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  1. I definitely would like to see Hawkeye "fixed"...

    I definitely would like to see Hawkeye "fixed" along with Mockingbird used more in comics. I'd actually like to see the 2 of them together again but, based on Avengers: Age Of Ultron, I'm not sure...
  2. Poll: Being new here, I never even thought that would...

    Being new here, I never even thought that would be a no-no. Unfortunately we don't seem to have the ability to delete threads we create so I guess I'll have to wait for a mod to close it.
  3. I know this will never happen (especially since...

    I know this will never happen (especially since the movies don't feature them), but I'd like to see secret identities brought back for characters in addition to Spider-Man.

    I'd also like to see......
  4. Poll: Marvel vs DC Battle 1: Spider-Man vs Superman

    They are each arguably the most important character to their respective universe as well as the face of their company. Which character wins for you in terms of power or preference?
  5. What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies?

    Horror movies are probably my favorite genre of film. Hopefully there are other fans of them here.

    What are your Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies?



  6. Were You An Archie Comics Fan Before It Was Fashionable?

    I've been reading Archie Comics since I started reading comics way back in the early 80's. Am I the only one here who read Archie Comics before "Life With" & "Afterlife" made it cool?
  7. Is There A Particular Change You'd Like To See Brought About After Secret Wars?

    For all we know, the Post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe will be identical to what came before. If there are any changes, what are you hoping to see?

    Are there any old things you'd like to see...
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    What Has The New 52 Improved On?

    For those of you who were reading DC Comics before Flashpoint, what do you feel the New 52 has improved on?



    Status Quos?

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