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07-01-2014, 07:49 PM
Ok So I Need Some Advice Tips Tricks And Techniques For Rendering Or Shading So What Do You See In This That I Can Do Better Or Add To Make It All Pop And Make It Tight And Solid Especially in Relationship to the Car But All Advice Is Greatly Appreciated Thanks In Advance

Dr Mike 2000
07-02-2014, 05:50 AM
That's pretty good - you've got a good composition there and some pretty solid figure drawing.

You really need to tighten up your perspective. The car's getting wider at the back than the front, when it should do the reverse, because the front is sticking out of the page more. The wheels and side nearest the camera should be flatter and more vertical, it looks like the angle between that side and the base is less than 90 degrees.

You can try to do this by eye, but there really is no substitute for doing the construction and marking out your vanishing points. I do this digitally, I'm not sure how to go about it on paper when the vanishing point falls off the page like it does here - other artists may have tips on that. The background perspective's good, by the way.

The back wheels are also far too close to the back of the car, I think. Googling a quick reference model would fix that.

In terms of design and composition - you're wanting to draw the eye to the central figure, I guess, the woman lifting the car. The black parts of her outfit and the dark underside of the car do this pretty well, but maybe work in opposition to each other? If she had a white jacket (or no jacket, just white top and arms), she'd stand out very strongly against the dark underside.

Nice work, though. Read up on perspective more, and keep practising.

This is an Action Comics #1 reference, right? That foreground figure's expression is perfect if it is!

07-02-2014, 07:27 AM
Thank For The Info Dr.Mike....I Saw That About My Perspective And I Agree That It Needs Some Work (I Really Couldn't Find A Photo Reference For The Lifted Car That i Wanted So I Tried To Work It Out In My Head Also Your Opposition Comment Sounds Like A Good Idea That I Should Implement And All Take All THe Advice YOu Have Give Under Consideration...And Yes i Was Referencing Action Comics.....So If Any Other Artist Have Ideas Tips Tricks Or Just Notice Something Outta Wack That I May Have Over Looked And Have More Suggestions I'll Take Those Into Consideration And Try Using It

Thanks Again Dr.Mike