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  1. who's enjoying the current run of Doctor strange by Jason Aaron ?

    I'm really enjoying the current Doctor Strange book its really intense , humours and fun ! the current problem with Doctor Strange having hardly any magic really makes things interesting for the...
  2. the Walking Dead to violent ?

    after the events of yesterdays episode some people are saying that the episode was to violent ?

    from looking at the comic book the walking dead has always been violent and raw ! I'm happy...
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    wolverine reboot ?

    as we know all no the wolverine franchise is co called coming to a end with next years final movie called Logan . lets be honest wolverine is a popular mutant within the x-men family and makes money...
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    will professer x die in logan ?

    from seeing the trailer it really looks like they will kill of Professor X in the movie ... the funny thing is this isn't the first time that they have killed of professor x in the movies lol !
  5. i think maybe he cracked under pressure with...

    i think maybe he cracked under pressure with losing war Machine and the Hulk ?
  6. why is Tony Stark not Ironman anymore ( Riri Williams )

    as well know Tony Stark is stepping down as Ironman and being replaced with Riri Williams ! with the end of the last issue of invincible Ironman it looks like something bad has happened to Stark ?...
  7. is the dvd cut of Suicide Squad good or bad ?

    i haven't seen the dvd cut yet so i would love for you guys to tell me what you thought about it .
  8. why don't we ever see the detective side of Batman in the movies ?

    i would really love to see DC inject the detective aspect of Batman within there up and coming movies as it would add more interest and complete the persona of Batman .
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    Netflix - Luke Cage is marvels black superman ?

    from watching Luke cage it seems like Marvel have made Luke Cage into the Superman of the streets of Harlem ? he is strong , bullet proof , calm, a nice guy and he feels like a Alien trying to...
  10. Poll: who enjoyed watching the spawn tv animated series ?

    what a dope tv show ! it was so dark , raw , bloody and insane i loved the animation .
  11. could doctor strange open up the marvel multiverse being the x -men ?

    theres been talk that Doctor Strange could be opening up the multiverse within the Marvel Universe ! if this happens we could see more characters appearing within the MCU including maybe a...
  12. Poll: do we really need a harley quinn movie ?

    don't get me wrong i loved Harley Quinn in suicide squad she was really dope but seeing her in a solo movie in my eyes wouldn't work .
    Harley Quinn works better when she's within a team or with the...
  13. whats better The New Adventures of Superman tv show or supergirl tv show ?

    man i like both ! i did enjoy watching The New Adventures of Superman it was a really dope show .
  14. How would everyone feel if Stan Lee was to write Spider-man again ?

    how would everyone feel if Stan lee was to * write spider-man again ?

    it would be interesting to see what new take Stan Lee would take on spider-man ! i would love to see Stan write one more issue...
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    let Warmachine replace him ! i would love to see...

    let Warmachine replace him ! i would love to see him as the new ironman !
  16. in superman returns how did superman manage to lift a island full of kryptonite?

    how could he lift it with out being killed ? it just doesn't make any sense at all .....
  17. out of batman and sherlock homes who is the better detective and why ?

    i really love them both but if i had to pick on i guess i would pic .... i can't even pick one lol !
  18. Poll: is Loki more popular then Thor in the marvel cinematic universe ?

    Marvels Thor movies don't really do that great but what makes them great in a sense is seeing Loki on stage ! i really love seeing him and look forward to seeing him in all the Thor movies ! i really...
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    Darth Vader vs Silver Surfer

    seeing as both of these characters have the power of the force and cosmic power it makes this fight very balanced !!

    the question is who would win ? or would it be a draw ?
  20. Poll: can a Jedi pick up the hammer of thor ?

    can the force of the Jedi really pick up the hammer just by having the force or does one have to be worthy ?

    i think no Jedi can pick this hammer up !!
  21. what was your favourite song from Star Lords Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 mix tape ?

    i loved all the songs on the mix tape but if i had to pick a song i would have to pick - COME AND GET YOUR LOVE !

    can't wait to hear the songs in the awesome mix vol 2 .
  22. Poll: why is superman in the movies so depressed , boring and nothing like the superman we know and love in the comic books ?

    from seeing the last two movies with Superman i find superman so down , depressed and boring..... its like his persona and his substance has been sucked out of him and replaced within emptiness ....
  23. whats your favourite Stan Lee cameo ?

    theres so many to choose from but if i had to pick one i would say Avengers Assemble !
  24. Poll: i agree ! I'm kinda worried about justice league...

    i agree ! I'm kinda worried about justice league to it looks ok in the trailer but I'm kinda worried in how they are going to tell the story in the movie .... keep getting flashbacks of BVS !...
  25. whats the best cosplay you have ever seen ?

    the best cosplay i have ever seen was in last years NYCC the Hulkbuster ! it was so so so huge man i really loved it . cosplaying is so dope when its done in the right way .
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