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  1. DC Comics Adds Half-Page Ads to Story Pages

    Returning to a custom of decades past, June releases from DC Comics will feature half-page ads on the same pages as story content.

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  2. Rocksteady Shares New Batmobile, Riddler "Arkham Knight" Gameplay Footage

    Learn what challenges await when the Riddler creates a combination racetrack/puzzle designed to destroy Batman!

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  3. Casey Jones & April O'Neil Go Undercover On "TMNT 2" Set

    Stephen Amell and Megan Fox are playing cops and robbers as part of their roles in the incoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sequel.

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  4. Alexandra Daddario Describes Surviving Scenes From "San Andreas"

    The young star reveals what she was afraid of while shooting the seismic disaster film, and how she could only see The Rock as her big screen daddy.

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  5. "Lumberjanes" Movie in Motion at 20th Century Fox

    A film based on BOOM! Studios' hit series "Lumberjanes" is in the works at Fox, with Will Widger hired to write the script.

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  6. PREVIEW: The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #1

    It is a time before THE SIXTH GUN. Yet, the darkness and corruption that precede the coming of The Six are in their season.
    The Crossroads are broken. A door to the Spirit World is ajar. And what...
  7. Marvel Recruits Teen Girl Scientists With "Ant-Man Micro-Tech Challenge"

    Along with a wave of corporate sponsors, Marvel is looking for high school aged young women to pay their love of tiny scientific discovery forward in their communities.

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  8. Replies

    PREVIEW: E is for Extinction #1

    Ask yourself - what happens in a world where mutants prove once and for all they really are Homo SUPERIOR? Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at E IS FOR EXTINCTION #1, an explosive...
  9. Cornell, Parker Mix Black Magic With Rock & Roll In "This Damned Band"

    Writer Paul Cornell and artist Tony Parker discuss their new Dark Horse series, which has been hailed as "Spinal Tap" meets "Ghostbusters."

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  10. Get An Alternate Look At "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Via Storyboard Animatics

    A series of animated pre-vis sequences from the Marvel Studios picture reveal a different fate for a classic villain.

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  11. Legendary Effects Artist Rick Baker is Retiring

    Saying "the business is crazy right now," seven-time Oscar winner Rick Baker is retiring from the Hollywood special effects world at age 64.

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  12. Watch Captain America Vs. Hulk In Canceled Marvel Fighting Game

    Rough footage from the canceled EA Chicago game showcases the destruction unleashed in a brawl between a rampaging Hulk and smack-talking Cap.

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  13. Carla Gugino Talks Facing Fears, Finding Emotion in "San Andreas"

    The actress speaks with SPINOFF about experiencing one of the scariest moments of her life in pursuit of a good stunt shot.

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  14. Adult Swim Celebrates 15 Years of Abject Stupidity With "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever" Preview

    The improbably long-running cartoon show will come to an end starting in June and knows its place in the culture.

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  15. Comic Book Legends Revealed: Did Marvel Consider "West Coast X-Men?"

    Learn how close we came to a West Coast spin-off of the X-Men! Plus, did Rhodey almost die? And did a Marvel character miss his own final issue?

    Full article here.
  16. EXCLUSIVE: Seeley Pits "Deadpool vs. Thanos" in "Very Twisted" New Series

    Writer Tim Seeley tells CBR that when Death disappears from the Marvel U, it's up to her exes to uncover her whereabouts and restore balance to the universe.

    Full article here.
  17. Thieves Steal 500 Comics in Calgary Smash and Grab

    Thieves broke into Alpha Comics in Calgary, Alberta, early Thursday, taking more than 500 comic books and trade paperbacks, stuffing them in a garbage bag.

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  18. "Heroes Reborn" Enlists "Covert Affairs" Alum Nazneen Contractor

    The "24" veteran joins the NBC revival in a recurring role as the mysterious and militant Farah.

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  19. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Concept Art Reveals Unused Wakanda Set

    3D models of a proposed mine set in Black Panther's home country reveal a scrapped story beat from "Age of Ultron."

    Full article here.
  20. Pro-Wrestling, Queer Culture and Cats Collide in Ed Luce's "Wuvable Oaf"

    The cartoonist shares the secret origin of his "exaggerated auto-bio" comic with CBR, and his plans for the future of the Oafiverse.

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  21. The Line It Is Drawn: Golden Age Versions of Modern Superheroes!

    This week, Line artists depict modern comic characters as if they debuted in the Golden Age, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Heckspawn and Scott Pilgrim!

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  22. M. Night Shyamalan Would Like a Shot at an "Unbreakable" TV Series

    The filmmaker says he's be interested in continuing his 2000 superhero drama as a limited-run television series.

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  23. DC Metro Bans "Issue" Ads Rather than Run Muhammad Cartoon

    The Washington, D.C., Transit Authority will reject all issue-oriented advertising after an anti-Islam group sought to run an ad featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad

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  24. "Barely Lethal's" Sophie Turner, Hailee Steinfeld Talk Spies, Superheroes & Sansa Stark

    The young stars talk with SPINOFF about their new mashup of spy thriller and teen comedy, their shared excitement for "X-Men: Apocalypse" and singing.

    Full article here.
  25. Margot Robbie's Harley Rides Solo in New "Suicide Squad" Photos

    No longer riding shotgun alongside the Joker, Harley Quinn hops onto a bike to escape the Batmobile in new "Suicide Squad" photos.

    Full article here.
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