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05-13-2014, 06:44 PM
years ago, it was thought that Saotome Ranma (Ranma 1/2 etc.) was at least on par with named high-level jounin and significantly above the rank-and-file of the Naruto world. but since then, the Naruto-verse's heights have soared in power/destructive capacity/speed etc., while Ranma and his world have not since his series hasn't had any new chapters in eighteen years. yes, Ranma 1/2 was over before Naruto even started.

is it still the case that Ranma would be among the elite if he were in the Naruto world as he was at the end of his own manga?

where would he slot in here (this is not a gauntlet):
Naruto (any form, strongest on down)
Killer B (any form, strongest on down)
Gaara (any level)
Other jinchuuriki
All characters with the title ___kage
All characters without that title but who could take it
[named jounin]
[jounin rank]
[below jounin]

All fights will have Ranma male and fighting to the best of his ability. The Naruto-verse will similarly be trying to eliminate him.

i think he'd still be dangerous but probably nothing like before the massive power creep of the last several years.


05-13-2014, 07:59 PM
I'm not familiar with the later part of the series, but I'd wager Ranma is still going to be close to if not at the top in terms of speed, as he has some absolutely ludicrous feats in his own series. It's hard to say where he'd rank, because power-wise, he's a lot lower than where he can hang due to the fact that he has such a good combination of skills and abilities plus his ridiculous learning curve, tactics, and creativity. So it depends on exactly what you're asking for. Personally, I'd probably bet on him being able to fight and have a reasonable chance of beating anyone who isn't significantly above him in terms of speed (because Ranma still dances around people who are at his own speed level), packing massive AoEs (and lets not forget that the guy can take class 60 hits and multiple building-sized energy blasts that leave giant craters in the ground), or rocking some really fast acting mind affecting stuff (and in a bloodlusted match, this still could come down to a matter of speed even if Ranma doesn't get it as basic knowledge).

Umisenken owns a lot of ninja trickery. And just to get the usual argument out of the way: Only Ryuu promised not to use it again. Ranma doesn't use it because it was designed for stealing (nevermind how ridiculously effective a fighting technique it is). And even if he had made a promise not to use it again (and so we're clear, he didn't), Khazan bloodlust invalidates his moral quibbles just as much as it invalidates Kenshin's vow not to kill. Ranma lies and cheats all the time; things like not pulling the Umisenken out to save Akane during the Saffron fight are PIS.

Hiryu Shoten Ha is a game changer too. Anyone throwing around a lot of power that can't kill Ranma outright is just giving him more power to drop on their faces.

Anyway, from the little bits I've seen, top tier guys can probably beat him by way of sheer brute force tactics. Some other guys will be able to beat him with various special abilities too, although the odds for a lot of them drop significantly if Ranma knows about their tricks. Any prolonged engagement will probably work in his favour.

Edit: Herb might be a better guy to use if you want a straightforward power comparison.