights Who Say Ni
  240. Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) vs Dr. Eggman (Archie Comics)
  241. Khan vs. Morgan and Lee
  242. Strongest version of Link that Spinal can beat
  243. Digimon Adventures rumble
  244. MCU Hulk and Thor Vs 616 Wolverine and Cyclops
  245. Hermione Granger vs. Zatanna
  246. Jessica Hyde vs Hannibal
  247. Wonder Woman vs. Super Buu
  248. Sakura Kasugano vs. Black Canary
  249. Groot vs. Man-Thing
  250. Rapidmon (Armor) and Magnamon vs WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon