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  1. Totyota's Jan vs. Progressive's Flo: Battle of the Perky, Helpful Salesladies
  2. Frank Martin (The Transporter) vs Jason Bourne (Bourne trilogy) - Round 2
  3. The Halo Rings Activate in Marvel Universe
  4. Invisibility vs Shape-shifting
  5. Bat family vs Weapon X
  6. Power Rangers villains vs the real world
  7. Weakest person to solo composite Syfy SHARK
  8. MCU Avengers Vs Thanos
  9. The New Avengers ( Illuminati )
  10. The Cabal vs The Cabal
  11. David Xanatos (Gargoyles) vs. John Marcone (Dresden Files)
  12. Brock Samson enters Street Fighter
  13. Stardroids vs. Avengers
  14. Leeloo vs Leela
  15. Batman vs Adventure Time
  16. The Lobster vs. The Black Beetle
  17. Ice King (Adventure Time) vs Elsa (Frozen)
  18. Nemesis VS Svetlana
  19. Captain American vs Blade
  20. Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass) vs. Light Yagami (Death Note)
  21. Dance Off!
  22. End of series base Vegeta VS Super Perfect Cell
  23. Carnage's Family vs The Sinister Six
  24. Apocalypse vs Juggernaut
  25. Silver Surfer vs Gladiator
  26. Selene vs Hela
  27. Could this team defeat Doomsday?
  28. Superman vs Goku: In Strength Challenge
  29. DoS Doomsday Vs Team Magneto
  30. Weekly Shounen Jump Heroines vs. Weekly Shounen Magazine Heroines
  31. cinematic Jason Bourne vs Jackie Chan
  32. spiderman vs red ribbon army from Dragonball
  33. Captain America vs. Hawkman
  34. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl vs. The Crimson Bolt and Boltie
  35. Frank Martin (The Transporter) vs Jason Bourne (Bourne trilogy) - Round 3 and final
  36. Can the justice League destroy Marvel Earth?
  37. Vandal Savage vs Gorilla Grodd
  38. Revan versus Thrawn
  39. Joel (Last of Us) vs Rick Grimes (Walking Dead)
  40. Sam Flynn (Tron Legacy) vs John Connor (Judgment Day)
  41. The Joker (Dark Knight) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  42. Electro vs Thor
  43. Mega Man vs. The Silver Samurai
  44. You vs the walking dead
  45. Buffy vs Juliet
  46. - The Avengers -
  47. Femto (Berserk) vs. Mephisto (Marvel)
  48. Superman & Wonder Woman vs The Justice League
  49. The Guardians of the Galaxy vs The Avengers
  50. Movie Hydra vs. The League of Shadows
  51. composite sylvester stallone vs composite mel gibson
  52. Defenses More Perfect than the Roman "Turtle" Phalanx (compared to their opponents)
  53. Ghostbusters vs. Fatal Frame
  54. *nods to self* Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond) vs Earth One Batman
  55. Superboy Prime Vs NU52 Kryptonians
  56. Oliver Queen vs Matt Murdock
  57. The Multiverse League of Defenders
  58. NuKhan vs RZA Blacksmith
  59. Expendables vs Their Actor's Most Famous Roles - Redux
  60. You play the Game of Thrones
  61. Can they be stopped ?
  62. Avatar Swap!
  63. Lone Survivor SEALs vs Act of Valor SEALs
  64. OH, SNAP! WHo is the weakest who can defeat the Claire/Teresa Hybrid?
  65. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vs Titans (God of War)
  66. Expendables vs Full Metal Jacket
  67. Expendables vs Lone Survivor SEALs
  68. Main Actor Characters Replace the Expendables
  69. John Reese (Person of Interest) runs the Movie Kick-Ass gauntlet
  70. Can you think of a team of movie action heroes that could beat a comic book peak human
  71. The Crime Syndicate -Vs- Marvel Earth
  72. Rai vs movie Blade
  73. Great Ape Gohan vs Final Wars Godzilla
  74. Captain America vs Batman
  75. The Joker(The Dark Knight) in the Amazing Spiderman movies
  76. RAOH replaces Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic
  77. Estro-Genocide 2014: Chi-Chi vs. Marvel/DC
  78. Showa era Godzilla vs. Garudamon
  79. Superior Spider-Man vs Gotham City
  80. Lightray vs. Orion?
  81. Miles "Tails" Prower vs. Fox McCloud
  82. DC's Wonder Woman vs Marvel's Captain Marvel
  83. How close could a real world human get to be Batman?
  84. Annihilus's Cosmic Rod -Vs- G.L Hal's Ring
  85. Oh Daesu vs Beatrix Kiddo
  86. Superman & Wonder Woman vs Batman & Catwoman
  87. Justice League/Avengers Exchange Program
  88. Animated Teen Titans (2003) vs. X-Men Evolution Team
  89. Could Aoi (the Laughing Man) successfully hack and infiltrate Section 9?
  90. Thanos Vs. Charles Xavier
  91. Hulk (World War Hulk) vs Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time)
  92. Ronan Vs Thanos
  93. Assassin's Creed Battle Royal!
  94. MCU Captain America vs Movie Wolverine In Feats Of Drink
  95. Guillermo Del Toro makes a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film
  96. They sit and talk: David Xanatos (Gargoyles) and Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
  97. King Kong runs a gauntlet
  98. Jezelle vs Thriller Bark (One Piece)
  99. Meliodas vs. Touta Konoe
  100. How does Teresa of the Faint Smile (Claymore) rank?
  101. The Expendables versus Skull Island
  102. 2014 GOTG Vs 2014 TMNT
  103. The Namek Race moves to Dc and Marvel Earth
  104. Live action movies from 2014 vs live action movies from 2013
  105. Can Your Team Protect Earth ?
  106. Composite Ryu (Streetfighter) vs. Iron Fist
  107. Black Widow vs. Ivan Vanko
  108. Batman vs Wolverine
  109. Rumbler's League LP Exhibition Match - Estrecca vs Primetime Harder
  110. Rumbler's League LP Exhibition Match - Charlotte DeBel vs Darth Drizzle
  111. Rumbler's League LP Exhibition Match - Estrecca vs Primetime Harder
  112. Omni Consumer Products vs. World Marshal, Incorporated
  113. Strongest Dragonball/Z character that Master Oogway could defeat?
  114. characters that are more powerful in other media than in comics?
  115. Is there even anything that can kill Alucard anymore?
  116. Biggest "Written Into A Corner" in fiction
  117. what if daryl dixon and ned stark switched places?
  118. "Doctor Albert W. Wily, you have the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps."
  119. The Awesomes vs the Sinister Six
  120. Mario and Sonic Switch Enemies
  121. Marv, Miho and Dwight vs Captain America,Black Widow and Winter Soldier
  122. Cross-label love
  123. Alucard vs. Gilgamesh
  124. US Secret Service vs Amazonian Guards
  125. Jake The Snake vs cm punk
  126. Link (ocarina of time) vs Cloud Strife
  127. Astro Boy vs Dr. Wily (Classic Mega Man)
  128. Voldemort vs Saber Saberhagen
  129. Damian Wayne vs post-nerf Kingpin
  130. Deadshot vs Cad Bane
  131. COngratulations, you have been...LEFT BEHIND. And you have a choice to make.
  132. Ip Man (Donnie Yen) runs the MCU Gauntlet
  133. Timothy Hunter vs Dr. Strange
  134. Batman TAS in Westeros
  135. Superman vs Hulk (absolute historical peak versions)
  136. the avengers vs the Monkey King
  137. Strongest Shaw Brothers character in history
  138. Hulk vs Thor
  139. Juggernaut vs The General
  140. Django (Django Unchained) vs Park Yoon-Kang aka Black Gunman of the Full Moon.
  141. Black Goliath vs. Atom Smasher
  142. Flash's Rogues vs. The Marauders
  143. brock lesnar vs jason voorhees
  144. A typical begining Sabbat Pack hits Sunnydale
  145. Tendou Souji takes on the mantle of Batman
  146. Basic vs Ranked vs Peak vs Meta vs Super Human levels
  147. Ulysses Bloodstone versus xenomorphs
  148. They switch places: Dee Dee and Candace Flynn
  149. Tim Hunter vs. Promethea
  150. Donnie Yen Ip Man VS Kham(The Protector)
  151. Jolieficent VS Ansahkuma
  152. Nods to me: Instead of Stephan, Maleficent falls in love with a young Gouki...
  153. Black Bolt Screams His Lungs Out
  154. Cato vs. Link
  155. OOT, OOP: Welcome To The World of TOMORROOOOOOW!
  156. Superman (New 52) vs Omni-Man (Invincible)
  157. Would you live in the DC or Marvel universe?
  158. Gotham city's newest cop!
  159. League of Assassins Vs Marvel Boys
  160. Composite Batman Villain Vs The Xmen
  161. Magneto and Appocolaypse Vs Darkseid and Doomsday
  162. Frightful Four vs U-Foes
  163. Oozaru Vegeta vs Captain Ginyu and Others
  164. 1970s era Avengers vs the Chitauri(Avengers movie, MCU)
  165. Pre-Flashpoint Kon-El vs Post-Flashpoint Kon-El
  166. Plutonian vs Superman
  167. Ganondorf puts out a contract on The Hero of Time.
  168. Spider-Man vs Darth Maul
  169. X-Men vs Titans
  170. Movie Captain America vs. The Expendables
  171. Who's Best at Metropolitan Damage Control?
  172. Brett Ward (Agents of SHIELD) vs. Brock Rumlow (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  173. The Avengers Movie U vs. The Chitauri with a couple of weeks prep.
  174. power rangers villains vs super sentai villains
  175. Rick (Rick and Morty) vs comic scientists with prep
  176. Spidey rogues vs X Men foes
  177. vega vs wolverine
  178. Composite Power Ranger vs Composite Kamen Rider
  179. Isis/isil vs ice...
  180. Dragons and riders of Berk VS Godzilla 2014...THREE MINUTES OF HELL!
  181. Eragon and Saphira VS Hiccup and Toothless
  182. Adam West Bat-villains invade Marvel Earth! (616)
  183. Nods to me: Maleficent VS Godzilla 2014...3 MINUTES OF HELL!
  184. [Talk Like A Pirate Day] They Sit and Parley
  185. [Talk Like A Pirate Day] Crisis Of Infinite Pirates
  186. [Talk Like A Pirate Day] A Marvelous Pirate Universe!
  187. [Talk Like A Pirate Day] Pirates vs Ninjas: The Final Battle!
  188. MCU Starlord vs Arrow's Deathstroke...
  189. How Strong is Dracula?
  190. The Maestro vs Doomsday
  191. Darkclaw vs Spiderman
  192. Best One-Punch KO's in Comic Books
  193. How powerful is Captain Britain?
  194. Scarlet Witch in Infinity Gauntlet
  195. BRICS nations VS the Alien Emmissary...INSANITY BATTLE!
  196. Matt Murdock vs Jen Walters
  197. Powdered Toastman Vs Really Really Big Man
  198. - Turf Wars -
  199. Hexxus (Ferngully) vs Ghostbusters
  200. Michael Bay/Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder -Vs- James Gunn/Joss Whedon/Alan Taylor
  201. Iron fist vs Captain America
  202. Morpheus vs The Comedian
  203. The Master vs Doctor Doom
  204. Dr. Who's vs Marvel Universe
  205. Everyone in the Streetfighter animated franchise VS Birdy Cephon Alterra, DECODE version...
  206. Silver the Hedgehog vs. Psycho Mantis
  207. Knuckles the Echidna vs. Thanos
  208. Wreck-It-Ralph vs Sorbo Hercules
  209. Silver Surfer (Marvel) vs Cell (DBZ)
  210. Dexter (Dexters Lab) vs Zim (Invader Zim)
  211. Composite Steve Blum vs Composite Tara Strong
  212. Remo Williams vs The Man with no name
  213. You with the power of Xena
  214. Iron Man vs Vision
  215. Thor vs Hyperion
  216. Black Panther vs Black Knight, Moon Knight and Swordsman
  217. The Avengers Vs DC Earth
  218. Nui Harime (Kill La Kill) versus 21st Budokai Goku (Dragonball)
  219. luthor vs wayne vs lois lane vs stark vs reed richards vs tchalla vs wolverine vs thanos
  220. Composite Justice League Rogues Vs Avengers
  221. You must chose to have the proportioniate powers of one animal
  222. Deadpool vs Rocket Raccoon & Groot
  223. PC Flash Vs Runner
  224. Godzilla vs Gamera
  225. Ranking the Power Sets
  226. Weakest Being to Resist Superman blowing into a Trumpet
  227. guys you'd go gay for 3: gay of the dead!
  228. movie Avengers vs the Awesomes
  229. they go on a date: integra van hellsing and hellboy
  230. Anita Blake vs Alucard
  231. Piper Halliwell vs Hiro Nakamura
  232. Michael Myers (Halloween) vs Bane
  233. Omar Little vs Benjy (Underbelly)
  234. Talia vs. Selina
  235. Thanos V Apocalypse V Darkseid
  236. T-1000 (Terminator 2) vs Kaito Kid (Case Closed)
  237. Meliodas vs. Rob Lucci
  238. Optimus Prime in Escaflowne
  239. Kick-Ass vs Forbush Man
  240. brock lesnar vs Frank Dux
  241. Firefly Bughunt
  242. Predator (Predator 2) vs Dog Alien (Alien 3)
  243. Surtur vs Pre-Crisis Fatal Five
  244. Ryu Hayabusa (original series) vs Dracula (Castlevania)
  245. Venom V Hulk
  246. Joffrey Baratheon is sent to Downton Abby
  247. All Hokage battle fight
  248. Lady Shiva fights Mr. X
  249. The Zangyack Empire vs Warhammer 40k
  250. How many Data's would take to beat Red Tornado?