View Full Version : Fallen Nerd Heroes

05-10-2014, 09:09 AM
Which former members of the Pantheon of Nerds were expelled to the largest fall from grace?

Five to start:

George Lucas is the gold standard here. A hero for bringing us Star Wars Episodes IV-VI, and a laughingstock upon release of Episode I, never to regain his status.

Frank Miller, once admired for his unique vision, who has disappeared into self parody.

Orson Scott Card, creator of the beloved Ender's Game universe, who has become reviled for his public stance on sexuality.

Peter Molyneux, former director of Lionhead Studios, once hailed as a visionary in video game design by his followers, promising amazing things every time he releases a new game, only to continually disappoint.

Steve Moffat, writer of the best episodes of the Russel T. Davies era of Doctor Who, only to find much less favor in his new position as showrunner.

Charles RB
05-10-2014, 05:17 PM
Moffat's lost some of his glamour and status now his style of Who is the thing we see all the time (and on another show as well) and not the unique snowflakes they were before, but he still gets lots of raves. He's gone Marmite on us but the people who love him really, really love him.

Now Gene Roddenberry, he fell when people learned he didn't want The Next Generation to have any conflict between characters and that Data would love to be dissected by the Federation and children wouldn't be so upset about dead parents in the future.