View Full Version : Conan vs. The Red Bull (Not the drink folks!)

05-10-2015, 10:16 PM
When two iconic fantasy characters of literature and film pit each other.

Imagine since Conan has defeated monsters and demons, if he went on the final unicorn's quest with Akiro, Schmendrick and Molly Grue after the unicorn turned into Lady Amalthea and if Conan has fallen in love with her and if Amalthea and him are romancing as he doesn't know about her secret. Yet they are at King Haggard's castle and Conan become the king's huntsman hunting for food and meat for the king later on Amalthea and him are smooching. A day later when they find the skull that leads to the bull's lair as when the skull find's out Amalthea's identity as Conan breaks him to pieces to shut down the living alarm, they are in the cave telling Conan that she is a unicorn and their quest. Schmendrick even tells him once the bull is defeated she will have to return to her original true self yet Conan protests a bit just like Lir on he loves who he loves yet once the bull discovers them and chases them out of the cave into the push as the bull knows Amalthea is the unicorn trying to push her into the sea, can Conan take on this beast with his sword and strength?

05-11-2015, 09:44 AM
The Red Bull always struck me as a being of Fear and Fire. Haggard's control came more from his lack of emotions and commanding presence, more than anything else. We also have very little in the way for quantitative feats for the Bull. As such, I feel that Conan can definitely fight the beast. The problem is whether or not the Bull burns his sword like it did Prince Lir's, and whether or not the Bull's body can burn Conan. If not, then Conan can probably fight and kill the Bull. If the being is literal fire.... Conan might be able to back it into the sea. Otherwise, I think it is a bit too large and too on fire for Conan to wrestle it down.