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05-04-2014, 11:45 AM
This thread will be used to archive all new mod rulings, and should be consulted before calling a mod to ask for such.

Upon reflection some of the old rulings should be carried over, because they refer to how the forum works or because they were thoroughly discussed and the context in which they were made is still relatively fresh in memory.
In the latter case, a special exception will be made: The mod ruling may be discussed using new evidence.

How to reopen mod rulings for discussion:

PM the moderator who made it or, if he's retired, PM a current mod. The only mod rulings that are up to discussion are those which are accompanied by a date, in that case you can try debating them using evidence that appeared after that date.

When to ask for mod rulings:

Since they effectively close a subject of discussion, mod rulings shouldn't be asked simply because you think the other person is biased or unreasonable (In that case, ask a mod to judge if they are or not.) but rather because you think all the evidence on a subject has been exposed and the debate is just repeating endlessly.

05-04-2014, 11:56 AM
Closed Discussions:

The following mod rulings are those that regard either general terms or completed or discontinued comics and series. As such, they will not be accompanied by a date that allows their discussion; if you believe you have enough evidence to establish them as wrong, PM a mod.

This particular subject has been debated at length, and Cassandra Cain as Batgirl in the Post-Crisis DC universe (pre-Nu52) was indeed a bullet timer of the high-end sort.

Batman in the post-crisis, pre-Nu52 universe was consistently portrayed as an aim dodger capable of avoiding the aim of numerous opponents at once. He was not, however, faster than a bullet.

Peak humans, as the termed is used here, are not bullet timers in speed. The difference in speed between the two is enough for a bullet timer to strike faster than the peak human can see.

Deathstroke defeating the JLA was not a valid portrayal of his abilities, being full of inconsistencies in how the JLA was portrayed and being inconsistent with his usual protrayal.

Likewise Deathstroke hitting the Flash, any Flash, is PIS.

Characters used as jokes, like Bugs Bunny, cannot do anything 'because it would be funny'.
If you want to claim that they can do something then provide feats like you would for any other character.

Pre and Post-Crisis Val Armorr's feats of fighting against vastly superhuman opponents simply because he is that skilled are generally valid. The individual feats are perhaps debatable, but his general portrayal is at a level such where he operates roughly in a kryptonian ballpark in most cases.
Yes, it's silly. That doesn't change his long history of being portrayed at that level.

Yes, he exists in that setting.

Generally, travel speed and reaction speed are not the same thing. Just because a character can go lightspeed in a straight line does not automatically makes them lightspeed in reaction. They need specific feats for being able to react at that level.

05-04-2014, 12:20 PM
The following mod rulings regard characters and setting who are still ongoing, and as such new evidence might come to change things. If you wish to discuss them, you must use feats that come after the specific date; if you wish to discuss older portrayals, PM a mod.

Captain America of the standard Marvel universe (616) is peak human as far as Rumbles is concerned. This puts him below Class 1 and above opponents in strength, slower than a bullet timer, etc. In fact, he (along with Batman) is pretty much the posterboy for Peak Human aside from his endurance.

Instances where he has operated above that level have almost universally either SMvsFL, PIS or power-ups over a lot of debates so please take into account when discussing this ruling that barring him receiving a (acknowledged in-story) power up after the above date, it will be very difficult to overcome the decades of evidence that he has of being consistently peak human.

616 Thor's reaction speed is somewhere between a bullet timer and the high machs. This puts him as far faster than peak humans, but below people like Superman.

Instances of 616 Thor taking hits from Galactus, Celestials and their ilks are SMvsFL, being ludicrously above his consistent portrayal as someone that can generally be hurt by far weaker individuals like the Silver Surfer, Hulk or Juggernaut.

06-23-2014, 06:18 PM
Silver Surfer Speed

Having reviewed the Evidence Presented, I feel fine placing him on par with Wally West.

New speed ruling.

06-11-2015, 02:44 PM
Having looked over the thread, my view on Canon is that it goes the DB Manga, DragonBall Super, with the new Movies (BoG and the Golden Frieza Movie) being side stories, and DBO.
I don't see DBZ Kai as being canon at all. It's a shortened version of the anime, but that's really all it is.

Let's let that stand as our ruling on DBZ Canon.

DBZ Canon Ruling.

08-15-2017, 12:09 PM
Dragon Ball Super Goku VS Beerus Clash Feat Ruling.

Having reviewed the evidence presented, I feel comfortable in agreeing that the destruction was due to the clash of energies (fists, beams) from Goku and Beerus and not the shockwaves. The waves were merely an aftereffect, them showing off. I also feel comfortable in stating that this is now an official feat since we've had similar displays of power since then. Beerus vs Champa threatened to destroy their universes so they got KO'd by Whis and Vados, Zamasu became the multiverse upon his physical destruction, future Zen'o destroyed said multiverse, present and future Zen'o wiped universe 9 and then 10 with all the effort of raising their hands, etc. It will now be considered a moderator ruling on the subject that the destruction was a result of the clash of power between Goku and Beerus.