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  3. What was your first?
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  7. The Ruby Nation Webcomic Mega-Thread!
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  9. The 75 Greatest Batman Friends & Foes of All-Time Master List
  10. "The Secret Origin of the Penguin" & More Blasts from the Past
  11. "Remember When Gambit Went Blind?" & More Abandoned Stories
  12. Let The Girls Take The Lead with Comics
  13. The Great Batman/Joker Boner War
  14. The Long, Strange History of Marvel's Agent Carter
  15. The Top Five Battles Between Godzilla and Marvel Heroes
  16. She Has No Head: The Art of Silencing Criticism
  17. Drawing Crazy Patterns: "No Quarter Asked, None Given"
  18. Comic Book Easter Eggs: The X-Men Meet ALF, Hawkman and... Dirty Harry?
  19. When We First Met: The Cast of "Guardians of the Galaxy"
  20. How Did a Single Caption Edit Change the Original Ending of "Days of Future Past?"
  21. Mutants Can't Get AIDS?
  22. X-Men Legends Revealed
  23. The 50 Greatest X-Men Stories Ever Told
  24. Is Magneto a Gypsy or Jewish?
  25. She Has No Head: The Trouble with DC's Bombshell Variants
  26. Did We Really First Learn Wolverine's Real Name From Leprechauns?
  27. The Crazy, Mixed Up Origin(s) of Emma Frost & More Comic Retcons
  28. Gimmick or Good? "X-Men Alpha" and "Omega"
  29. Chris Claremont Sticks Up For Ms. Marvel & More Meta-Messages
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  31. Issues with New CSBG Layout
  32. Abandoned An' Forsaked: Captain America's Shield Works Using Magnets?!
  33. How Did Ann B. Davis Inspire the Creation of Pepper Potts?
  34. "Professor X Lusting After Jean Grey" & More Goofy Early X-Men Moments
  35. Flashback to the Original "Avengers Vs. X-Men"
  36. Gimmick or Good: "Legends of the Dark Knight" #1
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  39. Marvel Comics 1990's - "The Good , the Bad and the Ugly" Pt.1
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  44. I was Interviewed for a Podcast!
  45. What character deaths upset you the most?
  46. Marvel Comics 1990's - "The Good , the Bad and the Ugly" Pt. #2
  47. Inter-company crossovers you'd like to see happen
  48. That Time Superman's Perfect Woman Was... Supergirl?!?
  49. Marvel Comics 1990's - "The Good , the Bad and the Ugly" Pt. #3
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  63. She Has No Head: Who Should Star in Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff?
  64. Star Wars Comic Book Easter Eggs and Much More!
  65. "Racially Segregated Superheroes of the Future!" & More Bad Comic Book Ideas
  66. Abandoned Love: Isn't Cyclops' Dad Dead?
  67. Remember to Forget: Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man & Yellowjacker's Thor Clone Killing Goliath