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    Default Doctor Manhattan vs. Firestorm and Captain Atom?

    Doctor Manhattan vs. Firestorm and Captain Atom?

    It's possible Dr M might come across these characters (if he hasn't already).What do you think will happen?

    Will he kill them, remove their powers or do something else? What will he say to them? How does he think and feel about them?
    He probably despises such nuclear powered heroes for still holding on to their humanity...

    YOUR thoughts and opinions on this ?

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    Ignoring the recent DC rebirth nonsense and going strictly by Watchmen: Cap beats Doc. Nu52 Atom effectively *is* Doctor Manhattan, except in a context where there are other super powered folks to measure him against. He's shown high end super speed, the ability to paralyze the Flash by taking control of the speed force, and the ability to turn people from super powered forms back into human forms with atomic transmutation nonsense. The first thing means Atom goes first, the second means he can probably counter Doc's stuff, and the third provides him a pretty good way to end the fight.

    Now, I'm not really sure what Rebirth powers the guy has or will have, though. Stitching time lines together sounds pretty up there but I have no details on it.

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    Doc Manhattan doesn't really have any feats to speak of does he? I'd have to agree with the above otherwise, Captain Atom alone looks as if he could defeat Manhattan.

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