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  1. Kim Possible (Kim Possible) vs Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  2. Doctor Doom vs Brainiac
  3. Ultron vs Metallo vs Cyborg Superman
  4. You wake up in the morning...
  5. Pumpkinhead vs Pet Sematary Wendigo
  6. Moon Knight vs. Deadpool(No healing factor)
  7. Daredevil vs. a Doctor Who foe....
  8. Nick Fury vs David Cain
  9. Ymir vs PC Validus
  10. Dick Grayson vs Storm Shadow
  11. Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey vs. Matt Murdock (Murdoch?) and Jennifer Walters
  12. *nods to peterkinger* Kage free for all (all kages minus Hashirama)
  13. Joseph Joestar runs The Millennium Guantlet
  14. Current Drax vs 90s Drax
  15. Nightwolf vs. T. Hawk
  16. Weakest to defeat Composite-Irradiated-Animal-Man
  17. The Race to Recovery...COSMIC IMPACT!
  18. [OoP, OoT]Welcome to the Tomb of Horrors! Hope you Survive!
  19. DCUA Darkseid vs. Fox Kids Apocalypse
  20. Maniac Cop vs Gus the sheriff from Pet Sematary 2
  21. Rorschach vs Darkman
  22. Weakest Character to Beat Frieza
  23. Punisher vs T-850 Terminator
  24. Albert Wesker Vs. Deathstroke
  25. team battle royal
  26. Odin vs Silver Age Saturn Girl and Despero
  27. Marvel Villain Heavyweights vs DC Villain Heavyweights
  28. Xehanort V Sephiroth
  29. Hokuto no EXTERMINATORS...
  30. Dex-Starr vs Namor
  31. Ledger Joker vs Devito Penguin
  32. Frank Underwood (House of Cards) in Game of Thrones
  33. Dinobots vs. Dinobots
  34. NODS: Lady Shiva MARRIES Mr.X...
  35. Alexander Anderson vs. Kars
  36. Avengers in ( Age Of Ultron )
  37. World War Hulk vs Apocalypse
  38. The other Dexter vs Zim
  39. America's new foreign policy is...STEVE ROGERS.
  40. Fuji (Rurouni Kenshin) vs King Kong