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Yeah. We're back in business!

For the ones who have read it before and the ones who haven't this thread is made to collect various speed feats from the Naruto manga. The objective of this thread is not calculations but rather to have them all in one place.

The original thread was divided into genin, chunin and jounin but it has since grown beyond that.


This index will be updated as I fill this thread.

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Naruto ninja's are twice as fast as your ass!

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Okay, now for real. Totally read the rules and all.

Academy Students

It should be noted that in Naruto even the little kids in the ninja village have some peak humans stats going on.

During a training fight, Naruto and Sasuke rush to each other. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/688688efec96a01746acac8585aad28a.jpg?t=1308697688) Sasuke blitzes Naruto, and the latter ends on the floor with Sasuke on top of him.

And Naruto has no clue what just happened. Look at his face. Also, look at Ino and Sakura. The former is cheering and the later has realized the fight is over as soon as it started.

And Sasuke did this to a Naruto that is super human enough to leap over a 2-3 meter tall fence. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/a5030fe899ddd939afcb36fb981b20b1.jpg?t=1308697689) The latter is not really speed feats, but shows this kids are not normal humans.


Ninja even without knowing how to use chakra to boost their stats are already pretty fast and agile, being capable of roof hoping and easily jumping across trees. Pretty much every ninja, even the recently graduated Team 7 (that includes Sakura), are shown as being blurs (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Blurs.jpg?t=1301702716) when they move.

Naruto despite being a few meters away from Mizuki is able to close the distant and tackle him in the time it takes for Mizuki to draw his weapon and take a step:

Naruto, in mid air, throws a kunai at Zabuza. Notice by the time the kunai cross the distance, Naruto still hasn't landed in the water. In fact, he is pretty much at the same altitude:

Sasuke taking on the Demon brothers is a pretty good example of just how fast and agile ninja can be even without using chakra(although it should be noted he is a head and shoulders above Naruto and Sakura):

The level of speed Team 7 has without chakra is not good enough to deal with competent ninja. Even a water clone, who is only tenth percent clone, is able to blitz team 7 (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/WaterCloneSpeed1.jpg?t=1301705236). Zabuza gets in between them and they don't even notice. Note that they are all facing different directions. A Zabuza water clone is also able to effortlessly stomp Sasuke and Naruto in all stats.

Naruto is not the fastest ninja, but he still has impressive speed:

He is pretty far away from Sasuke and Orochimaru (first scan) but then he sees Sasuke throwing the scroll (second scan top right panel) and after getting over the initial surprise moves and grabs the scroll. Notice that the scroll has barely moved if at all in the time it takes for him to grab it.

He is also good enough to dodge multiple shuriken while his chakra is harder to control due to a seal.


Now, let's see some of Haku.

Two random swordsmen try to attack Haku. He moves behinds them, takes their swords, puts their swords at their throats. They only notice when they are finishing the motion of drawing their swords. The guy is really fast.

The swordsman weren't exactly bad either. Here (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/GatousSamuraiSpeed.jpg?t=1301704534) one of them shows decent sword speed.

Sasuke after going through chakra control training is capable of blitzing a group of around 7 Zabuza water clones. Notice that a large amount of the water from the destroyed clones still hasn't fallen by the time he has finished.

A very tired Sasuke who is having trouble using chakra is able to block multiple shuriken and sent them back at their owner with one swing of his kunai:


He is also shown as being faster than Haku (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/HakuvsSasuke.jpg?t=1301707960)

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Now here comes the first big speed jump in Naruto. Haku's Demonic Ice Mirros (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_Ice_Crystal_Mirrors) allow him to move at very high speeds between them and the technique also makes him fully capable of attacking people while moving at those speeds.

Here (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/MirrorSpeed.jpg?t=1301767104) Haku is in front of Sasuke and then he is suddenly in the mirror behind him. Sasuke didn't even notice when he moved.

Probably Haku's best speed feat:


Naruto makes his clones attack each of the mirrors. Haku moves, beats up every clone (21 if you believe the wiki about there being 21 mirrors), and the clones are pretty much frozen in the air while he does this.

Once Sasuke's Sharingan activates, he is able to see that speed:


And is able to intercept Haku (which makes me think his sharingan increases his speed to some degree):


Naruto using Kyuubi's chakra (0 Tails) is also able to do it:


While Naruto and Sasuke have gotten pretty fast. The speed they have is not unique by genin standards.

A random genin they meet in the Forest of Death is able to keep up with Sasuke in speed:

Naruto has to use all his chakra to speed himself in order to just barely avoid getting hit by Kiba's Gatsūga(although it should be noted Naruto is not at 100%):

Here is a good one for Team 8:


They are 1 km away from Gaara and the Rain team, but they are able to get there pretty fast to check it out. It is definitely not an instant thing. However, by the time they arrive the other guys are more or less still in the trash-talking part of the fight so I can't imagine it took them more than seconds.

Then there are guys like Rock Lee that just outright blitz Naruto and Sasuke. Lee even tells Sasuke that while the Sharingan lets him see his movements he doesn't have the speed to react to them (and keep in mind Sasuke can react to Haku's mirror speed):

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First thing I will mention on this part are the Sound Ninja in the forest of Death. They aren't very fast, but their attacks are.

Dosu tells Lee that unlike him their attacks are going at the speed of sound (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/SoundNinjaSoundSpeed.jpg?t=1301786908). Zaku also explains that his powers manipulate sound (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Zakuspowers.jpg?t=1301786910). Once again they aren't moving at sound speed, but their attacks are because their attacks are sound.

Sasuke while on Curse Seal Level 1 is able to dodge Zaku's attack while carrying Naruto and Sakura:


Although Lee blitzed Naruto and Sasuke, Temari is able to easily block a kick from him:

Here is a weird feat, not quite sure what to make of it, but I will list it anyway. Sound Ninja's sound attack have been noted before as going at sound speed.

Temari is able to deflect the sound of Tayuya's flute in order to not get caught by the illusion. The thing is, I am not sure if she deflects the sound before it reaches her or before the jutsu takes full effect. The drawing in the second scan below makes it seem like the former though:


Lee gets ridiculously faster once he takes his weights off.

Rock Lee vs Gaara animated, because damn it looks good animated:

Kidomaru of the Sound Four, is able to see Kiba's Gatsuuga (same attack Naruto had to put his all into it to dodge) coming and dodge it:


He can also run through the trees around Neji while setting up multiple traps in under a second:


Neji, who Kidomaru is fighting, is fast enough for Kidomaru to reconize that close combat is no good. Neji destroys Kidomaru's webs, dodges his projectiles, and gets inside his guard before Kidomaru can do anything:


Neji dodges multiple projectiles coming from all around him while having his mobility reduced by spider web. The only hits that land are the ones that were in his blind spot:


When he fought Naruto, he was so fast his clones couldn't catch him at all:

Neji is able to slightly dodge (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/686c94e9c180f48704726240e387924a.jpg?t=1301792654) , as in avoid a death blow, Kidomaru's ridiculously fast arrows (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/KidoumarusArrows1.jpg?t=1301792566). Seriously look at that thing.

First panel it is going through the forest, then after it has passed the force is felt. To me at least that shows the thing is going faster than sound. Not to mention it went cleanly through him. Neji is in part able to react to it, despite the arrow being aimed at his blind spot because of a chakra field (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Nejifield.jpg?t=1302986466) around him.

Neji, who has multiple stab wounds and two holes in his chest, wins and starts running to deliver the final blow on Kidomaru (who is at least 50 meters away given he discovered Neji's visual range is 50 meters and proceeded to stay out of the range so that Neji wouldn't find him). Kidomaru starts falling from the tree he was in, and later Neji takes the arrow out of his chest, starts running while wounded, and arrives before Kidomaru has touched the ground and delivers the final blow to him:


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By the Valley of End, Sasuke's speed is about the same as Lee's without his weights (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/0ff9d41871184a7b3d80f580eaba64e1.jpg?t=1301794144) . Sasuke and Naruto are more or less in the same speed tier. Sasuke has a visible edge but not enough to fully blitz Naruto:


During the fight Naruto uses the Kyuubi and utterly blitzes Sasuke (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/KN0Speed.jpg?t=1301794498). Then, Sasuke fully evolves his Sharingan which not only makes his body the same as it was under the Curse seal but it also gives him pretty damn good body reading. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/FullSharinganSasuke.jpg?t=1302986673). With that boost Naruto can't even touch him anymore.

Now because this is shounen we need to keep upping the ante. Naruto goes 1 Tail for the first time and even his chakra limbs are so damn fast that Sasuke can't even keep up with their speed in Cursed Seal level 1. He doesn't even notice when Naruto grabs him:


Later, Curse Seal Level Two shows up and leaves the two of them even speed-wise.

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Jounin... and above
Now we get to the jounin. It is a common misconception for some not really familiar with the setting that weightless Lee-level speed is as fast as Naruto characters can get. Jounin have done stuff that Lee just can’t do.

Pretty much every jounin blitzes Neji, who Lee has never been able to beat. The guy was about to kill Hinata then before he knew, he was surrounded. By the way most of the jounin were watching from the stands before moving:

The Akatsuki are inside the shop. Then they get out so fast Sasuke, guy with Lee level speed, doesn't even notice. All the jounin there did notice.


Now onto more general speed feats for jounin:

Gai is standing in front of team 7 (post Zabuza arc) then he's suddenly behind them. They don't notice him moving:

Ninja seem to really like doing that (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Anko1.jpg?t=1301796278)

Kakashi likes to do it too (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Kakashi1.jpg?t=1301796776).

Asuma is able to blitz (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/AsumaSpeed1.jpg?t=1301795989) a group of sound nins like it was nothing (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/AsumaSpeed2.jpg?t=1301795991) (yeah random mooks, but still).

Kabuto is able to move behind Tsunade with enough speed that the rocks, which have been blown away by Tsunade's breaking the boulder and therefore should be going pretty fast, have barely moved (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Kabuto.jpg?t=1301796133).

Kakashi catches shuriken by putting his fingers through the inner ring while reading porn. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Kakashi2.jpg?t=1301796783) He does not even look in in their direction

Tsunade puts her finger through the ring of Naruto's kunai while he is charging towards her:

Zabuza has no problems grabbing a giant shuriken by the inner ring while it is spinning. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Zabuza3.jpg?t=1301797168)

Itachi is so fast Kakashi (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/ItachiHandSeals1.jpg?t=1301796293) can't keep up with his hand seal speed (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/ItachiHandSeals2.jpg?t=1301796290).

He is also able to casually catch Sasuke when he is using Chidori (which uses his maximum speed) by the wrist (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/CatchingChidori.jpg?t=1301796287)

Minato feat:


In the first scan, Kakashi is running away from where Minato is and towards the enemy. In the middle left panel, you can see Kid Kakashi, who is pretty fast (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/KidKakashi1.jpg?t=1301797163), jumping from the bottom mushroom to the top one. Minato who is at ground level moves that distance to save Kakashi. He also puts a seal on the guys foot (where his hand is), while doing that.

One additional thing, the first time Suiryudan we are shown a very long sequence of hand seals, (around forty). When Kakashi and Zabuza use it, Sasuke is shocked they can do so many seals in seconds.

When the Second Hokage uses it, he goes through the sequence pretty much instantaneously:


Here is an anime scene of Post Time skip Kakashi using that jutsu:


And in the manga Sakura comments that she can't follow his hand seal speed (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Kakashishandsealspeed.jpg?t=1302311481).

And he can while half dead use a technique to target missiles and dimension dump them:


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Attack on the Sand

From here one, feats are going to be put in order of appearance. I could go for some big overhaul, since it's a new board and all, but I am in a rush here. Most of the feats here come from the Gaara rescue arc.

Naruto has gotten faster over the course of his training. When Chiyo attacks Kakashi thinking he was the guy who killed her son, he doesn't only react and block her. The guy moves in front of Kakashi, makes a clone, blocks her hits, and pretty much everyone else in the room is like "what the hell happened?".

I give Kakashi a pass since he has just being called by the name of his dead father, but everyone else seems like they had no idea what happened:


The feat is also pretty impressive, because Chiyo is a fast old woman (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/PuppetSpeed.jpg?t=1302313805):

She dodges Sasori's rain of needles and she does it while controlling Sakura so she can do it too (although to be fair to Sakura as the fight goes on Chiyo notes that Sakura is getting to the point where she can do it on her own (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Sakurasstengthandspeed.jpg?t=1302312695):


Chiyo also manages to not only raise her puppet's shield against Sasori's iron sand projectiles, which are bullets in all but name, but also uses her other puppet to get Sakura out of the iron sand's way.

http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/IronSandDodging2.jpg?t=1302313239 (seriously, look at those things. They go so fast they penetrate rock. It is also just being thrown by magnetism. Nothing else contributes to its force)

She is able to raise her shields against the iron sand again, this time with sonic booms:


From the same arc we also have Deidara who is a pretty fast guy:

Deidara is able to have a short clash with all of Team Gai, sure they were probably tired from fighting their doppelgangers, but Deidara was armless and had just gotten a beating from Kyuubi Naruto so it evens out in my opinion:


Diedara able to react to Sasuke's crazy speed which I am going to list later on:


Earlier on a 30% clone of Kisame fights. The guy throws his sword up in the air, vomits a lake which has the side effect of raising him pretty high, and then catches his sword as it is just coming down:


During his fight with Kisame, Gai goes 6 Gates for the first time and gives us a nifty feat. Gai activates the gates which pushes all the water aside. Kisame is in the air right the water has pretty much gone out from beneath him. Gai jumps to his level punches him many, many times, sends him crashing down, and Gai is still at pretty much the same altitude by the time it is over:


He is also very fast while carrying Kakashi on his back:


At the end of the Rescue Gaara Arc, a Deidara suicide bombs the very tired team Gai plus Team 7 plus Chiyo:

They try to outrun the expanding explosion but are too tired. Kakashi is able to use kamui (dimension dump) on it though:


Next we get a group feat of Team 7. They are at a decent distance from Yamato (who is in the middle of a bridge), but as soon as he gives the signal they are right in front of him.
The bridge from Orochimaruís point of view:
Team 7ís point of view and movement:

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A Zombie Pair

Now, before listing Sasuke’s speed feats, I want to take a moment to look at Kakuzu and Hidan, because I like Kazuku and Hidan.
Hidan is by his own admission the slowest attacker of the Akatsuki (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/750535b7bdc0d2ee24867a8af9a00eb8.jpg?t=1302393310)

He is still fast enough to do things like blocking multiple shuriken with the rope of his scythe:


Fights Asuma while dodging Shikamaru's shadow:


Fights evenly in speed with Kakashi twice:


He has pretty good reflexes. He manages to avoid Shikamaru's knife from touching his shadow despite it being just a few millimeters away and dodges another while in the air:


Kakuzu is also pretty damn fast. Naruto admits that given his speed he needs three clones in order to fight him (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/vsNaruto.jpg?t=1302394359).

He also blitzes Asuma. Sure Asuma is not 100% after his fight with Hidan, but it is still something. Plus everyone else is all "what the hell just happened?"


He also manages to intercept Kakashi mid-chidori. He catches him by surprise, but Chidori requires the guy to go at top speed and use his combat precog eye to dodge any obstacle. The fact that Kazuku manages to get up from the floor, catch up to Kakashi, and kick him is impressive:


Two Brothers

Now comes Sasuke and then Itachi.

Sasuke was already pretty fast by the end of part one, but he has leveled up since then.

He pulls of the "I am suddenly in front of you" trick on team 7, although it should be noted that neither Naruto or Sakura are in top shape. The latter is still suffering the effects of a wound from 4T Naruto and the former is pretty much out of chakra by this point.


He casually blitzes a Curse Seal Level 2 user:


He wraps Juugo and Suigetsu in snakes while they are in mid-fight and they only notice after the snakes are already around them:


He sort of manages to get out of the blast range of Deidara's bomb in time (and more importantly Deidara notes that it is because of his speed), and by the way the thing Deidara is standing on the first scan is the same dragon on the first panel of the second scan:


He and Itachi throw lots of shuriken at each other. Lots:


Side Note: Itachi is later revealed to be dying while this is going on and nowhere near one hundred percent.

Zetsu also notes he can't properly see Sasuke's hand seal speed (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/HandSealSpeed1.jpg?t=1302396328).

During this fight Itachi gets a really good feat. Sasuke's Kirin is noted as being real lighting and therefore a lot faster than sound. Zetsu says it will take the attack a thousand of a second to reach the ground. Itachi manages to activate Susanoo before it hits him:


The anime gives us Sasuke vs Danzo, with awesome animation.

Some pretty cool feats in the fight:


Overall, the whole fight is a good example of how fast and agile ninja can be. So I recommend watching it.

A Piece of Eight

From the same arc, Team 8 and 7 get a shared feat. They are pretty far away from where Sasuke is. (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/Team8and71.jpg?t=1302397255) According to Hinata the distance is 10 km. Given that it is not a straight line they probably went through a greater distance.

In the time it takes for them to get there (it is not instant) Zetsu and Madara have a short talk (two pages). By the time they get close the Amaterasu wall Madara and Zetsu are there according to Kiba's nose. They have already left by the time they get to the exact location though:


Just because, a loose calculation:

If we say it took them a full minute that would make their running speed about 166 m/s. If we say it took them 30 seconds it would mean about 333 m/s just shy of mach 1. An average of the two is about 250 m/s. And the time it would take in 45 seconds is 222 m/s.

But enough of that. Killerbee is next.

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When is a Bee a Bull?

His fight with Sasuke, pretty good animation:


Warning: Long video.

Juugo punches Killerbee. By the time the smoke clears he is far away:


Later in the fight he replicates the feat, this time jumping down. Sasuke's Sharingan lets him dodge it, although later he notes that he can only do that as long as Killerbee moves in a straight line:


Killerbee hits the ground with his tails, lifting a rather large amount of rocks in the air. Then he jumps, cuts them into cubes and cylinders and the arranges them into a pile. All before he fell to the ground again.


Killberbeeís brother, the Raikage, is so fast with the boost of his Raiton Shroud that he can leave after images in Sasukeís vision:

ADDED: June 30, 2011

New Killerbee feats:


Minato teleports behind him and holds him at kunai point. Bee is able to draw his own weapon (given that he has a tentacle out he is probably drawing on the 8Tails chakra which would mean boosted stats... then again that was a younger Bee. Should even out)

Sidenote: In the time he slashes Bee's tentacle. Minato is able to let go of his kunai and put a seal on Bee. His kunai is pretty much frozen in the air while this happens.

Bee is also fully capable of intercepting his brother while the later is charging at Naruto:


Also, Bee and Raikage's Lariat Duel:


For those saying that it really doesn't count because they are only charging at each other for a lariat duel. Keep in mind that while the Raikage is running towards Bee the latter is able to have a small flashback.Plus he is able to use the lariat when the Raikage is in range. Which he wouldn't be able to if Raikage were too fast for him to perceive.

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Invasion of Pain

Both Mecha Pain and Deva Pain can dodge the Chidori. Mecha Pain even manages to get in Kakashi's way while extremely wounded:


Chakra eating Pain can get in the way of the Rasen Shuriken, which as I am about show later on, is freaking fast.


Sage Naruto, who is all the way in the back on top of the seventy meters tall toad, blitzes Mecha Pain. Note the guy actually makes a Rasengan before getting to Mecha Pain:


By the way if you look closely at the second scan, you can see Tsunade has actually raised her arms in defense, good feat for her considering she is dead tired at this moment.

After this, Pain summons a Giant Rhino which charges at Naruto. Naruto throws the summon into the air. Naruto then runs towards the Pains, makes two clones, forms Giant Rasengans and throws the next summons into the sky. Note that the Rhino is still in the air. Then he starts fighting the next body and falcon punches him and the Rhino and the other summons are still in the air:


Deva Pain shows himself to be faster than regular Naruto and, while slower, able to barely block hits from Sage Naruto:


Now for the Rasen Shuriken:
Naruto and Pain are at the edge of the crater created by Pain's Moon (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/PainsMoon01.jpg?t=1302402056) (that thing is massive. the mountains that surround it are smaller). Pain uses his tech and he has 5 seconds till he can use it again. The Rasen Shuriken is one to two meters away from him. Before Pain dodges it the two rocks at his side reveal themselves to be Naruto clones which proceed to charge at him. Pain then uses his chakra rods to destroy them and then uses the chakra rods as supports to jump over the Rasen Shuriken.

The Rasen Shuriken then crosses at least half of the distance of the crater(bottom right panel of the third scan) and there are four seconds left till he can use his tech again. Only one second has passed.


Yeah, both Pain and baseline Naruto are able to move before Rasen Shuriken gets to them.

Later Naruto speed feats include rescuing Sakura before Sasuke (who is not at one hundred percent) can kill her while in baseline mode:


An interesting Hinata feat:

First scan top right, there is no one in sight. The on the first panel of the second scan Hinata appears. No exactly a good time frame, but nice nonetheless.



Later, Naruto gains a new power up which makes him so fast that all Killerbee can see is a yellow flash:


Naruto in his new mode is a match for Raikage in speed:


He is able to block hits from him (note that he has his arms crossed when he is sent flying away):


However, he can't get past him in the beginning:


He even tried to get past him while the guy was distracted by a flashback but was unable to do it. Based on the feats, Raikage seems faster at this point. Sure he has to run a shorter distance to intercept Naruto, but that still doesn't change the fact that Raikage is able to do so even after he is distracted by a flashback.

Later this happens:


In the time it takes Raikage to punch, Naruto who was in front of Raikage's fist is able to not only get behind him, but also move two to three meters behind him.

To understand this it is important to remember the first time we see Naruto's Kyuubi mode in action he is also described as a yellow flash, and by Killerbee, who has shown himself to be able to react to Raikage. But Naruto wasn't able to handle that speed at that time and hurt his body.

So the Naruto that has been fighting Raikage is still not used to his full Kyuubi mode speed and thus is not using all of it. However, Naruto has the ability to really dial up his speed when needed, this will become obvious in time.

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Shark Attack

Now back to Kisame, who is awesome, and his showdown with Gai.

He has some pretty good reflexes:


He is able to react to Killerbee even though the latter is using his chakra shroud:


Kisame is fast enough to block hits from Gai:

Sixth Gate Gai can punch very fast, and his punching speed is actually acknowledged as being faster than sound. Morning Peacock is essentially him punching so damn fast the air is set on fire. That would be meteoric speeds in real science by the way:

AFTERNOON TIGER!!! is supposedly even faster, although I am not sure how to quantify the speed and strength needed to make a punch that creates a tiger shaped air missile that causes giant shockwave that might as well be a nuke.

Added April 15, 2011:

Kisame vs Bee Animated (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6qEIp6nlUw#t=1m35)

This is pretty much the only part of the fight that matters, the rest is not bad, but the animation could have been way better.

Things of note in the video: Like Robotech Master mentioned, Kisame is capable of a lot of mental monologue in the middle of the battle. Even though one of the guys he is fighting is freakishly fast.

Also, after he dodges the raiton pencil, he turns towards Bee, swings his sword at him, and only after that the Raiton Pencil penetrates the tree.

ADDED: June 30, 2011

Recent chapters have proven the Killerbee is faster than I gave him credit for at the beginning and that bumps other character in speed, like Kisame. The guy was able to react to Bee's speed even when Bee was using the Eight Tails. Sure Kisame doesn't move much, but he can definitely react to those speeds.

Now that this part has become relevant I can post it:

Kisame clone vs 6 Gate Gai


Kisame fights a Gated Gai. While he is definitely beat in speed, he is not a statue to Gai. You can clearly see that Gai starts kicking at the same time Kisame starts swinging his sword. Gai just happens to be much faster.

Should be noted that this is an inferior clone of Kisame.

His name is Tobi

Now, let’s look at the one of the main bad guys of Naruto, Tobi. Problem with this guy is that it is hard to know what is his reflexes and what isn't. He is intangible, so it is hard to know whether he phased to prevent the attack or if he was already phasing before. Nevertheless, he is a very fast bastard.

Tobi rescues Sasuke without anyone noticing when he did it:


Is one of the few people able to keep up with Minato's crazy speed:


And here is his high speed match with Minato. Notice that Tobi is running towards the kunai the whole time (by the way projectiles thrown by Minato are pretty fast. During Kakashi Gaiden while Kakashi is running towards the enemy and away from him, the enemy throws shurikens at him, Minatos own projectiles block every single one):

http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/vsMinato4.jpg?t=1302407533 (Minato knows how to shut up a villain mid-thought)
http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/vsMinato5.jpg?t=1302407534 (love how the kunai is frozen in the air in the first panel and Minato then grabs it in the last panel)

A bit of Minato

Minato gets another speed feat in this arc. He snatches Naruto out of the air. The notices the exploding tags about to go off, teleports to his house, takes off the exploding tags, and gets out of the house as the explosion goes off:


ADDED: June 30, 2011

Minato's new feats against Raikage:


Now on first glance, it looked to me that Minato was unable to react to Raikage's speed until the latter was right in front of him. The thing is, not only does Minato immediately teleport back to Raikage's position (who has at most only taken three steps forward, which contradicts Minato not being able to react to him until the Raikage is right in front of him), but the guy was also able to throw a kunai into the air before Raikage punched him.

In the first panel of the second scan you can see the kunai in his right hand when the Raikage is about to hit him. Then it is gone once he teleports to the three. This means before the Raikage hits him, Minato was able to throw a kunai into the air in order to teleport back.

While his movement speed is not as good, Minato's reactions are just as good if not better than the Raikage's.

Sidenote, Bee is able to draw on the eight tail's chakra quickly enough to save Raikage. Which implies his tentacles actually being able to hit the Raikage while he is moving at super speed.

04-30-2014, 04:28 PM
How Big is Konoha

So for the first time, welcome our special feature: How big is Konoha?

Remember Hinataís feat where she goes from the outer part of the Konoha crater to the middle in the time it takes Grandma Toad to shout some sentences. Yeah, that started this thing

Now first letís see the crater Pain makes:

The crater has three parts. The inner circle, a larger outer circle, and the border which is made of the rubble left behind by the buildings which have been pushed/blown/blasted to the walls of the city.

You can also see it here (two bottom panels; you can clearly see the separation between inner and middle crater):

And here:

The important thing is that the entire first part of the fight took place in the inner crater. I repeat, the fight of at least six giant monsters took place there. Not only were they able to fight, fly, and run just fine, they had plenty of space to spare.

So I donít feel it is a stretch to say that the inner crater is about 1km in diameter, at least.

Now, we generally judge Konoha based on the usual shot of the Hokage monument, but look:

The entire Hokage Monument fits just fine (in fact it even looks small) in the inner section of the crater.

As a side note, Iíll say thatís one durable mountain. I mean really, given the sheer depth of the crater, the total damage is easily superior to what the structure should be able to take. You can even see the black line of rubble that has been pushed against the monument but the thing didnít bulge at all.

Now letís look at the rubble section:

In these two pages showing different parts of the outer crater, we can see there are full houses in the rubble section, and this section is considerably smaller than the other sections.

Also, well, I was going to say for those interested in the databooks, that we are told there the forest of death is supposedly inside Konoha so there is that, but I found something interesting.

This is a map of the forest of death. We are told that the radius is around 10km:

Now look here, at an area view of Konoha:

Notice anything familiar at the top right part? A circle shaped forest with a river running through it? No clue I was going to find this when I thought to look up the forest of death. Makes me feel I wasted some effort. Ah well, the important part is that Konoha is actually pretty big. Even if you say it took her 15-20 seconds, she still comes up as pretty fast.

The War Begins

The current arc, the ninja war, has given some interesting speed feats.

One of the Seven Swordsmen can apparently fight with people while at the same time sewing the together:

Mifune, leader of the Samurai, also has some pretty good speed feats, despite participating in only one battle.

The guy's quick draw speed is so fast he by the time the slash mark appears he is already sheathing his sword:


And his sword speed is such that even though he slashes you he doesn't get any blood on his sword:


And done. I wonder if I should put an index in the first page? Then again all the feats are on the first pages, so I don't think anyone is going to have trouble looking for them.

04-30-2014, 04:41 PM
Naruto Enters the War

Let's review Naruto's new mode and some stuff we have to keep in mind when seeing his performance:

For starters, he created many clones:

And later we find out that just making one more clone knocks him out of his new mode:

In fact Hachibi notes given how many clones Naruto had many, if the Kyuubi were draining his chakra he would already be dead:

So given that when using the Kyuubi chakra the one constant so far is more chakra=more stats, I am going say he is not at his 'yellow flash' speed, or operating near 100% at all. So how fast is this Naruto? I am going to use the fight his clone had with the Third Raikage to judge that.

Naruto compares the two Raikage (Sidenote the Raikage also manages to dodge the Rasen Shuriken which is pretty damn fast):

Given that he compares it to Raikage in his V1 mode, I am going to make the assumption that means that Third and V1 Fourth Raikage are pretty much the same in speed. Now the subsequent fight seems to put both of them in the same speed tier, so I'll go with that.


Now we can really begin! First there is Itachi, who gets a few speed feats.
Itachi and Naruto are able to have a casual talk while trading blows (Sidenote: this is the stuff that let's you appreciate how far a the guy has come since the beginning of the manga):

Itachi can keep pace just fine with Killerbee's eight sword style (and we all know how that turned out for Sasuke):

Now, let's move on to the other fighters of this match. Nagato blasts Naruto and Bee with a focused Shinra Tensei:

A couple of things here. Nagato despite having crippled legs and being noted as having low mobility is able to catch up to Bee. Bee instantly switched to V2, and plants himself to the ground to stop himself. Notice that the tress Nagato send flying still haven't fallen yet, while this stuff is going on.

Nagato then reacts to V2's speed and uses Petra path to drain Bee's chakra in mid-lariat. Then Naruto who had pretty much also taken the attack right in his face makes his way back towards the two, and there are still trees in the air (sidenote: good durability feat).

Now before going to the Kages, after a long while we have speed feats for Sage mode Naruto. The guy is able to fully react to the Third Raikage’s speed:

According to him, in addition to his own of fast reflexes, his sensing abilities helped him to pull the stunt, which nevertheless is pretty good.

The Kage

True Madara has some good speed feats.

He blitzes through a group of mooks:

Raikage comes at him from the side. True Madara manages to react fast enough to raise his arms to block:

That's some pretty good reaction speed.

Now for the other Kages. Second Mizukage suffers from a lack of speed feats, but he does bring up one interesting feat.

First though, him and the Third Raikage mowing through some mooks:

Honestly, I can see that it may not be considered speed given that we don't exactly see how they sent them flying away. But given that the Mizukage is untouched the very next time we see him and he is not known for awesome durability, I am going to say he is fast.

The Mizukage has a steam clone, which is noted as being fast:

Now the clone as explained heats up the more it moves, and eventually creates a steam explosion:

Now, the interesting part is that the clone became hot enough to melt gold pretty much instantly:

This is interesting because it is noted as building up heat by moving, and it is noted as being very fast.

Gai's Morning Peacock gives us a precedent of something going very fast eventually igniting. Those are laws of physics acknowledged by the manga. Sure Gai's body is already hot due to the Gates, but the little clone is build to take in heat so it evens out.

Also, the melting point of gold is upwards of 1000 degrees, which means the little clone is pretty damn fast since he build up that amount of heat (and more since he melted it fast) by just moving.

04-30-2014, 04:44 PM
The Kage... Continued

Let's take a look at Onoki. The guy has some speed feats in the war. Raikage is already a pretty fast guy, but Onoki uses his lightening technique to make him even faster (sidenote: the fast that Muu can get in the Raikageís way can be a pretty good speed feat for him).

Muu and Madara are pretty close to each other. We can see Onoki starting his technique to make things heavier after Muu has been punched away. In the time it takes for the supercharged Raikage to go from in front to behind Madara, Oniki is able to use actually use a technique:

Earlier on, we have a good show of his flight speed. Madara's meteor is immense, and, well, a meteor. Here he flies up to the meteor in a relatively short time. Notice how small the rock formations look in the last panel (and take into account just how big they usually were all those other times). Plus he is getting there before the meteor smashes them into paste:

Now before getting into meteors and how fast they are. Let's see the bad guys. First Tobi and his Hosts .

Yagura is fast enough to react to Bee and Naruto coming at him and use his technique:

Yugito in one tail mode is fast enough to keep pace with Bee with the aid of a Sharingan:

It's hard to gauge how fast the others are, since they are generally fighting Bee and Naruto at the same time, but when boosted by their demons they seem to be in the same general tier.

Sasuke also gets a speed feat:

For reference, another shot of the giant skeleton with people around it:

The angle makes it a bit hard to gauge but Sasuke seems to have done a fair distance pretty much instantly, plus we have the little rocks floating in the air.

Also, Madara(Tobi) reacts just fine to an attack from Naruto (extending limb, bottom right panel)

To finish this update, Meteors. In real life meteors are very fast things. In manga they are very cool things. However, Naruto has at least acknowledged a correlation between being very fast and being set on fire. Gai's Sixth Gate and the Second's little steam clone

So first let's take Madara's meteor:

In the first page, we can see the bottom of the meteor may be fiery death. Second page, we have Onoki stopping the meteor, the flame disappears as it stops.

Here, Nagato pulls a rock towards him. The rock seems to catch fire. Naruto reacts to it just fine:

There is a real minimal speed for meteoric objects. Like 2 digit mach speed.

That said, it's not like 'being set on fire' is a requirement to reach the maximum speeds on the series. Afternoon Tiger is not on fire and neither are the top tier characters when they run.

Dragon Sage

Formerly a Kakashi level ninja working for Orochimaru, upgraded to 'implant half of my boss' body on my skin for freaky powers', and lastly Sage Mode Kabuto.

Let's get this out of the way first, the guy is crazy fast. Also cheap, but this is a speed thread (though I might just make him a respect thread later on).

Remember Sasuke's Susanoo's super fast arrows that had Kakashi going 'they are too fast to react to'?

Kabuto Dodges them, without even looking (because his sensing ability is apparently that good in Sage Mode):


He reacts to a surprise attack from Itachi, and remarks the only reason he didn't fully dodge is because he is not used to having horns, and this is Itachi we are talking about:


His attacks are so fast, the time it take for Itachi to protect Sasuke slows him down enough to get hit:


As a side-note, this also shows Itachi can react to things Sasuke flat out can't, further showing the difference in speed between the two brothers.

Kabuto actually slices Itachi in half (partly due to surprise fact, but the place he came out was right in front of Itachi, so I am going to say speed played a part as well):


Sasuke tries to catch him with his Susanoo. Kabuto, while in mid air, gets out of the way before Susanoo can finish closing its hand on him:


As a side note, he also stabs Itachi when the guy tries to sneak attack him, but that may have been to activate Izanagi. Once in Izangagi he also kills Itachi a bunch of times, which is part of an illusion so I'm not going to post it (though I will say it wouldn't be out there if he actually did).

04-30-2014, 04:49 PM
Monster Smackdown

Naruto managed to befriend the Kyuubi and unlocks a new mode because of it.

Now for his first feat, Kakashi and Gai who are a fair distance from Naruto (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/n57013.jpg?t=1353729957) (remember the beasts are kaiju sized monsters) are surrounded by Bijuu. The Bijuu shoot their energy bombs at them (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/g57102.jpg?t=1353729960).

Naruto moves, bats away all the bombs, and does it so fast Kakashi and Gai are still trying to comprehended what just happened (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/g57103.jpg?t=1353729962).

Then he turns into a giant fox and starts stomping all the other giant monsters, but that's not a speed feat. Anyway, after that Naruto is tired. Way tired. His performance in battle lowers because of that, save for a few 'bursts' of power.

Naruto, who is in base mode, instantly changes into regular golden mode and charges at the Gedo Mazo. Tobi intercepts and knocks him back:


A couple of things to note about the above feat.

First, Tobi once again shows he is able to react to Naruto's Gold mode speed. Second, Naruto instantly changes back once his action is finished, highlighting that he is conserving power. The guy is running on fumes (relatively) at this point and I would honestly say his Gold Mode right now is slower than it was in previous showings. Finally, Naruto kicks up rubble when he starts moving, when he returns to his place the rubble is still in the air.

Throughout this whole battle we will see lots of rubble floating around. It's a very explicitly time dilated fight.

Eventually Naruto goes Full Bijju Mode again and pulls a similar feat to his first one. Tobi and Madara (neither are slow guys) are in the process of attacking. Naruto (this is just how far he is from Kakashi by the way (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/f014.jpg?t=1353731638)) creates clones and intercepts both attacks:


Now for Kakashi, Gai and a little bit of Tobi:

Tobi shows he can more than keep up with Golden Mode Naruto (at least the non 100% one that has been fighting in the war):


Hell, the guy is even shown with solid edge over this Naruto due to his phasing powers.

Gai shows he is awesome and keeps up just fine in hand to hand with Tobi despite the guy's phasing powers:


He and Kakashi even get to knock back some of the Hosts earlier on in the fight:


Now while I would normally say that was PIS in Kakashi's favor (Gai at least opened the 6th Gate), fact is the guy has really leveled up for the war. Using Kamu several times in one day and other impressive stuff.

Also this particular feat:


Okay so kind of confusing, but I would have to post a large part of the issue to fit everything in.

Basically Naruto uses two attacks. The first (the clone) seems to fail at the beginning because Kakashi kamui'ed the Rasengan too early. Naruto launches a second bigger attack forcing Tobi to phase his full body. Cue the clone appearing his dimension because Kakashi had actually used kamui to dimension dump the clone and had done it fast enough for Tobi not to notice.

Point is, Kakashi's speed and timing are actually remarked on here and noted as being good enough to matter in a fight between two very fast guys.

Sidenote: See all the rubble floating around in the scans above. The guys are fast.

Now for the finish, Juubi, Bijuu Bombs, and life being enormously unfair.

Okay, first let's set the scene.

Kurama and Gyuki pool their power together to create a massive menacing ball (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/t017.jpg?t=1353733396). Going by the size of the two beasts in question the ball alone is a sizable part of a mile. They then throw it at the awakening Juubi.

The ball rams into it and knocks it back several miles at least (bottom right panel) before creating a massive explosion (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/t018.jpg?t=1353733398) (seriously look at the mountain silhouettes there).

Point being, by the time the fight starts the Juubi is several miles away (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/n008.jpg?t=1353733723) (the Juubi would be at the center of explosion while Naruto and the others would have been outside the blast radius).

Anyway, Juubi creates a massive shockwave by swinging its tail. Our heroes use the time it takes the shockwave to reach them to actually form an strategy (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/n011-1.jpg?t=1353734044) complete with healing their wounded and all that, so yeah this is very fast stuff. Sure the shockwave is travelling miles, but this is still a very quick strategy meeting.

Now the heroes are about to attack (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/naruto-3710975.jpg?t=1353734048), when Juubi freaking blitzes them (http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae65/Hazard_Pictures/n013.jpg?t=1353734287).

Yeah the enormous monster that was miles away from them. Now we don't have a exact moment for when he starts moving. Personally I would say the moment we see the exclamation point in Sage Mode Naruto is when it starts moving. Even if it isn't though, this entire fight has been explicitly happening at super speed so it really can't have been that long. Also, note Kakashi's comment on his speed.

Now the last thing for now. Bijuu Bombs are fast things. Always have been. The one posted a few in this very post is obviously insanely fast. The one Kyuubi shot that went from outside Konoha to the Hokage monument way back when he was controlled by Tobi was also very fast.

Gyuki and Kurama shoot menacing balls at Juubi. Juubi intercepts them with a single beam (which by the way is very fast just by sheer size):


Sidenote: 8 and 9 Tails manage to react to defend themselves from the beam by wrapping their tails around them.

Sidenote 2: Though it is not clear in the scans I post, Juubi uses the initial beam to blast the Bombs 8Tails shot. Then turns his head to blasts the ones Kyuubi shot. All this while said projectiles are on their way to him.

04-30-2014, 04:51 PM

Here we have Naruto batting away some Bijuu Bombs. We have seen the feat before, but I am putting it again:

Each one of those black orbs was a mountain buster as we can see. They also went flying away really, really fast thanks to Naruto.

Next, we have the clash of Kyuubi's Bijuu Dama vs the power of 4 Bijuu. This explosion is considerably larger. You can even see the rising smoke of the previous mountain busters around the massive explosion. This explosion also enlarges the Hachibi Whirlwind crater they were fighting on:

Hachibi and Kyuubi combine their power for a massive Bijuu Dama which blasts the Juubi really, really far away and creates an even bigger crater:

Next, a view of the Combined Bijuu Dama crater. At the right, you can see all the other craters. Notice how small they are when compared to the CBD. Additionally, the giant explosion is from a Bijuu Dama from the Juubi which got there instantly:

So yeah, this battle is taking place in a really large area. Keep that in mind and it will get even bigger once the god tree comes in to play, but for now, this is our battlefield.

The Battle

Madara and Tobi are able to run from the Hachibi Whirlwind Crater all the way to the Combined Bijuu Dama crater in seconds if even that.

Juubi, despite being a giant monster, is not lacking in reaction. We have seen, repeatedly, that Bijuu Dama can cross large distances almost instantly. The Juubi is capable of finger flicking way Hachibi's Bijuu Dama despite it being right in front of its eye:

Note, how big the Juubi is in compassion to Hachibi. It could literally eat the giant bull.

While not as fast as its Bijuu Dama, the Jutsu Tobi uses through the Juubi seems to be quite fast. Tobi uses Juubi to shoot lots of wood spears. The things reach the ground instantly and seem almost too fast for most ninja:

Stuff of note, Sakura needs to get pulled away by Kakashi. Neji and Hiashi can use Kaiten to knock them away. Hinata can target them to knock them away with her air palm.

We have another feat for standard (for a given value of standard) shinobi. A group of ninja uses Laser Circus. The attack is able to reach all the way to the top of Juubi (and remember its size) in a combat situation despite the shinobi not being close to the giant beast . Furthermore, Madara can react to it and absorb it:

04-30-2014, 04:52 PM
Hashirama vs Madara


Just one scene here. A lot less than I expected but it has some good stuff in it.

Hashirama is right in front of Madara's Armored Kyuubi. He immediately begins jumping between the falling rocks in the air. Madara and Kyuubi give chase.

In Fifth panel of the first scan we can see just how much distance is being covered instantly.

Second page, Madara throws at Bijuu Dama at Hashirama. As previously seen, those are pretty fast. Hashirama still has enough time to see it coming and summon giant gates to protect himself (shown in the third scan).

Third page, we get to see how fast this particular Bijuu Dama was going even after knocking down five Rashoumon Gates.

It is really fast.

Back to the Battle

Madara and Tobi show some serious range with their fire jutsu:

They are basically dots in the image. That's how big the area covered is and keep in mind in mind the fire attack is reaching all the way to the other side fast enough to actually be useful.

Crater 2nd Stage

Eventually the Juubi uses his limit break (http://i.imgur.com/YLKzAU8.png). This creates havoc and lots of destruction. It also considerably enlarges the crater they were fighting in:

Look at the crater. Look just how close it is to the ocean now. Compare it to the Combined Bijuu Dama Crater.

The Continued Battle

Juubi prepares to fire a gigantic Bijuu Dama:

First of all, it is gigantic. Look at its size compared to the Juubi and remember how big the Juubi is. Second, we know how fast Bijuu Dama from the Juubi are. Extremely fast.

The Alliance manages to mount a defense consisting of several earth walls for all the good that does. As Juubi's Bijuu Dama is steamrolling through his, we have Hachibi shooting Bijuu Dama at it from the side (second scan, first panel). He later manages to get in front of it as it is about to mow down the last line of the defense.

Minato is fast enough to intervene and part it away.

Additionally, Minato's Shunshin is recognized as the fastest of all Hokage:

It should be pointed out that all the other Hokage are arriving at more or less the same time which is a good feat for Sarutobi who doesn't have that many speed feats.

Minato is also able to run around the Juubi some time before intercepting the Bijuu Dama and plant his seals there. It is hard enough to know the exact time, but given the distance involved it is a good feat nonetheless.:

Okay, now see that barrier and those gate things on each of Juubi's tails?

This is how the main gate (which is bigger than others) looks like when compared to Gamakichi. (http://i.imgur.com/zE3yQ8O.png) Notice the frog sitting on top of it.

This is how big Gamakichi is compared to a human:

The Gates. The Barrier. Juubi. All of them are pretty damn big.

Upon fusing with the Juubi, Tobi's chakra limbs are fast enough to instantly reach every side of the barrier:

You can see the Gates in the second scan compared to the much large barrier. Those chakra limbs of Tobi are really fast.

Tobi is also capable of blitzing Tobirama and one of Hashirama's wood clones. However, thought Tobirama is not fast enough to prevent Tobi from tearing him in half, he is fast enough to put two exploding tags on Tobi while he does so:

Tobi with the Juubi is also fast enough to blitz Sasuke and Naruto:

Despite that, Naruto has this weird thing where he is suddenly capable of becoming way faster than he usually things. It has shown up several times this arc and we can see it again here. As Tobi is about to drive his Chakra Construct through his and Sasuke's skulls, Naruto is able to create two chakra limbs, grabs Sasuke with one and extend the other all the way to Minato. Minato is also fast enough to part them away before Tobi can finish killing them:

As an aside, Sarutobi is capable of reacting to Tobi's chakra constructs:

He doesn't dodge them and Tobi is clearly faster, but he is not a statue and is capable of analyzing his attack as it tears into him which is pretty impressive considering how fast Tobi is.

Even Minato is slowed than Tobi. As short clash between them ends with Minato missing and arm and Tobi able to attach one of his Annihilation Spheres without Minato noticing:

For reference, this is how Tobi's Annihilation Spheres work. They blow up and destroy anything in range:

On the second scan, you can see the blast size compared to Gamakichi. It expands to cover a sizable area. All things considered, it's fast.

This is what happens this time:

In the time it takes for it to blow up we have:
-Sasuke and Minato reacting to it (first scan). Sasuke uses his Susanoo to protect Naruto. Minato reaching for it to port it away.
-Tobirama grabs it, ports away, ports to Tobi, ports himself and Tobi away and the explosion goes off.
-Third scan, Tobi was still fast enough to use his Black Chakra Defense.

Tobi takes things a step further when he summons a tree that's about to throw four Bijuu Dama (http://i.imgur.com/jmjIkyl.png)

First, he stops the ninja from fleeing by throwing up a barrier:

A couple of things to note here. Last panel of the first scan. Tobi is throwing around those rods in quick succession. You can see by the time he throws the last one all are still within range of him. The next scan shows just how far away the rods went instantly.

See the Gates in the middle of the barrier? They are tiny. That's one big barrier.

Not ones to be left behind Minato and Naruto teleport everyone out after the Bijuu Dama are shot but before they crash into the barrier:

As we have seen previously, Bijuu Bombs shot by Juubi are freakishly fast; so this is one good reaction feat for Naruto and Minato.

04-30-2014, 04:53 PM
The God Tree

Okay, so I have a whole lot of scans showing how big the barrier Obito made is. Now, it's time for the God Tree.

This is Obito's barrier when compared to the growing God Tree:

This is the fully grown God Tree:

Compare to the Combined Bijuu Dama Crater:

The fact that the God Tree reaches all the way to the ocean with its roots is a good indicator of how massive it is.

Naruto in base mode runs all the way to the top of the God Tree from the bottom of a crater:

It's not an instant thing. It takes Naruto about 6 pages to get there in which Obito and Kakashi are having a heart to hear talk. That said, the God Tree is so immense that really doesn't matter. Getting all the way to the top even if it takes more than a minute is an impressive feat.

This also gives the Naruto a chance to show off his Giant Rasen Shuriken's speed:

As you can see, it's really fast in how much distance it covers in just that first scan.

Hashirama is able to get away from Madara as the Rasen Shuriken is coming down (http://i.imgur.com/EK7tDXB.png).

As an aside, Naruto (in Sage Kyuubi Mode)and Sasuke (Kyuubi Enhanced and with a Curse Seal Empowered Susanoo) are shown to be slowly getting used to Obito's extreme speed:

Granted, Obito is still Superior:

Madara Rising

After returning to live, Madara outspeeds Sage Mode Naruto and Sai:

He also dances around Sasuke (http://i.imgur.com/XAK2sAT.png) after absorbing Hashirama's Sage Chakra. For both the above feats, he is blind.

Madara runs away from the Bijuu and instantly puts some distance between them, despite being wounded and having only one arm:

This is the distance (http://i.imgur.com/L2HsUm1.png) Madara crossed when viewed from above.

Shukaku of all people gets a speed feat when he is able to block one of Madara's projectiles which instantly crosses the above distance:

Gaara's sand is also able to block the attack (http://i.imgur.com/p3h9zJL.png) after it bounces off.

Tobirama tries to sneak attack Madara. Despite his opponent being a really fast teleporter, Madara can dodge his attack and later takes care of him:

After becoming Juubi's Jinchuuriki, Madara is even faster.

He easily dispatches a Sage Mode enhanced Minato:

Gai activates the Seventh Gate and gets into a fight with him. The two seem more or less even:

Later, Gai is forced to activate the Eight Gate. With this final power up the speed advantage is undeniably his:

Gai punches Madara hard enough to make a deep (and I do mean deep. Just see the second scan) hole in the ground. Madara has time to recover, get up, and fly out of the hole. Despite taking the time to do this, by the time he flies out Gai has barely fallen (third scan. You can see his aura trail):

A team attack. Gai is about to land his big move on Madara. Minato teleports, intercepts the black orbs and ports out. Gaara gets Kakashi into position for him to us Kamui before Gai finishes his last dash:

This feat is a bit iffy. Minato and Kakashi have powers that only require thinking so it's okay for them. But Gaara and even Lee are in an iffier position.

04-30-2014, 04:54 PM
This Time for Real, The Final Final Battle

This is going to be a short post. There are only two chapters worth of feats. The reason why I am placing this in a separate post instead of just adding it to the above one is because I will add feats in this post as they appear. With that said:

Naruto and Sasuke have been powered up by the Sage of the Six Paths.

Naruto is able to intercept Madara's black orbs to save Gai's life:

A weakened Madara can barely put a defense in time to stop Naruto's attack:

Meanwhile, Sasuke proves himself fast enough to slice Madara in half:

Aaand, we're done. This thread is all caught up with the latest manga chapter.

The Shape
05-10-2014, 09:11 AM
There is also Gai moving so fast he bends space and Madara could still perceive his movements.

05-11-2014, 08:42 AM
There is also Gai moving so fast he bends space and Madara could still perceive his movements.

Yeah, but that's not exactly quantifiable.

Badass. Yes, but not quantifiable.

05-22-2014, 12:47 PM
So, the currently top tier Naruto characters are low end hypersonic or High-Hypersonic?

05-22-2014, 01:20 PM
So, the currently top tier Naruto characters are low end hypersonic or High-Hypersonic?

Honestly, Gai at 6 gates is possibly hitting re-entry speeds given his thing is "I move so fast, the air friction literally sets the air on fire".

Reverse Happy
05-22-2014, 07:15 PM
Honestly, Gai at 6 gates is possibly hitting re-entry speeds given his thing is "I move so fast, the air friction literally sets the air on fire".
Fun fact: reentry heat doesn't come from air friction, but from compressing the air in front of the spacecraft. Apparently this starts getting noticeable around Mach 2.


05-22-2014, 07:20 PM
Fun fact: reentry heat doesn't come from air friction, but from compressing the air in front of the spacecraft. Apparently this starts getting noticeable around Mach 2.


So he may not be at re-entry levels then eh?

Reverse Happy
05-22-2014, 07:34 PM
So he may not be at re-entry levels then eh?
Well, if he's making fireballs by punching the air really hard, it would imply his punches are going significantly faster than Mach 2.

Typical reentry is apparently near Mach 25 (http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/BGH/hihyper.html).

05-22-2014, 07:39 PM
Well, if he's making fireballs by punching the air really hard, it would imply his punches are going significantly faster than Mach 2.

Typical reentry is apparently near Mach 25 (http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/BGH/hihyper.html).

Seems to be mostly speed than strength.

Reverse Happy
05-22-2014, 07:57 PM
Seems to be mostly speed than strength.
Did you mean "strength than speed"? I got confused because I started thinking of Gai's Morning Peacock move, when Hazard might've been talking about travel speed.


05-22-2014, 08:11 PM
Did you mean "strength than speed"? I got confused because I started thinking of Gai's Morning Peacock move, when Hazard might've been talking about travel speed.


I would think it was due to him hitting the air so hard. But I suppose the flames would not be projectiles then huh?

05-22-2014, 08:32 PM
Seems to be mostly speed than strength.

At a given point, your strongest punch and your fastest punch are the same thing.

Granted that's not necessarily true, but Naruto likes to selectively apply physics.

Edit: As an aside, the explanation for Afternoon Tiger is "I'm that fast".

And Naruto does have other meteors that do this, one of which falls down the old fashioned way.

Edit 2: In Gai's case strongest punch and fastest punch are the same thing, as shown by Afternoon Tiger and other stuff.

01-13-2016, 10:49 PM
So..old thead but I am curious Haz; where would you put the fastest characters at now? Are they in the low hundreds of mach speed?

01-14-2016, 12:46 PM
So..old thead but I am curious Haz; where would you put the fastest characters at now? Are they in the low hundreds of mach speed?

Best Reaction Feat would be Naruto reacting to Toneri's Super Laser Sword.

That thing grows big enough to cut the moon in half.

Assuming it takes two seconds to grow to full length (pretty sure it's less) that puts it at 3,474 km/2s.

So 1,737 km/s.

About Mach 5,000 at the lowest end.

Naruto doesn't react to that at point blank range but he still reacts to it as it is heading right towards him and slams a Rasengan on it so that's pretty good.

Cleric of Hellís Brigade
01-14-2016, 03:16 PM
Best Reaction Feat would be Naruto reacting to Toneri's Super Laser Sword.

That thing grows big enough to cut the moon in half.

Assuming it takes two seconds to grow to full length (pretty sure it's less) that puts it at 3,474 km/2s.

So 1,737 km/s.

About Mach 5,000 at the lowest end.

Naruto doesn't react to that at point blank range but he still reacts to it as it is heading right towards him and slams a Rasengan on it so that's pretty good.

If true, that's some impressive early to mid DBZ level reaction time.

What about actual movement speed?

01-14-2016, 03:35 PM
If true, that's some impressive mid to late DB level reaction time.

What about actual movement speed?

Fixed. :P


01-14-2016, 03:58 PM
No sir, DB is surely not in the thousands of mach territory.

01-14-2016, 04:30 PM
No sir, DB is surely not in the thousands of mach territory.

Look at this way: Tao has shown to have high-hypersonic reaction speed. Let's just say; King Piccolo saga Tien(who has actually shown to be superior to Tao in everyway even back then, and had trained since his fight with Kid Goku) was only just as fast Tao when he fought Piccolos "child"; Drum. Tien was being utterly blitzed stomped by Drum, to the point where Tien couldn't even see the guy move. Then Goku comes in, and takes Drum right out before Drum knew what killed him.

Then Popo makes Goku look like a snail, and Kami is even faster than Popo.

Then the final saga of the original Dragonball arrives. Everyone is stronger. Tien himself was in the hundreds of mach as his casual blitzing the high hypersonic Cyborg Tao(who was already high-hypersonic in reaction speed before he even became a Cyborg, and he is supposed to be a lot stronger as a Cyborg than he was a "normal" man). Teen Goku then casually blitzed Tien when they fought.

Then Goku and Piccolo fight. They are too fast for anyone to see as they cause mayhem. Even Kami; a guy who was the current third strongest guy in Dragonball; is absolutely flabbergasted by the speed and power displayed by Goku and Piccolo as not even he could see them move.

Pretty sure by then they would be in the thousands of mach range.

01-14-2016, 05:23 PM
What about actual movement speed?

Vague speedster tier.

I mean, we know Naruto and Sasuke can travel across a couple of countries in the time it takes Kakashi and the Sage to have a short conversation. Likewise, we see regular ninja crossing distances of some kilometers in a relatively short amount of time during the war and earlier on, but no concrete timeframes.