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  1. What strength tier can these two be placed on?
  2. Centaur Vs a minotaur
  3. Could Pennywise put fear into beings like Yautja (Predator) or Aliens (Xeno)
  4. Clay Burton (Banshee) vs Mad Dog (The Raid)
  5. Eddie Yang vs Gabriel Yulaw
  6. American Alpha Vs Too Cool Vs The Natural Disasters Vs The Blackjacks
  7. Goku vs Dr Manhattan
  8. Tetsuo (Akira) vs The Blob (80s version)
  9. MCU Winter Soldier vs Netflix Luke Cage
  10. Quantum leaped princess...
  11. THey sit and Talk: T'Challa and Doomfist
  12. T'Challa vs Bruce Wayne
  13. Guts vs. All Might
  14. Tamatoa vs. Dark Souls/Monster Hunter?
  15. The Penguin Vs The Court of Owls.
  16. Trinity vs DCEU Batman
  17. Brienne of Tarth vs the Dread Pirate Roberts
  18. Strongest Version of Flash Fox!Quicksilver Can Beat
  19. (One Punch Man Manga version only) Genos vs Speed of Sonic vs Suiryu
  20. Haku vs. Brock Lesnar (street fight)
  21. Homer Simpson VS Peter Griffin : Who accomplished more in life?
  22. Masterchief Vs The Doom Slayer
  23. Wilma Flintstone vs Jane Jetson
  24. Connor McGregor VS White House TV Ratings...
  25. Harvey Birdman vs Ally McBeal
  26. Your level advances!!!
  27. How powerful would Composite Horror Slasher Hero be?
  28. DCEU Doomsday vs MCU Ultron
  29. Fate/Zero Servants vs. Unlimited Blade Works Servants
  30. They sit and talk: Gilgamesh, All Might, Koro-Sensei, and Alucard
  31. Amazo vs Team Marvel Villains
  32. Cyclops vs Hawkman
  33. Sewer King (Batman TAS) vs Ninja Turtles
  34. Deadpool vs Superman
  35. Ares vs Raiden the Moon King
  36. L vs Cumberbatch Sherlock
  37. Ip man vs Rama from the raid
  38. A next vs Champions
  39. Freddy Krueger vs. A Dementor
  40. Omni-Punch you vs fiction
  41. unarmed combat: Chan Ka-Kwai Vs Leng Feng
  42. THey sit and Talk: Motoko Kusanagi and Khan Noonien Singh
  43. Gravity Falls universe vs Undertale universe
  44. Kale VS Jane Thor Blow for Blow
  45. Name the best/worst fusions!
  46. Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle in 3 Stages of Awesome
  47. Can any professional athletes complete the Ninja Warrior course?
  48. Voltron vs Mechagodzilla
  49. Arya Stark vs Hit-Girl
  50. Martian Manhunter vs Thor
  51. Godzilla vs DOOMSDAY
  52. Sorboclese versus MCU Thor
  53. The Punisher VS The Terminator
  54. Etrigan vs Ghost Tider
  55. Zero vs. Team Super Sonic (Sonic Heroes)
  56. Satan (Devilman) vs. Griffith (Berserk)
  57. what if: HTFs, Mobians, Equestrians, and Mushroom Kingdomites join Tau Empire?
  58. THey sit and Talk: Hokage(FLame of Recca) and Shinsengumi Warriors(Isami)
  59. General Zod vs Shazam
  60. Weakest character to beat Nicol Bolas
  61. Stilgar v. Rhuarc
  62. Neo vs Optimus Prime
  63. OT: What is Light had the Shinigami eyes
  64. DC Vs. Nintendo
  65. Goku vs Silver Surfer
  66. Black Widow vs. Deadpool
  67. Booster Gold vs Cable
  68. *nods to Nik Hasta* Beerus vs. Thanos
  69. Mxyzptlk vs. Popeye
  70. THey sit and Talk: Wonder Woman and Disney's Hercules
  71. Rick Vs the MCU
  72. Swamp Thing vs Groot
  73. All Might vs Esdeath
  74. MCU Hulk is replaced by 03 Hulk
  75. Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos With The Infinity Gauntlet
  76. You get... THE LIFE NOTE!
  77. Pheonix teen jean vs Trignon teen Raven
  78. Doctor Doom vs Syndrome
  79. Ramona V. Flowers vs. Shao Kahn the Konqueron
  80. Gundala vs Sonichu
  81. They sit and Talk: Wonder Woman and Kratos
  82. Shin Godzilla VS 2014 Godzilla
  83. Eri Kasamoto vs Demoman from TF2
  84. Sinestro vs Black Bolt
  85. Hunter J vs DIgimon Kaizer
  86. The JLU Women Squad vs Civil War
  87. Fusions Are Explosive!
  88. Arkhamcroft: Arkham and Ravencroft Asylums Are Merged!
  89. Mrs Marvel vs Mystique
  90. Kid Kaiju vs. The MMPR Sentai
  91. Movie Judge Dredd vs DCEU Batman
  92. Frank vs Kingpin
  93. Rescue(Pepper Potts) vs Ironheart (Riri Williams)
  94. Hokage(Flame of Recca) vs MCU Spiderman
  95. You Awaken... Sort of...
  96. Aquaman vs Namor
  97. Winter solder vs Red hood
  98. MCU Kingpin vs Konstantin Kovar (Arrow)
  99. Movie Bane vs MCU Captain America
  100. Netflix Daredevil vs. Movie Jason Bourne
  101. DCU Wonder Woman vs Spidey movie villains
  102. Tora Olafsdoter vs Johnny Storm
  103. Freaky Friday: GoT <=> Avatar
  104. Superman Vs. Silver Surfer
  105. Logan VS Daredevil
  106. Overwatch Heroes vs MCU Superheroes
  107. They sit and talk: Bran Stark and Doctor Manhattan
  108. Yugi Muto vs Syrus Truesdale
  109. Archibald Cunningham vs Brienne of Tarth
  110. Getter Robo vs. Optimus Prime
  111. The following movie characters vs the Planet of the Apes (reboot)
  112. Etrigan vs Ghost Rider
  113. Acnologia vs. Grougaloragran
  114. the Following Groups vs Predators(2010 movie)
  115. Etrigan vs Spawn
  116. Golgo 13 vs. Rally Vincent vs. Sterling Archer vs. Revy
  117. Nerfed Fellowship of the Ring VS Jon Snow's Wight Squad
  118. Punisher vs Prometheus (DC)
  119. Bromance rumble
  120. Daredevil vs Nightwing
  121. Jamie Lannister vs Euron Greyjoy
  122. Cass Cain (DC Comics) vs The Boss (Metal Gear)
  123. How strong is composite UA Student?
  124. Voltron (Legendary Defender version) vs Shn Getter
  125. Karl Tanner vs Arya Stark
  126. So... Emma Frost is a Bullet Timer Now?
  127. Jamie Lannister vs Boromir
  128. The Three Ninjas vs. Arya Stark (spoilers!)
  129. The Wilkersons (Malcolm in the Middle) vs The Brady Bunch
  130. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
  131. Strongest Street Leveler Teen Titans!Robin Can Defeat
  132. MCU Black Sky vs. MCU Black Panther
  133. they sit and talk: Deadpool and Mxyzptlk/Bat-mite/Larry the Titan
  134. Godzilla vs Clash of the Titans (2010)
  135. The red priest and priestess vs the Night King
  136. Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna
  137. MCU!Ego the Living Planet vs Tyranid Hive Fleet
  138. The Rock runs your life.
  139. Current JP entertainment industry VS SRW5... in 5 years!
  140. They Sit And Talk: Lex Luthor (Earth 3) and Dr. Ivo Kintobor (Anti-Mobius).
  141. Disneyverse(no Marvel) V. a Tale of two Mazingers...
  142. Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet)
  143. The Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers take on the Gorengers
  144. McCall Vs John Wick
  145. MCU Daredevil vs.CW Damien Darkh
  146. MCU Black Sky vs. Bone Claw Wolverine
  147. DCEU General Zod vs DCEU Wonder Woman
  148. The Defenders (MCU) vs The Hive (CW)
  149. Bennet vs John Matrix with a twist
  150. Harry Dresden and John Constantine vs
  151. Earthquake vs Rusev
  152. Who'd win in a 600 yard dash? Matt Murdock vs Bruce Wayne vs Marc Spector
  153. Death(Discworld) vs Mistress Death(marvel)
  154. Strongest super robot that the Enterprise-E could take down?
  155. So Lightsabers Resist...
  156. Monarch vs Thanos
  157. they sit and talk: Thanos and the Mighty Monarch [nods to ColonolGM]
  158. Mike Banning Vs John Wick
  159. They go on Date: Ozymandias(Watchmen) and Harley Quinn
  160. THey sit and Talk: Ransik and any Tau
  161. Avengers Vs The Sentry
  162. Wonder Woman vs Namor
  163. Monarch vs Darkseid & Thanos
  164. Wolverine vs Batman and Captain America
  165. Aragorn With Army of the Dead vs NightKing Beyond The Wall
  166. Black Panther MCU vs Luke Cage MCU
  167. Happy Birthday To Me!
  168. Azog and his army vs the Night King and his army
  169. Skaar vs Daken
  170. John Wick vs Martin Riggs
  171. Jason Bourne vs John Wick
  172. Rocky Balboa vs Taylor "Twister" Milos
  173. Green Arrow vs Bullseye
  174. Big Barda vs Namor
  175. Black Canary vs. Elektra
  176. Maximums vs renegade avengers
  177. Magical Slayer Mamika vs Nanoha Takamachi
  178. Kazuma Kiryu vs Eikichi Onizuka
  179. Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Superman, Hal Jordan vs X-Men Gold & Blue Teams
  180. lest skilled professional who can take out Darius Kincaid
  181. Team Marvel vs Team DC
  182. They sit and talk: Ryo/Satan and Griffith/Femto
  183. The Asset (Jason Bourne) vs. the Hunter (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back)
  184. You get Killgrave's power
  185. Wolverine Family vs Aogiri Tree (Tokyo Ghoul)
  186. Raiden Vs. General Greivous
  187. Spider-man + Wolverine Fusion vs. Luke Cage + Iron Fist Fusion
  188. Storm vs Firestorm
  189. White Canary vs Daredevil
  190. Black Panther (T'Challa) vs. Dr. Thomas Xavier Light
  191. Legion of Super-Heroes vs X-Men
  192. Unbreakable vs the Zombie Polar Bear
  193. Solomon Grundy + Lobo vs Juggernaut + Hercules (Marvel)
  194. Nakamura, Hardy Boyz, Ambrose & Rollins Vs Mahal, Usos, Sheamus & Cesaro
  195. Can Superman's senses do all the stuff Daredevil can do?
  196. Superman vs Super Adaptoid
  197. Rocky vs Mike Tyson
  198. THey sit and Talk: Irina Spalko and Hugo Strange
  199. Black Sky VS team Sin City
  200. Cosmic cube empowered armoured Hyracap vs Omega Energy empowered lex luthor
  201. Rakoshi (Repairman Jack) vs Venom(Marvel)
  202. Would the penance stare work on Bugs Bunny?
  203. Amazo vs Thanos
  204. Taskmaster vs Cassandra Cain
  205. If Cell got activated in Dragon Ball Super
  206. Silly Rumble! Kirby vs. Shinnok
  207. Superman vs Hyperion
  208. Ted Grant Wildcat vs Bullseye
  209. Smaug (Hobbit Films) vs King Kong (Skull island)
  210. Marvel Mutants in Pre-Nu52 DC Universe
  211. Kirito vs. Captain N
  212. Tendou Souji becomes Buffy's Watcher
  213. Yuuzhan Vong vs the EU Galactic Empire
  214. Wildcat vs daredevil
  215. Novaya Russia vs Venjix Computer Network
  216. Superman vs Spawn
  217. Young Ned Stark vs Jon Snow vs Robb Stark vs Arya Stark
  218. Dr. manhattan vs Sandman (Morpheus/God Of Dreams)
  219. who would be a good match for an Amazo-Perfect Cell fusion?
  220. Daredevil vs Mighty Mouse
  221. THey sit and Talk: Aaron Stone and Megarangers
  222. Conor McGregor vs Roman Reigns
  223. Hulk vs Bane
  224. Wonder Woman vs. Hyperion
  225. FOX Sabertooth vs. MCU Defenders
  226. Shin Godzilla - Sept. 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay
  227. Tombstone vs. Batman
  228. Is anyone from live action movies a match for Silver Surfer from RotSS?
  229. They sit and Talk: Lawrence III and Trazyn the Infinite
  230. Game of Thrones vs Pirates of the Caribbean
  231. The Endless for the Celestials
  232. Face Off: 5 choice Heavy hitter throw down
  233. Tug of war: Superman, Wonder Woman, Capt Marvel vs Sentry, Hulk, Juggernaut
  234. Hokuto no LAW ENFORCEMENT...
  235. Sho'Nuff (The Last Dragon) VS Bruce Lee (Birth of the Dragon)
  236. Batman Vs. Wolverine
  237. The Tick Joins the Hero Association (One Punch Man)
  238. Plot Swap: Celestial Madonna and Dark Phoenix
  239. Teen Titans vs X Men
  240. Weakest Sentai to take on Devilman
  241. Hush (DC) vs Kingpin (Marvel)
  242. Strongest Characters With Ice Powers
  243. Manchester Black vs. Exodus
  244. Universe 2 (Dragonball Super) Vs Team Dc Comics
  245. Heavyweight arm-wrestling tournament. Rank 'em: Lobo, Hulk, Herc, Grundy, & more
  246. Mr. Miracle vs the Silver Surfer
  247. Wildfire vs Sun Boy
  248. Whitebeard vs. Big Mom
  249. Pre Crisis Legion vs Marvel Cosmic Team
  250. The Mist (Netflix) vs The Mist (Movie)