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  1. Jedi Fight!
  2. They Sit And Talk: Namor, Black Adam, and Vegeta
  3. Nebula (MCU) Vs Prince Nuada (Hellboy 2)
  4. DC Powerhouses
  5. They sit and they talk: The Joker and Sheogorath
  6. You are...ARSENAL: The One Man Army! Now Save the world.
  7. If you could transplant a nemesis from one hero/villain to another...
  8. Deadpool vs The Highlander
  9. Jareth ( Jim Henson's Labyrinth) vs Discord (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)
  10. Dr Doom VS Pre-Cisis Darkseid
  11. Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat) vs Thunder (Big Trouble in Little China)
  12. Ada Wong vs The Boss
  13. Mr. Data Vs. Whedon's Angel
  14. Arceus runs a gauntlet.
  15. Cerberus (Greek Mythology) VS Fenrir (Norse Mythology)
  16. Walter White vs Mr Glass
  17. Silver Surfer vs Darkseid
  18. X-23 (movie) vs. Damian (Morrison) ?
  19. Rogue Storm Vs Invisible Woman
  20. Spiderman vs Lex Luthor
  21. Enterprise vs Andromeda
  22. Azrael (BlazBlue) vs. Beowulf (Fate/Grand Order)
  23. They sit and talk: Superman (BvS) and The Punisher (Daredevil)
  24. Ultimecia vs. Lavos
  25. Black Adam vs BlackWarGreymon
  26. Keene Marlow (Destroyer MAX) Vs. Masataka Takayanagi (Tenjou Tenge)
  27. Magneto vs Graviton
  28. Umbrella Fight!! Ryoga Hibiki vs. Shizumaru Hisame vs. Princess Peach vs. Okuni
  29. Shang Chi (Marvel) vs Kenshiro (Hakuto No Ken/Fist Of the North Star)
  30. The Harvester Mothership vs. the Space Colony ARK
  31. War of the Worlds
  32. ID:R Earth Vs the Enterprise-E
  33. Sasha (Anarchy Reigns) vs Mistral (Metal Gear Reveangance)
  34. *nods to mohammedelkhater* Is there ANY Digimon that would be capable of hurting
  35. Asura vs. The Eight Kings
  36. Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse vs Silk, Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen
  37. Weakest Digimon that can take on Mxyzptlk
  38. Strongest shounen manga characters that ethan can defeat.
  39. Cosmic Maestro feats and stats?
  40. Michelangelo(TMNT_Nick) vs. Ty Lee(Avatar)
  41. They sit and Talk: Saitama(One Punch Man) and Carrangers
  42. They go on Date: Alcatraz/Prophet(Crysis) and Alma Wade
  43. Marius vs Quint vs Markus
  44. They Sit and Talk: Jason Todd and Raphael of the Ninja Turtles
  45. Nosferatu Zodd vs. Violence Jack
  46. White Lotus (Avatar) VS The Bat Family
  47. TF2 mercenaries dropped into War of the Worlds
  48. Namor vs. Black Adam
  49. Ouki vs Renpa (Kingdom)
  50. Puss in Boots from Shrek franchise vs Sir Didymus from Jim Henson's Labyrinth
  51. lord Voldemort and Lord Bowser fight each other on a bet.
  52. Link from Legend of Zelda vs Jen The Gelfling from The Dark Crystal
  53. Voltron (Legendary Defender version) vs The Angels (Evangelion)
  54. Silver Sable vs Huntress
  55. Smallville's Green Arrow vs Title character of Arrow
  56. Bane (Dark Knight Rises) vs Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)
  57. Who's a better trapeze artist, Boston Brand or Dick Grayson?
  58. Buzz-Off vs. Buzz-Off
  59. Knuckles wants to study under Master Roshi.
  60. They sit and talk: Frank Miller's Batman and Alice Abernathy
  61. Pre-retcon Beyonder versus Infinity Gauntlet trilogy Living Tribunal
  62. Monsters invade Marvel
  63. They switch places: Krang and M.O.D.O.K.
  64. DDP vs Seth Rollins
  65. Black Adam(WW3) vs. (Death-Seed Sentry)
  66. Namor vs. Wonderman
  67. Kaioh vs Superman
  68. Kazuma Kiryu vs Bane (post-Rebirth)
  69. Pre-Crisis Darkseid vs Odin(Marvel)
  70. Alexander Anderson vs Buffyverse villains
  71. The Stuff (from the 1985 movie) vs Raft-slime from Creepshow 2
  72. Krillin (Dragon Ball Z Super) VS Frieza
  73. Jake's Avatar (Avatar) Vs The Alpha Darkseeker (I Am Legend)
  74. AJ Styles vs Chris Benoit
  75. Aquaman runs the Gauntlet
  76. Saber (Fate/Stay Night) vs Witchblade (Sara Pezzini)
  77. Big Van Vader vs Brock Lesnar
  78. Sinestro vs Magneto
  79. Batman (Ben Affleck) Vs. Batman (Christian Bale)
  80. Burt Gummer vs Predator
  81. Orion, Lightray and Takion run the DBZ villain Guantlet
  82. Lucy (Elfen Lied) vs. Female Dragon Ball characters
  83. Dr. Isaacs vs captain america Black Widow and daredevil
  84. Stories/events that you enjoy for the feats
  85. They sit and talk, Jesse Pinkman and Spider-Man.
  86. They sit and talk Harry Potter and Akko Kagari.
  87. Cassandra Cain vs Killer Croc
  88. Zaheer Vs Azula
  89. Rank these Shonen Protagonists
  90. THe Comedian from Watchmen vs John Rambo
  91. Susan Storm vs Mera
  92. Groundhog Day 2: Adventure In Gotham
  93. Battle of Helms Deep redone with a twist
  94. (nods to kuro) the battle of helms deep, with a twist.
  95. Armogohma vs. Godzilla
  96. Meliodas vs. Madara Uchiha
  97. Weakest Robert E Howard character to defeat Guts.
  98. A Pre-crisis Kryptonian Green Arrow - Ollie-el
  99. Geese Howard vs MORTAL KOMBAT!
  100. Hellywood (Now and Then, Here and There ) vs The Commonwealth (Fallout 4)
  101. Creative One Shot Deaths
  102. Jenny Quantum vs. Franklin Richards
  103. Rogue One VS Episode One
  104. Action Movie Hero Royale
  105. Godzilla vs. Middle-Earth's Ancalagon the Black
  106. They sit and talk Harry Potter and Ruby Rose.
  107. They sit and Talk: Tracey Sketchit and Extreme Ghostbusters
  108. The Beast (Split) vs Captain America (MCU)
  109. Raven vs Cesaro
  110. Razor Ramon vs Roman Reigns
  111. The Ghostbusters at Hogwarts!
  112. The New Overlord in Town
  113. Samurai Jack vs Guts(Berserk)
  114. Soul King Brook vs. Hidan
  115. Medusa(Greek Mythology) and Basilisk(Harry Potter) Looks Into Each Others Eyes
  116. Superman vs Freddy Krueger
  117. Superman vs Jason Voorhees
  118. Rank in Strength
  119. Superman vs Michael Myers
  120. Thanos vs. Nekron
  121. Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Yusuke Urameshi
  122. Dr. Doom vs Black Adam
  123. Most menacing threats in fiction
  124. Spartan (Arrow) vs Guardian (Supergirl)
  125. They go on Date: Masaru Daimon and Steven Universe's Crystal Gems
  126. Beast Boy (Teen Titans) vs Deathstroke (Young Justice)
  127. Raimundo Pedrosa enters the Street Fighter Tournament
  128. Naruto Uzumaki vs. Ulquirra Schiffer
  129. Hisoka vs. Orochimaru
  130. Carnage W/Yellow Ring vs. Punisher W/ Yellow Ring
  131. Weakest Person To Solo The Baker Family?
  132. Create an anime/manga Suicide Squad
  133. They switch places: Galactus (616) and Beerus the Destroyer
  134. The strongest person (canon or non-canon) in the Dragon Ball franchise...
  135. Rank these Shonen Villains
  136. John Wick vs. Agent 47 vs. Solid Snake
  137. Dusty Rhodes vs The Rock
  138. Raiden (Metal Gear) vs John Conner (Terminator)
  139. Aspen Matthews versus Jinbe from One Piece
  140. Doomsday + Hulk VS Asura(Asura's Wrath)
  141. Tanya von Degurechaff reincarnates...in OUR world! Can we survive?
  142. Cartoons no longer exist.
  143. Bruce and Diana in Gotham
  144. Thena vs. Gamora vs. Lady Sif
  145. Pain vs Netero
  146. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) meets Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
  147. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) meets Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
  148. Velociraptor(Jurassic Park/World) vs...
  149. Quicksilver vs Captain Cold
  150. WWIII Black Adam vs. New 52 Justice League
  151. Darth Vader vs. Storm
  152. MCU Thor vs. MOS General Zod
  153. Aang vs The MCU
  154. Omnigul vs. Silver the Hedgehog
  155. FOX Apocalypse vs. MCU Doctor Strange
  156. Kenshin Himura vs. MCU Captain America
  157. The Flash vs. The Silver Surfer
  158. Live Action Movie/TV Version vs Original Comic Book Version
  159. Deathstroke vs Invincible
  160. Kenshin Himura vs. Bankotsu (Inuyasha)
  161. Atom Eve (Invincible) vs Susan Storm
  163. Deadpool vs Leatherface
  164. Black Lightning vs Static
  165. now in Bat-o vison.
  166. The ultimate test of humanity is...forgiveness!?
  167. How Powerful a speedster is Composite! Cyborg 009
  168. Fiction Universal Survival Arc
  169. They Go On A Date: Jaune Arc and Bayonetta
  170. They sit and Talk: ATT Cyborg, JP Shibayama, Pence, and Professor Birch
  171. DCEU Batman vs. MCU Nobu
  172. Luffy and Natsu vs Meliodas and Escanor
  173. Transformers universal surviual arc
  174. The Most Powerful Blind Person in Fiction?
  175. Kenshiro (FotNS) vs. Rai (Noblesse)
  176. Storm vs Fancy Dan (HTH only)
  177. TF2 Mercenaries vs Overwatch Heroes(with a Twist)
  178. Weakest anime character to defeat Midora (Toriko)
  179. Odin (Marvel) vs. Larfleeze
  180. Ice Cube shows up to fight you , your reaction.
  181. Adam Warlock-a-bunal feats thread....
  182. John Wick vs. The Punisher
  183. Ernie The Cat Ladd and Terry Bam Bam Gordy Vs. Nitika Kolof and Sid Vicious
  184. They Sit and Chat: Alec Holland and Bruce Banner
  185. Hisoka vs. Kenshiro
  186. Son Goku vs. Major Benson Winifred Payne...
  187. Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai
  188. Digitek (Marvel) vs Engineer (The Authority)
  189. MossMan (Masters of the Universe) vs. Poison Ivy
  190. Hank Pym vs T'Challa vs Tony Stark
  191. Bruce Banner or Otto Octavius: Who is Smarter?
  192. So I assume we have to respect Marvel's official top 10 smartest heroes list
  193. say hello to the newest hero in marvel/dc: THE PUNCHMASTER!!
  194. Worst U.S. President in Fiction?
  195. Doom vs Dr Voodoo
  196. Top 10 Smatest people in the DC Universe
  197. Strongest Character That The Dragonborn Can Curbstomp?
  198. Thor opponents vs Spiderman villains
  199. Villain Teams War!
  200. Conan (Conan the Adventurer) vs Arthur King (KAatKoJ)
  201. Hisoka vs. Team 7
  202. Superman vs Morgoth
  203. Garth (Aquaman) vs Crystal (Inhumans)
  204. Scarlet Witch(Full Potential) vs Phoenix vs Dr Strange(full potential) who wins?
  205. Darkseid vs Thanos
  206. They Sit and Talk: Scott Summers and Hal Jorden
  207. They sit and talk: Punchmaster and Saitama
  208. Benchmarking Skills
  209. Batfamily martial prowess in order of Best to least talented
  210. Saitama VS Manga Kazuma(final form)
  211. Human society vs "Cultrual Enrichment"...FROM SPACE!
  212. CM Punk vs The Great Muta
  213. The Horde from Split vs Unbreakable
  214. Can Juggernaut(w/ Ruby of Cytorrak) or Wolverine go head to head w/ Superman?
  215. Digimon Adventure 01 Battle Royale!
  216. Weakest Fictional Army that can get past the Great Wall of China (The Great Wall
  217. Anti-Spiral vs. Time Trapper.
  218. Batman Family vs Watchmen
  219. Aegon the conqueror (Game Of Thrones) tries to conquer middle earth.
  220. Martian Manhunter vs Magnus the Red
  221. Broly vs Akuma
  222. Cass Cain vs Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
  223. Colossus, Luke Cage and Spider-Man vs The Thing
  224. The Phantom versus Black Panther
  225. Goren vs Columbo
  226. Sora vs Aqua
  227. John Wick vs Galahad (Kingsmen)
  228. Rusty Krillin (DBS) VS Bullseye (Marvel)
  229. Basil the kicker Vs Dabura
  230. Strongest Manga/Comic Book Character that Captain Titus (WH40K) can defeat?
  231. Atlantians (DC) vs Inhumans (Marvel)
  232. My Hero Academia vs. Avatar: The Last Air-Bender
  233. Queen Emeraldas vs Utena
  234. Mammoth Mogul vs. Gorilla Grodd
  235. Gorr the God Butcher vs. New 52 Darkseid
  236. Elektra vs. Red Hood
  237. how powerful is the Black Panther God
  238. The Beast(Split) vs. Bane(Dark Knight Rises)
  239. Reed Richards and Doctor Who's Doctor invades Maze of Tzeentch
  240. Randy Orton vs Hulk Hogan
  241. Ten Commandments (Nanatsu no Taizai) vs. Demon World (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  242. Whose More Durable Between/Among...
  243. Sieglinde vs JLU Superman
  244. Winnie the Pooh vs. Yamcha, with a twist!
  245. Rocky Balboa vs Ip Man (Donnie Yen Movies)
  246. Sokka vs Jaune Arc
  247. Savage Dragon vs. Luke Cage
  248. Most Vulnerable Castle
  249. The Phoenix Force vs. free will
  250. The Shield & The Hardy Boyz Vs The Wyatt Family