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  1. Jessie Quick (Flash) vs Jen Walters (Hulk)
  2. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi vs Kingdom
  3. GGG VS Canola(the oil...)
  4. Project Alice or any RE movie protagonist runs a big gauntlet - Part 3 and Final
  5. Wondergirl's vs Supergirl
  6. Jaime Reyes vs Rex Salazar
  7. You are given Martian powers
  8. Strongest Character Team Hasbro can defeat?
  9. Guts vs Captain America
  10. Mob vs. Ichigo
  11. Kratos ( God of War) Vs The Nephalem ( Diablo III)
  12. they get married: samurai jack and ashi.
  13. Kong (Skull Island) vs Batman
  14. Hyperion (Avengers Assemble) vs. DCAU Doomsday
  15. Saint Of Killers (Preacher Tv Show) vs Laura Moon (American Gods Tv show)
  16. Erazor Djinn vs. Jafar
  17. Ganondorf vs. Maleficent
  18. Flash vs sonic
  19. WonderWoman (Gal) VS Morlun and Venom (616)
  20. Batman (Batman: TAS) vs. Ty Lee
  21. MCU Iron Man Mark I vs BvS Armored Batman
  22. Aku (Samujrai Jack) invades the world of Avatar the Last Air Bender
  23. The Engineer (The Authority) vs Xombi
  24. Jotaro Kujo (Star Platinum) vs Ultimate Kars
  25. Asuka (WWE/NXT) takes on all comers.
  26. U.A. High VS Kenshiro...
  27. Alex Mercer In The Resident Evil Universe
  28. Ursula the Sea Witch vs Godzilla
  29. Strongest Person Team Shonen Jump could beat?
  30. The Machine Empire invades MCU Earth.
  31. UltraForce vs Protectors
  32. King Triton VS Geordi LaForge: MAGIC VS ENGINEERING!
  33. FOX Lady Deathstrike vs. MCU Captain America
  34. FOX X-23 vs. FOX Deadpool
  35. Vampire Hunter D vs. SCP-682
  36. Clare (Claymore) vs. Naruto Uzumaki
  37. Top chef!
  38. Voltron (Legendary Defender) vs Shin Getter
  39. Is There Any Marvel/DC Street Levelers That Can Defeat A Titan(Attack On Titan)?
  40. MCU Falcon vs. MCU Vulture
  41. Darkwing Duck vs. Paperinik
  42. Yomiko Readman (Read or Die) vs Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman movie)
  43. MCU Superheroes vs this animated team.
  44. Ash Ketchum vs Elric of Melnibone, with a twist
  45. Kai Leng (Mass Effect) vs Genji (Overwatch)
  46. Where I draw my inspiration..
  47. Team Hanna-Barbera vs. Team Hasbro
  48. Selene vs. MCU Captain America/Black Panther/Winter Soldier
  49. MCU Drax vs. FOX X-24
  50. The Stranger: Swordsman Gauntlet
  51. Manga Heroine Free For All
  52. James Bond vs James Moriarty (BBC)
  53. Taserface vs Professor Pee Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants Esquire
  54. Weakest Viillain Who Can Solo Dragon Ball Super
  55. The Man who would Break the Bat
  56. Brock Venom vs Gargan Venom vs Thompson Venom
  57. Invisible Woman vs Nightshade (DC Comics)
  58. G.I. Joe vs. Attack on Titan
  59. Team Hasbro vs. Team Disney
  60. Midnighter vs King Bradley (Full Metal Alchemist)
  61. Isaac McDougall (Full Metal Alchemist) vs Mako (Legend of Korra)
  62. Edward Elric vs Trevor Belmont (Netflix series)
  63. Chief Jim Hopper (Stranger Things) Vs. Captain Desi Piscatella (OITNB)
  64. RIC vs. Rush
  65. MCU Spiderman vs. FOX Wolverine
  66. Salem (Sabrina) vs Luna (Sailor Moon)
  67. MCU Shocker vs. MCU Luke Cage
  68. Elijah C Skuggs (Freaked) vs Dr Emile Dorian from Batman TAS
  69. Megamind vs. Gru (Despicable Me)
  70. Gray Fox (Metal Gear) vs Reaper (Overwatch)
  71. MCU Spider-Man vs The Lizard (Amazing Spider-man)
  72. DC Villains vs. Marvel Villains (matchups)
  73. Spirit Animals
  74. Obsidian vs The Shade vs Nightshade vs Raven
  75. The Troobian Empire invades MCU Earth.
  76. Harald Jaekelsson (Marvel 616) takes on a Shonen/Seinen Gauntlet
  77. Goten and Trunks - The potentially strongest fighters?
  78. A Great Meal!
  79. Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear) vs Alex Louis Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist)
  80. Arikel vs Doctor Doom
  81. Scenario: WWII era Heroes vs. Alucard
  82. Battle of the Green Meanies - Edifice Rex and Abraxas vs The Spectre
  83. Young Ned Stark vs Young Robert Baratheon (Game Of Thrones)
  84. SUPERMAN vs THE DARKNESS: Comic Review
  85. Life w/o coffee VS Life w/o ailments
  86. DCU VS Batman Bn. Superman
  87. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament: Scenario 3 (Of 12) - You Are Legend
  88. KJ's "They've Never Won A Title" Wrestling Tournament: The Final!
  89. Ling Yao (Full Metal Alchemist) vs Sokka (Avatar: The Legend of Aang)
  90. Thanos Vs Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, Pennywise & Pinhead
  91. WorldBreaker Hulk vs World War III Black Adam
  92. Weakest individual to take down the Anti-Thanos team from Avengers: Infinity War
  93. Movie Batman vs Movie Vulture
  94. Universe 7 is replaced in the Tournament of Power.
  95. OT: Most powerful and/or tragic friendship in comic history
  96. Can Wonder Woman's lasso affect the undead?
  97. Batman vs a Vozhd
  98. How many Ser Gregor would it take to beat Wun Wun?
  99. Father (Full Metal Alchemist) vs Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index)
  100. Zod, Ares and Incubus (DCEU) vs (DCTV Universe)
  101. Wildlings vs Stone Crows
  102. MCU Spider-Man Vs MCU Ancient One
  103. The Metabaron vs. The Emperor of Mankind
  104. The Doctor with a Green Lantern ring vs Doctor Doom
  105. You level up!
  106. Sentry vs Superman (all versions for both)
  107. MCU Falcon vs MCU Vulture
  108. The King of the North battle (Jon vs Robb)
  109. Jason Voorhees vs Deadpool
  110. The Three Shield Carriers Go to Japan
  111. Vulture vs Rhino
  112. The Doctor vs. The Time Trapper
  113. Mayweather VS McGregor...TWISTED
  114. Doc Samson vs Sebastian Shaw
  115. Weakest individual to solo live action Spider-Man villains
  116. Who are the top 5 fighters, that are currently alive in Game of Thrones?
  117. Wolverine Vs Various X-Men Gauntlet
  118. Quick silver vs Flash
  119. Astonishing X-Men vs X-Men Blue vs X-Men Gold
  120. sentinel prime vs Quintessa vs Nemesis Prime vs lockdown updated
  121. Gamora vs Mystique
  122. Doctor Doom vs Gozer the Gozerian
  123. Sing vs Wonder Woman
  124. MCU Spider-Man VS FOX Deadpool
  125. You MUST become a villain in MCU: Which of these powers do you choose?
  126. How powerful would Composite Horror Slasher Villain be?
  127. Batman: The Hunted Gauntlet
  128. Spider-Men (Holland and Garfield) vs Spider-Man (Maguire)
  129. Can any of the MCU street levelers beat MCU Spidey.
  130. John Wick The Accountant The Equalizer and Rambo vs Deadpool (Fox)
  131. Ed (Full Metal Alchemist) vs Shirou (Unlimited Blade Works)
  132. Wonder Woman (Gadot) vs Spider-Man (Holland)
  133. Ruby Rose in the MGSverse.
  134. Hawk eye vs green arrow
  135. Rocky Balboa runs a gauntlet
  136. Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy Vs Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman
  137. Michael Myers vs. Mike Myers
  138. The TARDIS vs the MCU
  139. Vision (MCU) Vs Super Johnny Storm (Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer)
  140. MCU Captain America vs Movie Human Torch
  141. Movie Deadpool vs Movie Green Lantern
  142. Captain America (MCU) vs Terminator (T-800)
  143. Fantastic Four vs Plantery Team
  144. Hagrid vs. Hodor
  145. MCU Iron Man vs DCEU Wonder Woman
  146. Physics test: Carbon Nanotube vs Metallic Protein
  147. Barakapool in 40k universe
  148. 616 Spider-Man Vs DCEU Wonder Woman
  149. Jon Snow vs These Game Of Thrones Fighters
  150. The Spectre vs. Doctor Manhattan.
  151. Batman & the Marvel Illumanti vs Captain America & the JSA
  152. Borg vs Predators
  153. Kilowog vs Thing
  154. Sonya Blade vs Black Widow
  155. FOX Deadpool vs. MCU Gamora
  156. Nods: Hagrid VS Steve Rogers(MCU)
  157. Cabadath dropped into MCU
  158. Happy Birthday to Me!
  159. Strongest Foe The Broforce Could Defeat
  160. Saitama vs Invincible
  161. Malkav vs Amahl Farouk
  162. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament: Scenario 4 (Of 12) - The Mist
  163. Infamous Iron Man vs Ras al ghul and Superman armoured Luthor
  164. Amazo vs Black Adam
  165. Ares (DCEU) VS Ego (MCU)
  166. They Sit and Talk: Dr. Manhattan and Silver Surfer
  167. Wildstorm Heroes vs Apokalips
  168. Bronn vs The Mountain
  169. Darkdevil vs SpiderGwen
  170. Amazo vs The Ultra Avengers
  171. Avengers war
  172. The Red Dwarf crew in the Star Wars Galaxy
  173. Dark Beast vs. Sonic the Werehog
  174. Amazo vs The Sentry
  175. Weakest Toonforce or Anime character that could destroy Spongebob?
  176. Amazo vs Thor
  177. Question about the status of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic universe
  178. Starfire (DC) vs Firestar (Marvel)
  179. Sinestro vs Magneto and Dr Doom
  180. THey sit and Talk: Adam Jensen and Vincent Valentine
  181. Old Barristan Selmy vs The Mountain
  182. Tyrant (Resident Evil) vs Mewtwo (Pokemon)
  183. Captain Marvel vs Blue Marvel
  184. Road Warriors & Demolition Vs New Day & Hardy Boyz
  185. They Sit And Talk: Invincible And Atom Eve Meet The Authority
  186. Joker vs Lex Luthor
  187. MCU Captain America dropped into Gundam SEED universe
  188. Baron Mordo vs Tremere
  189. All Might vs. S-class heroes (One Punch-Man)
  190. Volstagg(war-thor) vs. Jane Foster (Thor)
  191. Brother Voodoo vs Baba Yaga
  192. One Universe under Ghandi...
  193. Odin (hyperbole allowed) vs Galactus
  194. Spider-Man vs the Goblin
  195. Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers) vs Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  196. White Canary vs Jason Bourne
  197. Euron Greyjoy vs Jon Snow
  198. Petyr Baelish vs Tywin Lannister
  199. S.H.I.E.L.D.(Marvel) Replaces S.T.A.R.S.(Resident Evil)
  200. Nicole Wallace (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) vs Irene Adler (Elementary)
  201. Tzimisce vs Hulk
  202. Captain America vs Thanos
  203. Sorboclese Versus...
  204. Movie X-Men vs. MCU Ronan the Accuser
  205. Super Sentai team Battle Royal
  206. Movie Spidey villains in the MCU
  207. James Bond and Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) vs Winter Soldier (MCU)
  208. Best Moments Of Fictional Characters Winning while heavy injured.
  209. what if: MCU Captain America become Protagonist of Metal Slug 5?
  210. Caesar Vs Darth Vader
  211. Rebuild EVAs VS 80m class MAMORU TAKAMURA...
  212. Spider-Man vs Spider-Man
  213. Yugi vs the Celestial Toymaker
  214. Apocalypse (FOX X-men) vs. Ares (DCEU)
  215. Remo Williams vs a Wamphyri Warbeast
  216. 1977-79 tv Spider-Man vs Buffy
  217. The Pride Troopers vs. The Justice League
  218. Cyclops/White Queen Vs. Black Panther/Storm
  219. Deadpool (Fox) vs Sunny (Into The Badlands)
  220. T'Challa vs Lady Shiva
  221. Gadot-Woman VS Stickdeath Superbeast
  222. Doctor Doom vs Darkseid
  223. Troile vs Godzilla
  224. psylocke vs Wonder Woman
  225. Atom Eve (Invincible) vs Sersei (Marvel)
  226. KJ's Live Action Human-Only Tournament: Scenario 5 (Of 12) - Stop Judgement Day
  227. The Looney Tunes in the Tournament of Power.
  228. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Vs The Matrix
  229. movie Ares vs "Fant4stic" Doom
  230. Selene (Underworld) vs Alice (Resident Evil)
  231. Jane Fostor (Thor) vs. Wonder Woman with a twist.
  232. Winston(Overwatch) vs Jimmy Neutron
  233. apokolips superman vs injustice superman
  234. John Wick vs Mike Banning
  235. Atomic Blonde vs Beatrix Kiddo
  236. John Wick runs a gauntlet
  237. Barakapool dropped into Fant4stic
  238. Neo vs MCU Iron Man
  239. Marvel and DC join the Tournament of Power!
  240. Marvel and DC joins Takeshi's Castle
  241. Ab workout VS Ab workout
  242. The Doctor(Who) vs Thanos
  243. MCU Avengers (Minuse Mjolnir and Vision) vs the TARDIS
  244. Mjolnir vs. Larfleeze
  245. Stain vs. Kenshin Himura
  246. Dracula vs Dracula
  247. Wade Wilson vs Deadpool
  248. Batfleck vs. Samuel L. Fury
  249. MCU Spiderman vs Space Marine from Warhammer 40k
  250. Adult responsibilities vs. Decades of buying comics