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  1. THE BAT SIGNAL: Team "Eternal" Explore The Many Faces of Batman
  2. Soooo... let's talk about Batman Eternal 4?
  3. Batgirl Annual #2 Review/Discussion
  4. Poison Ivy Appreciation 2018
  5. Batwoman Annual #1 Discussion/Spoilers
  6. Waffletastic Stephanie Brown Appreciation (Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl/Spoiler again)
  7. Dick Grayson: Robin, Nightwing, Agent of Spyral - Appreciation
  8. Tim Drake: Robin, Red Robin Appreciation 2018
  9. Batman: Assault on Arkham gets Covered
  10. The Damian Wayne Appreciation
  11. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl, Black Bat) Appreciation
  12. Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane
  13. Ora Voglio Il Tuo Ritorno: Helena Bertinelli/Huntress Appreciation
  14. Barbara Gordon: Batgirl, Oracle Appreciation 2018
  15. Kate Kane: Batwoman Appreciation 2018
  16. Jason Todd: Robin, Arkham Knight, Red Hood Appreciation 2018
  17. Batman Family titles shipping Wednesday 7th May, 2014
  18. Batman Family comics shipping Wednesday 28 May, 2014
  19. Even batarangs
  20. Batman solicitations for July, 2014
  21. Time for another Batman/Judge Dredd team up?
  22. Selina Kyle: Catwoman Appreciation 2018
  23. Talia Al Ghul Appreciation
  24. Huntress (Helena Wayne) Appreciation
  25. Is this old Batman sticky returning?
  26. Harley Quinn Appreciation 2018
  27. Who are your favorite under-appreciated villains?
  28. Batman Music Video feat. Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Riddler,
  29. 75 Years of Batman! - what are your favorite memories of being a fan?
  30. The All-Encompassing ARKHAM games thread
  31. Batmen of All Nations / Batman Incorporated Appreciation
  32. Enough with the Appreciation threads
  33. The Inevitable "Where do I start with Batman?" Q&A
  34. Bane - some thoughts
  35. Diversity in the Batman line
  36. Batman is pretty smart when it comes to other DC heroes: how does he rank to the Marvel guys?
  37. Bat Family recommendations (Pre New 52)
  38. What if the Joker died?
  39. Batman Beyond Universe #9 Discussion
  40. EXCLUSIVE: Allred Brings The Groovy to "Batman '66" Variants
  41. Kevin Smith's article on why Batman endures after 75 years
  42. REVIEW: Batgirl Annual, #2
  43. REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #4
  44. Future's End #0 Preview: first look at New 52 Batman Beyond
  45. Batman Eternal #5 Preview/Discussion
  46. Best of New 52 Batman - what are your picks?
  47. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. The Voice Of Alfred From Batman: TAS Passed Away At Age 95
  48. What do you want in Grayson?
  49. Arkham War/Aftermath: Batman vs. Bane - what is your verdict?
  50. Favorite Bat-books without Batman in them?
  51. What's the deal with Joker's Daughter?
  52. Batman Beyond
  53. Who are Batman's Greatest Villains of All-Time?
  54. So, how SHOULD the BatVerse have been rebooted for the New 52?
  55. Which of Higgins' aborted status quo's was the best?
  56. What is the difference between Snyder's approach to writing Batman compared to Morrison's approach?
  57. Detective Comics #31 Preview/Discussion
  58. I'm having trouble with "The Dark Knight Returns"
  59. Carmine "The Roman" Falcone: What's Useful to Re-Read These Days?
  60. Batman by Scott Snyder / What is your verdict?
  61. Batgirl by Gail Simone / What is your verdict?
  62. What is Morrisonian to you?
  63. Gotham - FOX TV Show Discussion
  64. Invent a Batman from any country
  65. Assault on Arkham Special Feature
  66. Has Batman ever faced a foe like this?
  67. Bill Finger's Granddaughter Says DC Isn't 'All Good' with Family
  68. What if Batman's world was no more..
  69. The Veil (Millicent Mayne) - Has she shown up yet?
  70. Batwing #31 Discussion / Spoilers
  71. REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #5
  72. Batman: The Killing Joke (1988) / What is your verdict?
  73. What is the deal with All Star Batman ?
  74. Batman Family titles shipping Wednesday 14th May, 2014
  75. Is anyone finding their enthusiasm for Zero Year waning?
  76. Best Batman stories or storylines, in your opinion
  77. All Star Batman and Robin by Frank Miller & Jim Lee / What is your verdict?
  78. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) on the Justice Society
  79. Drag up the Batfamily
  80. What's your Batman continuity?
  81. BATMAN ETERNAL #6 Preview/Discussion
  82. BATMAN ETERNAL #6 Preview/Discussion2
  83. REVIEW: Detective Comics, #31
  84. What would Batman do if he discovered a secret side of Gotham.
  85. Identify the Characters in this Image
  86. batman beyond justice lords question
  87. What's Alfred the cat up to?
  88. Jim Starlin's Batman
  89. Anyone else fed up with the Bat Family?
  90. Ideas/suggestions/guesses for Grayson arch-nemesis?
  91. REQUIEM, Retcons, and the Return of Damian?
  92. Batman & Son to R.I.P (2006-2009) / Read through and Opinions
  93. Fatman On Batman podcasts
  94. First look at the new Batmobile
  95. A new recruit to the Gotham mod force: ABH-1979
  96. Thoughts on the old Nightwing series (1996-2011)
  97. The Riddler/Edward Nygma Appreciation
  98. Batman of the 40's.. your favourite stories from that era?
  99. Ben Affleck's Batsuit revealed!!!
  100. READING LIST: Get Ready for "Gotham"
  101. Current or Post-Forever Evil Recommendation Requests
  102. THE BAT SIGNAL: Tomasi on the Emotional Rebirth of "Robin Rises"
  103. PREVIEW: Batman Eternal #6
  104. Batman: Hush (2003) / What is your verdict?
  105. Zero Year: Secret City Hardcover
  106. What happened between Jason's Death and Tim's introduction?
  107. Thread Drift: Gotham TV Series
  108. EXCLUSIVE: Gage, Higgins Reveal Plans for "Batman Beyond Universe"
  109. Catwoman vol 4 : Gotham Underground.. worth it?
  110. Helena Bertinelli will be Dick Grayson's partner in Grayson
  111. Should Batman have more of a sense of humor?
  112. Batman 480 From The Den subject???
  113. Final Crisis-Batman
  114. What would your reaction be to a story line like this and what would Bruce Wayne do?
  115. Anyone thinks Nolan's Batman movies is Frank Miller's vision on film?
  116. Batman Eternal August 2014 Solicitations
  117. What, in your opinion, are the classic Batman books/iterations?
  118. What if Adam West's Batman endured all of the traumas that comics Batman did?
  119. Batman 75th Anniversary - reprint of Batman 1 & detective comics #27
  120. Harley Quinn #6 Preview/Discussion
  121. Batman Futures End Covers
  122. Batman Trades and Harcovers You Got Recently
  123. Batman: Jewish?
  124. Batwoman #31 Preview/Discussion
  125. Battoos
  126. Can someone please explain to me....WHY do you all enjoy Damian Wayne ?
  127. How to collect Morrison's Batman as Omnibi?
  128. "In the name of security he will strip away all human rights"
  129. Batman Eternal April 2014 sales numbers through Diamond
  130. Allow me to introduce myself. I am he who is called Ra's al Ghul Appreciation Thread
  131. "Beware the Batman" Thread (possible spoilers)
  132. Favorite Dynamic Duo
  133. Favorite Decade for the Bat?
  134. Death of the Family question
  135. With what's going on with Damian and Grayson, is enough being done with Drake and Todd?
  136. Batman and Frankenstein #31 Preview/Discussion
  137. Superman & Batman Generations
  138. Red Hood & The Outlaws #31 Preview/Discussion
  139. DC Collectibles Bruce Timm
  140. Batman Eternal #7 Preview/Discussion
  141. Batwing and Birds of Prey Both Cancelled
  142. Batman solicitations for August, 2014
  143. Who else was surprised to see the Phantasm on the cover of Batman Beyond Universe's August Issue?
  144. Batman Family comics shipping Wednesday 28 May, 2014
  145. Who is Bruce's best love interest?
  146. Waynes & Kanes
  147. Thoughts on the various Crises in relation to Batman
  148. Your reaction if it was revealed Joker could break the fourth wall?
  149. Batgirl #31 Preview/Discussion
  150. What song do you consider the definitive Batman theme?
  151. Grayson: should they include any Wildstorm supporting cast?
  152. Devin Grayson apologizes for the "Nightwing gets raped" scene
  153. If Wayne Manor needed more servants, how would you recruit them?
  154. What is the point of Earth One?
  155. What's everyone's thoughts on Eternal?
  156. Should Bruce's new youthfulness be explored or reflected more?
  157. Batman Art Appreciation
  158. When Batman start being dark after the silver age?
  159. Would you read a story like this? And do you think Batman could be tricked so easily?
  160. Who would be a good Batman '66 villain?
  161. THE BAT SIGNAL: Kevin Smith Gets Nostalgic in "Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet"
  162. REVIEW: Batman and Frankenstein, #31
  163. Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin vs. Scott Snyder's Zero Year
  164. Thoughts on super-powered/non-ordinary-human opponents for Batman?
  165. Future of the Bat Titles?
  166. Son Of Batman movie
  167. Batman Eternal #8 Preview/Discussion
  168. REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #7
  169. Harley Quinn Reading List
  170. Let's talk about Spyral!
  171. What if these villains were given Goblin Formula?
  172. Batman Trades Poll: Year Four
  173. Grant Morrison Batman: Expanded Reading Order
  174. Best Superhero Ever (Marvel & DC)
  175. Nightwing #30 - series conclusion - Preview/Discussion
  176. Creator Profile Spotlight: Alan Grant
  177. Is Red Robin a good enough code name?
  178. Batman animated movie requests....
  179. Who should have the Nightwing mantle?
  180. Morrison's run in the Deluxe Hard Cover format
  181. Can A Nightwing Solo Ever Really Be Great
  182. Controversial Batfamily Opinions
  183. Simon Hurt, Final Crisis & The New 52
  184. Detective Comics: The Black Mirror?
  185. Tom King talks GRAYSON, NIGHTWING #30 on Comics Geek Speak
  186. Batman Family comics shipping Wednesday 04th June, 2014
  187. Describe Jason Todd using Three Adjectives
  188. Stump The Riddler With A Riddle
  189. Tynion's Grayson?
  190. Pitch unique directions for Batfamily books
  191. Favorite Batman theatrical film?
  192. Batwoman in Detective Comics 854-863
  193. Batman #31 Discussion/Spoilers
  194. What do you think of Anarky?
  195. Dick Grayson TPB recommedations
  196. REVIEW: Batman, #31
  197. Poll: Do you think Grayson will be a huge success?
  198. New 52 Batman is not as good as the old stuff
  199. REVIEW: Nightwing, #30
  200. Who will be the first person to discover the truth about Dick Grayson's fate?
  201. REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #8
  202. Stephanie Brown New Story Lines & Ideas For Her Character From You
  203. Frank Miller's take on Batman
  204. WHEN and HOW will Dick Grayson's fate be revealed? What Consequences?
  205. Seeley, King Enter the DCU's Espionage World in "Grayson"
  206. Where did Batman go to school?
  207. How do you imagine the Batfamily books after Batman Eternal? What do you hope?
  208. Does Batman have the best rogues gallery in comics?
  209. Underrated Villain: Tallyman
  210. Jason Todd writers, from best to worst (Under The Hood and on)
  211. Should Secret Origin #3 redo Red Robin's origin?
  212. What makes The Batman the most popular hero in Comics??
  213. What story would best translate to the big screen?
  214. What are the essential Riddler stories?
  215. Knightfall: is the whole thing good?
  216. Batman Eternal #9 Preview/Discussion
  217. In Defense of Seeley, King and NIGHTWING #30
  218. Is The Joker The Most Terrifying Villain In The DCU?
  219. REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #9
  220. The Batman/Catwoman dynamic needs to change
  221. Jean Paul Valley ?
  222. Batman Family titles shipping Wednesday 11th of June, 2014
  223. DC Comics Celebrates "Batman Day" with Timeline Poster, Cover Reveal
  224. Jumping on points
  225. Batwing #32 Discussion / Spoilers
  226. How Does No One Know Nightwing is Alive?
  227. So...why was the Yellow Oval dropped from "The Killing Joke: Deluxe Edition"?
  228. Nightwing: Old Friends, New Enemies TPB - may also be interesting to Roy Harper/Outlaws fans
  229. Lego Batman Thread
  230. Matt Wagner's Batman
  231. DETECTIVE COMICS #32 Preview/Discussion
  232. Are Deluxe HC and Absolute HC worth the TPB upgrade.
  233. No Man's Land (the novelization)
  234. Villain "WHOA!" Stories
  235. So is the White Rabbit the most popular new Batman villain since Prof. Pyg?
  236. What are some good Batman stories that aren't collected in trades?
  237. The Fifty Greatest Characters in the Batman Universe--according to me
  238. What would've been your pitch to DC for GRAYSON?
  239. Has there ever been a Batman story where the 'soft treatment' of the Joker has been protested?
  240. BATMAN ETERNAL #10 Preview/Discussion
  241. BATMAN ETERNAL mega thread 10-17
  242. Bat-book (Batman, Dark Knight, Tec Comics) New 52 - Reading Order
  243. How would you relaunch Birds of Prey?
  244. For Dark Knight’s 75th, Warner Bros. Tours Adds Batman Exhibit
  245. EXCLUSIVE: September's Spoiler-filled "Batman Eternal" Solicits
  246. Pricing of Batman Eternal on Comixology
  247. Batman Family titles shipping Wednesday 18th of June, 2014
  248. The Greatest Batman Writers of All-Time #25-21
  249. Bruce Wayne: Fugitive New Edition updated contents
  250. The Greatest Batman Artists of All Time #25-21