View Full Version : Kakashi Hatake runs the Kage gauntlet

Dark Soul # 7
05-07-2014, 12:38 PM
He was almost the official sixth Hokage and he's in general one of the strongest ninja in the Naruto series. So how does Kakashi do when faced with a gauntlet of kage-level fighters.

Two versions of the Gauntlet.

A: Kakashi get's healed up and rested after each fight.
B: His injuries and fatigue carries over from each fight.

The gauntlet takes where the five current kage fought Madara and here's how it goes.

1. Fourth Kazekage
2. Mei Terumi
3. Tsunade
4. Second Mizukage
5. A
6. Third Raikage
7. Gaara
8. Onoki
9. Hiruzen Sarutobi
10. Mú
11. Tobirama Senju
12. Minato Namikaze

How far does Kakashi make it in the two versions of the gauntlet?