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  1. The Candy Kingdom vs the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  2. Ganon vs. Anguirus
  3. Fin vs Batman
  4. Ultimate Nullifier vs Infinity Gauntlet.
  5. Gamera vs Godzilla
  6. Who is a good fight for Muscleman of the Awesomes?
  7. The Superior Heroes
  8. Thor-Buster Iron Man vs Zeus
  9. You can freeze time
  10. Movie Thor vs. Movie Ronan
  11. Pre-Retcon Beyonder vs Ridiculous teams
  12. Sif vs Drax
  13. Popeye vs Powerpuff Girls
  14. The Animaniacs vs Nappa and Vegeta
  15. RoboCain (RoboCop II) vs. The Wily Walker
  16. whos the most powerful person beelzemon can beat in a fight?
  17. Guardians of the Galaxy versus Star Wars IV: A New Hope
  18. The Most Pragmatic Character in Fiction.
  19. You get two powers
  20. Create a Shazam-Capt Marvel type hero.
  21. Sigma puts out a contract on Mega Man X and Zero.
  22. Characters who could KO Supes in 1 punch
  23. Weakest character to solo the Guardians of the Galaxy
  24. Victor Creed (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) vs. The Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  25. Sheva(resident evil game) vs Tess(last of us game)
  26. The Metarex vs. Transformers
  27. Shield (MCU) VS Spider-man (Movie Versions)
  28. Final Nova vs. King Ghidorah
  29. Magneto vs. Ruckus (Marvel Comics)
  30. New Warriors vs Teen Titans
  31. Rumbler's League - Week Nine - Darth Drizzle vs Estrecca
  32. Andy Sipowicz vs The Shield
  33. Transformers vs. Transformers Redux
  34. DCAU battle! JLU Vs. the Green Lantern Corps
  35. Power Rangers versus Super Sentai
  36. MCU Agents of Shield vs the Expendables
  37. Alien vs Licker (Resident Evil 2)
  38. Omega Supreme vs. Egg Carrier
  39. Black Panther vs Nitro
  40. The Zohan vs the Headless Horseman
  41. Smaug VS Ultraman 60
  42. Weakest Person to solo an unleashed Iceman
  43. Teleporter/transporter Hack scenerios/rant
  44. Planet of the Apes vs the Terminator
  45. The Titans (Attack on Titan) appear on Eternia (He-Man: Masters of the Universe)
  46. Polearm Battle: Aquaman vs. Cecil (Dissidia)
  47. Zaheer (Legend of Korra) vs. Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)
  48. Profion vs Darth Sidious
  49. They sit and Talk: Ash Ketchum and Leia Organa
  50. Mark Millar v. Joe Quesada v. Stan Lee: Who wins the Barnum Bailey Salesman Award?
  51. Red Lotus vs. The white Lotus Grandmasters
  52. The Magnificence (Omni) vs. Godzilla
  53. Who's the strongest person that CNR could defeat?
  54. Teenage mutant ninja turtle hermits
  55. Hulk vs Hulks
  56. Mesogog vs. Godzilla
  57. Find Productive Jobs For Heroes and Villians in Marvel
  58. Darkseid(Justice League War) versus X-Men movie universe
  59. How powerful is Ronan The Accuser?
  60. All toku heroes vs Marvel/DC
  61. Marvel/DC gets the Endbringers
  62. Movie Groot VS Movie Treebeard
  63. How Strong/Powerful is Darwin?
  65. Zoom vs Gladiator
  66. Puppet Master Puppets vs.
  67. remembering robin williams.
  68. Sun Wukong vs. (Owod) Antediluvian
  69. Robocop vs Robocop
  70. 100% body VS 100% mind...KENSHIRO VS LUCY
  71. Super Sentai: Shinkenger Red vs Gokaiger Red (Takeru vs Captain Marvelous)
  72. an unarmed Predator vs a Cape Buffalo
  73. DC Atlantean Royals vs. Marvel Inhuman Royals
  74. Murasaki vs Ryu Hayabusa
  75. Wolverine and Mr. Freeze Vs Aang and Combustion Man
  76. Spider-man Vs Several 'Non Superhuman' Teams
  77. Thundarr VS He-Man (80's Cartoon)
  78. Thanos joins the good side!
  79. Dr. Mikoto Nakadai (Abarenger) joins the cast of House
  80. Conan vs. Thundarr (nods 2 King Myth & Kordorr)
  81. Makarov vs Gildarts
  82. Your top 5 most intelligent comic book villains
  83. Dr Doom vs Loki
  84. Eric Cartman VS Bart Simpson
  85. Slaughterhouse 9 in DC/Marvel
  86. Infamous rumble
  87. Nazi Germany vs Runeterra (League of Legends)
  88. Chucky vs an Alien impregnating spider thingy
  89. Lion Force Voltron Vs Junk...Sorry... Vehicle Force Voltron
  90. Memorial Composite: How powerful is Composite Robin Williams?
  91. Judge Mentok the Mindtaker (Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law) V. Marvel and DC Telepaths/Psionics
  92. Edward Cullen vs Krillen - 21st Budokai
  93. Age of Apocalypse in the DCU
  94. Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs Bellcross (Heroic Age)
  95. Brian O'Conner vs Tobey Marshall
  96. Loki vs. Enerjak
  97. Ikarus vs Hyperion
  98. Dick Grayson vs Bruce wayne ?
  99. Young Justice (Animated) vs Zevo-3
  100. Guardians of the Galaxy (film) vs. the crew of Moya (Farscape)
  101. How dangerous are...the Physics Men?
  102. Composite Scarlett Johansson vs the Star Wars-verse (movies only)
  103. Lethal Weapon vs 21 Jump Street
  104. Marvel Symbiotes vs Other Symbiotes
  105. Robocop vs Predator
  106. spiderman vs ninja turtles
  107. Bills vs DBGT
  108. Adam Archer (Gødland) vs The Plutonian (Irredeemable)
  109. The Stranger vs Thanos
  110. Pre-Retcon Beyonder Vs Yin-Yang Brothers
  111. Taarna vs Tee Hee
  112. GotG vs The Suicide Squad
  113. Movie Nebula vs. Movie Winter Soldier
  114. You vs. Spiderman
  115. The Ultimate Speed Battle
  116. Casper the Friendly Ghost vs Deadman
  117. Pre-Retcon Beyonder Vs
  118. Nekron Vs Ghostrider
  119. Lina Inverse tries to join the Fairy Tale guild
  120. Popeye the Sailor Man V. The Hulks
  121. Rumbler'e League 2014 - Fall: Draft, Item and Arena Lists Updates
  122. Rumbler's League 2014 - Fall: Discussion Thread
  123. King Caesar (Godzille) vs Cloverfield Monster
  124. Gremlins vs Small Soldiers.
  125. Antimonitor Vs Pre-Retcon Molculeman
  126. Pre-retcon Beyonder VS Ascended Robin Williams
  127. Intellgent Gauntlet
  128. Spike Spiegel VS Rama
  129. Zuko vs Palpatine
  130. Twilit Dragon: Argorok vs. Mothra
  131. Father Anderson (Hellsing Ultimate) vs Wolfram & Hart (Angel)
  132. Purging
  133. Disney Kombat Armageddon
  134. Thundarr vs the Predator
  135. Superman vs Cthulhu (H.P. Lovecraft)
  136. Harold Finch (Person of Interest) vs Skye (Agents of SHIELD)
  137. Delsin Rowe vs Mikoto Misaka
  138. What if Wolverine had the abilities of Composite Disney Princess?
  139. Stitch vs. Megaman
  140. Tempest vs Anti-Spawn
  141. Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra) vs Darth Vader
  142. Composite Ghidorah vs Gamera Trilogy Monsters
  143. Movie Ninja Turtles vs. Movie Asgardians
  144. Asura vs Bills (DBZ)
  145. Duncan MacLeod vs. Buffy/Angel
  146. Bass (Forte) vs. Guy Gardner
  147. Gohan vs Darkseid
  148. Flash Gordon vs Batman
  149. In exchange for her wings, Maleficent gains a different mode...
  150. Ruffy, Zoro & Sanji vs. Ichigo, Byakuya & Kenpachi
  151. Build your Suicide Squad
  152. OoP, OoT: Attack on Titan
  153. NBA West Coast ve East Coast
  154. Samson vs Cage
  155. Roy Mustang vs Accelerator
  156. Modify Aurora's Curse™!
  157. Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) Vs Captain America/Black Widow/Hawkeye/Falcon/Deathlok (MCU)
  158. Predator enters Case Closed (Anime)
  159. Hyperstorm vs Adult Franklin Richards
  160. seth rollins vs brock lesnar
  161. Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg (prime WCW version)
  162. Batman (Bale) joins the Avengers
  163. Naruto vs. Aang
  164. Samurai Jack vs. JLU Wonder Woman
  165. The Justice League Vs The Injustice League
  166. Batman vs Black Organization (Case Closed)
  167. The Runner vs Flash and Quicksilver
  168. Your favorite Doctor vs The Thing (1982)
  169. Iron Man vs Tien Shinhan
  170. Guardians of the Galaxy Characters (MCU) Vs Iron Man Characters (MCU)
  171. Drax the Destroyer (MCU) Vs Marcus Hamilton (Buffyverse)
  172. Ronan (MCU) Vs Abomination (MCU)
  173. The Strongest Retail/Fast Food Employee in Fiction
  174. Robert Chicken vs. Cap. America Movie Falcon
  175. Movie Raphael (tmnt 2012) vs. Movie Drax
  176. Jungle Action
  177. Movie Animal showdowns
  178. Ivan Drago Vs. Thunderlips
  179. White Lantern Kyle Rayner vs Thanos
  180. The Avengers
  181. The Bloodiest Catfight Of All! The Bride (Beatrix Kido) Vs Xena!
  182. Amalgam History
  183. Buffy vs Xena
  184. Joker vs Anthony Stark
  185. Joker in Game of Thrones
  186. Pirates of the Carribean vs Patriot
  187. Hey Yooooo.. Say hello to the bad guy!!
  188. BTAS Batman vs. 2012 Shredder
  189. Advent Children Cloud vs Gokai Red
  190. Axe Cop vs the Awesomes
  191. Adam vs. Other Buffy/Angel Villains
  192. WWF Debut Zeus Vs WWE Debut Great Khali
  193. Current Russia Vs Europe
  194. Killua vs. Young Kakashi
  195. Hank Hill vs Goku (DBZ)
  196. Gods (Mythology) vs Cosmic Beings (Marvel)
  197. Baron Mordo vs Morg
  198. The Borg vs. The Thing (Horror version)
  199. Animated Young Justice vs. Suicide Squad (Assault on Arkham)
  200. Dr. Doom vs. Ras Al Ghul
  201. *Inspired by Farealmer* Batman's Rogues Gallery at the Wall (GoT)
  202. Jason Voorhees vs WWE
  203. spiderman batman solid snake vs rurouni kenshin
  204. darkseid and doomsday vs thor and xmen
  205. everyone can now teleport
  206. Steampunk your Favourites
  207. Justice League (Justice League Unlimited) vs The Cabal (Avengers Assemble)
  208. All Animal characters in Fiction are trained O.W.C.A. agents
  209. The Avengers Vs Darkseid
  210. *Nods HFMM* Xena the Vampire Slayer
  211. The Scarecrow vs Mr Fear
  212. Jonah Hex vs Nick Fury
  213. Disney vs Warner
  214. *Nods HFMM and Newsrama* Disney Buys Time Warner
  215. Batman (Batman:TAS) VS Spiderman (90's Cartoon)
  216. Brock Lesnar vs Alexander Karelin
  217. Red Lotus vs Storm
  218. King Shark vs Killer Croc
  219. Ratchet and Clank join the Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)
  220. The Shield Vs Lesnar/Hogan/Goldberg
  221. If Game of Thrones characters were D&D characters, what would you estimate their level to be?
  222. Strax replace Gimli in Lord of the Ring
  223. Sym-Bionic Titan vs Godzilla
  224. Zaheer vs Ruby Rose
  225. The Strongest Wolverine can take
  226. Sparda Brothers (plus help) vs London
  227. Red Lotus (Legend of Korra) vs. Marvel street levelers
  228. Steve Rogers VS Kham
  229. Where does the Time Lord rank in the Marvel Universe?
  230. Spidey's Rogues vs Thor's Rogues
  231. Jason Bourne vs Bryan Mills
  232. Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Eggman
  233. Viltrumites vs Saiyans
  234. How many Assyrian chariot riders could take out one mongol warrior on a horse?
  235. Akuma Homura (Madoka: Rebellion Story) versus Galactus
  236. DCAU Bruce Wayne vs Bale Batman...
  237. Red Hood vs. Punisher
  238. Captain Comet and Exodus vs Manchester Black and Jean Grey
  239. Let's Be Cops vs 21 Jump Street
  240. Team vs Shaman Nate Grey
  241. The Avengers Vs The JLA
  242. The Axis Vs History
  243. when will we be able to travel Light Speed or faster into space?
  244. Homer Simpson vs Bugs Bunny
  245. Rattlesnake Jake vs Slowpoke Rodriguez
  246. The Cabal
  247. Full metal Alchimist vs Avatar
  248. Jason Bourne vs Act of Valor
  249. Jayne Cobb vs. Eliot Spencer
  250. Totyota's Jan vs. Progressive's Flo: Battle of the Perky, Helpful Salesladies