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  1. Syfy Adapting Miller's "Ronin," Soule's "Letter 44," Hickman's "Pax Romana," Schulner's "Clone" & Mo
  2. Blackthorne Says Final Season 2 "Arrow" Eps are "All Hands on Deck"
  3. Rockne S. O'Bannon on "Revolution's" Future, "Farscape's" Resurrection
  4. Sinister Six Teased in Super-Secret "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Credits Sequence
  5. Bruce & Damian Have 'Fun' in New "Son of Batman" Clip
  6. "24: Live Another Day" Producers Coto and Katz on Bringing Back Jack
  7. Bolivar Trask Tracks Mystique in New "Days of Future Past" Clip
  8. TV Legends Revealed: Was"The Da Vinci Code" Nearly Turned Into a Season of "24?"
  9. Doctor Who IV - Everything Whovian - Would you like a jelly baby?
  10. Agents of SHIELD (SPOILERS)
  11. Arrow
  12. Wrestling PostMania Reborn
  13. Supernatural
  14. Game of Thrones
  15. Star Wars VII
  16. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Hits Web
  17. The FLASH
  18. Gotham TV Show
  19. Supernatural: Bloodlines
  20. Tim Blake Nelson Reportedly in "Final Negotiations" to Join "Fantastic Four"
  21. WATCH: Second "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Trailer
  22. Lets Be Cops
  23. All Things Godzilla
  24. Steven Universe And The Crystal Gems *Spoilers*
  25. Warehouse 13
  26. Person of Interest
  27. Fargo TV Series on FX
  28. Western Genre Appreciation
  29. Whatcha Watchin?
  30. The Avengers - Britain's Grooviest Heroes
  31. Bob's Burgers
  32. The Following
  33. Mad Men
  34. Better Call Saul Casts Former Perry White, Michael McKean
  35. BOOYAKASHA: Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is back
  36. "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Producers on "Sinister Six," "Venom" & 'Tragic Choices'
  37. C2E2: Hudson, Todd & Massee Revisit 20 Years of "The Crow"
  38. Jackman '99.9% Sure' He's Finished With Logan After "The Wolverine" Sequel
  39. Section 31 the newest Star Trek series
  40. Emma Rios Delves into Ward's Mind for "Agents of SHIELD" Poster
  41. Disney XD's Marvel Universe Block (SPOILERS)
  42. Layman Says Next "Chew" Animation Announcement "Guaranteed to Blow Minds"
  43. "Once Upon a Time" Producers Kitsis & Horowitz Tease Season Finale
  44. Godzilla 2014 and M.U.T.O
  45. Why do you think the Star Wars Prequel Movies are dislike and made fun of?
  46. Should they have given Superman one more solo movie before introducing the JL?
  47. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  48. Big Bang Theory
  49. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SPOILERS)
  50. International Wrestling
  51. Vikings
  52. No season 2 for Almost Human
  53. TNA Impact Wrestling Thread: Rob Terry version 4.0
  54. Women Wrestling (WWE/TNA/Indies)
  55. Hall Of Renewals and Corridor Of Cancellations
  56. "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Star Dane DeHaan On Transforming As Harry Osborn
  57. Pinkner Spins Peter Parker's Tale in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"
  58. Lou Ferrigno Claims a New Hulk Film Will Follow "Avengers: Age of Ultron"
  59. "Punisher: War Zone's" Lexi Alexander on Challenges Faced By Female Directors
  60. Penny Dreadful
  61. "Simpsons" Producers go Behind the Bricks of Sunday's LEGO-Themed Episode
  62. Star Trek: All of Em
  63. Bryan Fuller's Hannibal
  64. Anime talk
  65. Ncis
  66. Terminator Genesis
  67. 5 "Justice League" Stories Fit for Film
  68. Efram Zimbalist Jr., aka the best Alfred, is dead
  69. "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Brings in $35 Million on Friday
  70. Wrestling WWE VIII: Follow the Buzzards!
  71. Person of Interest
  72. Silent Films
  73. Would the Spider-Man movies be better if they were done by Marvel?
  74. Daredevil fan film
  75. Comic Book Movie Casting. Now you call the shots!
  76. What would the Marvel Cinematic Universe look like if...?
  77. Life After Logan: How Fox Can Cope with Losing Hugh Jackman
  78. "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Webs Up a $92 Million Opening Weekend
  79. Silicon Valley on HBO
  80. Garfield & Stone on "Amazing Spider-Man 2's" 'Thrilling and Terrifying' Ending
  81. Do you change your TV viewing distance depending on what movie you’re watching?
  82. Review: "24: Live Another Day" Restarts the Clock With Explosive Comeback
  83. "The Wire's" Seth Gilliam Joins "The Walking Dead"
  84. Seth Rogen says AMC's "Preacher" Will Deviate From the Comic
  85. WATCH: The "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Easter Egg in "Amazing Spider-Man 2"
  86. Clark Gregg Debriefed on the Final Episodes of "SHIELD"
  87. Lexi Alexander on "Punisher: War Zone," and Changing Hollywood’s Old Ways
  88. Cartoon TV series
  89. 5 X-Men & Fantastic Four TV Shows Fox Needs to Make
  90. Avi Arad Responds to Feige Article, Takes Credit for Marvel Studios' Success
  91. "Gotham" a Go at Fox
  92. Could Batman work as a TV show?
  93. Grimm
  94. Top 5 things your looking foward to in Avengers Age of Ultron
  95. Once Upon A Time (ABC)
  96. O'Mara Offers Damian Wayne Parental Guidance in "Son of Batman"
  97. EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Damian, Bruce Share a Moment in "Son of Batman"
  98. James Marsden on His "X-Men" Future: 'It’s Out of My Hands'
  99. C2E2: "Defiance" Stars Talk Sets, Makeup & More "Dangerous" Season 2
  100. As Cyborg, Khary Payton is Playing in the "Silly Sandbox"
  101. Is Marc Webb Stalking Kraven For "Spider-Man" Villain?
  102. Pluck the Fruit of Heaven: The Kamen Rider Gaim Thread
  103. The Originals
  104. Ed Brubaker Writes "Maniac Cop" Remake
  105. New "Power Rangers" Movie Announced
  106. Lionsgate To Reboot "Power Rangers" in Live-Action Film
  107. CBR TV: Payton, Jelenic & Horvath Get Wacky with "Teen Titans Go!"
  108. Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey & Crystal Reed on Fans, Fight Scenes & the Future
  109. Barrowman Targets Merlyn's "Arrow" Return
  110. Movie Legends Revealed: That Time King Kong & Donkey Kong Fought in Court
  111. In Your Face Jam - May 7, 2014
  112. TV series which you loved have ended prematurely or were cancelled?
  113. Ok rank the Spider-Man Movies
  114. TV News Updates
  115. TV Shows That Need to End, But Don't
  116. CLASSIC COMMERCIALS, PSA's, TV LOGO's, and Television Nostalgia
  117. Will Ferrell & Adam McKay Bringing Back "The Flinstones"
  118. "Godzilla's" Gareth Edwards & Thomas Tull Hail the King of the Monsters
  119. SHIELD Shattered in "Agents of SHIELD" Finale Poster
  120. Michael Jelenic Explains What Makes "Teen Titans Go!"
  121. "The Flash," "iZombie" Get Series Orders from The CW
  122. "Comedy Bang Bang's" Scott Aukerman Talks Theme Shows, Comics & Season 3
  123. "Fantastic Four" Casts "The Wire" Alum Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Storm
  124. Constantine (TV Series)
  125. "Warehouse 13" Cast Reflects on Five Seasons, Bids Fans Farewell
  126. NBC Conjures Series Order For "Constantine"
  127. Which Avengers related movie is your favorite so far?
  128. Bruno Heller: "'Gotham' Will Surpass the Batman Movies" Visually
  129. Could Agent Carter work?
  130. Who owns the rights?: NBC's "Constantine" and Fox's "Gotham"
  131. ABC Renews "Agents of SHIELD," Picks Up "Agent Carter"
  132. Interstellar (Nolan)
  133. What is "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors"?
  134. "Teen Titans Go!" Writer Aaron Horvath Offers CBR News A Sandwich
  135. Ben McKenzie Shares First "Gotham" Cast Photo
  136. Animation Subforum
  137. 5 Questions We Want Answered On the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Season Finale
  138. The CW Reveals Promo Images for "The Flash," "iZombie"
  139. "Neighbors" Outpaces "Amazing Spider-Man 2" on Friday
  140. Marvel Shares Promo Image for "Agent Carter"
  141. The Power Rangers
  142. Your Own Set of Dragonballs
  143. Which Spider-Man movie villian is your favorite?
  144. Can someone please identify this theme from this movie
  145. 5 Cyclops Stories We Gotta See on the Big Screen
  146. "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Falls to "Neighbors" in North America
  147. Constantine (2014) Trailer
  148. 2014 Fall Schedules
  149. NBC Debuts 3-Minute "Constantine" Trailer
  150. Hell Comes Calling in First "Constantine" Clip
  151. "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" Team Discuss Film's Celebratory Tone, Fresh Take
  152. McKenzie, Logue Feature in "Gotham" Character Photos
  153. I've come to the conclusion that Hugh jackman is just not right for Wolverine
  154. Poll: Which Character is Least Likely to Survive the "Arrow" Season 2 Finale?
  155. CBR TV: Luc Besson on "Lucy" and Taking Creative Risks
  156. Zack Snyder Shares Partial Look at New Batmobile
  157. If Greg Weisman was head of marvel animation studios
  158. The Blacklist
  159. What Is Your Favorite Stanley Kubrick Movie?
  160. She Has No Head: Grading the Comic Book TV Adaptations
  161. Why Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four Won’t Share a Universe
  162. H.R. Giger, Influential "Alien" Designer, Dies at Age 74
  163. Final "Arrow" Season 2 Teaser Hints at Death, Promises "Flash" Trailer
  164. In Memoriam (for those in TV or FILM)
  165. Channing Tatum Confirmed as Gambit?
  166. Zack Snyder Reveals Affleck's Batman Look, New Batmobile
  167. REVIEW: "Agents of SHIELD" Satisfyingly Concludes First Season Mission
  168. "For No Good Reason's" Charlie Paul on Capturing the Genuine Ralph Steadman
  169. AMC Releases First Look at "The Walking Dead" Season Five
  170. "Gotham" Featurette Teases World Building, New Characters & Joker
  171. First Look at "The Simpsons"/"Family Guy" Crossover "The Simpsons Guy"
  172. Loeb & Bell Unpack "Agents of SHIELD" Season Finale and Tease What's Next
  173. Do you think X-Men: Days of Future Past will make close to 300 million domestic?
  174. Movie Legend Revisited: H.R. Giger Designed a Batmobile for "Batman Forever"
  175. It's Slade's Army Versus Oliver's in "Epic" "Arrow" Season Finale
  176. Was Quicksilver meant to be Northstar originally in DOFP?
  177. REVIEW: Disney's "Million Dollar Arm" is the Film Equivalent of a Base Hit
  178. DC Animated Composer Scores "Big Emotional Core" in "Son of Batman"
  179. McAvoy Weighs in on Who Would Win in an "Avengers Vs. X-Men" Film
  180. TV Legends Revealed: Did Mississippi Really Once Ban "Sesame Street?"
  181. From Howard To Howlers: Rounding Out "Agent Carter's" Cast
  182. The Americans TV Spy Show!!
  183. CBR TV: Dylan O'Brien & James Dashner Bring "Maze Runner" to Life
  184. "The Flash" Outruns an Arrow in First Teaser Trailer
  185. Poll: Which New Comic Book Television Series Are You Most Excited For?
  186. Networks Announce Time Slots for "Gotham," "The Flash," "Constantine" & More
  187. "Transformers: Age of Extinction" Rolls Out New Trailer and Poster
  188. "24's" Mary Lynn Rajskub on a Darker Chloe & the Sweet Sound of "Dammit!"
  189. See More of "The Flash" with Five-and-a-Half Minute Trailer, New Clip
  190. Godzilla: 60 Years of Mayhem, Metaphor and the King of the Monsters
  191. "The Flash," "iZombie" Get Full Series Descriptions, New Photos
  192. Watch Seconds of "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Footage in Animated Images
  193. "Arrow" Adds John Barrowman as Series Regular
  194. Chris Pratt Makes "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Star-Lord His Own
  195. New "Guardians of the Galaxy" Poster Arrives, Next Trailer Coming Soon
  196. "Godzilla's" Edwards & Borenstein on the Monster’s History, Future
  197. Are Universal and Legendary Planning a Namor Movie?
  198. Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Debuts New Trailer
  199. "Big Hero 6" Reveals Logo, Teases Trailer on May 22
  200. Anything really racist or retrograde in the 1941 Adventure of Captain Marvel?
  201. Marvel Studios Teases "Guardians of the Galaxy" Trailer
  202. Vampire Diaries season 5
  203. Orphan Black
  204. What's everyones favorite comic book movies?
  205. Future plans for Winter Soldier (spoilers)
  206. "Godzilla" Smashes the Domestic Box Office with an Estimated $93.2 Million
  207. DC Animated, DCAU, Flashpoint Paradox , War etc
  208. It's time for Marvel to "Efron Up!"
  209. FLASH MOBBED: 5 Rogues We Want to See Terrorize TV's Barry Allen
  210. Marvel Debuts New "Guardians of the Galaxy" Trailer
  211. Hugh Jackman Reconsiders Wolverine Retirement
  212. "Guardians of the Galaxy" Cast, Director Go Behind-the-Scenes
  213. 221B - The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes
  214. Avengers: Age of Ultron updates
  215. summer hiatus series binging
  216. Disney Debuts First "Big Hero 6" Stills
  217. Colin Firth on Kicking Ass in "Kingsman: The Secret Service"
  218. Morgan Freeman Options Film Rights for Garing's "Planetoid"
  219. First "Kingsman: The Secret Service" Trailer Brings Millar and Gibbons' Comic to Screen
  220. What if Michael Bay had directed the Avengers?
  221. What if Roland Emmerich directed The Avengers?
  222. Quicksilver Slated for "X-Men: Apocalypse" Return
  223. X-Men Films - Your Preferred Watching Order
  224. Dark Dungeons
  225. First Footage from Big Hero 6 Trailer Appears on Instagram
  226. What are everyone's top movies of 1984?
  227. Greatest comic book film of all time incoming
  228. Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine to Become an Avenger
  229. Kevin Smith Says Ben Affleck's Costume Boasts "Dark Knight Returns" Colors
  230. "Man of Steel" Sequel Has a Title: "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice"
  231. Disney Releases First Look at Marvel's "Big Hero 6" Footage
  232. A plan for the DC cinematic universe
  233. "The Americans" Star Matthew Rhys Teases 'About-Turn' in Season 2 Finale
  234. Maberry's "V-Wars" Heads to Television with IDW
  235. The Crow 20th anniversary
  236. Movie Legends Revealed: Was Godzilla Originally Going to Be a Giant Octopus?
  237. ROLL CALL: Eight Heroes Who Would Make the "Justice League" Movie Great
  238. Crazy Seems Good to Jessica Alba's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Poster
  239. In Your Face Jam - May 21, 2014
  240. Superhero Trilogies
  241. Dawson, Gordon-Levitt, Rourke & Brolin Get "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Character Posters
  242. Disney Animates Marvel's "Big Hero 6" in First Trailer
  243. X-Men DOFP Early Showing
  244. Poll: Which X-Men Movie Is Your Favorite?
  245. Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion and News (SPOILER)
  246. X-Men: Days of Future Past [SPOILERS]
  247. Bill Paxton on Playing "The Ultimate Badass" in "Edge of Tomorrow"
  248. Do You think Marvel Studios pre-sell tickets and engage in negative online campaign against DC?
  249. Bryan Singer: It's "Ludicrous" to Compare Fox's X-Men and Marvel's Avengers
  250. REVIEW: "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Gives "Avengers" a Run for Its Money