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  1. ultimate blue eyes white dragon vs Godzilla
  2. Pre-Crisis Superman
  3. Weakest Sasuke that can defeat Yoruichi Shihōin?
  4. The Authority vs Fantastic Four (+ Black Panther, Thor And Dr. Strange)
  5. Super Sonic vs. Ultraman
  6. Batman Vs Various Bullet-timers
  7. Red Tornado (Robot Version) vs Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
  8. Lord Drakkon/Evil Tommy runs the Red Ranger guantlet
  9. Weakest Superman that can take on Magnus the Red
  10. Ned Stark vs Tywin Lannister in a full blown war *spoilers*
  11. Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, Ip Man, Rama vs MCU Captain America
  12. King Krypton vs. Jupiter Gorilla
  13. Superman vs Raoh
  14. Susan Storm vs The Engineer
  15. Who's the Strongest that Iron Fist can Push with the One Inch Punch?
  16. Darkwing Duck vs Sogeking (One Piece)
  17. The Legends of Tomorrow vs a T-1000
  18. Who can resist the "Lasso of Truth"?
  19. Kong (05)VS I Rex (Jurrasiic world)
  20. Clash Of The Toons
  21. Odin vs. Nightmare
  22. They sit and talk Cass Cain and X-23
  23. X-24 vs Captain America
  24. What if: Guns or Gunpowder never existed?
  25. The Avengers vs Lego Phantom Zone villains
  26. Freddy Krueger vs One Piece
  27. John Wick vs. The Accountant
  28. Calamity Ganon vs. Godzilla *potential Breath of the Wild spoilers here*
  29. Phoenix Force vs Pre-Crisis Superman
  30. Hulkverine vs Doomsday
  31. Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer
  32. Martial Arts Battle Royale
  33. Yu-Gi-Oh - Card with more effects than Ra?
  34. They Sit And Talk: Wonder Woman And The Authority
  35. Trio De Dangers vs. Frost, Auta Magetta and Cabba
  36. Captain America vs Thorkell (Vinland Saga)
  37. Krishna (Supergod) vs. The Engineer (Authority)
  38. Bane vs Kraven the Hunter
  39. Daario Naharis vs Jon Snow
  40. Doflamingo (one piece) vs meliodas (seven deadly sins)
  41. Wonder Woman vs Carol Danvers
  42. No Limits fallacy question
  43. "Battle of the Bands" Scenario?
  44. Arkham Asylum Gets Packed
  45. Tokyo Ghoul vs Hunter x Hunter
  46. Night Crawler vs Azazel
  47. EOS Luther Strode Vs. Captain Titus
  48. Green Berets replace Spetsnaz in all their notable battles in history
  49. Eru Illuvatar and the Ainur/Valar vs the Justice League
  50. TF2 Mercenaries vs DATS members
  51. Batfamily vs. Rock Lee (Naruto)
  52. X-23 vs. Cass Cain
  53. The Widow (into the badlands) Vs John Wick
  54. Project Alice or any RE movie protagonist runs a big gauntlet - Part 1
  55. Doc Louis vs Monkey D. Luffy
  56. The Spectre in the Lovecraftverse
  57. Angle/Hart/Michaels/Rollins/Styles Vs Batista/Goldberg/Henry/Lesnar/Reigns
  58. Lois Lane vs "Jolly" J. Jonah Jameson
  59. Steven Universe vs Mr Satan
  60. Voltron (Legendary Defender version) replaces Mazinkaiser
  61. FOX Mutant Powerhouses vs. MCU Powerhouses
  62. The punchmaster in anime/manga!
  63. Team Sonic replaces Goku, Buu, and Gohan...
  64. they go on a date: captain marvel and rocket raccoon.
  65. Tanya von Degurechaff ATTACKS Helm's Deep...
  66. Naruto and Sasuke vs. the Seven Deadly Sins
  67. Movie Wolverine vs Movie Black Panther
  68. Skull Island Kong vs The MUTOs
  69. It came from the Last Age... Kenshiro VS Skull Island(and everything on it...)
  70. Weakest fictional world to repel HOKUTO no INVASION(aka the Infestation of Kens)
  71. Weakest Person to Defeat a Current MCU Infinity Gauntlet Wielder
  72. Laura (Logan) vs. A Xenomorph (Alien Franchise)
  73. The Reality Era vs The Attitude Era
  74. Escanor vs. Madara Uchiha
  75. Superman (Crisis on Two Earths) vs Itachi Uchiha
  76. Old Xavier vs Unbreakable
  77. the phantom stranger vs the stranger
  78. Grodd (CW) Takes Control of Kong (Skull Island) and Attacks teams flash
  79. Current Wrestlers Vs Monster Debuts
  80. Tao Tei(s) vs Orcs
  81. John Wick vs Sin City
  82. They sit and talk, and maybe get attacked by ninjas: Deadpool and She-Hulk
  83. Weakest anime or manga character that can solo the Halo-verse?
  84. Wonder Woman vs Bayonetta
  85. Star Trek: TOS Vs. Aliens
  86. Young Justice Battle Royale
  87. Captain America Takes On The Globetrotters
  88. Who has the Greatest Army
  89. THE Mule vs Kilgrave
  90. Plato VS Socrates VS Aristotle...THE GREAT DEBATE DEBACLE!
  91. Emperor Joker vs Emperor Doom
  92. They sit and talk X-23 (Logan Movie) and Eleven (Stranger Things)
  93. John Constantine vs John Taylor
  94. Iceman (deathseed) vs. Hal Jordan (GL)
  95. Cenrurions vs Iron Man team
  96. Aku vs Skeletor
  97. Cosmic Spider-Man vs Maestro
  98. Scorpion vs Akuma
  99. Gabriel Shepherd (proto-mutant) vs. Exodus
  100. MCU Iron Fist vs MCU Daredevil
  101. Movie Daredevil Team VS Netflix Daredevil Team
  102. Who is smarter: Professor X or Beast?
  103. The Phantom vs The Shadow
  104. Gollum vs Dobby
  105. MCU Ironfist vs Sunny (Into The Bad Lands)
  106. Weakest Pokemon/Digimon/Yugioh Monster that can solo Fate Stay Night's servant
  107. HIM (Powerpuff Girls) vs Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
  108. Doom Patrol vs Marvel Team Up
  109. Monsters invade Marvel Version 2
  110. Who is the more dangerous commander: William Riker or Ender Wiggins?
  111. Jack Rakan vs. Kenpachi Zaraki
  112. The Defenders (MCU) Vs Buffy, Faith, Angel & Spike (Buffyverse)
  113. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian Vs The Shield
  114. triple match OML vs TDKR vs U.F.
  115. Triple Match Jackie Chan vs The Punch Master vs The Karate Kid.
  116. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and X-23 vs Jason Voorhees
  117. Dragon Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There
  118. Beast Vs Tigra
  119. Anime vs Comics
  120. Scorpion vs Ryu
  121. How long can you survive for 12 months in the Disney Universe?
  122. Belle's Brain VS The Beast...
  123. Sonic the hedgehog VS Speed of sound Sonic (One punch man)
  124. The Defenders (MCU) Vs Drax, Gamora & Nebula (MCU)
  125. Body Reading VS Drunken Boxing?
  126. Captain Cold vs Cyclops
  127. Which city is worse, Gotham City or Detroit (Robocop)?
  128. Gipsy Danger vs Mazinger Z
  129. Conan the Barbarian vs Batman
  130. Strongest single foe or team the Justice Machine could defeat?
  131. Strongest single foe or team the Extinctioners could defeat?
  132. Lifeforce alien vampires vs Vampirella
  133. Ug (Critters franchise) vs Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  134. Quinn (Into the Badlands) vs Arthur Dayne (Game of Thrones)
  135. Captain America (MCU) vs The Three Monks (Into the Badland)
  136. King Kong Vs Pacific Rim
  137. MCU Spider-Man vs MCU Defenders.
  138. Justice Lords vs The Elite
  139. MCU Defenders & Spider-Man Vs MCU Guardians of the Galaxy
  140. Rita Repulsa vs. MCU(?) Luke Cage
  141. frankenstein vs king kong
  142. Wonder Woman vs Lightning Farron
  143. Power Rangers vs. Mega Men
  144. Cleric's DC Tournament of Champions!
  145. Cass Caiin vs. Chara (Undertale)
  146. Blindspot (Daredevil's new sidekick) vs. various Batman Sidekicks
  147. Popeye the Sailor Man and Bluto vs Sportacus and Robbie Rotten
  148. Great Lakes Avengers vs Legion of Substitute Heroes
  149. Savage Wars
  150. Akame (Akame Ga Kill) vs. Setsuna Sakurazaki (Negima)
  151. Senator Armstrong vs. Rita Repulsa (2017)
  152. Battle of the Bars: Mos Eisley Cantina vs The Salty Spitoon
  153. Kong vs Buraki
  154. Franklin Richards (adult) vs. Spectre
  155. "Bruce" Leroy Green vs Netflix's Iron Fist
  156. Hansel and Gretel (Witch Hunters) vs Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie)
  157. Project Alice or any RE movie protagonist runs a big gauntlet - Part 2
  158. Kong (Skull Island) vs. Zilla
  159. They Sit and Talk: Saitama And Kenshiro
  160. Your mission: ASSASINATE AH GOU(Feng Shen Ji)
  161. Superman vs Nemesis
  162. Dean Ambrose vs Katsuyori Shibata
  163. The Widow (into the Badlands) VS The Punisher (Marvel Comics)
  164. Harley Quinn vs Jinx
  165. Sunny (Into the badlands) enters the world of game of thrones
  166. Project Alice vs Xena vs Buffy
  167. BraveStarr vs. a Preadator
  168. Red Ranger (Jason) and Movie Raphael vs. MCU Captain America
  169. Power Rangers (2017) vs. Gatchaman (Live action)
  170. Nemesis Vs Superman Redux
  171. 2017 Kong vs. Anguirus
  172. Movie Spider-Men vs. MCU Iron Man and Black Panther
  173. Davos vs. Elektra
  174. Gambit vs. Lizard and Killer Croc
  175. MCU Punisher vs. MCU Luke Cage (with a twist)
  176. MCU Daredevil and Iron Fist vs. MCU Luke Cage
  177. Assassin Spider-Man vs. Luke Cage
  178. What do you look for in a fight scene?
  179. Bryan Pillman Vs Rick Martel
  180. What if World War 1 never happen?
  181. They sit and talk: Dexter and Arrow
  182. Red Ranger Jason vs. Green Ranger Tommy
  183. They sit and Talk: Bart Simpson and Kenta Date
  184. Mera vs. Black Manta
  185. War Machine vs. Black Manta
  186. PuppetMaster (Ghost in The Shell) vs Ultron (Marvel)
  187. Godzilla 2014 VS Akuma...aka the one-sided match from Hell!
  188. Your BBQ, beer and TV choice VS...KAIJU ARMAGEDDON!
  189. Toughest MCU character who DCEU Batman can beat
  190. Dora Circe VS MCU Quicksilver
  191. Guardians of the Galaxy MCU vs Grrl Power Webcomic
  192. Hyperion vs. Cyborg(vic stone)
  193. Jim Halpert vs. Peter Gibbons (Office Space)
  194. 2017 Kong vs. Frost Beast
  195. MCU Jessica Jones vs. DCEU Killer Croc
  196. MCU Luke Cage vs. Hancock
  197. iron fist gauntlet
  198. Hancock vs. DCEU Superman
  199. Mega Man vs. Cayde-6
  200. Akiza Izinski (Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds) vs Zuzu Boyle (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V)
  201. Who Would Lose to a Mook with a Gun?
  202. Cartoon Drink-Off!
  203. Shang Bu Huan vs Aku
  204. Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) vs Guts (Berserk)
  205. King Arthur VS Miyamoto Musashi
  206. Namor, Iron Man and Archangel vs. Invincible
  207. MCU Luke Cage vs. CW Steel
  208. Diamondback vs. CW Atom
  209. Mark I Iron Man vs. Armored Batman (BVS)
  210. Captain Cold as a Villain in Marvel NYC
  211. Jason Voorhees vs the Defenders
  212. Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill) vs. Rob Lucci
  213. Karbin Vs Grievous (Star Wars Battle)
  214. DCEU Superman vs Martian Manhunter (Supergirl)
  215. Jessica Jones in the DCU
  216. UA vs. The Titan Shifters
  217. My Hero Academia vs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  218. King Kong vs. Great Ape Goku
  219. Skynet in the Megaman Universe.
  220. Finna Balor vs AJ Styles
  221. The villains from the Lego Batman movie invade DCU Gotham
  222. Classic WCW Invades Modern WWE: Team Current WWE Vs Team Classic WCW
  223. FF1 Black Belt vs Cassandra Cain
  224. They sit and Talk: Yellow and Ikuto(Digimon Savers)
  225. Swordsmen Battle Royale
  226. Defeat This Team
  227. Our Earth VS Arishem the Judge... a.k.a. JUDGEMENT DAY!
  228. Who can take a punch from One Punch Man?
  229. The Broken Hardys vs The Wyatt Family
  230. Suiryu (One Punch Man) vs Ryozanpaku (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi)
  231. The MCU's Last Stand
  232. Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect) vs Aayla Secura (Star Wars)
  233. Power Rangers vs Captain America
  234. Jaime Reyes vs Saitama
  235. Tyr Anasazi (Andromeda) vs T'ealc (Stargate)
  236. They sit and talk: Asta, Boruto Uzumaki, Izuku Midoriya and Touta Konoe
  237. Rita Repulsa vs. The Power Rangers
  238. What if: China no longer existed?
  239. Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar
  240. Karnak vs Midnighter
  241. Random Encounters Series
  242. (1987) Robocop vs Johnny 5 (1988)
  243. Dr. Eggman replaces Dr. Drakken.
  244. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament/League
  245. Dio Brando vs. Ranma Saotome
  246. Cleric's DC Tournament of Champions, Round 1. Rumble Stumble!
  247. Sabretooth vs Wolverine
  248. Maui (Moana) vs Darth Maul (Star Wars Episode I)
  249. OT: Are there any feats for the Emperor of Mankind (WH40k)
  250. Banner becomes the Incredible Hunk. Go!