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The Immortal Watch Dog
05-07-2014, 03:34 PM
Given recent events and certain historical vindications and because I haven't made one of these threads with you guys in ages. the CIS fleet under Grevious' command is BFR'd by the LT who happens to be drunk, bored and the TV's broken. He replaces it with the following fleets, from various fictions. From lowest to highest. The republic commanders get some reinforcements from local sectors (Say a fleet led by Aalya Seccura and Yoda with CW series fleet numbers).

goal of the enemy commanders, destroy and or cripple the fleet bombard the capital and bail.

Goal of the SW side: kick their asses and throw them out of the core worlds.

1, the entire Colonial Navy, Nu-Battlestar Galactica (Adama and Cain are one of the three Fleet Admirals, the other one was the canon head of the navy)

2, An alliance fleet Mass Effect

3, A Centauri Battlefeet (say 70 Vorchans and 25 primus Class vessels) Babylon 5

4, The Minbari fleet from the battle of the line (Babylon 5)

5. A Cardassian fleet with Gul Dukat in command in full schizophrenic glory

6, The Vorlon fleet from the Battle of Coriana six sans planet killer.

7, The Klingon Fleet from way of the Warrior

8, The Dominion fleet that attacked DS9 and drove the Federation out

9, A borg cube

10, A fleet of O'neil and Jackson Class vessels lead by Thor (sg1)

11, The Zentreadi under Breetai's command that attacked earth(Macross)

12, A single Siege perilous class commanded by totally not Hercules, err I mean Dylan Hunt

right then, who does the Republic stop and where do they get stopped?