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  1. Sora vs Noctis
  2. Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged) vs Goku Black and Future Zamasu
  3. Gokaiger Vs. Marvel Earth (616), with several twists
  4. Justice League vs the Jedi Temple
  5. "Say my name, b*tches..."
  6. Solidus Snake vs. Doctor Octopus
  7. Phoenix Ikki vs. Sasuke Uchiha
  8. Yu Yu Haksuho vs RWBY
  9. TMNT vs These Members Of The Bat Family
  10. MCU Jessica Jones Meets... The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!
  11. Bray Wyatt vs. "Broken" Matt Hardy
  12. MCU Luke Cage in CW Central City
  13. Ceasar (Planet of the Apes) vs Walking Dead Survivors
  14. Shin Godzilla VS Final Wars Godzilla...3 minutes of Hell!
  15. Zero vs. General Grevious
  16. Luke Cage (MCU) vs The Terminator (T-800)
  17. Ryoga Hibiki VS MCU Hulk
  18. Knuckles the Echidna vs. Luke Cage
  19. Liv (iZombie) Comes To CW DC Verse
  20. Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Shawn Michaels TLC Match
  21. Scenario- Light Yagami tries to kill Batman
  22. Daisy Johnson (Agents of SHIELD0 vs Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)
  23. Our world gets invaded by the Thanagarians
  24. Gorilla Grodd Squad
  25. Current global economy(at the time of this post) VS...PEACE OUTBREAK.
  27. Tales from the Crypt show/comic morticians
  28. Liz Sherman (Hellboy) vs Jenny Sparks (The Authority)
  29. Smallville vs CW Verse
  30. Jason Lee Scott vs. Jason Voorhees
  31. The Ghostbusters vs Jason, Freddy, Mike Myers, and Pinhead
  32. MvCI - Sir Maximo vs Black Knight (Percy)
  33. Rambo (First Blood) vs TV Saviors
  34. Maxima (DC Comics) vs Gladiator (Marvel)
  35. The Shiar vs Asgard
  36. DCAU Darkseid vs DCEU Superman
  37. Composite Jack Reaacher vs. Eli
  38. The Harvester Mothership heads to the Earth of Universe 7
  39. How long could street level Villains ORG operate in the real before killed or ca
  40. Harley Quinn vs. Mai
  41. Spider-Man vs Rob Lucci
  42. Doomsday(BvS) attack VS Godzilla attack(Shin Godzilla)
  43. Instead of Maui, Moana gets a new patron Demigod... an angry one.
  44. Jedi/Sith Brawl
  45. NODS: Jedi/Sith DRUNKEN brawl!
  46. Garth (Tempest) vs Acqua of the Back (A Certain Magical Index)
  47. What is Black Bolt saying?
  48. The Inhumans vs The Authority (DC/Wildstorm)
  49. Niki Sanders/Mohinder Suresh vs Spartan III or IV from Halo
  50. Tommy Vercetti vs Tommy Oliver
  51. The Empire tries to invade Earth.
  52. Invest in a Super Corp!
  53. Black Bolt vs Aquarian
  54. Ash's Pikachu vs. Stitch
  55. Grindelwald vs Voldemort
  56. Necrons(WH40K) versus Generals(C&C)
  57. Happy Birthday!
  58. Phla Vell (Marvel) vs Maxima (DC Comics)
  59. The Empire/First Order vs The Gunbuster
  60. Lilly (REC/SiREN) runs the Detective guantlet
  61. Aquarian Runs a Strange Gauntlet
  62. PC Karate Kid vs. The Runner
  63. Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index) vs Tetsuo Shima (Akira)
  64. Kenan Kong vs. Conner Kent
  65. Jason battle royal!
  66. Thor (Jane Foster) vs. Nu52 Wonder Woman
  67. The Carnival comes to town
  68. Hulk, Abomination & Thing Vs Hulk, Kurse & Thing
  69. 1 Day of Cristmas Horror...WHAT BE THY WISH?
  70. what if...Spider-man was trained as a Robin?
  71. Sue Storm vs Starfire
  72. Imperial Guard(WH40K) versus Scrin(C&C3)
  73. Speed feat confirmation?
  74. Eli Morrow vs Riku(Kingdom Hearts) vs ATT Raven
  75. Superman vs. Hit
  76. Death's head 1 Enters the World of RWBY
  77. Morgan Le Fay (Marvel) vs. Circe (DC)
  78. Sersi (Eternals) vs Firestorm (Post Crisis)
  79. Shiklah (Marvel) vs Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
  80. Tony Stark Vs Joker
  81. They go on a date: Yhwach and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
  82. Dominic Toretto gets replaced...with Richard B. Riddick
  83. Best non Force User in Star Wars
  84. Attack of the Night-Terrors
  85. Azrael's Creed
  86. New Warriors (+ Human Torch) vs Titans (+Rocket and Vibe)
  87. Cassandra Cain vs Snake Eyes
  88. Hyperion 13034 vs. Thor (odinson)
  89. Instances of SMvsFL/PIS/CIS You Love Anyway
  90. Morgan le Fay (la Fey?) runs a gauntlet.
  91. Inspector Gadget vs Gizmoduck
  92. MCU Hulkbuster vs. Team RWBY
  93. Rogue One in Return of the Jedi
  94. Tyrian (RWBY) vs Adam Taurus
  95. Burglars and Creepers vs Poltergeists and Haunted spirits
  96. Styles, Michaels, Bryan, Hart & Punk Vs Vader, Kane, Show, Yokozuna, Henry
  97. Hit VS Goku Black
  98. Lady (Devil May Cry) vs Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
  99. Far East Avengers...ASSEMBLE!
  100. Tempest (Garth) vs Magneto
  101. Sharptooth vs. Eren Yaeger
  102. Akuma matata!
  103. Former celebrities who would have made an even bigger killing in combat sports..
  104. GDI(Tiberium Wars) versus The Imperial Guard(WH40K)
  105. Iron Fist vs. Doctor Octopus
  106. Pippi Longstocking vs. Knuckles the Echidna
  107. Luke Cage/Iron Fist Vs. Vixen/Black Canary
  108. Fictional Characters that can Stop The Juggernaut
  109. Composite Santa Clause vs. Composite Krampus
  110. Superboy(Post-Crisis) vs Superman(post-crises up till DoS)
  111. Rome vs Westeros
  112. Tenzin vs Zuko
  113. Today you get gifts
  114. Universal Movie Monsters
  115. Terry McGinnis vs Bruce Wayne
  116. HIT (DBS) VS Superman 1 Million
  117. Sonic the Hedgehog and Arale Norimaki have a friendly race.
  118. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) vs. Nova (Sam Alexander)
  119. Hawkman vs Angel
  120. Rey (Star Wars) VS Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
  121. Iron Man vs Dr Doom
  122. Possessed Angela Rance runs the gauntlet
  123. Old Man Logan vs Mad Max
  124. Wonder Woman (DC) vs Raiden (Metal Gear series)
  125. Hannibal Lecter (TV) and Hugo Strange sit and talk.
  126. NU/Reborn Wonder Woman vs Post-Crisis Wonder Woman
  127. Goku Black VS Saint Seiya Universe
  128. Weakest who can defeat...COMPOSITE BULLSHIDO USER!
  129. Wonder Woman vs. Majin Buu
  130. The Marvel Universe gets Invaded. Again. By Everyone.
  131. Would sprinkling Pym Particles on Cthulhu have any affect on him?
  132. Vision (MCU) Vs Spider-Man Villains (Sony)
  133. Master Order & Lord Chaos vs. Spectre (DCU)
  134. PPG and RRB runs Digimon, Pokemon, and Yugioh Gauntlet
  135. Newt Scamander (fantastic beasts) vs Daredevil ( MCU)
  136. Berserk Thor run's gauntlet
  137. Chirrut Imwe vs Daredevil (live action)
  138. Shang Cain the Iron Fist vs The World
  139. Wonder Woman (Nu52) vs Gang Ryong (Gosu)
  140. Rita Repulsa vs. Luke Cage
  141. Your Rogue One Dream Team
  142. Routh!Superman vs. Cavil!Superman
  143. The Battle of Spider-Men
  144. Gabrielle vs. Mileena
  145. Doflamingo vs. Cracker
  146. Susan Richards vs Kimiyo Hoshi
  147. Superman vs. a boggart
  148. Chris Jericho vs Randy Savage
  149. Red Tornado vs Vision
  150. The Bride vs John Wick
  151. Aquaman vs. Colossus & Wolverine
  152. Bat-Ladies in Keijo!
  153. You gain the power of a Confessor
  154. Darth Vader vs. Robocop
  155. How Powerful Is Onslaught?
  156. Cheshire vs. Madame Viper
  157. JB Reese (VR Troopers) VS Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers)
  158. Sayian Saga Gohan vs King Piccolo
  159. Ozymandias Vs Ken Kitano (Sun Ken Rock)
  160. Captain America vs Wonder Woman's classic villains
  161. Dante (DMC) vs Lobo
  162. Netflix Daredevil vs. Jackie Chan
  163. Luke Skywalker vs. Ahsoka Tano
  164. Link vs. Robin
  165. Kenshiro vs. Akuma
  166. Post-Crisis Superman VS
  167. One Nation under Bush....STAN BUSH!
  168. Moonstone vs Star Sapphire
  169. Transformers in The Star Wars Galaxy
  170. what if comics were made of these t.v. shows
  171. Weakest Civilization that could defeat the Photino Birds
  172. Emma Frost vs Moonstone: Mind Games
  173. Djokovic vs Nadal vs Federer
  174. Darth Vader vs. the Avatar Villains gauntlet
  175. They go on Date: Seto Kaiba and Asami Sato
  176. Dr. Senbei Norimaki gets hired by ESD (Earth Space Defense).
  177. Could Hit assassinate the Marvel Universe?
  178. Ryu Hayabusa vs Dante
  179. MCU Avengers watch this video tape
  180. Meme Wars : Guile's Theme Goes with Everything VS Celine-a-Scene
  181. Accelerator (Toaru ~) takes on the Blaz Blue universe
  182. World Domination!
  183. Baki Takes on The Boondocks Gaunlet
  184. Superman vs. Ares (DC)
  185. Freddy Krueger vs Guilty Gear-verse
  186. Younger Toguro vs. Killua Zoldyck
  187. Batman vs. The Suicide Squad (DCEU versions)
  188. Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman vs. Android 18
  189. The Powerpuff Girls vs. Magetta
  190. Which versions of Batman cannit defeat Cassandra Cain Post Crisis
  191. Storm vs Katara
  192. GODZILLAPOCALYPSE! How you gonna survive?
  193. Midnighter vs Dr.Doom
  194. Who coudl this team beat
  195. The Powerpuff Girls vs. Cabba
  196. Dr. Manhattan vs. The Time Trapper
  197. Superman vs. Fusion Zamasu
  198. Sharknado vs Polar Bear Vortex
  199. Sylar VS Damien Darhk
  200. Which version of Robin that can beat Pre-new52!Cassandra Cain
  201. Cassandra Cain runs FPS Protagonists Gauntlet
  202. Batman vs Ghostface (Scream)
  203. Ada Wong vs Lara Croft (Pre-reboot)
  204. Black Lighting vs Luke Cage
  205. netero (HxH) vs. yamamoto (bleach)
  206. Kerrigan (Starcraft series) vs Raiden (Metal Gear series)
  207. Battle Of The Blind - Daredevil (MCU) vs Chirrut Imwe (Rogue One)
  208. Cass Cain vs. Kilgrave
  209. Super Mario Brothers vs TMNT
  210. Goomoonryong runs Marvel/DC Gauntlets
  211. Thor and Flash switch places
  212. Tremor (Mortal Kombat) vs. Aganos (Killer Instinct)
  213. Agent 47 vs. Hush
  214. Elsa vs. Twinrova
  215. Ryuko Matoi vs. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  216. Cyborg vs. Bass
  217. Weakest Digimon/Pokemon/Yugioh Monsters that can solo Silver Age Superman
  218. Widowmaker (Overwatch) VS Nova Terra (StarCraft 2)
  219. Insane Power Jumps: G.O.H vs?
  220. They sit and Talk: Venus DeMilo(TMNT: Next Mutation) and Dr. Manhattan
  221. Name's the Same: Champions vs Champions
  222. Graviton Kitties VS...PROFIT!
  223. They go on date: Riku from Kingdom Hearts and ATT Raven
  224. Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law vs. Bleach duos
  225. Kingpin vs. Joker
  226. Krillin vs. Frost
  227. Classic Kingpin Vs Batman
  228. Mortal Kombat vs Virtua Fighter
  229. Sentry vs Larfleeze
  230. Skyfather types vs. Uber brick types
  231. Anakin vs Darth Vader
  232. Flash vs. Midnighter in a chess game
  233. Jojo vs. Fullmetal Alchemist
  234. Composite Shark VS The Hulk
  235. Luther Strode Vs Douji Kodama (Black Joke)
  236. Green Arrow vs Kraven The Hunter
  237. Deathstroke vs Azrael (JPV)
  238. Shiro Emiya vs. Shiki Tohno
  239. WH40K Chaos gods vs Superman and the Justice League
  240. The A-Team vs. The Destructix
  241. Walter White vs the predator and the terminator
  242. Magical Battles
  243. Yusuke Urameshi Supernatural Exterminator
  244. Greatest "rage out" moments
  245. Superman vs Pinhead (Hellraiser)
  246. Loki vs Lucifer Morningstar
  247. Which Green Lantern Can Susan Storm Beat?
  248. Keene Marlow (Destroyer Max) Vs. Chun Woo Han (The Breaker/New Waves)
  249. On Which Characters "Avada Kedavra" Wouldn't Work?
  250. Jedi Fight!