View Full Version : Cosplay Conflict (featuring your favorites, Superman, Thor, and Goku)

Dawn Quixotic
05-01-2014, 12:46 AM
Okay. Let's test the waters with an idea I had.
Maybe something to just lighten things up a bit.
Hopefully it won't be *too* off-topic to keep around at least for awhile.

It's a brand new Rumbles, and there's going to be room for revisiting a lot of things since we aren't keeping old mod rulings.
Still, there's still going to be a lot of things no one is going to want to see again.
But in order to assuage the temptation to get into them, allow me to post the first "Superman vs. Thor vs. Goku" free for all of the reset Rumbles forum.

But no one wants to rehash or debate these fights anymore, so let's try something a bit more fun.
I'll post a picture of someone cosplaying one of the these three characters (it doesn't HAVE to be limited to these guys I suppose, others would fit, you know the ones), and you respond with a different cosplayer that you think "beats" the previous one (either because they're bigger, or maybe they're costume is better, or just because they pull it off with more style).

We'll see if we can find someone whose awesomeness of costumeness is simply uncontestable.

A request: start small. Don't find the jackedest Goku cosplayer out there right away, that'd be no fun.

Hopefully this will just be a bit of fun to help ease the transition, but I will say... please don't post anything in this thread that would be disrespectful to the cosplayers. This is all in good fun, after all.

We'll start with:

05-01-2014, 03:08 AM
For now, threads are limited to rumbles and feat threads only.

Really, really not that complicated.