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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastieRunner View Post
    While that is true, they've also been finding CHILDREN with CTE.
    Because the more people learn about CTE, the more they find out how little we know about CTE, it's becoming readily apparent that it's much easier to get than anyone thought, it's effects seemingly vary person to person, etc. I mean the simple act of heading the ball in Soccer seems to cause it
    That said, there's no correlation whatsoever between CTE and the crap Hernandez pulled and shouldn't be used to lessen what he did in any way whatsoever(not saying anyone here's doing that, but I fully believe that this lawsuit is intended to take focus off that)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Taylor View Post
    Seattle, the team that almost lost to the 49ers at home? Bring 'em on!
    I honestly don't think any team with anything resembling a pass rush should be scared of Seattle this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERECWFAN1 View Post
    I think the Rams will win 6-7 games this year. This season is about pretty much letting Goff grow with this offense , so don't expect huge things. But basically him taking those steps. Goff has looked a lot better than last season. Where he struggled a lot.
    That's a bold prediction. I'm not sure the Rams will manage more than five wins this season.
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