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  1. Banner becomes the Incredible Hunk. Go!
  2. CW Zoom vs CW Darhk
  3. Roman Reigns VS Lashley
  4. Maui vs Po
  5. A Predator clan leader vs King Kong
  6. Rambo vs Alien Queen.
  7. Adamantium Absorbing Man vs. Superman
  8. Movie Sinister Six vs. DCEU Suicide Squad, MCU Captain America and Iron Man
  9. Emperor of Mankind (WH40K) vs Talos Stormcrown (Elder Scrolls)
  10. King Kong (2017) vs. Ganon
  11. Amazo vs. New 52 Doomsday vs. WWIII Black Adam
  12. All-Star Battle Royale
  13. Energy Blasts Power Levels
  14. Bella Swan vs Blade
  15. Buck (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) vs Akut (Legend of Tarzan)
  16. Tanya vov Degurechaff VS Attack on Titan Earth...
  17. Best Fictonal Kings
  18. the best fictional presidents?
  19. Tanya von Degurechaff vs. MCU Iron man
  20. Scorpion King (Dwayne Johnson) vs Conan The Barbarian (Jason Momoa)
  21. Batman Vs Animal Hybrid Villains
  22. Pick 3 regular teens to survive Don't breathe
  23. KJ's "They've Never Won a Title" Wrestling Tournament
  24. movie Silver Surfer vs movie Doomsday
  25. Iron Man and The Mandarin vs Doctor Doom
  26. Stongest CW DC character who Kamen Rider Faiz can beat?
  27. Grug Crood vs Fred Flintstone
  28. Cassandra Cain vs Wrath
  29. MMPR Vs. Kamen Riders!
  30. Today is my Birthday
  31. Jason Voorhees vs. Conan The Barbarian (Arnold Schwarzneggar)
  32. Strongest Kamen Rider who Team RWBY can beat?
  33. Tony "Scarface" Montana vs. Miami Vice
  34. Spider-Man vs. Robin (with a sword)
  35. Subzero vs The Night's King
  36. Maui VS Armless Asura
  37. The fictional multiverse embraces...KEIJO.
  38. Who has the strongest Digomon partner.
  39. Cleric's DC Tournament of Champions, Round 2: Unlimited Power!
  40. [Scenario]Contract on Gunslinger Girl
  41. Composite Hyperion/Exodus vs. Composite Superman/Martian Manhunter
  42. Trumps ego vs Luthors ego
  43. Count Dooku vs Saruman
  44. Fry from Futurama and Captain America switch places
  45. Samurai Jack vs Avatar Aang
  46. Kamen Rider 1 (Kamen Rider spirits version) vs Kamen Rider Kuuga (manga version)
  47. The Atom vs Shrinking Violet
  48. They sit and talk Jessica Jones (Netflix) and David Haller (FX Legion)
  49. Mamoru Takamura (Hajime no Ippo) VS Dudley (Street Fighter)
  50. Dragon Ball Z plot devices in the real world
  51. Sora and company (Kingdom Hearts) vs Judge Doom
  52. Judge Dredd vs. RoboCop
  53. Denny Crane vs Jack McCoy
  54. Inspector Gadget vs Johnny Five (1986)
  55. DCAU Superman vs DoS Superman
  56. DoS Superman vs Smallville Superman
  57. Marvel vs Disney: Tarzan vs Kraven
  58. DCAU Superman vs Alexander Anderson
  59. FF7 vs FF8
  60. Actual Dragonball in the real world
  61. Goku's fights now have a twist- Joku
  62. Rita Repulsa and Goldar vs. MCU Avengers
  63. Nanoha vs Symphogear
  64. Characters With Biggest Jobber/Jobbing Auras
  65. Old Man Logan vs Deathstroke
  66. Kraven and Chameleon vs. Killer Croc and Man-Bat
  67. every Major Villian is now Dio !
  68. The Thing (John Carpenter) vs The Blob (1988 remake)
  69. Ms. Marvel vs Wolverine
  70. Metropolis is Under Attack!
  71. Doomsday vs Lobo
  72. Lord Zedd vs. Ganondorf
  73. Pick Your Power!
  74. Vegeta sits and talks with... Vegeta
  75. Raizo (Ninja Assassin) vs Sunny (Into The Badlands)
  76. Batman's latest feat against Professor Zoom. Logical or Fallacy
  77. Cassandra Cain VS Samurai Jack Character Gauntlet
  78. Live action Belle(trained by Greg Jackson & Team) VS Beast...
  79. Giant Man vs Colossal Boy
  80. They Just Sit and Talk: Squirrel Girl and Saitama
  81. Strongest brick that 616 Colossus can defeat?
  82. Kamen Riders vs Precures
  83. Who is the Dick Grayson of the villain set in DCU/ Marvel U
  84. Neo(Before his "death") vs. Kato(The Green Hornet)
  85. Cleric's DC Tournament of Champions, Round 3: BATTLE!
  86. John Wick vs Jason Bourne
  87. Fighter vs Martial Artist
  88. The strongest form of Ultron that Sigma can fight
  89. Lita/Kong/Trish/Moolah/Bayley Vs Charlotte/Nia/Ivory/Chyna/Bliss
  90. New Jack vs. Cactus Jack
  91. Jason Bourne vs Rama (Raid Movies)
  92. Battle of the Freaks
  93. Black Canary as a fighter - where does she rate?
  94. Dr.Manhattan vs The Spectre
  95. MCU Big Three versus DCEU Trinity
  96. coming back and got a question.
  97. The Illuminati vs. The Infinity Watch!
  98. Prometheus vs Ra's Al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn
  99. Black Manta vs. Black Panther
  100. 2017 Megazord runs a Pacific Rim gauntlet.
  101. Xenomorph VS John Rambo...who's the better killer?
  102. James Bond vs Indiana Jones
  103. black widow vs Ghost in the Shell
  104. Empowered (Guess) vs Halo (Grrl Power)
  105. End of the World VS Alien Dominion...which is more preferable?
  106. MCU Groot/Ronan vs. Venom/Sandman
  107. Genos (One Punch Man) vs Alita (Battle Angel Alita)
  108. Original Teen Titans vs. Original X-Men
  109. They Sit and Talk: the Parkers and the Parrs
  110. Good instances of characters with no powers beating characters who do have them
  111. Can The Mountain be Considered CBPH in Terms of Strength?
  112. Ozymandias (Watchmen) vs Goliath and his clan (Gargoyles)
  113. team Wolverine vs team MCU
  114. It's my birthday...But I realize something.
  115. *nods to ironduke555* Dr. Manhattan vs. Deadman
  116. Captain Atom vs. Starhawk
  117. MCU Ego the Planet vs. FOX Shadow King
  118. James T. Kirk vs Benjamin Sisko...In Hell in a Cell!
  119. Cass Cain vs. Ashi (Potential Samurai Jack Spoilers)
  120. Guts (Berserk) vs Aku (Samurai Jack)
  121. general zod and Enchantress vs Doomsday
  122. BatFam vs CapFam
  123. Spider- Man vs Wolverine
  124. Alice (Resident Evil Movies) vs Selene (Underworld)
  125. The Imakandi (Samurai Jack) vs Four Predators (Predator Franchise)
  126. Guardians of the Galaxy vs. The Destructix
  127. Hulk vs Lasombra
  128. Sinestro Corps Black Adam vs. Hyperion and Count Nefaria
  129. Can the world survive the Beast Boy Apocalypse?
  130. Thanos (current weakened version) VS All the characters he use to stomp
  131. Cain and Antediluvians vs Chaos Gods
  132. Vision vs General Zod VS DOOM
  133. waylon mercy vs bray wyatt
  134. Cleric's DC Tournament of Champions, Round 4: Ship battle!
  135. May the Fourth Be With You: Lightsabers and Non-Force Users
  136. They sit and talk: Judge Vinsmoke (One Piece) and High Priestress (Samurai Jack)
  137. Harley Quinn VS Poison
  138. Grace Choi vs She-Hulk
  139. Captain Harlock replaces Captain Jack Sparrow
  140. They meet and greet: Popeye the Sailor-Man and the King of All.
  141. Captain Planet in the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  142. Shō Fukamachi (Bio Booster Armor Guyver) vs Takaya Aiba (Tekkaman Blade)
  143. Kilgrave vs Light Yagami
  144. Archer and Ash In Silent Hill
  145. Superhero Couple Fight!
  146. Solid Snake vs Resident Evil 4
  147. Free For All: Ladies of the MCU
  148. Good match up for Compisite Brandon Ruth?
  149. What if: Dragon Ball Z buu Saga
  150. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament: Scenario 1 (Of 12) - Take Down Clover
  151. (AN)Wolverine & Sabretooth vs King Jonas Albrecht
  152. Amazo vs the Fury
  153. The Hero Association(One Punch Man) take on the following Superteams
  154. OT: Which anti-hero is closest to pure evil?
  155. Canelo vs Triple G
  156. Ego (and Mantis) Vs Galactus (and the Silver Surfer)
  157. Moondragon vs Martian Manhunter
  158. Maguire Spider-Man, Garfield Spider-Man & Holland Spider-Man Vs MCU Abomination
  159. MCU Earth vs. MCU Avengers
  160. Drax and Gamora vs Nomak/Drake and Hybrid Michel/Selene
  161. Ah Gou(Feng Shen Ji) VS Devilman Amon
  162. Which is stronger European Longsword or Japanese Katana?
  163. *nods to Kusanagi* What if: Bleach Arrancar Saga
  164. Scenario: Beerus Meets the Thundercats!
  165. Sith Empire vs. Vampire Empire (Vampire Hunter D)
  166. Gozer vs Vigo vs Rowan North
  167. White Dino Ranger (Abaranger version) vs. SPD Omega Ranger (Dekaranger version)
  168. Black Widow (MCU) vs The Widow (Into The Bad Lands)
  169. Iron Fist vs. Doctor Octopus
  170. MCU: The Guardians of the Galaxy in Civil War!
  171. Godzilla vs Ironman
  172. Marvel vs. DC, Legacy Edition
  173. They sit and talk Cass Cain and Ashi (Samurai Jack)
  174. They Sit and Talk: Deadpool(Comics) and Spider-Man(Ultimate Cartoon)
  175. MCU Yondu vs MCU Quicksilver (possible spoilers)
  176. The Ancient One (MCU) Vs Ego (MCU)
  177. Best fictional butlers
  178. Best moms in fiction
  179. S.O.P.H.I.E. vs. Black Widow
  180. Jean Grey vs. Darth Vader
  181. Vandal Savage gets the Death Note
  182. OT: The Great Evils of the Third Age (LOTR)
  183. KJ's "They've Never Won A Title" Wrestling Tournament: Round 1
  184. I'm tired of ruling....
  185. James Heller Vs Cole MacGrath
  186. Weakest Character that could survive Black Bolts Master Blow
  187. Batman vs. Lupin III.
  188. Space Patrol Delta vs. the Time Force Corps
  189. Ranger Royal Rumble!
  190. Battle of the Blind
  191. One Piece Villains run the Dragon Ball/Z gauntlet
  192. Vixen Vs Aquaman (The rematch kinda)
  193. Hiei (Yuyu Hakusho) vs Toshiro (Bleach)
  194. Black Adam vs The Sentry
  195. Can Harry Potter Fight Off Mind Control?
  196. Respect Swamp Thing (cartoon)
  197. Who wins in a boxing tournament between Marvel characters?
  198. White Canary vs Frank Martin (Transporter)
  199. Ultraman vs Shazam
  200. They Sit & Talk: Bane and Joker (Nolan)
  201. The guardians of the galaxy replace Rogue One
  202. Cass Cain vs. Aku
  203. Red Skull VS Dr. Isaacs
  204. KJ's "Guardians of the Galaxy" Live Action Tournament/League
  205. The Widow (Into The Badlands) vs Jason Bourne
  206. Gaston replaces Senator Armstrong
  207. Mr Hyde vs The Mandarin
  208. Senator Armstrong is the Titan in Disney Hercules
  209. They sit and talk: Whis and Groot (MCU)
  210. WW3 Black Adam vs. Worldbreaker Hulk vs. Current Juggernaut
  211. All Vampires Become Hobbits
  212. Best Papa Wolf/ Mama Bear moment in comic/anime for you
  213. Home-buyer's Holocaust: View VS Property Size!
  214. Kenshiro vs Midnighter
  215. Rocket & Groot meet The Scotsman
  216. Best Moments Of Cowardly Characters Becoming Heroic.
  217. Jim Gordon vs Alfred Pennyworth
  218. Darth Maul and Count Dooku in Predators
  219. Jonathan Joestar vs Danny Rand
  220. RenuYu from Batman TAS vs The Stuff from 1985's The Stuff
  221. Xena The Warrior Princess vs Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive)
  222. Caine (oWoD) vs The Lady of Pain (Planescape)
  223. Kiryuin Satsuki vs The Avengers (MCU)
  224. MCU Guardians of the Galaxy vs Movie BPRD
  225. King Arthur VS Captain America
  226. StarLord VS Thor
  227. Bane vs Deadshot
  228. Happy Birthday To Me!
  229. Cyber vs Bane
  230. Supergirl (Injustice 2) vs Raiden (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)
  231. Kiryuin Satsuki vs Senator Armstrong
  232. The Gangrel Antedeluvian vs movie Ego the Living Planet
  233. Sentry VS Golden Frieza
  234. Ego VS Dormammu
  235. Stalking and Killing Skills
  236. Scrooge McDuck in the 2013 Lara Croft video game
  237. Zero vs. Metal Sonic
  238. Groot vs Chewbacca
  239. Scott Lang vs. Peter Quill: Who's the Better Thief?
  240. MCU vs Power Rangers/Kamen Riders
  241. Guts Vs. Alucard
  242. The Following Characters Are Ensnared In The Lasso of Truth
  243. Nyssa Al Ghul (Arrow) vs Dominic Toretto
  244. Drinking contest! Harlock and Miime vs. Shepard and Wrex
  245. *nods to choptop* Dormammu vs. Exitar
  246. Hancock vs DCEU Superman and MCU Thor
  247. Ego(Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) vs Doctor Manhattan
  248. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament: Scenario 2 (Of 12) - Stop Ultron
  249. KJ's "They've Never Won A Title" Wrestling Tournament: Round 2
  250. Day of the Brawling God