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  1. The Rebirth: Community Hall
  2. Long VS Faora
  3. General Naruto Speed Feat List
  4. Welcome to Rumbles (Rules and FAQs)
  5. Sooo.. 14 days to copy and paste a bunch of stuff eh?
  6. Comic Apocalypse is replaced by Animated Apocalypse
  7. Deathlok (Marvel Agents of Shield) Vs Deathstroke (Arrow)
  8. Rumblers' League 2014 - Spring
  9. Predator's Vs. the Clone Wars
  10. The Orange Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto's Feats
  11. Macross human civilisation vs Stargate SG1
  12. The Illuminati vs The Extinction Team
  13. Villian Battle!
  14. Goku vs. Gotenks
  15. The Nick Fury's Courier Challenge (Spoilers For Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  16. 400% Shinji in Eva 01 vs 400% Asuka in Eva 02
  17. Black Adam (DC) vs Ares (DC)
  18. Daredevil vs Team DC
  19. Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Punisher vs Bullseye
  20. Cosplay Conflict (featuring your favorites, Superman, Thor, and Goku)
  21. Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Versus Malekith w/ Aether (Thor: The Dark World)
  22. Buffy vs the Grimm
  23. Kid Goku (pre-training with Roshi) vs Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)
  24. Ra's al ghul vs batman's rogues gallery.
  25. NFL Superpro vs Forbush Man
  26. Colonial Warriors vs Imperial Stormtroopers
  27. Monster Exchange Program
  28. Hair-raising fight!
  29. Film Winter Soldier and Captain America versus Twin Snakes Solid Snake and Liquid Snake
  30. Winter Soldier VS Caleb
  31. Spiderman vs. Deathstroke
  32. O5 X-men vs. The Rogues
  33. Wolverine vs. The Lizard
  34. Nightwing vs. Green Arrow
  35. The Fullmetal Alchemist vs The Winter Soldier
  36. The Robins vs Cap.America and Bucky
  37. Bane vs Hannibal Lecter.
  38. MCU "Americrew" vs Cassandra Cain
  39. Absorbing Man(Bana Hulk movie) vs Shaw(X-Men First Class)
  40. Insane and Screaming Black Bolt VS JL.
  41. Felicia (Darkstalkers/Vampire) versus Catwoman
  42. Loeb force VS Power Bendis VS Pak Equation
  43. Mister Fantastic vs. Daredevil
  44. Batman vs. Snaaaaake
  45. Captain America and Daredevil vs Spider-Man
  46. Eowyn vs Oberyn Martell
  47. Adam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Versus Deathlok (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  48. Sakura Haruno vs Tsunade
  49. Healing factor vs durability/invulnerability
  50. Green Goblin versus Gotham
  51. Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  52. It's me again.
  53. Movie Kronan vs Movie Frost Monster
  54. Commander Keen VS Spaceman Spiff
  55. Dr. Doom (Cosmic Cube) Vs. Thanos (Reality Gem)
  56. Mr Sinister vs Princess Bubblegum
  57. Leonidas vs Achilles
  58. Lagertha the Shield Maiden vs. Brienne of Tarth
  59. Green Goblin vs. Captain America
  60. A baby made of waffles vs. The Monarch (Venture Bros)
  61. Godzilla vs Fin Fang Foom
  62. Thanos with the Heart of the Universe vs The Beyonder
  63. MCU VS. Donnie Yen version Sun Wukong
  64. Heaven(Monkey King 2014) VS Ultraman Belial
  65. Harry Dresden vs Captain America
  66. Fantastic Four vs Ala Alba (Combat Squad)
  67. Cassandra Cain vs. Laura Kenney (with a twist)
  68. Khal Drogo vs. Rollo
  69. Weakest being to defeat composite Sentai/Kamen Rider monster
  70. Siegfried vs Achilles
  71. Lopez vs Agent Maine
  72. Magneto vs the Hulk Family
  73. Most powerful females in fantasy fiction
  74. Black Widow vs Hit Girl
  75. Pre-Retcon Beyonder vs Primal Monitor vs World's Funnest Mxy vs MJJ
  76. COBRA Vs. Umbrella
  77. Pre Retcon Beyonder vs Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos
  78. Garfield Spiderman vs Raimi Villains
  79. They Just Sit And Talk: Azuma Toukaku (Akuma no Riddle) and Cassandra Cain
  80. Atrocitus vs. Red Hulk
  81. Alan Taylor vs Kevin Feige
  82. Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Namor
  83. Hawkman and Deathstroke Vs Movie Loki and Sif
  84. 2k12 TMNT vs, 2k TMNT vs 1987 TMNT Cartoon Rumble
  85. Mod Rulings
  86. Slaughtercon!
  87. Spider-man and his amazing friends v. The Power Rangers
  88. Captain America vs Wildcat
  89. Clash of the Old Ones (Eldrazi vs Shuma-Gorath)
  90. Old You vs New You
  91. Kratos vs Old Mythology
  92. Lord Rayden vs. Electro
  93. Punisher vs David Cain
  94. Rhino(Amazing Spiderman 2) vs Juggernaut(X-Men 3)
  95. Harry Osborn(Spiderman 3) vs Harry Osborn(Amazing Spiderman 2)
  96. Ragyo (Kill La Kill) vs Doflamingo (One Piece)
  97. Shredder (Utrom, 2003 cartoon) vs JLU Batman
  98. Max Payne vs. Karl Urban's Dredd
  99. Spiderman vs Loki
  100. *NODS TO KAIN* Kratos vs Asura
  101. the wilsons re-new their wedding vows.
  102. Big Daddy (Kick-Ass movie) runs the Agents of SHIELD gauntlet
  103. Say a prayer to the Angry God, and your troubles will be PUNCHED AWAY...
  104. Batman trains a new Robin
  105. Deathstroke vs Deathlok
  106. Sloth and Chunk vs Hodor and Bran
  107. Batman Vs. Iron man ?
  108. Send in the clowns
  109. Aquaman vs Psylocke
  110. Batman takes on Liberion!
  111. Who learns faster?
  112. Captain America vs Batman in an EXTREME RULES MATCH
  113. The Shield vs. The NWO
  114. ASM Villains vs. MCU avengers
  115. Avengers (movie) vs the Walpurgisnacht
  116. God Cable vs Superboy Prime
  117. Leech vs the World
  118. Urdnot Wrex vs Skyrim
  119. I can't control this power!!!
  120. Octodad vs. Ika Musume
  121. Wilson Fisk (movie) in Kickass New York
  122. Respect Aku, Shogun of Sorrow
  123. Black Widow vs Green Arrow
  124. Scenario: Korra in Attack on Titan
  125. Deathlok vs The Winter Soldier (MCU Versions)
  126. Movie battle of Minas Tirith minus Army of the Dead plus 10 movie heroes
  127. South Park vs the Candy Kingdom
  128. Raimi Spider-Man Villains Vs. Webb Spider-Man Villains
  129. Mab: The Queen of Air and Darkness Vs Dr. Doom
  130. Inspector Gadget vs. Lupin The 3rd
  131. Three Way
  132. Stanley Tweedle vs Arnold J. Rimmer
  133. battle of the expendable nobodies- StarTrek Red Shirts vs Star Wars Storm Troopers
  134. Power Rangers Battle Royale!
  135. Bruno Sammartino vs Brock Lesnar
  136. Avengers vs Justice League: Cartoon versions
  137. Kakashi Hatake runs the Kage gauntlet
  138. Ganon vs. Godzilla
  139. Battle of Coruscant Force Sub
  140. Gunbuster vs Ideon
  141. New Rumbles Moderator
  142. How would you survived a Godzilla Raid?
  143. General Zod vs Thor
  144. A Master Manipulator at Work
  145. Black Adam vs Thor
  146. Deathstroke vs Poison Ivy
  147. Again: there is no custard, only UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLL...
  148. Who is the Strongest Batman or Bat Legacy related Villain?
  149. Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes join the FF
  150. The UED and the Koprulu sector(Starcraft) are ISOT to the Stargate galaxy?
  151. Kai (Lexx) vs Jango Fett
  152. Detective Ma + Frank Dux vs Mad Dog + Boyka
  153. Knuckles the Echidna (animated) vs. Atom Ant
  154. ATT Robin runs a gauntlet
  155. Composite Bigfoot vs Composite Loch Ness Monster
  156. How powerful is Jesus Christ? Feat/Power Gauging Thread
  157. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents(MCU) vs ODST
  158. How Powerful is This Composite God
  159. Carnivorous and Cannibalistic Omnicidal Maniacs
  160. ATT Robin trains Kairi, Ash, Misty, Tracey, Melody, and 8 Original Digideestined(Read OP)
  161. Metal Slug Team vs O'Connells from the Mummy Trilogy
  162. Mami Tomoe vs Wolverine
  163. Deadpool vs Deathstroke
  164. Superman v. Thor
  165. Bill Compton, Lestat, and Edward Cullen Vs Daredevil and Bullseye
  166. Rank these Shonen Heroes
  167. Ragnar & Rollo vs The Hound & Bronn
  168. Whitebeard vs The Thing
  169. Francis Griffin vs. Carter Pewterschmidt
  170. Ra's Al Ghul vs Baron Zemo
  171. SV-001(Metal Slug) vs Leman Russ Battle Tank(Warhammer 40.000)
  172. Rumble Baselines
  173. I, Robots
  174. What is the weakest superhero or team that can clean up New Port City?
  175. The Jigsaw killer (Saw) vs Fred Jones (Scooby Doo)
  176. Predators Versus Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  177. Gorilla Grodd vs Tony Stark
  178. Seth vs Super Adaptoid
  179. The X-Men vs The Authority
  180. Mad Jim Jaspers vs Emperor Joker
  181. Frieza, King Cold & Cooler Vs. Marvel/DC
  182. ATT Robin vs Hokage(Flame of Recca)
  183. Sam and Dean vs the Grimm
  184. Team RWBY vs Keyblade Wielders
  185. All-new Ultimate Spiderman VS All-new X-men
  186. Sebastien Shaw (X-Men: First Class) Versus Marcus Daniels (MCU)
  187. Themistocles (300: RoaE) vs Hector (Troy)
  188. Animated Young Justice vs. Gargoyles Villains
  189. Stern Ritter vs. Espada
  190. TAO vs The Doctor vs John Constantine
  191. The Force Vs. Alchemy Vs. Wizardry Vs. Ninjutsu
  192. Lorelai vs Venus vs Enchantress vs Jasmine
  193. How would Ironman do protecting Central City?
  194. Gargoyles Villains Survivor
  195. Anton Chigurh vs Flippy(Happy Tree Friends)
  196. CBR's undefeated champ takes on all comers
  197. Grand Regent Thragg vs The Prince of all Saiyans
  198. The First and Forsaken Lion vs the animated JLA
  199. MCU Captain America vs JLU Batman
  200. Namor vs Hercules
  201. Grug(The Croods) VS Stoick the Vast(How to train your dragon)
  202. Thor vs. Goku
  203. Yuuzhan Vong vs the Reapers
  204. Buffy the Vampire Slaying Grimm
  205. Ryo Saeba vs Daredevil
  206. Onslaught vs Exodus
  207. Amazo vs Martian Manhunter
  208. Bizarro vs Superman
  209. Archer's War
  210. Who has superior pure h2h skill, Spiderman or Superman?
  211. MoS Superman vs OMEGA Twilight Sparkle!
  212. Batman vs ATT Robin
  213. They sit and Talk: Captain America and Lex Luthor
  214. Ultimate Origin
  215. Khazan Utuber Flamewar: Ltherael VS Maximbady
  216. Rumbles Regs discussion/clarification
  217. A Snake Comes To The MCU (A Stargate SG-1/Marvel Cinematic Universe Scenario)
  218. Rank in order of pure strength
  219. Movie Avengers at the Battle of Yonkers
  220. Hulk vs Hulk
  221. Robocop vs Edward Cullen
  222. Flash Rouges vs Spiderman Rouges
  223. Who is a good match for a composite Disney Fairies
  224. Unicron vs The Nothing
  225. Shuma-Gorath vs. Onslaught
  226. How Dangerous is this Composite?
  227. Saotome Ranma vs the Naruto-verse
  228. Roger Smith & Big O Vs. Pacific Rim
  229. Superboy Prime vs. Worldbreaker Hulk
  230. Void vs Dr. Manhattan
  231. Alucard vs Maximum Carnage
  232. Most powerful, influential and/or resourceful terrorist organization in fictional history?
  233. Spider-Man vs Hellsingverse vampire
  234. Rurouni Kenshin and Sanosuke Sagara vs Slade Vilson on Mirakuru
  235. Moon Knight Vs. Nick Fury (Hand to Hand Combat)
  236. How does Might Guy do in Toriko
  237. They sit and Talk: Claire Bennet and Yanagi Sakoshita
  238. Prophetraz/Alcaphet visits Heroesverse
  239. Baneblade vs Raimei Destroyer
  240. strongest DC/marvel character joukyuu kunitoshi
  241. Movie Red Skull vs Nolanverse Batman
  242. Conan the Cimmerian in Westeros
  243. Strongest robot that Magnus Robot Fighter can beat
  244. [Tales from the Fourth Age] Your-Name-Here for the Defense, Your Honor.
  245. [Tales from the Fourth Age] Your-Name-Here for the Prosecution, Your Honor.
  246. Kaine vs The Lizard
  247. Wario vs Kingpin
  248. Pegasus vs Unicorn
  249. Vash the Stampede vs Bayonetta vs Alucard
  250. Mantis vs. Karate Kid!