View Full Version : The Presence ?

Nix Uotan
01-22-2017, 04:53 PM
Another question from me and was wondering if anyone here can answer as I am looking for a breakdown of appearances on the Presence. I am kind of curious on the Presence like which issues provided the most key details about it. Like, where was it first named as the Presence? From my understanding, it was only a voice that spoke to the Spectre, is that correct?

And how many different aspects does it have? I hear there is an issue of Swamp Thing with the Word which is said to be one of seven aspects of it with another being the Spectre. I am guessing Radiant is another that served as mercy. But have any others been mentioned?

I checked Wikipedia and the DC Database but they aren't so detailed and sometimes don't list appearances on which issues certain things happened.