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06-09-2014, 09:29 AM
Rumbler's League - Week Two

Darth Drizzle (http://community.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?3501-Rumbler-s-League-2014-Spring-Summer-Team-Reference&p=94584&viewfull=1#post94584)

Maxima(10) (http://comicvine.com/maxima/4005-10034/) w/Gauntlet of Altwaal(9), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/weapons+of+Altwaal) Alpha and Omega Stone Absorbtion(8), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Alpha+%26+Omega+Stones) Aviarius Power Staff with Team Go Powers(8), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Aviarius%27+Power+Staff+with+Team+Go+Powers) Cosmic Control Rod(8) (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Cosmic+Control+Rod)
Multiple Man(8) w/ (http://comicvine.com/madrox/4005-7910/) Omega Bolt of Zeus(10), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Items+of+Olympus) Samandahl Rey's Sigil(9), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Samandahl+Rey%27s+Sigil) Instant Transmission Training(4), (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Instant_Transmission)Mind of Vulcan(3) (http://comicvine.com/vulcan/4009-21233/)
Dr.Manhattan(9) w/ (http://comicvine.com/dr-manhattan/4005-40527/) Touch of Khyalhtua(8), (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Touch+of+Khyalhtua) Glint Glint Fruit(9) (http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Glint-Glint_Fruit)
Tempo(6) w/ (http://comicvine.com/Tempo/4005-13312/) Tiara of Artemis(9) (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Items+of+Olympus)
Selene(2) (http://underworld.wikia.com/wiki/Selene)


Siriel (http://community.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?3501-Rumbler-s-League-2014-Spring-Summer-Team-Reference&p=93896&viewfull=1#post93896)

Magneto (Marvel) 9 / Nightmask Glyph (Marvel: newuniversal) 7; Chilly Chilly Fruit (One Piece) 8
Alita (Battle Angel Alita) 8 / Adamantium Plating (Marvel - Robot Only) 8; Control of the I'Noxian Collective (Nu52) 10; Paw Paw Fruit (One Piece) 9
Metal Sonic (Sonic Games) 8 / Blue Beetle Scarab (DC) 8
Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.) 5 / Qubit's Teleport Shield (Irredeemable) 5; Ring of Mind Blank (D&D 3.5) 7; Power Bands (Space Ghost) 7; Amulet of Opposite Alignment (3.5 D&D) 1; Hollow Symbiote (Charmed) 9; Archemus' Scepter (Crossgen: Mystic) 10
Agent J (MiB)

Arena: OUTSIDE STAR LABS (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/Outside+S.T.A.R+Labs)


No Posting or Voting during the 1st hour and the last hour of this match
No Posting Non-Debate posts here unless absolutely necessary. Non-debate Posts should be posted in the Discussion Thread. If you must absolutely post one, please mark it as a Non-debate post to avoid confusion. No more than 4 MAX allowed in this thread.
Each Team gets 12 Debate Posts
If no Strategy is Submitted, its' a automatic Void and a Win for their opponent.
Two-Player Teams, only one can vote for their team.

06-09-2014, 09:33 AM
Team Darth Drizzle

Opening Moves: Maxima quickly makes a enhanced forcefield around her team (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_forcefield5.jpg.html) as Tempo at Wonder Woman Thought speed stops (http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/1/11352/783950-xmenlegacy208zonemegangfc0.jpg) time (http://comicsdaily.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/xmen207pg24p2-3.jpg)(her team can move freely) around her team stopping any sneak attacks coming at them. Then Maxima/Multi-Vulcan/Manhattan form their clone Squads making a clone for each enemy and a clone to protect Tempo. Now sheilded with their clones formed and ready Maxima gets a read on the enemy location and teleports her team behind them and the fight begins(all actions are instant as they were done in the timestop).

Maxima Squad: Maxima and her clones start by launching a versatile assault with Clone 1 staying behind her enhanced Forcefield (http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_medium/3/33599/1433266-maxima_acno651.jpg) and mentally commanding all Superpowered NPC's to attack her teams enemies and Mentally slams them with her powers as well. Maxima herself targets All metal opponents/items and uses her Gauntlet of Altwaal boosted Ferrokenisis(Metal Manipulation) which she used to gather Millions of pieces of debris (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_tk11.jpg.html) and instantly create a Massive Citadel (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_tk12.jpg.html)(which she can Freely control (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_tk14.jpg.html) and manipulate at will with a thought (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_tk15.jpg.html) and with fine/precise/exact Control and Usage (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_tk9.jpg.html)) to dismember them all. Combined with her Continent holding TK(before her huge Gauntlet amp) and class 100 Metal Manipulation(before Gauntlet Amp) she AOE style controls the flow of battle and stops any massive numbers of Nano Machines from forming.

*Offensive Moves: Boosted Psi-bolt's followed by Shutting down Minds. Non Organic Matter is transmuted into glass or rubber by high level Matter Manipulation and destroyed by enhanced TK/Eye Beams
*Defensive Moves:Energy attacks are absorbed with CCR, a highly enhanced Forcefield around her, and her base Superman like durability being boosted 3x over by similarly durable item boosts.
Taken Out: All metal opponents, all Mentally unprotected opponemts, rest of team

Omega Army: Multi-Vulcan sends his 5 clones out to attack each enemy while he snaps his fingers and makes 10 more and these clones main objective is to absorb and redirect any/all energy attacks coming at the team from any angle in front or behind them(using Instant Transmission to move around) and to make more clones while doing so. Multi-Vulcan himself makes 2 more clones and targets Alita, Will, and Metal Sonic and uses his Planetary level Matter Manipulation destroys thier items and armor(Quibit Sheild, Power Bands, Archemeus Staff, Alitas systems/items, etc) and drains their energy and uses amped Wonder Woman strength/speed to physically beat down opponents as well(Adamantium or not as M-V's Matter Manipulation is powerful enough to work on it).

*Offensive Moves: Thor level energy blasts enhanced by SR's Sigil, Wonder Woman strength enhanced by Sigil power matter manipulatin and energy
*Defensive Moves:Absobs or redirects any/all energy coming at team with no fear of overloading, Wonder Woman durability enhanced highly by Sigil durability, EVERY impact by physical or energetic means creates clones and the more powerful the impact the more clones are made at once
Taken Out: Alita, Will, Metal Sonic, rest of team

Dr.Brigade: Dr.Manhattan following the team leaders plans has his clones beam out in a flash of light to go after each enemy while he himself targets Magneto and with complete control over his light body he beams to Mags and explodes all Matter in/on him and if Mags is sheilded(dont see how as Mags has no speed boosts while light form Manhattan moves as light) he passes through it (as light has always passed through) and takes him out with his ToK energy powers obliterating Mags to dust/vapor then he traps him in a Basketball sized Construct and keeps him there.
Taken Out: Magneto, rest of team

Queen Tempo/Selene: Tempo speeds up herself and her Clone Team Zoom style (http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/square_medium/0/9345/404254-142494-tempo.jpg) and with their speed amped beyond any of their enemies reactions/speed Tempo and Team destroy their enemies. Tempo targets Magneto first an dbefore he can sheild she hits him with 2 simultanious Hill Busting Explosive Arrows shattering him to pieces or vapor(either way his Helmet won't/can't protect him mentally), then she hits all enemies with her speed enhanced Absolute Zero Arrows(flash freezing them in place) then when frozen she destroys them with her Superman Piercing Arrows or her Adamantium Hunting Knives as she zooms past them. Her clone team(speed also bossted) also use their powers to the fullest to complement her moves and to protect her from harm. Selene stays out the way and gets some experiance fighting with the NPC's.

*Offensive Moves: Time Stops, Time manipulated speed boost, Sped up Wonder Woman speed Arrows with Superman piercing and Absolute Zero properties.
Defensive Moves: Time stop, or time slow, a Maxima/Multi-Vulcan/Dr.Manhattan clone protecting her at all times.
Taken Out: Arion, Vulcan, rest of team

Clone Army: With everyone making a clone for each enemy(Alita, Magneto, Metal Sonic, Will VanDoom, Agent J) at the start every enemy has to face my whole team before they can engage the Main characters. To simplify how each enemy will be attacked I will just list them.

*Magneto/Will V: The Maxima clones counters his powers with her own boosted Metal Manipulation abilities and destroys his helmet and armor with Matter Manipulation as the other clone does the same to Will and his items. The Multi-Vulcan clone absorbs all Magnetos Energy instantly leaving him weak and vunerable(no sheilds or Energy attacks from Mags would work) and the other clone does the same to Will. The Manhattan clone beams at Mags and passing through his sheilds as light(if they are up) and destroys him completely (http://rumblers-league.wikispaces.com/file/view/S16_Khyradon_Cuts_Bitterluck_In_Half.jpg) as he passes by and the other clone does the same to Will.

*Alita/Metal Sonic: The Maxima clones uses their highly enhanced Matter Manipulation to turn Alita/Sonic and any of her nano machines into Glass then shatters them, and if need be she uses her class 80 trapping Freeze beams(again before a massive boost via Altwaal item) to stop all enemy movements. The Multi-Vulcan clones drain all of Alita/Metal Sonics energy instantly(has instantly drained bombs whose blast re-ignited several Suns) and Manipulates/destroys her Matter into nothingness and goes in hth with her using superior physical stats and making clones with each impact. The Manhattan clones phase through attacks and destroys them with Glint Fruit enhanced ToK energy attacks and constructs.

*Agent J: The Maxima Clone takes him out with a Psi-Bolt (http://s553.photobucket.com/user/galanphotobook/media/maxima_psibolt11.jpg.html) then goes with the MV and Manhattan clones to double up on AOE defense of their team.

06-09-2014, 09:34 AM
Team Siriel - No Strat Submitted - Void