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  1. Name Change Requests
  2. Retrieval of Threads From The Old Forum To The New
  3. Wrestling Sub-Forum
  4. Missing Features
  5. I don't understand...
  6. Classic Comics Forum?
  7. Anime/Music/Books Sub-Forums?
  8. Best method to preserve or copy old CBR forum threads?
  9. Can we get an Appreciation board(s)?
  10. Community Responsiveness
  11. Avatars
  12. a books forum
  13. 500 Spider-man Comics thread
  14. No Avengers Sub-Forum??
  15. Linking to Facebook accounts?
  16. Vertigo Forum?
  17. Official/Appreciation Threads
  18. Custom reading lengths
  19. Is there any way to get the regular website on a mobile device?
  20. Considering the circumstances of this change...
  21. "Be Civil" and "Treat Creators With Respect" Rules Question
  22. Threads discussing the changes on CBR forums are being locked and redirected here
  23. A technical issue
  24. E-Mail Notifications Issue Fixed
  25. Forum RSS
  26. Bring Back the Community threads
  27. When someone quotes me how do i get notified?
  28. Why did my Appreciation thread get closed?
  29. My username got deleted
  30. Unread posts
  31. Classic forums redirect
  32. email question
  33. How to get out of the Mobile Version?
  34. Reply To Thread option
  35. No change on 14 day access to old CBR threads?
  36. Can we just lock/ban all appreciation threads?
  37. MY fears of the old CBR returning...what can be done to ensure it wont happen again?
  38. cbr news threads
  39. Will mobile users ever get a functional version?
  40. How to post larger images.
  41. Mobile Options for vBulletin & a New Server
  42. how do i do this?
  43. A bad PR move on by some of the Mods?
  44. Rule Requests
  45. Loading times
  46. Reasons for the board wipe? (I read into it but I still don't get it)
  47. Enabling Video on a case by case basis
  48. Two very important questions
  49. Sub-forums and formatting and such
  50. Can we get new reputation or bigger avatars?
  51. Is there anyway to subscribe to a thread that I have commented on automatically?
  52. How do you delete posts?
  53. This is concerning the Comic Book Rumbles section...
  54. Can we get a "Lantern Corps" sub forum?
  55. Counting 3 images as 4
  56. How To Upload and Post Images
  57. E-Mail Address Request On The Home Page
  58. "New Posts" question...
  59. CSBG new Style not working
  60. Marvel Avatars are gone?
  61. My avatar just changed
  62. Larger avatar size and formatting
  63. New Community Server
  64. Can We Have a Thread Just For American Politics?
  65. I keep getting logged out
  66. Forum reset questions
  67. Long Topic Titles
  68. Welcome to CBR thread
  69. Changing thread titles.
  70. My family accounts?
  71. Too Many IMG Tags used.
  72. Spam Bots
  73. New anti-spam measure
  74. Deleting Profile
  75. The 'Breaking News' announcement at the top of pages
  76. Is it allowed to make condemnation threads of characters we hate with a passion?
  77. Anyone else getting Browser hijacked and pop ups on CBR now ?
  78. Can't post a current link. Is there a reason.
  79. Is there any way you could upload attachments to someone in private messages?
  80. Bug with editing posts
  81. Thread drift?
  82. Pull List Calendar
  83. Is there anyway to get better search capabilities?
  84. I cannot search for my own posts
  85. I want to know something about CBR website....
  86. User title: "BANNED"?
  87. Signature
  88. Database Errors
  89. Is it possible to get a general comics forum?
  90. Selling or Trading
  91. Is it okay to post Kickstarter link for comics project to get feedback?
  92. How Do You Set Up A Poll?
  93. 'Database Error' When Accessing Messages
  94. Weird pop-ups on CBR
  95. Return of X-Cres Off topic thread on X-Men board
  96. Quoted Posts
  97. Getting Redirected
  98. Thread Name Change?
  99. Posting a Comic Convention?
  100. Breaking Banner at the top of every page
  101. Anyone else getting this problem?
  102. Undertone popup ads
  103. How do you get rid of attached images on posts?
  104. Can I Make Threads About Web Series?
  105. Failed Login Notification on CBR Community
  106. Any chance for the Ultimate Marvel Sub-Forum turning into Star Wars?
  107. Appreciation Sub-Forums
  108. deleting posts
  109. Avatar not visible
  110. BuffyVerse Thread
  111. Posting Info About Upcoming Movies and TV shows
  112. CBR Ads Out of Control
  113. Let's Have a Forum Just for Kids Comics
  114. if I start multiple threads with polls and then
  115. Mute threads/set them invisible?
  116. Is anyone else having trouble getting a profile picture?
  117. Rules about reviving an old thread
  118. malware detected on CBR threads
  119. Content promotion and crowdfunding
  120. When is a thread closed?