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  1. Zero Year Finale in BATMAN #33: Preview/Discussion

    It's been one hell of a year in Gotham City, and it all comes down to this: Batman vs. The Riddler! Gotham City and the Dark Knight will never be the same! Don't miss this special, extra-sized finale...
  2. PREVIEW: Star Spangled War Stories: G.I. Zombie #1

    Meet the soldier they call "G.I. ZOMBIE," a man who is neither dead nor alive, who fights for his country again...and again...and again!

    Full preview here.
  3. PREVIEW: Athena Voltaire Compendium HC

    In the knuckle-dusting style of classic pulp adventure comes Athena Voltaire, the beautiful globetrotting aviatrix who takes on Nazis, zombies, and unspeakable occult creatures! This whopping tome...
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    The Dangers of Origin Story Overkill

    With comic book movies and TV shows continually looking backwards, how long before audiences tire of seeing their heroes in a rear-view mirror?

    Full article here.
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    PREVIEW: Luminae HC

    Six young warriors are tasked with protecting the mysterious Luminae, a holy creature of Light in exile from those forces of Darkness that would decimate humanity. When one of the warriors...
  6. The Countdown of the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Hits The Top 5!

    CSBG continues their countdown of the greatest Batman stories ever told as they reach the top five!

    Full article here.
  7. PREVIEW: Diary of a Girl Next Door: Betty

    We are very excited to present Archie Comics' debut title in the cartoon diary genre!

    Betty Cooper is embarking on her first year of high school. It's sure to be filled with ups and downs, but...
  8. PREVIEWS: Image Comics on Sale July 23 & July 30

    To prepare for SDCC, CBR invites you to check out the next two weeks of Image Comics releases including the "Fatale" finale, "Low" #1 and more!

    Full article here.
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    Pipeline - Jul 22, 2014

    Augie posits a theory about DC Comics' march towards television synergy. Plus, The McSpidey Chronicles hits the best McFarlane artwork yet!

    Full article here.
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    PREVIEW: Low, #1

    In the far distant future, the sun's premature expansion has irradiated Earth, sending humanity to the lowest depths of the seas, hidden within radiation-shielded cities, while probes scour the...
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    PREVIEW: Five Weapons, #10

    "BACK TO CLASS," Part Five
    This is it! Enrique races against time to save the school nurse as he battles against Tyler's final plot, but an unexpected twist unleashes a new enemy who could destroy...
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    PREVIEW: Fatale, #24

    IT ALL ENDS HERE! The final extra-length issue of FATALE! There's so much story that we needed a lot more room. Will Josephine's final secrets be revealed? Will there be much tragedy? Will Brubaker...
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    PREVIEW: East of West, #14

    WARBOUND. The Endless Nation makes the first cut in the carcass once called America. The Apocalypse marches on in EAST OF WEST #14.

    Full article here.
  14. PREVIEW: Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo, #1

    Comics' most beloved homicidal cybernetic kung fu rooster returns for what we humbly anticipate as the most important literary achievement of the 21st Century. All other comics will be made...
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    PREVIEW: Velvet, #6

    THE SECOND ARC BEGINS HERE! Following the revelations at the end of issue 5, Velvet's quest for the truth and her innocence takes her right back to the heart of her own organization-to London, where...
  16. X-POSITION: Duggan on the Dark and Funny in "Deadpool"

    Gerry Duggan rejoins X-Position to discuss the upcoming "Deadpool" developments, and why the darkest and funniest material is still to come.

    Full article here.
  17. PREVIEW: Robyn Hood: The Ongoing Series, #1

    The most badass archer in comics is back in a brand new ongoing series! From drug lords to corrupt bankers to the things that go bump in the night, no evils that plague the streets will be safe when...
  18. SDCC: Grant Morrison Heads to BOOM! Studios

    The final teaser in BOOM! Studios' Comic-Con International lead-up states that Grant Morrison will bring a new mystery to the publisher.

    Full article here.
  19. SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Fawkes Takes On "Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent"

    Ray Fawkes discusses his Valiant debut on "Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent," a one-shot highlighting the inner workings of the series' richest Sect.

    Full article here.
  20. Dauterman Reveals Thor & Thor Odinson Character Models

    A week after Marvel announced a female Thor, series artist Russell Dauterman has posted his character models for both versions of the god of thunder.

    Full article here.
  21. Ron Marz To Write Dynamite's "John Carter: Warlord of Mars"

    The first collaborative series between Dynamite and the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate will feature a writer familiar to the publisher and "John Carter of Mars."

    Full article here.
  22. Mimi Pond Takes the Acidic Nature of the '70s "Over Easy"

    Over 15 years, cartoonist Mimi Pond turned the story of one Oakland diner into a dissection of the "moral swamp" of the 1970s.

    Full article here.
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    PREVIEW: Armor Hunters: Harbinger, #1

    The Harbinger Renegades are still reeling from a tragic death in their ranks, but in the face of monumental destruction they'll find unlikely allies in a fellow group of super-powerful teenagers. But...
  24. Netflix's "Daredevil" to Capture 'Gritty' Feel of '70s New York

    Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight explains that Hell's Kitchen in the Netflix series will be "both horrible and beautiful at the same time."

    Full article here.
  25. Feige Explains How Josh Brolin Landed Thanos Role

    The Marvel mastermind reveals the casting decision behind the "Guardians of the Galaxy" supervillain.

    Full article here.
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