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  1. Doctor Doom vs Brainiac
  2. Ultron vs Metallo vs Cyborg Superman
  3. You wake up in the morning...
  4. Pumpkinhead vs Pet Sematary Wendigo
  5. Moon Knight vs. Deadpool(No healing factor)
  6. Daredevil vs. a Doctor Who foe....
  7. Nick Fury vs David Cain
  8. Ymir vs PC Validus
  9. Dick Grayson vs Storm Shadow
  10. Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey vs. Matt Murdock (Murdoch?) and Jennifer Walters
  11. *nods to peterkinger* Kage free for all (all kages minus Hashirama)
  12. Joseph Joestar runs The Millennium Guantlet
  13. Current Drax vs 90s Drax
  14. Nightwolf vs. T. Hawk
  15. Weakest to defeat Composite-Irradiated-Animal-Man
  16. The Race to Recovery...COSMIC IMPACT!
  17. [OoP, OoT]Welcome to the Tomb of Horrors! Hope you Survive!
  18. DCUA Darkseid vs. Fox Kids Apocalypse
  19. Maniac Cop vs Gus the sheriff from Pet Sematary 2
  20. Rorschach vs Darkman
  21. Weakest Character to Beat Frieza
  22. Punisher vs T-850 Terminator
  23. Albert Wesker Vs. Deathstroke
  24. team battle royal
  25. Odin vs Silver Age Saturn Girl and Despero
  26. Marvel Villain Heavyweights vs DC Villain Heavyweights
  27. Xehanort V Sephiroth
  28. Hokuto no EXTERMINATORS...
  29. Dex-Starr vs Namor
  30. Ledger Joker vs Devito Penguin
  31. Frank Underwood (House of Cards) in Game of Thrones
  32. Dinobots vs. Dinobots
  33. NODS: Lady Shiva MARRIES Mr.X...
  34. Alexander Anderson vs. Kars
  35. Avengers in ( Age Of Ultron )
  36. World War Hulk vs Apocalypse
  37. The other Dexter vs Zim
  38. America's new foreign policy is...STEVE ROGERS.
  39. Fuji (Rurouni Kenshin) vs King Kong
  40. Voldermort v. Megatron v. Mumra the Ever Living V. Doctor Doom
  41. Fraggles V. Smurfs
  42. Gorilla Grodd vs Ultra-Humanite
  43. Deathlok vs Deathsroke on Mirakuru
  44. Inspired by animal related threads.
  45. Father (FMA) Vs.
  46. Cole MacGrath vs Virgil Hawkins
  47. the Phoenix Five vs thanos
  48. Mammoth Mogul vs Vandal Savage
  49. Weakest person to kill Maleficent without using iron...
  50. Cia runs a Harry Potter gauntlet
  51. Ryuko Matoi vs. MoS Superman
  52. Popeye vs Pre-Crisis Darkseid
  53. Who's the smartest criminal mastermind that John Luther could catch?
  54. Kazuma the Shell Bullet vs Ryuko Matoi
  55. Dio Brando runs the Battle Tendency gauntlet
  56. Create a five-man-band and five-bad-band to fight this team
  57. Pennywise (Stephen King IT) vs Tallman (Phantasm)
  58. Iron Cage vs Super Cage
  59. Batman(The Dark Knight) versus non-scifi/fantasy action movie villains
  60. Voldemort in Middle Earth
  61. Jean-Pierre Polnareff vs. Okuyasu Nijimura
  62. Lucy (Elfen Lied) vs Meltdowner (Certain Magical Index)
  63. Which side of the face is most vulnerable in fiction?
  64. Batman (Bale) V The Hood (Amell)
  65. A-ko vs Darkseid (animated versions)
  66. Apes replace ewoks in Rotj
  67. The Illuminati -Vs- The 2nd Illuminati
  68. *nods* Popeye vs. Hostess
  69. Kratos vs Riki from Riki-Oh The story of Ricky
  70. Guts (Berserk) vs Alex Louis Armstrong (FMA)
  71. Hulk vs. Blazblue verse
  72. Gargoyles (Disney) or Hellboy vs the Nightbreed
  73. Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman
  74. Hyperion -Vs- Blue Marvel : Plus bonus Question
  75. Sho'Nuff vs movie Bane
  76. Link vs The lord of the Rings
  77. Who can survive...the BOX OF 100 AKUMAS!
  78. Catwoman vs Bane
  79. Taskmaster vs Batman
  80. Raven vs The Mandarin
  81. Lobo vs Joe Fixit
  82. Last Disney Princess you'd want to give a TSAR BOMBA...
  83. Kratos vs. Kenpachi
  84. Batman vs The Jigsaw Killer
  85. WORST character to diffuse a diplomatic incident
  86. Alma Wade Vs Xavier
  87. Shiba Tatsuya VS Hulk
  88. Thanos vs the 90s Image Universe
  89. Underdog vs Mighty Mouse
  90. What single characters can beat this team
  91. Fire Rodan vs the avengers (mcu)
  92. Alex Mercer and Cole MacGrath vs Rex Salhazaar and Virgil Hawkins
  93. Can the Enforcers Beat Anybody?
  94. Tokusatsu Heroes Vs. Annihilation!
  95. Batman (Bale) VS Walker Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris)
  96. Spook Central
  97. Cortana Vs Skynet
  98. Image -Vs- Darkseid
  99. Dropped into the Starcraft universe.
  100. Showa Godzilla Villain Showdown
  101. Rob Lucci vs. Crocodile
  102. CP9 vs. Baroque Works
  103. Prawn vs Xenomorph
  104. Heracles vs Aladdin
  105. Darth Sidious Vs Yoda/ Mace/ Jedi
  106. Adventuring Essentials
  107. OT: Harley Quinn and Deadpool
  108. Nate Grey vs Justice League United - -Justice League Earth 2
  109. Bane, Deathstroke, Katana, Godiva Vs Daken, Sabertooth, Black Widow, Punisher
  110. Building the Best Martial Artist....
  111. Jojo's vs. One Piece Villains
  112. Powerless Superman V Unarmed Batman
  113. Mr. X vs. Midnighter with a twist
  114. Smaug vs Usopp (One Piece)
  115. Captain America VS Gaston
  116. Top 5 Most Powerfoul Beings in the History of the Marvel Universe
  117. Beast Mode Adam VS Stoick the Vast
  118. Jojo Battle: Giorno's group vs. Jotaro's Group
  119. Deadshot Vs Bullseye
  120. Pit & Palutena enter Greek Mythology
  121. Kefka vs Lavos
  122. Dante (DMC3) vs. Dante (DmC)
  123. Steve Urkel, vampire slayer
  124. The Arisen (Dragon's Dogma) vs The Warrior (Borderlands 2)
  125. What Can Solo Giygas?
  126. Anna(Frozen) VS Juri Han(SF4)..."YOU SHALL LEARN TAEKWONDO!"
  127. Nanatsu no Taizai vs. Magi
  128. Hotel Moscow vs the MU
  129. Mr Sinister vs Exodus
  130. Vergil (Devil May Cry) vs Jeanne (Bayonetta)
  131. Egon Spengler vs Reed Richards
  132. Agatha Trunchbull vs Mother Russia
  133. Cade Yeager [Transformers: AOE] vs. Tony Stark [movie versions]: who is the better inventor?
  134. The Empire (Star Wars) attack Super Robot Wars OG Earth
  135. [OoP,OoT]W:tA Moves Into Town
  136. Gamera vs. Captain Planet
  137. Godzilla vs. Captain Pollution
  138. Dante (Devil May Cry) vs Seijuro Hiko XIII(Rurouni Kenshin)
  139. Team Devil May Cry vs Team Ninja Gaiden
  140. Loki(MCU) vs The Trickster(Supernatural)
  141. Dante(Devil May Cry) vs. Alucard(Hellsing)
  142. Dracula vs Wolverine
  143. They sit and talk: Archie and Bella Swan
  144. Walking Dead Super Heroes!
  145. Brainiac Five and Marvel Scientists
  146. Legend of Korra: Kuvira vs. Toph Bei Fong
  147. Duel at the Cliffs of Insanity - Batman vs. Nightcrawler
  148. yujiro hanma in marvel/dc
  149. ok fellas need some help in an argument!
  150. Sakura Haruno vs. Chouji Akimichi
  151. Pitt the Elder vs Lord Palmerston
  152. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force vs. the MCU Avengers and any 5 Fox X-Men
  153. Star Wars Universe vs The Thing (John Carpenter's The Thing)
  154. The Borg vs the Mellenares ( First Comics)
  155. Rank the Universal Movie Monsters
  156. Alucard (Hellsing) vs Alex Mercer (Prototype)
  157. N(Pokemon) dropped into Heroesverse
  158. The Demon Hunter (Diablo III) replaces Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
  159. Link in the world of BIONICLE.
  160. They sit and talk: Dracula(Dracula Untold) and Spider-Man(Spider-Man 2)
  161. Worst Showings
  162. Joker vs Moriarty
  163. Green Goblin V New Goblin V Green Goblin
  164. Batman vs Cpt Jack Sparrow
  165. Battle of the superclones!
  166. More influential fictional franchise: Sherlock Holmes or Count Dracula?
  167. Dracula & Maleficent vs. Imhotep & Voldemort
  168. Zeiram vs Alex Mercer
  169. Bat-Tank from Dark Knight Returns vs Napoleon from Dominion Tank Police
  170. The NWO -Vs- The WWE
  171. Venom (2007) V Lizard (2012)
  172. Meliodas, Ban, Diane, King, and Gowther vs. Byakuya, Mayuri, Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, and Shinji
  173. Supernatural Season 8 Dean and Sam vs Horror Movies
  174. Weakest character who can solo Cloud and Sephiroth?
  175. - The Avengers -
  176. - The Justice League -
  177. they sit and talk: jio freed and naruto uzumaki
  178. Batman vs Kaito Kid (Case Closed)
  179. Blade vs Hellboy
  180. Twisty the Clown versus Captain Spaulding
  181. "Tiger" Tong Po vs. Chong Li vs. Ivan Drago
  182. Mega Man vs. RoboCain
  183. Guardians (Destiny) versus Tenno (Warframe)
  184. Composite Lee Van Cleef vs composite Gene Hackman
  185. DOFP Quicksilver vs Smallville Clark
  186. Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod and Abby - Supernatural - Sam and Dean Trade Places
  187. Weeping Angel vs Xenomorph (Alien)
  188. Composite Jackie Chan Character vs Composite Live Action Batman
  189. Battle of the Batgirls
  190. comic Tombstone vs movie Spider-Man
  191. Pinhead vs Freddy
  192. The Gorgon vs Team We are almost all Bullet Timer
  193. Speedy Gonzales vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
  194. Zeeboo (Are you Afraid of the Dark) vs Candyman
  195. Yusuke Yurameshi vs. Meliodas
  196. - The Justice League Dark -
  197. It's Always Sunny Gang vs Seinfeld Gang
  198. Garazeb Orrelios (Zeb) vs Bronze Tiger
  199. Ninja Gaiden Cast vs Devil May Cry Cast
  200. Charles Xavier VS...Asura's BRAIN. THREE MINUTES OF HELL.
  201. Sylar(Heroes) vs Prophet/Alcatraz(Crysis)
  202. spiderman vs Trakeena
  203. Karate Kid vs Madara
  204. Charlie's Angels vs Black Widow and Hawkeye
  205. Our World VS NO COMPUTERS...
  206. Meliodas vs. Tao Pai Pai
  207. The Fellowship of Thrones
  208. Ben Tennyson vs Samus Aran
  209. Ness vs. Ganondorf
  210. Team Pinhead Vs Team Batman
  211. Jason bourne vs The expendables
  212. Composite Arrow Vs Comic Street Level
  213. Millenium's Vampire Army and Zeppelins in the Harry Potter U.
  214. Can Marvel Counter-Parts Replaces The JLA Big 7 successfully ?
  215. Meliodas, Ban, King, and Diane vs. Ex Shichibukai
  216. Ru Hayabusa vs Yoruichi Shihoin
  217. Weakest action movie character that could solo Jason Bourne?
  218. Barry Allen (CW Flash) VS Clark Kent (Smallville)
  219. Terminator vs Edward Cullen
  220. Black Racer vs Thanos
  221. Composite Arrow Characters (TV Show) Vs Batman
  222. Civil War II: Rand Paul VS Jesse Ventura
  223. Dance off! Precure vs Super Sentai
  224. The 300 Spartans fight in LotR
  225. Flash vs Klaus
  226. Elsa vs Snow Queen
  227. The Mavericks invade Onett.
  228. *nods to Ultra_Sonic* Ness vs Evangelion
  229. Most Powerful Movie Dracula
  230. Dr.Strange and Sersi - Vs- Quasar and B.R.Bill
  231. MCU Black Widow & Hawkeye vs Rama & Mad Dog (The Raid Movies)
  232. Pan's Power Level in Dragonball GT
  233. Itchy and Scratchy vs Tom and Jerry
  234. John Wick vs Jack Reacher
  235. Stretchy Humans
  236. Alien Abudction Reverse Nightmare!
  237. Kenshiro join the bat family (Green Hornet Edition)
  238. Marv vs Predator
  239. Beast (Kung Fu Hustler) vs Shang Chi
  240. The Avatar Gaang vs. The Red Lotus(LOK)
  241. Ultron and Kang the Conqueror vs. The Justice League
  242. Elsa's powers VS HOKUTO SHIN KEN..."ICE BEGONE!"
  243. Iron Fist vs Carnage
  244. Uriel [Supernatural] vs Uriel [Dresden Files]
  245. Bayonetta vs Alucard (Hellsing)
  246. Omega Shenron vs. Beerus
  247. The Red Lotus vs. MCU Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Amazing Spider-man
  248. Tallahassee vs Ash Williams
  249. Storybrook(Once Upon a Time) VS...the Filming of TOP GEAR Season XX...
  250. MCU Avengers visits Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universe